Auction 46A - July 11, 2016

Ancient and World Coins

Auction Sale #46A

This auction is now closed. Please see our list of prices realized (pdf).

Closing Date and Time:
July 11, 2016
9:00 PM Mountain Time


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TERMS OF SALE   (back to top)

1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

2. Payments are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft, bank wire or approved credit card) in US dollars. See Term #9 for credit card terms. All checks must be written in US dollars on a US bank. We do not accept payment via PayPal. Bidders are responsible for any and all bank charges for bank wires etc.

3. Auction sales are not approval sales. The bidders assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. Lots may be returned for reasons of improper description only within 3 days of receipt. Lots examined prior to the sale may not be returned for any reasons except authenticity. Late payers forfeit any return privileges.

4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise.

5. Bid sheets must be signed.

6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.

8. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged.

9. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. However an additional

5% is charged, to help cover our costs, for use of card in auctions and mailbid sales. Please note if you use a credit card and are a new customer, we must be able to confirm your billing address.

10. Digital photos or scans are available for most individual lots in this sale via email without charge. We prefer that you ask for this service well before the end of the sale.

11. All lots with six (6) or more items are sold as is, and are not returnable.

12. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt unless arrangements are made prior to the close of the sale. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 ½% per month.

13. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

14. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

15. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted. Phone bids should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email. We will also try via email to confirm receipt of bids received by any other method.

16. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots, may and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid whenever possible.

17. Bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, so please check your bid sheet carefully.

18. There are no buyer's fees in our sales. The only additional fee charged is for shipping or for use of a credit card or a bank wire. Our bank charges $15 for a wire fee, your bank may also charge one.

19. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk. Shipments of books will be very expensive to overseas addresses.

20. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a (refundable of course) 25% deposit.

21. Prices realized will be published shortly after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5 plus a stamped self-addressed envelope or check our website for free.

22. Slabbed (encapsulated) coins, notes, medals or tokens certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned.

23. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases it may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than estimate. We have made every effort to make our estimates conservative and realistic. In the case of lots with precious metals, bids must be the "melt" value of the item at the very least. As we write this, gold is near $1275 per ounce, silver around $17.30 per ounce and platinum near $900 an ounce. All markets have been very volatile lately. If in doubt, please ask us. Please see below for new bidding rules for the last day of the sale.




Telephone Bids will be accepted until 9:00 Mountain Time. Fax & email Bids will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time.

Bids left on our Voice Mail System (Answering Machines) will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time.

We will stop answering our phones at 9:00 PM Mountain Time on July 11, 2016 or as soon as our phones stops ringing for 10 minutes. However you may still leave bids on our phones via voice mail, via Fax or via email until midnight. This should make it easier for anybody who wants to bid on the last day, the last hour or even the last minute to do so. Most winning bids will be reduced to one advance over the 2nd high bid.

Bids received after 9:00 PM will not be confirmed that night. If a bid is received after the published closing time we will acknowledge it sometime the next day. No matter when you bid you will not be guaranteed to be the last bidder because if you bid while or phone lines are still on the sale does not close until the phone line is free for 10 minutes.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item, as most bids will be reduced to one bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that your really want. If you are unsure of your bidding strategy, please give us a call or contact us by email and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

There is a minimum bid of at least 60% of the estimate on each lot. However in some cases the reserve may be higher than 60% of the estimate although it will never be higher than the estimate. We will always try to make reserves and estimates reasonable and in line with today's market. Of course in many cases lots may be offered so infrequently that our estimates are just educated guesses.

We take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid on any lot, however we will tell you if you are the high bidder at the time of your request and if not what you need to bid to be the high bidder at the moment. Usually more than half of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute. We believe the best bidding strategy is to bid early, knowing that winning bids will be reduced to the next bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. It's a successful auction when everybody is satisfied with the results: the consignors, the bidders and the auctioneer. Many of our consignors have been consigning material to us for 25 or more years, others have been buying material from us for as long or longer and are just now disposing of their collection or of parts of their collection. And more than a handful of the successful bidders in our sales of the past few years have been bidding (and buying) in our sales since the 1970s. We must be doing something right. 2015 is our 45th year in business.

There are no buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid plus a postage and shipping charge. If you want the convenience of using your credit card or sending us a bank wire, we do charge a small fee to help cover our costs. There are only a few coin dealers who still do not charge a buyer's fee. Some companies charge a 15 to 20% buyer's fee, plus a consignor fee as well!

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

COLORADO SPRINGS COIN SHOW: JUNE 23 TO JUNE 26. MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS FINANCIAL EXPO CENTER, 3650 North Neveda Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80907. Thursday June 23rd is dealer set up and the hours are 2 to 8. We should be there by 3 or so and stay until at least 6 to 7 depending on foot traffic. Friday and Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM, Sunday 9 AM to 4 PM. We will be there all public hours. If you make a right when entering the hall our tables should be a few tables down on the right.

We plan to have all lots from the auction with us at this show and we will be there for all public hours. If you are heading to the show and have gotten lost or can't find our tables call us on our mobile phone number is 303-910-8245.

We should be in our office most days between the time you get this catalog or it is up on our website until the end of the sale. Obviously we will not be in our office during the above coin show and we may be in and out on July 4th as well as parts of July 9th and 10th.

Our usual office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5:55 PM Mountain time. As the closing date draws near we will expand our hours. If you call and we don't answer, please leave a message with the best time to return your call and we will try to get back to you at your preferred time. Of course you can email 24 hours a day and we will return the email as soon as we can.

We will confirm all email bids within 24 hours of receiving your bid. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us. Email bids received between 9 PM and Midnight on July 11th will be confirmed sometime during the week. We do not confirm bids received via mail or fax unless specifically asked to do so. However if we have your email on file we will try to do so. When sending us a bid sheet via regular mail, fax or as an attachment, please write carefully on your bid sheet. And a short description is always helpful to avoid mistakes.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until bids have been checked and invoices have been written. This usually takes 3 to 4 days. We will not be answering the phones until that information is ready. We hope to have the phones open by Thursday July 14th or Friday July 15th at the very latest.

Because of circumstances beyond our control this has been a very difficult and long process in producing this catalog. As you can see there are no images in the printed version of this catalog. Our website contains color images of virtually every lot and we can even try to send you more images, via email, if you so desire. We do apologize for this. This catalog is being sent out two months late with about half as many lots as we would have like to list. It was just impossible for me to work at a more productive pace.

What the future holds a far as auction catalogs go is still up in the air. Suffice it to say we plan to continue in the business for at least another few years. How we conduct our auctions, weblists and shows is unknown at this time.

We hope to continue having at least one auction a year as we have enough material of our own and of others for a few more sales at the very least. Finding the time to do that is the difficult thing at the moment.

We plan to attend the DAWN (Denver Area World Numismatists) meeting on July 1st and will bring selected items from this auction to the meeting. Please contact us by June 30th if you will be at the meeting and want us to bring something from the auction. We will not bring anything unless it is specifically requested.

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2016 SUMMER AUCTION 46A   (back to top)

Our small ancient section includes a choice EF slabbed Athenian Owl, a scarce Judaea Capta sestertius variety as well as a nice Paduan Type Nerva Fisci Ivdaici sestertius. And some NGC slabbed mint state coins as well!

Our world section contains a very nice selection of medals from around the world including neat Austrian, British and US medals. There numerous examples of metallic (and plastic) WWII internment camp tokens some of which we have never offered previously. Our Israeli coin section while very small has numerous rare coins seldom offered before. Included are 6 different 1949 proof striking from the ICI mint archives as well as a 1952 10 Pruta in Proof, a 50 Pruta 1954 with a inverted reverse which we have never seen before, an exceedingly rare 1960 Eight-Grain 1 Agora pattern and two rare 1 Agora proofs from the early 1960s.

Mexico is well represented with 4 different 4 reales of Carlos and Johanna plus numerous other rarities many of which have been certified. Our Palestine section, while small, has a rare Zichron Yakov Piastre token, a mint state 1933 100 Mil silver coin and numerous other high grade coins. Throughout this section you will also find crowns, minors, tokens and medals from Latin American and Europe as well as some extremely rare, and in most cases, high grade items from Egypt, Liberia Mombasa, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

The paper money section is among our finest in years containing numerous WWII internment camps, concentration camps, DP camps and POW camp rarities from places such as Camp Hay in Australia, Buchenwald, Langenwerke, Mittelbau (5 different pieces), Neuengamme, Kenya, Lithuania (4 different lots), Herzogenbusch, the Netherlands occupation of Germany, New Caledonia and the Warsaw Ghetto. A number of the notes have been slabbed as well.

Our sale concludes with 9 lots of numismatic literature some of which we have never offered before and others that are important books and auction catalogs that we refer to almost daily.

Our medallic Judaica offerings include two David and Goliath jetons, a rare silver Korn Jude medal of Christian Wermuth, 3 very unusual and scarce "False Shekel" types one of which is silver, numerous synagogue medals from the old and new worlds, a medal of Rabbi Henri Loeb, a scarce 1933 medal advertising a Nazi visit to Palestine and an exceedingly rare 1967 Paratroops Brigade medal.

Although small our paper section includes a letter from Alfred Dreyfus to the widow of Emile Zola and a number of WWI era emergency issues used as the Ottoman Empire was disintegrating.


ANCIENT COINS   (back to top)

*1 Judaea. John Hyrcanus I. 135-104 BC. Æ Prutah (2.34g). Yehohanan the High Priest and Head of the Council of the Jews/Double Cornucopia, pomegranate. . H-1141, AJC-Kv, Sofaer-128v. Choice VF+/VF (reverse off-center). Ex Herb Kreindler with his distinctive (1995) tag $100+

*2 Judaea. John Hyrcanus II. 67, 63-40 BC. Æ Prutah (1.82g). Yonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews in highly stylized square letters/Double cornucopia, pomegranate in center. H-1159a, Sofaer-392v, AJC-Ha2v. EF/VF. Ex Herb Kreindler. $120+

*3 Judaea. Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70 AD. Æ 1/8 Shekel (4.45g). Chalice or Cup, to the redemption of Zion/Lulav branch, flanked by etrog on either side, Year Four. H-1369v, Sofaer-47. VF//F. $175+

*4 Arabia Petraea. Petra, Hadrian. 117-138. Æ15 (3.79g). Bust right/Petra Metropolis in 3 lines in wreath. Sofaer-10, Sp-12, Ros-9. Fine. An uncommon coin, this sold in our sale 42A for $160. Unfortunately the "winning" bidder never paid for any of his lots and the 2nd high bidder spent his allotted dollars on different coins. $100+?

