Minilist 33 - August 17, 2014

Strictly Ancient Coins

Welcome to our first mini-list in quite some time. This list is devoted strictly to ancient coins and we list them in our typical order. Judaean and related city coins, followed by Greek, Greek Imperial and than Roman. Greek and Greek Imperial are listed basically by traditional geographic from west to east, while Roman coins are listed chronilogically. Almost every coin has been photographed.

We hope to have a list of more modern coins as well as paper money and medals and tokens within the next few weeks.

However most of our time for the next six week will be spent writing our Fall Auction catalog which is highlighted by the "Philadelphia Collections" which is the finest collection we have ever offered. If you call and we don't answering we are eating sleeping or writing our catalog. Please leave a message or email us.

Ancient Jewish coins

56263 *Samaria. 4th Century BCE. Silver Obol (.46g). Galley left, Phoenician "11-" above/ Persian king fighting lion, ΘΕ between them, the E turned 45o clockwise. SC-200 sim. Toned F/VF. Well-centered! $240

56195 *John Hyrcanus I. 135-104 BC. Æ 1/2 Prutah or Lepton (.89g). Palm branch flanked by four lines of Hebrew/Lily, small "A" monogram to left.. Hen-1134, TJC-C. VF, centered, nice green patina. Very attractive! $175

56194 *Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah (1.90g). "Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of Jews in cursive style in archaic Hebrew/Double Cornucopia with pomegranate between horns. H-1146, TJC-R. VF, nice for type. $75

56203 *Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. Lead Prutah token (2.62g) 15.6mm . "King Alexander" in Aramaic in 3 lines in border of dots/King Alexander (in Greek) around inverted anchor in circle.. H-1155, Sofaer-270. Nice centered VF for type. Ex Amphora inventory. Not sure if this will photograph because well because of the lack of contrast. $250

55941 *Mattathias Antigonus. 40-37 BC. Æ Prutah (1.65g). Paleo-Hebrew inscription, retrograde, within wreath/Double cornucopia adored with ribbons, ear of barley between horns. H-1164. F-VF, well centered. Nicer than usual. $90

56204 *Herod I, the Great. 40-4 BC. Æ Lepton (1/2 Prutah) (1.43g) . Anchor within Greek legend, "King Herod"/War Galley with oars sailing left. Minted in Jerusalem to commemorate the building of the great port at Caesarea Maratima. H-1191, Sofaer-53, TJC-65. F/VF, obv o.c. Cute little coin. $165

55696 *Pontius Pilate, Procurator under Tiberius. 16-26 AD. Æ Prutah (1.88g) . Lituus surrounded by ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΥ ΚΑΙCΑPOC/Date LIH, year 18, 31 AD surrounded by wreath. H-1643, AJC-24, TJC-334. F-VF, o.c.. $119

56192 *Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135. Silver Zuz or Denarius (3.24g). "Shimon" in 3 letters in a triangle in Paleo-Hebrew, in wreath of 8 almonds/Fluted jug, handle on left, leafy willow branch on left, Year Two of the Freedom of Israel. H-1391, Mild-33. VF/EF, slightly off-center. Nicer than most of this type that I've seen. $1250

54738 *Caesarea in Samaria, Volusian. 251-253. Æ23.5 (13.94g). Laureate bust of Caracalla right/ Tyche stg l, with mantle over l. arm, holding parazonium in left, human bust in right, right foot on prow. Ros-179, Kad-216. Gd Fine. $175

54730 *Neapolis in Samaria, Domitian. 81-96. Æ23.5 (12.67g). Laureate bust right/Crossed cornucopias, LAI = Year 11 82/83 AD. Scarce, only 2nd I can recall having.. Ros-5ff, SNG ANS-963ff. F/VF, bit porous. Unlisted date?. $99

54746 *Neapolis in Samaria. Julia Maema, mother of Elagabalus & Severus Alexander. Æ13 (2.61g) . Draped bust right/Cultus-statue, resembling Ephesian Artemis standing flanked by stags. Sofaer-126. aF. $175

54950 *Nysa-Scythopolis in Samaria, Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ21 (6.86g) . Laureate bust right/Zeus seated let, holding eagle in right hand, T in ex. . Spijk-56, Barkay-95. VF. Scarce type, seldom offered. $275

For a related coin of Antiochus IV struck at Akko-Ptolemais see 56206 under Seleukid Kings below.