*5 Judaea. Samaria, Sebaste, Domitian. 81-96. Æ11 (1.29g). Laureate bust right, IMP DOMIT CAESAR/Sword, CEBACTHNWN. Sofaer-12, Ros-11, RPC-2230. Choice VF+, a bit off-center but over-all a lovely, attractive little coin. Only a handful of these have been offered at auction in the past 10-15 years and this is nicer than any that we have seen including ones from the Shoshona and Patrick Tan collections. Ex Zuzim inventory. $200+

*6 Celtic, Eastern Europe, Imitations of Thasos. Circa late 2nd-early 1st century BC. Silver Tetradrachm (32 mm, 16.52g). Wreathed head of Dionysos right/Hercules standing facing, head left, holding club and lion's skin; M monogram to inner left. As SG-215. Decent VF, marks in field but much nicer than most encountered. $250

*7 Macedonian Kings, Alexander III (the Great) 336-323 B.C. Silver Tetradrachm (16.85g), Amphipolis, ca. 320-315 B.C. Price-432. Head of Hercules right wearing lion's scalp/Zeus seated left in throne, holding eagle and scepter, E' below throne, bucranium and Λ at left. VF. $300+

*8 Macedon Kings, Alexander III, (the Great). 336-323 (317-311 BC). Silver Tetradrachm of Babylon. (16.99g). Head of Alexander, as Hercules, clad in lion's skin/Zeus seated left holding eagle and scepter, H under throne, monogram to left. SG-6721ff, Price-3704. GVF/VF, nice portrait. $450

*9 Macedon Kings, Alexander III (the Great) 336-323 BC. Silver Drachm (4.20g). Head of Alexander, as Hercules, clad in lion's skin/Zeus seated left holding eagle and scepter, nothing under throne, symbol, perhaps a horizontal corn-ear, to left. SR-6728ff. VF. $125+

*10 Macedon Kings. Philip III. 323-317 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (16.99g) of Sidon. Head of young Hercules clad in lion's skin right/Zeus enthroned left holding eagle and thunderbolt, ΣΙ below chair, N to left. SG-6748, SNG Cop-1073, Price-P169. VF/F, weakly struck on reverse which is typical of Sidon mint issues for Philip III. $450

*11 Macedon Kings, Philip III 323-317 BC. Silver Drachm (4.20g) of Sardes (?). Head of Hercules right/Zeus seated left, torch (?) under throne. SG-6750ff, Price-P96. Nice VF, a bit o.c. $125+

12 MACEDON. Under Roman Rule. First Meris (Province). Ca. 167-149 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (16.74g). Bust of Artemis right, wearing stephane, quiver and bow over shoulder, all within Macedonian shield/Horizontal club, monograms above and below; all within oak wreath, thunderbolt at left. SNG Cop-1314, BMC-7. NGC-XF Strike 4/s, Surface 4/s. $425+

*13 Thrace. Chersonesos. c. 480-350 BC. Silver Hemidrachm (2.10g). Forepart of lion right, head turned back/Quadripartite incuse square pellet above A' above and jug below.. SNG Cop-838. Nice VF, very light porosity. $120+?

*14 Moesia (Thrace), Istros. 400-350 BC. Silver Drachm (6.48g), Inverted Heads/Sea-Eagle on dolphin, Δ below with another letter to left. As BMC-9, cf. SNG Cop195. NGC XF, Strike 3/5, Surface 5/5. $200+

*15 Thrace, Thasos. After 148 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (13.41g). Head of Dionysos right wreathed with ivy/Hercules standing left holding club, lion's skin over left arm, M to left, legends right, left and in exergue. SG-1759, SNG Cop-1049. VF. $250

*16 Thrace, Thasos. After 148 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.82g). Head of Dionysos right wreathed with ivy/Hercules standing left holding club, lion's skin over left arm, M to left, legends right, left and in exergue. SG-1759, SNG Cop-1049. Nice VF. As above but nicer and heavier. $300+?

*17 Thessaly, Scotussa (Skotussa). 300-190 BC. Æ22 (6.50g). Head of bearded Hercules wearing lion skin headdress to right/Club to left. Rogers-549, BMC-4, SG-2222. Fine, porous. Very rare. The only other piece that I have a record on, is a VF that Nomos sold 5 years ago for $2500+. Ex BCD collection with his tag & that of Frank Kovacs who BCD bought it from in 1980 $250+

*18 Thessaly. Thebai. 3rd Century BC. Æ19 (5.46g) Dichalkon. Veiled head of Demeter left, wearing grain wreath/ΘΗBAIΩN around from upper left, horse trotting right; monogram below. Rogers-552. aF, porous. Ex BCD collection with his tag. $50+

*19 Arkadia. Megalopolis. 234-146 BC. Silver Triobol (2.21g). Laureate head of Zeus left/ Naked Pan seated left on rock, holding lagobolon (quiver with arrows), eagle at left, MEΓ, Δî to right. SG-2719, SNG Cop-255. Toned VF, bit off-center. $120+

*20 Attica, Athens. 440-404 BC BC. Silver Tetradrachm (17.18g). Helmeted head of Athena right wearing crested helmet ornamented with three laurel leaves and vine scroll/ Owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig & crescent moon to left, ΑΘΕ to right, all in incuse square. SNG Cop-32. NGC Ch. EF. Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5. A very nice well-centered example of this classic coin. $1750?

*21 Mysia. Cyzicus. 480-400 BC. Silver Hemiobol (.40g). Forepart of running boar left, tunny behind/Head of lion left, mouth open, in incuse square. BMC-116. Ch. VF+, good metal. Ex-Rosen collection. $100+

*22 Ionia, Ephesus. After 133 BC. Silver Cistophorus (12.65g). Cista mystica containing serpents all within ivy-wreath/Bow in case between two coiled serpents, Hermes standing with caduceus above, long torch to right , ΕΦΕ to left, NA (year 51 = 84/83 BC) above. SNG Cop-328, BMC-163. NGC XF, Strike 2/5, Surface 4/5. $275

*23 Caria, Rhodes. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Mid 1st century AD. Æ Drachm (35mm, 21.81 g). Eudoros, magistrate. Wreathed head of Dionysos left/Nike advancing right on globe, holding palm and wreath; rose at feet to right. RPC-I, 2766, BMC-374. F-VF, nice brown-green patina. Scarce. $500+?

*24 Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy IV, Philopater. 221-204 BC. Æ37 (48.42g) Laureate head of Zeus right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head turned right, E between legs. SNG Cop-224, BMC-37. F-VF. Nice large bronze. $150+

*25 Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy XII, Neos Dionysos. 81-50 BC, LIO = Year 19 (63-62 BC). Silver Tetradrachm. (14.11g). Diademed head of king right/Eagle, left on thunderbolt, date in field to left. SNG Cop-390, Dated Coins of Antiquity-69. VF. $125+

*26 Indo-Greek, Scythian Kingdom. Azes I. 57-35 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (9.43g). Azes on horseback right, holding whip; U monogram before/Athena standing right, right hand extended, holding shield and spear; monograms to left and right. BMC-91v, MACW-2370v. Nice VF. The obverse monogram is a bit different than MACW-2370, but the reverse monogram is the same. $125+

*27 Phoenicia, Tyre, Hadrian. 117-138. Silver Tetradrachm (12.57g). Laureate bust right/ Eagle standing on club, head left. The scarcer of two types cited by Prieur (about 4 to 1). Prieur-1526. F-VF, bit grainy. According to the late Michael Prieur the attribution to Tyre is incorrect although he still lists them there. It is more likely from a city of Egyptian influence but not Alexandria itself because of the high quality silver. His, very educated, opinion is that they were most likely struck in the Decapolis city of Gadara perhaps to commemorate the emperor's visit to the city. The last sale of a similar coin was in the fall of 2012 when CNG sold the other variety for $1800 plus fees. That coin was nicer but this should be worth at least a small fraction of that coin. $200+

*28 Roman Egypt. Nero. 54-68. Silver Tetradrachm (12.49g). Laureate bust of Nero right/ Emperor seated left on throne, holding scepter & baton (?), feet on a step-stool, LE (= year 5 = 58/59 AD). Curtis-112, Emm-120, RPC-5242. VF, but porous. Uncommon reverse. Ex Zuzim stock. $150+?

*29 Roman Egypt. Philip I. 244-249. Bi Tetradrachm (11.72g). Laureate and cuirassed bust right/Eagle standing left, head right, wreath in beak, LB (= year 2 = 244/245 AD). Curtis-1335, Emm-3480, M-3561. VF, bit grainy. Ex Pegasi inventory. $100+

*30 Rome Republic. M. Calidis, Q. Caecilius & Cn. Fulvius. c. 117-116 BC. Silver Denarius (3.87g). Helmeted head of Roma right, XVI monogram below chin, ROMA behind/ Victory in biga right, holding wreath, moneyer's names below and in exergue. SR-160, Syd-539, Calidia-1. Choice toned VF+. $120+

*31 Rome Republic. C. Vibius C.f. Pansa. 90 BC. Silver Denarius (4.11g). Laureate head of Apollo right, PANSA behind, symbol (3 dots?) below chin/Minerva in quadriga right, holding trophy and spear. D VIBIUS CF in ex.. SR-242, Vibia-1, Syd-684. Lightly toned EF, slightly off-center. The head of Apollo is from a different die, and perhaps a different engraver, than most seen. It is smaller than usual! $120+

*32 Rome Republic. M. Plaetorius M. f. Cestianus. 67 BC. Silver Denarius (3.98g). Helmeted bust of deity right, wearing wreath of laurel, corn and poppy, bow and quiver over shoulder, cornucopia under chin, CESTIANVS behind/Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, head left. SR-349, Syd-809, Plaetoria-4. Toned aVF/VF, some rev. marks. $120+

*33 Rome Republic. L. Marcius Philppus. 56 BC. Silver Denarius (4.01g). Diademed head of King Ancus Marcius right, lituus behind, ANCVS below that/Equestrian statue right on arcade of 5 arches AQUA MR in arches PHILIPPVS on left. SR-382, Syd-919, Marcia-28. VF, a few light scratches reverse $120+

*34 Rome. Tiberius. 14-37 AD. Silver Denarius (3.45g). Laureate bust right/Livia or Pax seated right PONTIF MAXIM. SR-1763, RIC-26, RSC-16. Fine, mount mark on reverse. An affordable example of the coin most commonly referred to as "The Tribute Penny". Ex Mark Bir inventory. $350?

*35 Rome, Tiberius, 14-37 AD. Æ As. Divus Augustus (c. 22-30 AD). Bare-headed bust of Augustus left/Facade of altar, Provident below, S-C to either side. SR-1789, RIC-81. ANACS VF20 (corroded). $75+

*36 Rome, Vespasian. AD 69-79. Brass Sestertius (34mm, 24.94g). "Judaea Capta" commemorative. Rome mint. Struck AD 71. IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M TR P P P COS III, laureate head right/IVDAEA (CAPTA), (S C) in exergue, palm tree; to left, Vespasian standing right, foot on helmet, holding spear and parazonium; to right, Jewess seated right on cuirass, in attitude of mourning. RIC II 167; H-1504, BMC-543, SR-2327. VG, porous with pitting, but well centered and identifiable as to the specific type. Rare. This is one of the more unusual types of a Judaea Capta Sestertius. In most cases the palm tree is in the center of the reverse but in this type the palm tree is about 1/3 of the way in from the right edge of the reverse . $400+?

*37 Rome. Domitian. 81-96 (88 AD). Silver Denarius (3.58g). Laureate head of Domitian right/Minerva advancing right with javelin and shield, IMP XIIII COS XIIII CENS PPP. RIC-109, RSC-234. Choice VF. $140?

*38 rome, Nerva. 96-98 AD. Æ "Paduan Type" Sestertius (21.58g). Laureate bust right NERVA • CASAR • AVG. PM. TRP./Palm tree flanked by S-C and FISCIIVDAICI CALVMNIA. Similar to Hen-1603, SR-3044, RIC-82, Unlisted by Klawans. Nice VF. A very nice struck "fantasy example" of the famous coin of Nerva which proclaimed that "the insult and abuse (CALVMNIA) of the Jewish tax" was abolished". The tax itself was not removed until the reign of Julian the Apostate in 361-363 AD. There are at least two other theories about the intent of the coin. One states that the coin was issued to celebrate the fact that the "Jewish Tax" was no longer paid to the Temple but instead to Rome after Vespasian's troops captured the city. A third theory, from an interpretation of the Talmud, is that Nerva did abolish the tax. $400+?

*39 Rome, Julia Soaemias, mother of Elagabalus. (both murdered on 11 March 222). Silver Denarius (2.91g). Draped bust right IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVGVSTA/Venus standing left, holding apple and scepter, star in field to right VENVS CAELSTIS. SR-7719v, RIC-241, RSC-8. NGC Mint State, strike 5/5, Surface 3/5. $300+?

*40 Rome, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Silver Denarius (2.95g). Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG/Jupiter standing, head right, brandishing thunderbolt and eagle in left hand. IOVI PROPVGNATORI. SR-7088, RIC-238, C-83. NGC Mint State, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5. $200+

*41 Rome, Maximinus I. 235-238. Silver Denarius (2.98g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right IMP MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG/Pax stg. left holding olive-branch and scepter PAX AVGVSTI. SR-8310, RIC-12, RSC-31. NGC Mint State, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5. $200+

*42 Rome. Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ Sestertius (17.04g). Laureate bust right IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG/Apollo seated left holding a laurel branch & resting left arm on lyre PM TRP VI COS II PP S-C. RIC-304a, SR-8730v, C-273. Ch. VF/aVF. $200?

*43 Rome, Gallienus. 253-268. Silver Antoninianus (Double Denarius) (2.78g). Radiate bust right GALLIENVS OF AVG. Two captives seated below and to either side of trophy GERMANICVS MAX V. SR-10224, RIC-18, RSC-308. Choice well-centered and well-struck but irregular, ragged flan. NGC Mint State, Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5. $200+

44 Rome. Aurelian. 270-275. Billon Antoninianus (3.41g). Radiate draped bust right IMP AVRELIANVS AVG/Aurelian receiving globe from Jupiter IOVI CONSER, S in ex. Serdica mint. SR-11542, RIC-260. EF/VF. Portrait is exceptional! $100+

*45 Rome, Carausius. 286-293. Bi Antoninianus (2.60g). Radiate bust right IMP C CARAVSIVS AVG/Providentia standing head left, holding globe and cornucopia S-C in field. SR-13690, RIC-511. VF, green patina, some light silvering intact. $125+

*46 Rome. Constantine II, as Caesar 317-337. 337-340 (327-328). Silvered Antoninianus (2.96g). Laureate head left/Camp-gate, star above, wreath to left, A to right, SMAL in ex (Alexandria mint). SR-17258, RIC-7, 42 (R4). Ch EF+, but flan crack. $100+


*47 A pair of Sets. 1) Switzerland, Confederation. 1974 4 piece Proof set. 5 Rappen, 20 Rappen, 1/2 Franc and 2 Francs. In cellophane as issued (?). KM- 26, 29a, 23 & 21a.1. 4 coins with Krause 2014 catalog value of $280. 1974 was the first year that Switzerland produced actual Proof coins and 2) Singapore, Republic. 1972. Six piece Mint set in original orange wallet. Year of the Rat. KM-MS7. 2 sets with catalog value of close to $400. $150+

*48 Australia, Commonwealth. 1929 Western Australian Centenary Commemorative Medal by Kruger Gray and Sir Bertram MacKennal. Bronze 38mm. Crowned bust of George V left/an energetic and vigorous Black Swan, the bird emblem of Western Australia. Struck at Perth. ICG MS65 Brown. Very attractive. $75+?

*49 Australia, WWII Internment Camp. ND (1941) 1 Penny. Brass. 20 mm. with hole. F/F AU-970a, C-1261, KM-Tn1.1. Choice Au-Unc. One of the nicest examples we've had in years! $150+?

*50 Australia, WWII Internment Camp. ND (1941) 3 Pence. Brozne. 16 mm. with hole. F/F AU-971a, C-1262, KM-Tn3.1. Nice red & brown unc., but for a spot near the NM in Internment and a small rim nick, between & below the EN of Pence. A very nice example. $150+?

*51 Australia, WWII Internment Camp. ND (1941) 1 Shilling bronze 19mm. Camp-1263, KM-Tn3, F/F AU-972. VF-EF. A nice example of this rare token. $125+?

*52 Austria, Franz Joseph 1869. The Opening of the Suez Canal and visit to Egypt. Bronze 71mm by J Tautenhayn. Laureate and side-burned head right/Eygyptia seated on Sphinx, pyramids and ship to either side. Choice and as struck. Plain edge. For related medals please see lot below and #216. $150+?

*53 Austria. Franz Joseph. 1869. Bronze 72 mm by Joseph Tautenhayn. His bust right/ Mary with cross, angels flanking Sepulchere. Franz Joseph visits the Holy Sepulchere in Jerusalem. The Emperor Franz Joseph, whose many titles included "King of Jerusalem", made his pilgrimage on his way to the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal. He was the first Christian Emperor to visit Jerusalem since the Crusades and it is reported that he was greeted enthusiastically by those of all the religions of Jerusalem - Jews, Moslems and Christians. Plain edge, as stuck. For related medals please see lot above and #216. $100+?

*54 Austria, Otto Hirschfeld. 1913. Æ 79 x 67 mm plaque by Paul Sturm. His bust left/ Hirschfeld at lectern, instructing students. Cast for his 70th birthday. Hirschfeld was a German historian and archeologist who specialized in Roman history and taught in both Prague and Vienna. Wurz-3713. EF. Only the 2nd I can recall offering. In our sale 40J (Fall 2010) a similar piece brought $150. This is nicer. $150

*55 Austria, Franz Joseph, 1915. Æ 65mm medal by Oscar Thiede. On the Liberation of Lemberg before the Russian invasion. Bust of General Eduard Freiherr von Böhm-Ermolii, Lemberg (Lvov or Lwow)/View of the battlefield at Czernowicz. For another medal from this city see Lot #216. Virtually as struck. $40+?

*56 Austria, Republic. Group of Proof sets. KM-PS11 1969 9 piece set, KM-PS15 9 piece set (with Innsbruck University commemorative), KM-PS16 1970 9 piece set (with Renner commemorative), KM-PS17 1970 7 piece set and KM-PS19 1971 9 piece set. 5 different proof sets all in original vinyl holders as issued by the state mint in Vienna. Krause catalog value $305. Should be worth at least half of that or more. $150+

*57 Belgian Congo. Albert I. 1911. 20 Centimes. 2nd date of 2 year type. Y-19, KM-19. Ch. BU, tiny spot. Very scarce in high grade. $90+

*58 Belgium, Leopold I, Verviers Palace of Justice and Prison Medal, 1852. Bronze, 50mm by Jacques Wiener. Perspective of multi-purpose building/Ground plan in concentric legend. Choice EF, reddish-brown patina. $50?

*59 british west africa. George VI. Blank Flan. ND. Six Pence. With security edge for either KM-22 or KM-31. Toned. Ex- Fred Pridmore collection with tag. $125+?

*60 british west africa. George V. 1917-H. 2 Shillings. Y-17, KM-13. Toned EF/AU. $125+

*61 Chile, Republic. 1884-So Peso. KM-142.1, Y-18a. BU. NGC MS-63. $250+

*62 Czechoslovakia, Lidice tragedy Medals. 1997. Silver and (perhaps) a silvered alloy 30mm. Shield 1997 above, Lidice below/Cross, wreath, 10.6.1942. Struck for the 55th anniversary of the Lidice Tragedy. Both, as issued and rare. Only 300 pieces of the alloy medal were made and 38 of the silver hallmarked medals were produced. Lidice is a village in the former protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia. In the spring of 1942 members of the Czechoslovak Exile Government assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, the acting governor appointed by Hitler. In retaliation Hitler ordered the execution of 10,000 Czechs. Instead the Nazis entered the village of Lidice and executed all the men (192), along with 71 women. The rest of the women (198) were sent to Ravensbruck, while 98 children were sent to be "reeducated" by the Nazis. No more than 16 children survived the war. After the war Lidice was rebuilt, becoming both a symbol of Nazi terror and the heroism of the Czech resistance. This is ex lot #1100 from our sale 33C. $60+

*63 Denmark. Christian IV. 1645-Glückstadt. 2 Mark. Justus, Jehovah in Hebrew Judex in 3 lines above mintmark/Crowned monogram, legend around. KM-137, Hede-179, Sieg-172. VF. A high grade for this popular type and one of the nicest we've seen. $700+

*64 East Africa, George VI of Great Britain. 1941-I. 1 Shilling. Y-31, KM-28.2 Type 2. Very rare. Ch. AU/Unc. Unpriced in Krause. $200+?

*65 Egypt. Abdul Mejid. 1255/5 (1843). 20 Para. Cr-206, KM-227. Toned EF-AU. $120+?

*66 Egypt. Abdul Aziz. 1277/7 (1867). 20 Para . 1 year type 3, 29mm, struck at Cairo. Y-3b, KM-245. Crude aVF. Rare local mint product. $400+?

*67 Egypt. Abdul Aziz. 1277/9 (1869). 2 1/2 Qirsh or Piastres . 2 year type, (22mm, 3.50g.) Y-8a, KM-252. Toned VF+. Scarce type with flower to right of toughra. $425

*68 Egypt. Muhammad V. 1327/-2H (1910). 2 Qirsh or Piastres. 1st year of short two year silver type. Y-30, KM-307. Ch. BU, light toning. $120+?

*69 Egypt. British Protectorate/Fuad I. 1920-H/AH 1338. 5 Piastres. Scarce one year type. Y-45, KM-326. Toned EF-AU. Egyptian coins of this period circulated in other areas of the old Ottoman Empire including Palestine. $200+

*70 Egypt. Province of Egypt Lodge. Enameled Bronze ND. c. 1940 Sphinx head and pyramids. Presented to Bro. RJ Rochelle member of the Province of Egypt. c. 29g, 39mm. Very nice blue and gilt, with some red and white enamel as well, with green, blue, red and gilt ribbon and needle. Given by the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. This medal was probably given to Brother Rochelle before he received the medal in Lot #206 as at that time he had the added designation of C.P. which was one level above "Brother". $100+

*71 Ethiopia. Menelik II. EE1889-A (1897). 1/100 Bir. Crowned bust right/Legend and denomination. Y-1, KM-9. Unc., some red. One year type. $150+

*72 Finland, Republic. Declaration of Independence, Bronze Medal 72mm. (1923). 1917, by Wikstrom, shield of Finland, crowned, within wreath/Figure of Finlandia stands with olive-branch raised, a lion, resolute but peaceful, at her side. Extremely fine and scarce. Executed in 1923, this medal commemorates the 1917 Liberation from Russia in WWI. In 2008 Baldwin's sold a similar medal for the equivalent of $208 (plus fees). $150+?