Greek Coins

55386 *Sicily. Leontinoi. 475-466 BC. AR Obol (.75g) . Lion's head facing/Ear of barley ΛΕ ΝO, 2nd line letters transposed. SG-828, ANS-213ff, BMC-19ff. Fine, grainy. $75

55383 *Sicily. Syracuse, Gelon. 485-478 BC. Silver Half-Obol? (.35g) . Head of Arethusa right/Wheel of four spokes. If this is 1/2 Obol it seems to be unpublished. cf. SNG-ANS-116. Grainy F-VF. $300

55929 *Thrace. Chersonesos. c. 480-350 BC. Silver Hemidrachm (2.10g). Forepart of lion right, head turned back/Quadripartite incuse square pellet above "A" above and jug below. SNG Cop-838. Nice VF, very light porosity . $150

55927 *Thrace. Istros. 400-350 BC. Silver Drachm or Stater. (6.00g). Inverted Heads/Sea-Eagle on dolphin, Γ between them. Usually the letter is underneath the dolphin. A letter between the two is rare and we have found only one example of a gamma between the sea-eagle and dolphin offered in many years. SNG BM Black Sea-230, BMC-4ff. VF, but struck on small flan, thus off-center. $150

55928 *Thrace. Istros. 400-350 BC. Silver Tri-hemi-obol (1.30g) . Inverted Heads/Sea-Eagle on dolphin, ΙΣΤΡΙΗ above, monogram below. BMC-14, SNG Cop-200. VF, a tad grainy. This small denomination is seldom encountered. $100

55690 *Thessaly. Larissa. c. 340-320 BC. Silver Drachm (5.96g). Head of nymph 3/4 to left/Horse left, grazing, with foreleg raised about to lie down, plant below, AIΩN in ex. The horse "left" type is at least 10 times rarer than the horse right type!. SNG Cop-123. Nice VF, a bit off-center. $350

56175 *Euboia. Histiaia. 3rd Cent BC. Silver Tetrobol (2.32g). Hd of nymph Histiaia right/Histiaia seated right on prow. SG-2496. Toned VF, obv. a bit off-center. $139

56179 *Pontos. Amisos. 3rd - 2nd Centuries BC. Silver Drachm (4.20g). Head of Athena (or Hera) in stephanos left/Owl standing, head facing, with outspread wings. SNG Cop-129. VF, some encrustation. Rev. a touch o.c. (usual). $125

55689 *Ionia. Miletos. 6th-5th Century BC. Silver Diobol or 1/12 Stater (1.06g). Forepart of lion right, head turned back/Floral star in incuse square. SNG Cop-951, SG-3532. EF, good metal. $115

56280 *Ionia. Phokaia. Late 6th Century BC. Silver Obol (.77g). Head of Griffin left/Incuse punch. SNG von Aulock 2118. Toned VF. $90

56281 *Caria Islands. Rhodos, Teimostratos, magistrate.. c. 31BC - 60 AD. Æ35 (27.15g) . Radiate head of young Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath/Nike standing right on prow, holding aplustre. RPC-2749, Cop-886, BMC-376. VF, typical minor flaws.Ex Harlan Berk, ex Kirk Davis (@$550!) $360

55686 *Cilicia. Seleukeia ad Calycadnum. 2nd Century BC. Æ23 (7.42g). Head of Athena right wearing crested helmet & necklace, ΣA behind/Nike walking l, hldg wreath in r. hand, 3 monograms before. SNG Cop-201. aEF. Attractive and seldom seen $75

56206 *Seleukid Kings. Antiochus IV. 175-164. Æ15 Serrate (2.17g). Radiate head of Antiochus IV right, monogram behind/Veiled Goddess (Hera?) stg., fcg, hldg scepter or torch. Struck at Akko-Ptolemais. Spahr-1137, Hoover-726, BMC-41. VF, irregular flan. Nice for type. $69

55720 *Baktrian Kings. Philoxenos. c. 125-110 BC. Æ square unit (18mm, 8.35g). City goddess standing left, raising hand and holding cornucopia; monogram at feet to left/Humped bull (Zebu) standing right; letter below. Old Seaby tag included (c. 1980 £85) . MACW-1960, SNG ANS-1208. Ch. VF, light porosity. $119

56197 *Zeutigania. Carthage. 4th to 3rd Century BC. Æ15 (2.33g) . Head of Tanit left/Horse stg. right in front of palm-tree, two pellets in right field. Possibly struck at a Sicilian mint. SNG Cop-116. Fine, but porous with some corr. spots. $24

Greek Imperial/Roman Colonial Coins

For related coins see the last 4 coins listed under Ancient Jewish coins.