*73 France, Henry III. 1579-T (Nantes). 1/4 Ecu. Fancy cross, date and legend/Crowned arms, H to either side. SCMF-3252, Ciani-1438, Deplussy-1133. NGC XF-45. Irregular flan, some flat areas. $125+

*74 France, Louis XVI. 1787-A (Paris) Gold Louis d'Or. Head left/Crowned arms of France and Navarre. KM-591.1, Fr-475. NGC AU58. Adjustment marks between 12 and 1 on reverse. $750+

*75 France, 2nd Republic. 1848 5 Franc Essai in White Metal by Dantzell. Interesting hair style for Ms. Liberty. Mazard-1273A. NGC MS-63. A few very light marks, otherwise almost proof-like surface. The revolution of 1848 produced a huge amount of essais by the leading medallic sculptors of the time. $325+

*76 France, 2nd Republic. 1848 5 Franc Essai in White Metal by ? (unsigned). Head of Liberty wearing a lion's skin. Mazard-1281c, as KM PN57. NGC MS-64. $325+

*77 France, 2nd Republic. 1848 5 Franc Essai in White Metal by Gaynard (unsigned). Head of Liberty with drapery at neck. Mazard-1282b, as KM PN60. NGC MS-62. $250

*78 France, 3rd Republic. 1881-A (Paris). 1 Franc. KM-822.1, Y-49. BU. NGC MS-63. $125+

*79 French Somaliland. French Overseas Territory. 1949. 1 Franc. Two year type aluminum coin. Y-1, KM-4. Choice BU and very scarce so nice. $100+

*80 Germany. Augsburg, Buckhard von Ellerbach. 1373-1404. Silver Hand Heller (.59g). Hand/Cross, with dot at each arm. Bonhoff-1926, Reichmann-2070, Saurma-1438. Nice EF for type. $60+

*81 Germany, Cologne Cathedral Restoration Medal, 1856. Bronze, 59.5mm. By Jacques Wiener. Side view of cathedral under construction, Our Joy, 6-line history in exergue includes second foundation stone laying by Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV/View of cathedral after its Future Completion, Our Hope, 4-line tiny identification of engraver, architect and publisher. VF, some nicks and marks. $50?

*82 Germany. Saxe-Weimar, Wilhelm IV. 1662. 1/4 Taler (Death Commemorative). Obelisk with ribbons/2 arms from clouds tying 4 arrows together below a crown. A highly intricate and seldom seen commemorative. Merseb-3886, KM-79. Gd Fine. $200+

*83 Germany, Paul Ehrlich and Sahatchiro. ND (c. 1909). Bronze 65mm by Joseph Kowarzik. Ehrlich and his assistant Hata working in lab/Hercules strangling Hydra. To commemorate the conquest over Syphilis. Forrer, VII, 514, British Museum 2008, 4138.3. As struck. See The Shekel, Vol XI, #2, p. 16. $75+

*84 Germany, Arnold Mendelssohn. 1929 Bronze oval c. 54 x 64mm by? His portrait slightly to the right/11 line legend with loop and red and white cord as made. Niggl-3305 (II). Mendelsohn, a composer, conductor and music teacher was the grandnephew of Felix Mendelssohn. This is the only medal that I know of him and we have never seen another come up for auction this century. $100?

*85 Great Britain. Henry VIII. ND. (After 1545). Cast Gilt brass (?) 55mm (59.79g). Draped capped bust right in heavy robe and chain, concentric legends Henry Eighth by the Grace of God King of England, France and Ireland, On Earth under Christ the Supreme Head of the Church in England and Ireland (Portcullis)/King's claim to Headship of the Church is repeated in five lines of Hebrew, six in Greek, LONDINI 1545 at base. Attributed to Henry Basse and considered to be the first medal made in Britain. Eimer-26b, MI I, 47/44, Jewish Medals page 91. This is a gilt after cast of the extremely rare original 1545 medal. I believe this is the first gilt example we have ever offered. In 2012 we sold a nicer cast brass at $400 and in 2009 Coin Galleries sold a far poorer plated example for $475+. An original striking in silver was sold by CNG for over $50,000 in 2013. Our estimate is no doubt low. $100?

*86 Great Britain, Elizabeth I, Rheinberg [Wesel, Germany] Taken and Ostend Defended, Copper Jeton, (Æ 29.5mm, 5.80g) 1601, Jehovah in Hebrew over a plan of the city/Jehovah in Hebrew over Ostend, two ships to fore, DEFENDIMVS ISTAM. Eimer-74, MI-I78/178, Dug-3521. Jehovah is in Hebrew is on both sides of this Jeton. I can't recall offering this before. Nice VF. $150+

*87 Great Britain. Anne. 1702. United States related. Expedition to Vigo Bay by Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer. Brass 25mm (4.04g) Jeton. Bust left/View of Vigo Harbor with ships burning and attacking a fort. the fleet having been burnt, the American treasures are intercepted. Betts-95, Mi-239/23. Fine, somewhat spotted. $100+

*88 Great Britain. Nathan Mayer Rothschild 1836. Æ 62mm (97.3g) by J. Barber and published by Hyam Hayms on the death of NM Rothschild. High relief bust right Nathan • Mayer • Rothschild above/NUMMIS MAXIMUS REPERITUR. OB. JUL:XXVIII MDCCCXXXVI. Eimer-1287, BHM-1706, JMC-1185, JMM p. 66-67, Great Jewish Portraits p. 88. EF, but some scratches in field and a few rim bumps. Extremely rare. I have not offered one in more than 20 years and I have not seen a bronze example for sale anywhere in that time either. $600+?

*89 Great Britain, 1842. E. Moses & Son Advertising token. WM 39mm. Three goddesses MAY 1842. in exergue/To commemorate the opening of the largest tailoring and ready-made clothing establishment in the world in circular legend around 86 Aldgate E. Moses & Son Minories 154 in 5 lines. EF with hole at top (as made?) and normal casting bubbles. Elias Moses produced many different advertising and calendar medals in mid-19th century London. I've offered many over the years including a number with the bust of the Duke of Wellington on the obverse. I do not recall ever seeing this piece. $75+?

*90 Great Britain, Victoria. 1887 Shilling. Small Jubilee type head. KM-761, S-3926, Y-20. NGC MS63. A very nice toned coin. $125+

*91 Great Britain, 300th Anniversary of the Resettlement of Jews in Great Britain. 1956. Bronze 57 mm by Paul Vincze. Portraits of Oliver Cromwell & Menasseh Ben Israel Menorah below and a seal of the 1st "New" Jewish Community above/Female figure, holding scroll & legend around. Unc, a couple of tiny rim nicks reverse, rare & important. BHM-4467, Eimer-2097a (£110), Jewish Minters & Medalists, page 77-78 and The Shekel Vol. XIV, #3, page 30ff, JTM EP-64v (but this size unlisted). $125

*92 Great Britain, 300th Anniversary of the Resettlement of Jews in Great Britain. 1956. As above but Silver 57 mm by Paul Vincze. BHM-4467, Eimer-2097a (£275), Jewish Minters & Medalists, page 77-78 and The Shekel Vol. XIV, #3, page 30ff, JTM EP-64v (but this size unlisted). Rarely offered in this large silver version. As struck! $250+?

*93 Guatemala, Ferdinand VII of Spain. 1815-NG-M 8 Reales Nueva Guatemala. KM-69, Cr-72, El-76 (Type 8). Laureate draped bust right/Crowned arms. NGC MS-62. Gorgeous iridescent blue-green toning. As usual somewhat softly struck in center and a few reverse adjustment marks. $1500+?

*94 Guatemala, Republic. Counterstamped Coinage. 1894. 1/2 Real C/S (KM-165, Y-75) on 1879 YJ Peru Sol. Guatemala KM-224, El-GUAT-46 (Type 3), Y-88. NGC AU58. The crown is lustrous, the c/m is seemingly struck from rusty dies. $125+

*95 India. Cholas of Tanjore. Raja Raja Chola I. 985-1014. Gold Fanam (.44g) or 1/8 Kahavanu . Tiger seated right, bow behind, facing two upright fishes/2 line legend, Yuddha Malla. Scarce. MNIS-726, Fr-286. VF. $175

*96 India, Western Ganges, Anonymous. 1080-1138. Gold Pagoda (3.91g). Elephant right/Scroll. MNIS-702, Fr-288, Porter (Elephants) page 35. Nice AU. $450?

*97 Ireland, Curragh Internment Camp, WWII Metal token issue. 1940. Campbell-5550-5553, SB-211-214, Feller IR-1650-1653. 1 & 6 Pence in brass and 1 and 2 Shillings in aluminum. Set of 4. VF-EF. Ireland was officially neutral in WWII, thus combatants on both sides were interned at Curragh about 35 miles southwest of Dublin. $350+

*98 Isle of Man, Onchan. World War II Internment Camp. ND (1941) 1/2 Pence, 1 Pence and 6 Pence. Legend, denomination/Triquetra at center. Feller IM-1420-1422, Camp-5541-5543, KM-Tn23-Tn25. The British used this camp to house mainly German Internees, as they were the enemy during WWII. In reality most likely the majority were German Jews who was escaping persecution by the Nazis. The 1/2 Pence is the scarcest denomination and in the case of this group it is the nicest. It is EF with minor discoloration, the other two are VF to EF. 3 scarce and popular tokens. $500+

*99 Israel 5709 (1949) 5 Pruta. KM-10, Y-3, P-5a. Proof, thus exceedingly rare. Struck at the ICI mint in Birmingham. Probably only the 5th or so we've had. $350+

*100 Israel. 5709 (1949). 10 Pruta with pearl. PROOF. KM-11, Y-4, P-7a. Struck at the ICI mint in Birmingham. Another exceedingly rare coin that is seldom available for purchase. Somewhat mishandled with some marks in the field. $250+?

*101 Israel. 5709 (1949). 25 Pruta with pearl. PROOF. KM-12, Y-6, P-12a. Struck at the ICI mint in Birmingham. Some light marks and a bit of cloudiness on grapes side but certainly a decent example of a true rarity. $350+

*102 Israel 5709 (1949). 50 Pruta without pearl. Error. Inverted reverse. KM-13.1, Y-8, P-16. Israeli coins are normally struck with a medal alignment which means that the top of the obverse is also the top of the reverse. US coins are struck in coin alignment with the top of obverse corresponding with the bottom of the reverse. This coin is struck with a coin alignment that is the top of obverse corresponds with the bottom of the reverse. Toned EF-AU (probably no real wear just toning and light handling). Also included with this lot is a normal 50 Pruta 1954. Extremely rare, perhaps unique! $500+?

*103 Israel. 5709 (1949). 50 Pruta without pearl. PROOF. KM-13,1, Y-8, P-16. Unlisted by either Krause or Haffner in Proof, but this is without doubt a true Proof strike. Struck at the ICI mint in Birmingham. The majority of the Proofs of the 1949 issues exhibit only some of the qualities of Proof coins. Only the 3rd 50 Pruta without Pearl Proof we have seen. We believe that this is from the ICI (now IMI) archives. A truly rare coin. Choice to Gem Proof with very light hairlines. In our spring 2006 sale we offered a similar piece which ended up selling as a group in larger lot. However the high bid on the coin was over $700 on a $500 estimate. In 2008 we sold a similar coin for $1100. I believe this is as nice as that coin. Exceedingly rare. $600+

*104 Israel. 5709 (1949).100 Pruta PROOF. KM-14, Y-10, P-20a. Struck at the ICI mint in Birmingham. A truly rare coin. Nice Proof, with hairlines on tree side and some marks on the denomination side. Not as nice as the similar piece we sold in 2008 for $1050 but still a true rarity. $400+?

*105 Israel. 5709 (1949). 250 Pruta with pearl. PROOF. KM-15,1, Y-12, P-24. Unlisted by either Krause or Haffner in Proof, but this is without doubt a true Proof strike. Struck at the ICI mint in Birmingham. Only the 3rd 250 Pruta with pearl Proof we have offered. We believe that this is from the ICI (now IMI) archives. A truly rare coin. Nice piece but with hairlines and some spotting on barley side. The last we offered, in 2008, sold for $1050. $500+

*106 Israel. 5712 (1952). 10 Pruta PROOF, unlisted as such. KM-17, Y-5, P-9. Struck at the ICI mint in Birmingham Proof fields and wire rims. We believe that this is from the ICI (now IMI) archives. Nice Proof with some very light hairlines and light fingering. A truly rare coin, this is only the 2nd we can recall ever seeing. In our sale 36C we offered a similar piece as one lot but then offered a group of 8 pruta series proofs as a group which is how they sold. Exceedingly rare. $500+?

*107 Israel. 5720 (1960). EIGHT GRAIN 1 AGORA PATTERN. Type I. Israel's classic rarity. After the ICI mint in Birmingham struck the trial pieces, the Bank of Israel committee did not approve of the left ear of corn which depicted 8 grains, they wanted that ear to show 10 grains. On this specimen the leaf joins the stalk at a point 1.10 mm from the bottom of the stalk on the left, while the grains are fat and wide. On the reverse the numeral 1 is 9.50 mm wide on right edge and 1.80 mm wide at the mid point, while the Merchaott (") is large and between the two characters in a very large date. This is only the 4th or 5th known Type 1 eight grain pattern, One or two were in the Kagan-Maremba collection which was donated to the Jewish Museum (and later sold!). See Haffner (1970, pages 70-71), Magnus-Kagan (1988 pages AG-3 and AG-4), KM-PN1. Nice Uncirculated with minor marks on both sides and light striations across the barley ears. This is most likely from the ICI mint archives. Of extreme rarity and we doubt if more of these will appear on the market in the near future as I believe the owners of the other coins are all in good health. The only other Type I pieces offered in the US was the Rafael Ellenbogen specimen which Ray bought for $7500 in 1974! In our Sale 35D we sold one for $5750 in very active bidding. That coin sold to a collector in our last auction for $8000! $5000+

*108 Israel. 5720 (1960) 1 Agora Large Date. Y-22, KM-24.1, A1-1a. EF. Scarce variety. A high grade for this scarce coin which is nicer than the one which we sold in our auction 44B for $300. The tag that comes with the coin is from the late Morty Zerder (I recognize his hand writing). Morty was the foremost expert on Israeli trade coins and their varieties in the world in the 1970s and 1980s. I also believe this coin is also from the Sidney Olson collection which was sold in landmark NASCA Sidney Olson auction of August 1978. Morty was a cataloguer for this auction. I believe Morty sold it to Sid. Unfortunately both Morty and Sid have passed away. The tag will also be included. $200+

*109 Israel. 5721 (1961) 1 Agora Pattern (?) in Proof. KM-24, Y-22, A1-2/2b (mule). This unlisted coin seemingly combines the obverse of the regular die (A1-2), where the leaf on the first ear of barley is joined high upon the stem, and the reverse of the wide date (A-2b) where the letters Aleph and Gimel are seperated in the word Agora. 1 Agora coins were struck at the ICI mint in 1960 & 1961 and we believe some in 1962 as well. (See lot below). We cannot recall seeing a proof 1 Agora from this time period. $500+?

*110 Israel. 5722 (1962) 1 Agora small date in Proof. KM-24, Y-22, A-1-3a. A discovery piece which we believe was struck at the ICI mint in Birmingham, England. I believe in the 1990s the SCWC (Krause) began attributing the small date coin as being a product of the Israeli mint in Tel Aviv. Before that none of the references directly attribute the "small date" variety to Tel Aviv. The space for the mint is left blank. Kadman, Betram & Weber and Sylvia Haffner (in all her books) do not make a specific reference to the mint of this coin. This coin came to us with other proof coins minted at the ICI mint. It would make no logical sense for this coin to be kept in their archives if they did not mint the coin. Proof with very light hairlines and wire rim edges on the obverse which is the side with the barley leaves. $500+?

*111 Israel. 1971 Freedom (Let My People Go) 10 Lirot Bernie Die (Open Mem) Proof. SI-2b, KM-59.2. Rare, an estimated 70 to 80 pieces struck. The two characteristics that distinguish this coin from the Kretschmer mint Proofs are that the Mem is open and the legend is further away on the obverse of the Berne coin as compared to the common Kretschmer mint coin. A similar piece sold for $600 in our Fall 2014 Auction. Ex W. P. Andrews Inventory. $400+

*112 Israel. 1982 3 Piece Set. Qumran Caves. 1/2 and 1 Shekel in Silver and 5 Shekel in gold. 1st BU, the last two Proof. KM-121, 122 & 125, Fr-19 (Gold). This was the first issue of the Holy Land sites series. $350+?

*113 Israel. 1993. Tourism 3-piece set. 1, 2 & 10 New Sheqalm. KM-240-242, Fr-43 (gold). 1 BU & 2 Proofs. 1st 2 silver, the 3rd gold. 45th Anniversary of Independence. All as struck $650+

*114 Israel. A group of silver commemoratives. 1967 5 Lirot Port of Eilat Proofs. KM-48 10 pieces and 1970 10 Lirot Mikveh Israel, Double struck error on denomination side. KM-55. 2 pieces. 12 silver crowns, some with easily removal PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

*115 Italian Somaliland. Italian Colony in Africa. 1919-R. Rupia. Head of Victor Emmanuel III right/Crown above value and date flanked by sprigs. Y-6, KM-6. Ch. toned AU. $300+?

*116 Italy. Naples, Charles II of Spain. 1684 AG-A. Silver Tari (5.60g). Crowned shield/ Globe with incuse date, crown above crossed fasces and cornucopia. KM-104. VF-EF, somewhat double struck. $175+?

*117 Jamaica, George II, Commonwealth. Counterstamped Coinage of 1758. 5 Pence. A flowery GR counterstamped in a circular indentation on both sides of a Peru 1758-LM JM 1/2 Real. (KM-51). KM-1.3, Cr-1, Prid-8v. NGC G6. I think the countermark and the host coin are a bit nicer on the crowned arms side of the coin than G6. $250+

*118 Liberia. Republic. 1862. 1 Cent. Head with cap left, 3 stars below/Palm tree in circle, 4 stars, date and value around border. One year type. Y-2, KM-1. Matte red and brown Proof $325+

*119 Liberia. Republic. 1868-E. Pattern 1 Cent . Capped Liberty head left/Palm tree on island divides value, ship to right date below. KM-PN15. Brown PL unc., some marks. $250+

*120 Liberia. Republic. 1866. Pattern 2 Cents. Capped Liberty head left/Palm tree divides stars and value, date below. KM does not explain differences between KM-PN13 or 14. Ch. R&B unc., a few marks. $325+?

*121 Liberia. Republic. 1890-E. Pattern 2 Cents. Capped Liberty head left/2 Cents 1890' in wreath, In God We Trust above.. KM-PN54, Br-S-Pn8. R&B Proof, a few marks & spots. $250+

*122 Libya. Tripoli, Mahmud II. 1223/25 (c. 1832). Billon 40 para (9.04g) 36mm. Toughra above legend and regnal year/4 line inscription, date at left in 3rd line. Cr-166, KM-215. Fine/Gd Fine, some green verdgris on thoghra side. $250+

*123 Madagascar. Societa des Mines d'Or de l' Andavakoera. ND (1920). 25 & 50 Centimes, 1 Franc. Parrot head within circle (A must-have for any Jimmy Buffet fan.)/Value, legend. Scarce. Lec. 83-85, KM Tn1-3. VF. 1st we have since 2002. $240+

*124 Mauritius. British Crown Colony, Victoria. 1886. 20 Cents. Y-5, KM-11. Light toned unc. Very scarce this nice. $325+

*125 Mauritius. British Crown Colony. George V. 1934. Half (1/2) Rupee. One year type. Crowned head left/Stag standing left. Y-10, KM-16. Nicely toned unc. $125+

*126 MEXICO. Carlos & Johanna, Early Series with spelling of Carlos written as Karolvs. 4 Reales, (13.4g) ND (1541) oMo-oPo, (M- P). KM-17; Nesmith-26. Plain circles. NGC XF-45. $1250+

*127 MEXICO. Carlos & Johanna, Late Series. 4 Reales (13.3g), ND (ca. 1542-55). Assayer A (M A). NGC AU-50. Lightly toned. $1000+

*128 MEXICO. Carlos & Johanna, Late Series. 4 Reales (13.37g), ND (ca. 1542-55). Assayer L (L-M). KM-18. Some flat spots but probably toned EF for type. L-M (not L-Mo) which seems to be a difficult combination to find. $500+

*129 MEXICO. Carlos & Johanna, Late Series. 4 Reales (13.12g), ND (ca. 1542-55). Assayer R (R-M). KM-18. Toned AU, almost full legends. Some porosity. A scarce assayer. $800+

*130 Mexico, Ferdinand VI. 1754 Mo-MM 8 Reale Pillar Dollar. KM-104.2 (short type), Cr-17, EL-40 (Type 3a). Type with Royal crown on left pillar. Nice VF. $300

*131 Mexico, Charles III. 1761 Mo-MM 8 Reales Pillar Dollar. KM-105, Cr-35, EL-52 (Type 4). Tip of cross between H & I. Lightly toned AU. A nice high grade Pillar Dollar. $350+

*132 Mexico, Charles III. 1776 Mo-FM 8 Reales. KM-106.2, Cr-40, EL-82 (Type 5a). Armored bust right/Crowned Pillars. Nice lustrous EF-AU, a few rim imperfections. A nice high grade coin minted the year of the US Independence! $550+?

*133 Mexico, Charles III. 1783 Mo-FF 8 Reales. KM-106.2, Cr-40, EL-93 (Type 5a). Armored bust right/Crowned Pillars. Lustrous EF although softly struck in spots. $200

*134 Mexico, War of Independence. Zacatecas. Ferdinand VII. 1811. 8 Reakes. Armored bust right/Crowned shield flanked by pillars MONDE PROVISIONAL DE ZACATECAS. Error, No A in Moneda. KM-191, Cr-L189, EL-M81 (Type 18). VG. This is crudely struck as all that we have seen are including high-grade slabbed examples. This is the only error with the misspelling of Moneda we have seen. $200+?