55782 *Ionia. Ephesos, Caligula. 37-41 AD. Licinianus and Germanus. Æ19 (5.25g). ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑΤΩP Laureate head of Caligula right/ΕΦΕΣΙΩΝ Stag walking to left. Very rare. SNG Cop is only other example known to me. SNG Cop-370. VG, bit o.c.. $200

56038 *Moesia Inferior. Marcianopolis, Diadumenian. 217-218. Æ20 (4.25g). Bare head right [M] OPELLIOC - ANTW(NEINOC K]/Dikaiosyne-Nemesis (or Aequitas) with scales & cornucopia standing at her feet wheel, MAPKIANO - OLEITΩN. AMNG-793. Pretty VF, dark green patina. $225

56051 *Syria. Seleucis & Pieria, Antioch, Trajan. 98-117 (Struck 103-111). Silver Tetradrachm (13.86g). Laureate bust right, eagle stg. r., below, club below bust/Laureate bust of Melqart-Hercules right w. lion's skin r. Because of the club, Prieur lists this under Tyre. Prieur-1495, ANG Cop-193. aVF. die imperfection obverse. $120

55752 *Roman Egypt. Galba. 68-69 AD, year 1140. Bi Tetradrachm (12.97g). [ΛOYK ΛIB ΣΟΥΛΠ Γ]ΑΛΒΑ ΚΑΙΣ ΣΕΒ ΑΥ Laureate head of Galba to right; year 1/ΑΛΕΞΑΝ-ΔΡΕΑ Draped bust of Alexandria with elephant headdress to right. C-194, E-182 (R2), M-320. Fine, porous. $275

55635 *Roman Egypt. Trajan. 98-117. Æ Dichalkon (1.65g). Laureate bust right/Oenochoe (wine jug), year 16 112/113 AD. Extremely rare type and in high grade!. SNG France -1185. EF. $300

55662 *Roman Egypt. Philip II, as Caesar. 247-249. Bi Tetradrachm (13.63g). Bare-headed cuirassed bust right. Ex-Keith Emmett collection/Tyche, naked to the waist, seated l., rudder in r. hand, cornucopia in left, L = yr 4 = 246/247. C-1404, E-3610, M-3673. VF. $170

55664 *Roman Egypt. Philip II, as Augustus. 247-249. Bi Tetradrachm (13.32g). Laureate and cuirassed bust right/Homonia stg. left, raising right hand, holding double cornucopia in left, LS = yr 6 = 248/249. C-1399, E-3593, M-3704 . Nice VF. $150

55672 *Roman Egypt. Claudius II Gothicus. 268-270. Bi Tetradrachm (8.21g). Laureate and draped bust right/Bust of Hermanubis right, holding caduceus-palm branch combination LB = Yr. 2 = 269/270. C-1701, E-3883, M-4240. EF, small flan flaw. Very attractive. $150

55676 *Roman Egypt. Aurelian. 271-275 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (7.89g). Laureate and cuirassed bust right.Ex Keith Emmett collection/ETOOVC E in two lines, all in wreath. E = yr 5 = 273/274 AD. C-1810, E-3961, M-4435. Nice EF, with light deposits on both sides. $125

55691 *Roman Egypt. Maximianus. 286-310 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (8.38g). Laureate and draped bust right/Elpis walking left, holding flower and raising skirt. L-B = yr. 2 = 286/287 AD. C-2067, E-4114. Nice VF, full legends!. $75

Roman Coins

55875 *Republic. M. Furius L.f. Philus. 120 BC. Silver Denarius (3.79g). Janus head, M FOVRIL L F/Roma stg. l., crowning trophy with carnyx (wind instrument) & shield on each side, ROMA to r., PHILI (PHI in monogram) in ex. Furia-18, SR-156. VF. $125

55882 *Republic. Anonymous. 115-114 BC. Silver Denarius (3.78g). Hd. of Roma right in winged and crested Corinthian helmet, X behind, ROMA below/Roma seated right on pile of shields, hldg spear, 2 birds in field, she-wolf suckling twins at feet. A very late issue without moneyer's name!. SR-164, Cr-287/1. VF, rev a bit off-center. $150

55923 *Republic. C. Fonteius. 114-113. Silver Denarius (3.81g). Laureate Janiform head of Dioscuri, XVI monogram) below (mark of value)/Galley left C. FONT above, ROMA below. Fonteia-1, SR-167. Gd Fine, scarce. $200

55924 *Republic. A. Postumius A.f. S.n. Albinus. 81 BC. Silver Serrate Denarius (3.74g). Bust of Diana right, bow & quiver over shoulder, bucranium above/Rock surmounted by togate figure stg l. before altar, hldg sprinkler over sacrificial bull, A POST A F S N ALBIN above & to right. Postumia-7, SR-296. VF, a bit o.c. $200

55907 *Republic. C. Marius C.f. Capito. 81 BC. Silver serrate Denarius (3.84g). Bust of Ceres right wearing wreath of wheat ears, C MARI C F CAPIT VIIII around/ Farmer plowing left with yoke of oxen, VIIII above. The scarce variety with nothing in exergue! Maria-7, SR-299. VF. $235

55943 *Republic. P. Satrienus. 77 BC. Silver Denarius (3.13g) . Helmeted head of young Mars r., control mark XTI behind/she-wolf prowling left, ROMA above, P. SATRIEN/NVS in ex in 2 lines. Satriena-1, SR-319. VF, bit of porosity . $200

55891 *Imperatorial. Octavian (later Augustus). Summer, 37 BC. Silver Denarius (3.68g). Bare head of Octavian right, IMP • CAESAR • DIVI • F • III • VIR • ITER • R • P • C around/Simpulum, sprinkler, jug & lituus, COS ITER ET TER DESIG. SR-1544, RSC-91. F, slightly bent flan, some flat spots. Scarce.. $275

56196 *Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Silver Denarius (3.45g). Laureate head right/Victory standing left on prow of galley, holding wreath & palm. While there are some coins of Vespasian struck this late that commemorate his victory in Judaea this is probably not one of those. RIC-93, RSC-368, SR-2303. aF/Gd Fine. $79

56270 *Titus. 79-81 (80 AD). Silver Denarius (3.36g). Laureate bust right IMP TITUS CAES VESPASIAN AVG PM/Wreath on two curule chairs. TRP IX IMP XV COS VIII PP. RIC-25a, RSC-318. VF. $180

56272 *Domitian. 81-96 (82 AD). Silver Denarius (3.55g). IMP CAES DOMITIANVS AVG P M, laureate head right/TR POT - COS VIII P P, draped processional chair bearing large winged thunderbolt. . RIC-101 (r), RSC-597, SR-2751. Nice toned VF. $180

55945 *Nerva. 96-98 AD. Silver Denarius (3.36g) . Laureate head of Nerva right, IMP NERVA CAES AVG GERM P M TR P II/Two clasped hands, IMP II - COS IIII P P. SR-3031, RIC-48, RSC-96. VF. $300

56148 *Trajan. 98-117 (101-102 AD). Silver Denarius (3.39g). Laureate bust right, IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN OPTIM AVG GERM/Victory adv right on prow, terminating with serpent, holding wreath & palm PM TRIP COS IIII PP. RIC-59, RSC-241a. Ch. VF, nice portrait. $119

55961 *Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Silver Denarius (3.05g). Laureate bust right/Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia TR P XXI IMP IIII COS III. RIC-171, RSC-882. Nicely toned VF, rev. a touch porous. $145

56005 *Faustina, Jr., daughter of Antoninus Pius. (154-156 AD). Æ Sestertius (27.14g). Draped bust right FAUSTINA AVG PII AVG FIL/Diana standing left, holding arrow and bow S-C to either side. RIC-1383, SR-4717. F-VF, green-brown patina. Light porosity . $119

56157 *Commodus. 177-192 (184). Silver Denarius (3.12g). Laureate bust right M COMMODVS ANTON AVG PIVS/Aequitas stg. left, hldg scales & cornucopia, globe at feet PMTRP VIIII IMP VI COS IIII PP. RIC-73, RSC-446, SR-5669. Nice VF, light toning. $119

56202 *Salonina, wife of Gallienus. Probably died 268 or later. Silver Antoninianus (3.07g). Draped bust right, wearing stephane set on crescent/Venus stg right, leaning on column to left, hldg palm in l. hand, apple in right. Cologne mint. Venus is seen from the back, and a palm "grows" out of the column. RIC-V,8, RSC-134, SR-10662. VF, good silver, touch porous. Scarce rev,. $99

56201 *Diocletian. 284-305 (286-90). Æ Antoninianus (3.88g). Radiate bust right/Jupiter stg r., hldg globe & scepter, facing Hercules stg l., hldg Victory, club & lion's skin, crescent above H between them, XXI in ex. Antioch mint. RIC-325, SR-12671. Nice VF, touch of porosity. $69

End of Sale.