*135 Mexico, War of Independence. Zacatecas. Ferdinand VII. 1813 Zs FP 8 Reales. Laureate draped bust right/Crowned shield flanked by pillars. KM-111.5, Cr-121, EL-MX85 (Type 20). This coin is very weakly struck especially in the design of the coin. However the lettering that can be seen is very strong. I have seen only one other example of this date and assayer combination and it also was very weakly struck. NGC XF45. $250+

*136 Mexico, Ferdinand VI. Royalist coinage of Guadalajara. 1814 GA-MR 4 Reales. KM-102.4. Cr-120. Type with berries in the laurel bust. Krause has pictures of the various types (but not high quality images) but does not describe the differences. VF/VF+, the obverse struck a bit off-center, the reverse well centered and strongly struck. Rare. Nicer than the KM plate coin! $400+

*137 Mexico, Ferdinand VI. Royalist coinage of Guadalajara. 1821 Ga-FS 8 Reales. Laureate draped bust right/Crowned shield flanked by pillars. KM-111.3, Cr-121, EL-MX48 (Type 8). Nice lightly toned VF+, with light reverse adjustment marks. A very pleasing coin. (Adjustment marks are not as dramatic as photo makes them look) $140

*138 Mexico, 1st Republic. 1831 Mo 1/16 Real. KM-315, Y-S11. EF for wear, but crudely struck with flan flaws. Seldom offered. $140

*139 Mexico, 1st Republic. 1862 Go LR Silver 1/4 Real of Guanajuato. Capped head of Liberty left/1/4 within REPUBLICA MEXICANA 1862. KM-368.5, Y-S20. NGC MS-63. Golden toning. $150+

*140 Mexico, 1st Republic. Guanajuarto. 1868/58 Go YF. 4 Reales. KM-375.4, Y-S24. This is clearly a 6 over 5 in the date and probably a Y over a P as the assayer. Nice EF but for 8 small (abour 3mm) horizontal chop marks (?) to the left of the eagle. The 8 marks are so uniform and so close together that perhaps it is just one chop. Chop marks on non-crown coins are very scarce. $100+?

*141 Mexico, 1st Republic, Alamos. 1893 AS-ML 8 Reales of. KM-377, Y-S25, EL-214 (Type 18). Facing eagle/Radiant Liberty Cap. NGC MS64.A real beauty. $350

*142 Mexico, Empire of Maximilian. 1864-M 10 Centavos. KM-386.1, Y-S34. aEF. This coin is notoriously weakly struck. (We have seen mint state examples with weak legends). $125+

*143 Mexico, 2nd Republic. 1887 Pi R 5 Centavos of San Luis Potosi. KM-398.9, Y-11. Gem BU. NGC MS-67. Light peripheral toning. $250+

*144 Mexico, 2nd Republic. 1908 Mo AM Cap and Ray Peso. KM-409.2, Y-20. EL-1042 (Type 20). NGC MS63. Very attractive, early 20th century crown. $175+

*145 Mexico, Revolutionary Coinage. Aguascalientes. Struck by the authority of Pancho Villa. 1913 RE 5 Centavos. KM-603, Y-R5, GB-20. NGC AU 50 Brown. Crude flan. $175

*146 Mexico, Revolutionary Coinage. Chihuahua, Army of the North. 1915 Silver Peso. KM-619, GB-72, Y-R16, EL-MX192 (Type 54). Toned EF-AU with legends weakly struck as usual. $200+

*147 Mexico, Revolutionary Coinage. Guerrero. Coinage of Emiliano Zapata. 1914 Peso. As KM-641, Y-R36. VF, uneven strike. Gold (very low grade) on silver. $100?

*148 Mexico, Revolutionary Coinage. Guerrero. Coinage of Emiliano Zapata. 1914 2 (Dos) Pesos. KM-643, GB-208, Y-R37. Gold (very low grade) on silver. VF+. As usual crude planchet and crude strike. $125

*149 Mexico, Revolutionary Coinage. Oaxaca. Coinage of Benito Juarez. 1915 Silver Peso. KM-740.1, GB-345. Lustrous BU with some usual marks. Nice. $100+

*150 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1919 50 Centavos. 27mm, .800 fine. Type II. KM-446, Y-45. Choice AU (just a touch of wear on the highest points of the eagle). $50+

*151 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1919 50 Centavos. 27mm, .720 fine. Type III. KM-447, Y-49. Nice AU $50+

*152 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1913 "Cabalitto" or "Horse" Peso. KM-453, Y-42, EL-1059 (Type 21). NGC MS61. $160+

*153 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1918 1 Peso. KM-454, Y-46. Nice AU. Type 2. 2 year type. It's been 20 years since we've offered this date via auction. $100+

*154 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1919 1 Peso. KM-454, Y-46. Nice AU. Type 2, 2 year type. $100+

*155 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1986 1 Peso Pattern in stainless steel. KM-PN235 (old Pn 171). KM says the mintage is only 33! This piece apparently escaped into circulation and shows considerable wear. Fine plus (or struck from very weak dies). ?

*156 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1990 100,000 Pesos. Pattern in lead. Portrait of Calles facing 1/2 right. KM-Pn245 var. NGC PF63 Cameo. Somewhat rough rim (as made?). NGC lists both this coin and the lot below as KM-PN243 but I believe that is a typo. Rare. $300

*157 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1990 100,000 Pesos. Pattern in aluminum. Portrait of Calles facing 1/2 right. KM-Pn245 var. NGC PF66 Cameo. NGC lists both this coin and the lot above as KM-PN243 but I believe that is a typo. Rare. $300

*158 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1990 100,000 Pesos. Pattern in brass. Portrait of Calles facing 1/2 right. KM-Pn245v. NGC PF66 Cameo. $225+

*159 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1990 100,000 Pesos. Pattern in bronze. Portrait of Calles facing 1/2 right. KM-Pn245. NGC PF67 Red Cameo. $225+

*160 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1990 100,000 Pesos. Pattern in silver. Portrait of Calles facing 1/2 right. KM-Pn245v. NGC PF67 Ultra Cameo. Probably the rarest of the six patterns being offered here. $350+

*161 Mombasa. British Colony. 1888-H. 1 Rupee. Scales above mint mark and date/ Crown above radiant sun. Struck at Heaton Mint in Birmingham, England. Y-5, KM-5. Choice toned Proof or Specimen. In our opinion as nice or nicer than the one that sold in Heritage's 2014 CICF sale $1500+

*162 Morocco. Moulay al-Hassan I. AH-1310 Fez. 1 Falus. Short, scarce type formerly listed as 2 1/2 Mazunas by Yeoman & 1/4 Mouzouna by Lecommpte. High grade for type. Y-1, Lec-45. VF-EF, few rim knocks. $325+

*163 Morocco. Moulay al-Hassan I. AH 1299 (1882). 10 Dirhams (1 Rial). 1 year type, struck in Paris. Y-8, Dav-47, Lec-188. Light toned EF-AU. $150

*164 Morocco. Abd al-Aziz, Reform Coinage. 1320 Fez (1902). Mazuna. Date within circle/Value within circle, mint name below. Very scarce mint. Y-14.2, Lec-22. VF. $250+?

*165 Morocco. Abd al Aziz. 1316 Paris. 1/2 Dirham (1/20 Rial). Y-9.2, Lec-106. Ch. BU. $140+

*166 Morocco. Abd al-Aziz. 1316 Paris. 1 Dirham or 1/10 Rial. Arrow heads point inward. Y-10.2, Lec-125. Gem BU, light golden toning. $140+

*167 Morocco. Yusuf. 1331 Paris (1912). 2 1/2 Dirhams (1/4 Rial). Y-31, Lec-155. Choice BU. One year type in very high grade. $525+

*168 Morocco. King al-Hassan II. 1979/1389. Silver 50 Dirhams. 50th birthday of King. Only 500 minted. Y-75. Proof. $100+

*169 Mozambique. Portuguese Colony under Maria II. 1853. II (2) Reis. One year type. Minted at Rio De Janeiro. Cr-58, KM-25. Choice brown EF. $110+

*170 Mozambique (?). Countermarked Coin. ND (1916-T). 20 Heller. Large M countermarked on German East Africa 20 Heller. Obverse A, small crown/Reverse B, pointed tip on Ls. Brass. KM-15a (host coin). VF. I believe that we purchased this from a well-known British firm around 1990. $550

*171 Mozambique, Portuguese Colony. 1936. 50 Centavos. One year type, very scarce this nice. Y-3, KM-65. BU. $200+

*172 Mozambique, Portuguese Colony. 1936. 1 Escudo. One year type, seldom seen this nice. Y-4, KM-66. Choice toned unc. $175+

*173 Mozambique, Portuguese Colony. 1945. 1 Escudo. One year type, rare this nice. Y-14, KM-74. Choice red & brown BU. $185+

*174 Namibia. Republic. Fantasy Coinage by The Money Company. 1990. $1 & 10, 1 and 10 Mark. Dollar & 10 Dollar depict archer, Mark & 10 Mark depict male lion seated right. Supported Arms on the reverse of all coins. The smaller denominations are copper-nickel coins, the larger crown coins are silver. 1000 minted by Budapest Mint. Bruce X-E3 - E6. Probe Essai. I would think that this was one of the first products of the Budapest mint operating for a private company after freeing itself from Soviet shackles. $200+

*175 Netherlands, Kampen. 1648 Lion Dollar. Armored knight looking left behind shield/Rampant lion left. KM-42.2, Dav-4879, Delmonte-862. NGC MS62. As usuall it is very weakly struck with flat spots. But very lustrous and attractive. Lion Dollars were among the first circulating coins in the Americas. $350+?

*176 Netherlands, Jewish Home for the Aged medal Paperweight. ND (1938) 61 mm bronze medal in large black base with a green felt back. Elderly woman lying in bed, Star of David behind, JI (Jewish Invalid) above and Vredige Levensavond (Peaceful evening of Life) below. Konigliche Begeer: Peningen 1935-1960 #1219. Only 100 made. A similar medal in our Auction 39D brought $180. $120+?

*177 Netherlands, Ministry of War. Post WWII (1949) colored plastic tokens. 1, 5, 10, 25, 100 and 500 Cents. Complete set of 6 tokens in uncirculated condition. The 100 Cents or 1 Gulden is said to be rare, the 500 Cents or 5 Gulden is a rarity 2. $200+?

*178 Nigeria. MacGregor Laird Token. 1858/ 1274 (AH). 1/8 Penny = 1/400 Dollar. Vice FT-9, KMTn2, Remick T-1. Steamship under sail left. 1/8 directly over the first N of Penny. Die III. Banner inscribed SPERO MELIORA. Vice calls Type I the rarest but our research shows that Type III has been offered less this century! VF, from worn dies. $180+

*179 Nigeria. Gilruth Brothers Token. ND (c. 1870s). Brass 22mm. Youthful head of Victoria left/merchants in a plain circle, x gilruth bros x lagos around. Milled edge. Vice FT-10. VF+. $400+?

*180 Palestine. Zichron Yakov (or Jacob). (1885). 1 Piastre token. Haffner CC-17a. Struck in Paris and used at this early Jewish settlement (partially sponsored by Edmond Rothschild), these also circulated in Jaffa, Haifa and nearby Arab settlements. The tokens from this settlement are much scarcer than the ones issued at Mikveh Israel. Decent EF. This is ex Lot #14321 from Heritage's Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection probably via Scott Cordry from the Harry Warshaw Collection. I purchased this from the Heritage auction on commission for the Philadelphia collection. Nicer than the piece we sold in our 2015 sale 45A fro $1400. $750+

*181 Palestine, British Mandate. 1 Mil 1937. Y-1, KM-1. Glossy brown unc., some red in devices. A semi-key date that is seldom seen this nice. $100+

*182 Palestine, British Mandate. 1 Mil. 1940. Y-1, KM-1 Brown Unc. The key date. $125+

*183 Palestine, British Mandate. 1 Mils. Y-1, KM-1. Group of 9 coins. 1927 (mostly red unc), 1935 (reddish -brown unc), 1937 (reddish brown unc., a few spots), 1939 (choice brown unc), 1941 (reddish brown unc), 1942 (R&B unc), 1943 (Red unc), 1944 (red unc) and 1946 (red & brown unc). Missing only the key 1940 (which is being offered in lot # 182 above). 9 high grade coins. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

*184 Palestine, British Mandate. Group of 1 Mil coins. 1927 (2) EF & unc; 1935 (3) EF, AU, Unc; 1937 (brown unc); 1939 (VG, EF); 1941 AU; 1942 (4) VF, VF with small lamination, brown unc., red & brown unc; 1943 (2) both red & brown unc. and 1944 (2) EF+ and red unc. 17 coins, mostly high grade. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

*185 Palestine, British Mandate. 2 Mils. 1945. Y-2, KM-2. One of the two key dates for this denomination. Nice brown unc., with hints of red in devices. $125?

*186 Palestine, British Mandate. 2 Mils. 1946. Y-2, KM-2. Red & brown unc. The other key date and slightly scarcer than the above lot. $125?

*187 Palestine, British Mandate. 2 Mils. Complete run of the 5 dates for this denomination. 1927, 1941 & 1942 red & brown uncs., 1945 brown unc with some red highlights and 1946 mostly red unc., though somewhat spotted. 5 high grade coins. $200+

*188 Palestine, British Mandate. 2 Mils. Group of coins. 1927 (VF, EF, AU dirty), 1941 (VF (2), AU, R&B unc), 1942 F and 1945 brown EF-AU). 9 coins. 5 of which are high grade including the semi-key 1945. $60+

*189 Palestine, British Mandate. 5 Mils 1935. Y-3, KM-3. BU! Lustrous, a few minor spots. $90+

*190 Palestine, British Mandate. 5 Mils Group of 3. 1934 VF+, 1944 Red & Brown unc and 1946 BU. 3 coins, the first the key date, the 2nd two high grade and only a few minor spots. $150+

*191 Palestine, British Mandate. 10 Mil 1939. Y-4, KM-4. Choice unc., lightly toned just a couple of minor spots. Much nicer than most uncs seen. $100+

*192 Palestine, British Mandate. 10 Mils. 1942. Y-4, KM-4, Copper-Nickel type. Nice Unc., but a bit mishandled. $150

*193 Palestine, British Mandate. 10 Mils. 1943. Y4a, KM-4a. 2nd date of a two year World War II Bronze type and the scarcer of the two. Choice R&B unc, a couple of very minor spots. The date side is especially lustrous and choice! $200+?

*194 Palestine, British Mandate. 10 Mils. Group of coins. 1927 Unc., but spotted, 1933 EF, 1935 Toned EF, 1937 Toned EF, 1939 EF, 1940 VF, 1941 EF-AU, but once lightly cleaned, 1942-CN Unc., but spotted and 1946 Unc., with only very minor spotting. 9 different dates, mostly high grade includes 2 of the 3 key dates. $350+

*195 Palestine, British Mandate. 20 Mils. 1933. Y-5, KM-5. Toned EF. Semi-key scarce date in high grade! $125?

*196 Palestine, British Mandate. 20 Mils 1935. Y-5, KM-5. Lightly toned unc., a few minor marks in field. Almost as nice as one that sold for $800 (on a $250 estimate) in our sale 44B. $250+?

*197 Palestine, British Mandate. 20 Mils. 1942. Y-5a, KM-5a. 1st date of two year WWII bronze type. Mostly brown unc., but attractive red in devices. Nicer than the one that brought $175 in our 44B auction. $175

*198 Palestine, British Mandate. 20 Mils. 1944. Y-5a, KM-5a. 2nd year of two year World War II type in copper. By far the much scarcer of the two dates. Nice red and brown au-unc. Some marks in the field keep us from calling this uncirculated but it certainly is a very high grade coin. $300+?

*199 Palestine, British Mandate. 50 Mils. 1939 and 1940. Y-6, KM-6. 2 BU silver coins. The 1940 especially difficult to find this nice! $150+

*200 Palestine, British Mandate. 100 Mils 1933. Y-7, KM-7. A semi-key date. Very choice Fully lustrous BU. Just a few very minor marks. I don't believe we offered a 1933 100 Mil coin via auction this nice in almost 20 years. $500+

*201 Palestine, British Mandate. 100 Mils. 1939. Y6, KM-6. BU. A few minimal bagmarks. Ex our Auction 30c (May 2000) from the Herb Drapkin collection. $100+

*202 Palestine, British Mandate. 100 Mils 1927 and 1933. Y-7, KM-7. Both EF and once dipped. 2 high grade silver coins. $200+

*203 Palestine, British Mandate. Group of coins. 5 Mils 1934 aF; 10 Mils 1940 toned unc., lamination at 6 o'clock on obverse; 20 Mils 1933 VF, 1935 EF (this is ex lot 706 from the Pine Tree September 1985 Walter Breen sale), 1942 2 VFs both with a few minor marks, 1944 EF cleaned and 50 Mils 1931 VF+. 8 coins including 3 key dates and one with nice pedigree. $300+

*204 Palestine. 1931. International Colonial Exposition. Gilt Æ 30 mm medal by L. Bazor. The Pavilion of the Palestine Exposition EXPOSITION COLONIALE INTERNATIONALE PARIS 1931 in 4 lines in exergue/PALESTINE in English and Arabic, Eretz-Israel in Hebrew around olive tree (similar to that found on the 1, 2, 50 & 100 mil coins). Haffner EP-47. Choice AU+. It's been quite awhile since I can recall offering this medal. $100+

*205 Palestine, British Mandate. ND (1920s-1940s). Police Buttons. Two different size buttons, both with large British crown and PP for Palestine Police. Ex 30C #1054, plus an extraordinary trio of items from the Tel Aviv Municipal Police; A badge and 2 different metallic buttons, all with the Tel-Aviv Municipal symbol (a gateway on the shore and a lighthouse on the), both of the buttons with with T.A.M.P. (Tel Aviv Municipal Police) in English and Hebrew. Ex 30C #1058. 5 piece lot! $100+

*206 Palestine. Province of Palestine Lodge. Enameled Bronze ND. c. 1940 Tower of King David in Jerusalem with ribbon and hanger. Presented to Bro. RJ Rochelle C.P. member of the Palestine Province. c.. 29g, 39mm. Very nice blue and white enamel, with ribbon and needle. Given by the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. The C.P. in the inscription means Brother Rochelle made it to level 2 which is Certified Primo. We sold a similar piece, presented to a different member, in 1999 for $110. Also see Lot # 70 under Egypt for the Province of Egypt badge. $100+

*207 Panama, Republic. 1905 Peso. KM-5, Y-9. The better date of a two year type. VF. $50+

*208 Peru, Provisional Republic Coinage. 1823 Lima V. 1/8 Peso (Octavo De Peso). Radiant sun above mountains. The sun over the mountains with a llama in front and no legend is one of my favorite Latin American images. KM-137, Cr-122. NGC AU 58 Brown. Exceeding well-struck for this normally poorly struck issue with only light porosity as made. In 2012 Dan Sedwick sold a NGC AU 55, which at that time was the nicest NGC graded example, for $240 (plus fees). NGC says this is nicer! $200+?

*209 Peru, Provisional Republic Coinage. 1823 Lima. 1/4 Peso (Quarto De Peso). Radiant sun above mountains. Similar design to the above lot and at least as nice. KM-138, Cr-123. NGC AU 58 Brown. Exceeding well-struck for this normally poorly struck issue with even less porosity than above. $140+

*210 Peru. Republic. Proclamation Medal, 1834. Fonrobert-9044. Silver 35 mm (16.9g). Constitution Reform, Lima. Radiant book REFORMADA POR LA CONVENCION NACIONAL DEL PERU/Coat of arms JURADA SOLEMNEMENTE EN LIMA EL 19 DE JUNIO. Very nicely toned. NGC AU 58. $220+

*211 Peru, Republic Proclamation medal 8 Reale sized Silver. 39mm (27.4g). 1852. Justice standing with scales and sword inside legend SIENDO PRESID.TE EL GRAL. D. JOSE RUF.O ECHENIQUE/Open book with words EN JUI- / CIA / MIEN- / TOS inside legend CODIGOS DEL PERU PROMULGADOS EL 28 DE JULIO DE 1852. Struck for the new constitution. Fonrobert-9096. NGC AU-50. Toned. One of the more attractive of the crowned size Latin American proclamations. $275+

*212 Peru, Republic. 1870-YJ Sol. KM-196.3, Y-18, EL-194 (Type 22). NGC MS62. Die breaks on seated Liberty side. $125

*213 Peru, Republic. 1964 Gold 10 Soles. KM-236, Y-49, Fr-81. NGC MS 66. (The highest NGC graded piece as of at least September 2015). Low mintage of only 1554. $275

*214 Peru, Republic. 1967 Gold 10 Soles. KM-236, Y-49, Fr-81. NGC MS 67. (Tied for the highest NGC graded piece as of at least September 2015). Only 3002 coins of this date were minted. A similar piece sold for $300 (plus fees) at a Stacks Bowers Auction in November of 2015. $225+?

*215 POLAND. Leszek the White. 1202-1227. Silver Bracteate, ND. Krakow Mint. HP-16. Double arch, pointed tower atop, lily under each arch, Bracha in Hebrew below/Incuse mirror image of obverse. Haczewska-Paszkiewicz-16, Unlisted by Gumowski, who did not list any "Hebrew" coins of Leszek. Accompanied by a NGC Photo Certificate AU-55. Small piece broken off at about 9 o'clock. An extremely rare coin that was unknown just a few years ago when a handful of these coins were discovered. (I still have not seen another one). See Lots 350 and 351 for related books on early Polish coins. $1500

*216 Poland, Franz Joseph. 1894 Æ 57.5mm medal by Jos. Tautenhayn. High relief bust of Franz Joseph right, legend with his titles around/Allegorical view of angel crowning a representation of trade (?). The Award of Honor by the Ministry of Trade in Polish around and incused on edge The General National Exposition in Lvov in 1894. A few marks but otherwise a very attractive and well preserved medal. Lvov was known by various names, while part of Poland, the Austria-Hungarian Empire, Russia, Germany and Ukraine and could have also been listed under Ukraine (it is now in the Ukraine) or Austria as Franz Joseph of Austria issued the medal. But because the legends on the reverse and the edge are in Polish we chose Poland. See Lot #55 for another medal concerning Lwow under Austria as well as Lots #52 & 53 for younger portraits of Franz Joseph. $50+

*217 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942 10 Pfenning. KM-TN5v, Camp-4751bv. Type 2. Struck in bronze or copper (2.35g). We believe this is a trial strike made under order of Nazi authorities. However this is a somewhat controversial issue as some think these are fantasies because there are different die characteristics on this than on the issued coin. That reasoning makes no logical sense because patterns are by definition "test strikes". It is not the final product. Mostly brown unc., with some red in devices. From one of our auctions in the 1980s probably via the late Arnold Shay. $200+

*218 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz) Ghetto Metal Tag. c. 1 3/4 x 1 3/4" square metal "dog-tag" with chain-hole at top. 48 (barely visible) on reverse, while the front is bisected with dull-green paint and 195 J is painted in bold black. Rare, 1st we've seen. We are not sure of the exact purpose of this tag but the J would no doubt stand for Jew or Jewess. This is ex lot 1249 from our Sale 30C. The consignor at that time guaranteed that it was from the Litzmannstadt Ghetto as he had purchased it from a very reliable source in the "survivor" community. $100+

*219 Poland, Republic. 1997 10 Zlotych. Y-327. Gem Proof. Stefan Batory Commemorative. Catalogs at $200. $125+?

*220 Portugal. Albert Einstein. 1978 Bronze 80mm by Jose de Moura for Gravarte in Lisbon, Portugal. A high relief facing portrait of Einstein/A spiral nebula in the heavens with a Portuguese legend. Flower-64. #338 on edge. The last we offered, 5 years ago in 2011, sold for $155 on a $75 estimate. For more Einstein, see 221, 266, 324, 411 & 445. $100+?

*221 Portugal. Albert Einstein. 1979 Bronze 80mm by Humberto Mendes for Gravarte of Lisbon, Portugal. High relief portrait of Einstein facing 3/4 left/Formulas, light cone and legend. Flower-58. Serial number 451. In Gravarte plastic holder of issue. Very scarce. This is the first I've offered since we sold Harry Flower's own medal in 2001 and I can't recall offering one previously. For more Einstein, see Lots 220, 266, 324, 411 & 445 $75+

*222 Reunion. French Overseas Department. 1896. 50 Centimes. One year type. Y-1, KM-4, Lec-41. Light toned unc. $300+

*223 Reunion. French Overseas Department. 1896. 1 Franc. One year type. Y-2, KM-5, Lec-46. Toned EF. $250+?

*224 Reunion. French Overseas Department. 1920. 5 Centimes Bank Token. Aluminum Hexagon 18mm. Demonitized 1941. Y-3, KM-Tn-1, Lec-47. EF. $375+?

*225 Rwanda. Republic. 1990. 100 Francs. Nelson Mandela commemorative. KM-18. Gem Cameo Proof. Struck to commemorate Mandela's release from prison in 1990 $80

*226 St Lucia. James Burness & Sons. ND (1896-1944). Brass 30mm Token . james burness & sons in four lines, neal. london below (Manufacturer)/Uniface. A Day rate coaling token. Prid-6, Rul SL-10, Byrne-1027. VF-EF, some dirt in devices. $40+

*227 St Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colony, Joao as Prince. 1825 (Lisbon). 20 Reis. Globe/Crown above denomination and date. Also used in Mozambique and attributed to it by some. KM-D1, Cr-4 (Moz). Choice R&B unc. Very rare in mint state. (Heritage 9/14 PCGS Brn 65 @$850 + premium!) $400+

*228 St Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colony, Joao as Prince. 1821 (Bahia). 40 Reis. Globe/Crown above denomination and date. Also used in Mozambique. KM-E1, Cr-55. Ch. R&B AU. Very rare in mint state. (This is much nicer than Heritage 1/11 NGC AU details, hairlines @$150 +) $190+

*229 St Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colony. 1939. 5 Escudos. Y-8, KM-6. BU. Better date of two-year type. $225

*230 St Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colony. 1939. 10 Escudos. One year type in high grade. Y-9, KM-7. BU, light golden toning. $200+?

*231 St Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colony. 1948. 50 Centavos. One year type in high grade. Y-5, KM-8. Gem BU with light toning $215+?

*232 St Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colony. 1948. 1 Escudo,Y-6, KM-9. BU. One year type in high grade. $225

*233 Scotland, Glasgow University, William Hunter Memorial Prize. 1783. Bronze 70mm by N. Macphail. Bust left in surgeon's cap and gown. GULIEMUS HUNTER MDCCXVIII • MDCCLXXXIII/7 line Latin legend. On the edge MOSES W. CANTOR. IN ADVANCED ZOOLOGY CLASS, (PROF. GRAHAM KERR). SUMMER 1912. The medal was awarded occasionally to students at the University of Glasgow medical faculty. Eimer-806. Nice EF with original battered case. William Hunter was a physician and coin collector. The medal is scarce. A similar medal sold in an Australian auction in 2009 for $120 (plus fees). $75+

*234 Senegal. Rufisque. 1920. 5 Centimes 20mm Aluminum token. Sailing Ship. Chamber of Commerce issue. Octagonal (8-sided) by J. Bory. KM TN-12, Lec-9. Nice BU. $315+

*235 Senegal. Ziguinchor. 1921. 50 Centimes .22mm Brass token. Palm trees on shore. Chamber of Commerce issue by J. Bory. KM TN-17, Lec-14. Ch. BU, a few minor spots. $500+?

*236 Senegal, Ziguinchor. 1921. 1 Franc 2mm Brass token. Palm trees on shore. Chamber of Commerce issue by J. Bory. Medal alignment. KM Tn18, Lec-15. Choice BU, a few minor spots. $500+

*237 Seychelles. British Crown Colony. George VI. 1939. Silver Rupee. Y-4, KM-4. Ch. toned unc. One year type in mint state! A few light bagmarks. $225+

*238 Sierra Leone. British Colony, 1791. 1 Cent. Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/1 above & below 2 hands clasped, one shaded to represent a black hand, One Cent Piece 1791. Cr-1, KM-1, Vice FT-9. Choc. brown unc., a few marks in field. $850

*239 Sierra Leone. British Colony. 1791. 1 Penny. Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/1 above & below 2 hands clasped, One Penny Piece 1791. Cr-2, KM-2.1, Vice FT-8. Unc., but marks in field. A companion to the above coin. $500+

*240 Sierra Leone. British Colony. 1791. Copper 10 Cents. Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/10 above & below 2 hands clasped, one shaded to represent black hand, Ten Cent Piece 1791. KM-3a, Vice FT-5B. EF (Struck in Proof only). $575+

*241 Sierra Leone. British Colony. 1791. Silver 20 Cents. Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/20 above & below 2 hands clasped, one shaded to represent black hand, Twenty Cent Piece 1791. Cr-4, KM-4, Vice FT-4. VF. $1000

*242 Sierra Leone. British Colony. 1791. Silver 50 Cents. Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/50 above & below 2 hands clasped, one shaded to represent black hand, Half Dollar Piece 1791. Cr-5, KM-5, Vice FT-3. VF, some toning. $1300

*243 Sierra Leone. British Colony. 1791. Silver Dollar, 100 Cents . Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/100 above & below 2 hands clasped, one shaded to represent black hand, One Dollar Piece 1791. Cr-6a, KM-6, FT-2, Dav-57. Fine. Is this the first coin to have the word dollar on it? US dollars did not exist until 1794 and then didn't use the word dollar until 1836. Scottish crowns of Charles II are sometimes called dollars although they were more properly known as 4 mercks. But they too did not use the word dollar. An opportunity to buy a rare and important coin at a comparatively reasonable price. $900+?

*244 Sierra Leone. East India Company Mule. 1791/ND (1797). 1 Penny - 1/48 Rupee. As KM-2.2. Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/ Madras Presidency 1/48 Rupee. Arms and supporters, United East India Co. as KM-398. Vice FT-13, Pridmore-379. EF, rim bruises. Dated 1791 but probably made in early 19th century for collectors. Struck from worn dies. $850

*245 Sierra Leone. British Colony. 1796. Silver 10 Cents. Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/10 above & below 2 hands clasped, one shaded to represent black hand, Ten Cent Piece 1796. Cr-3, KM-3, Vice FT-6. Toned VF. $375

*246 SSierra Leone. British Colony. 1805. Silver 10 Cents. Lion on hill top, SIERRA LEONE COMPANY above, AFRICA in exergue/10 above & below 2 hands clasped, one shaded to represent black hand, Ten Cent Piece 1805. Cr-3, KM-3, Vice FT-7. EF, light hairlines. $475?

*247 Sierra Leone. Macaulay & Babington. 1807 (1814). One Penny Token. Struck at Soho to commemorate abolition of slavery in British Empire. European & African clasping hands in front of village/Arabic legend attesting to the abolition of the slave trade, WE ARE ALL BRETHREN. FT-1a, Eimer-984, KM-Tn-1.1. Proof, mark or two. Rarely seen this nice! $1500

*248 South Africa, WWII Internment camp token. ND (1941). 1 Pence. 32 mm round gray-yellow fiber token. F/F SA-1520. Choice AU and very rare. South Africa had four civilian internment camps, one each in Cape Province, Transvaal, Orange Free State and Natal. Very rare, this and the lot below are the 1st I can recall offering. $250+

*249 South Africa, WWII Internment camp token. ND (1941). 6 Pence. 23.7 mm horizontal oval gray fiber token. F/F SA-1522. Choice AU. Very rare, this and the lot above are the 1st I can recall offering. $250+

*250 Switzerland, Confederation. 1944-B 1/2 Franc. KM-23, Y-30. NGC SPECIMEN-66. A lustrous gem of a coin $175+?

*251 Switzerland, Confederation. 1943-B 1 Franc. KM-24 Y-31. PCGS SPECIMEN-66. A lustrous gem of a coin. A nice match to above and very flashy. Any scratches seen in the photo are on the slab and not the coin. $250+

*252 TURKEY. Republic. 1992. 5000, 50,000 & 500,000 Lira . 500 years of Jews living in Turkey in Peace and Harmony. Only 485 pieces of gold coin were minted. KM 1016-1018, Fr-138. Proof. Ex 40J, #415. $400

*253 UNITED STATES. ND. Silver 39mm Medal California State Agricultural Society. Presented to Nicholas Git... (the last name is difficult to read). Laureate bust facing on base bearing bundle of grain ears; to left and before, overflowing cornucopia, coulter, and gold panning equipment; to right, wolf reclining right, head reverted; cattle, horses, tree, and building in background to left / * AWARDED BY THE CALIFORNIA STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, TO/ Nicholas Git...all within wreath of grape vines and orange tree branches. This medal is undated but was probably issued during the late 19th century. Fine and holed at the top. No doubt Nicholas was proud of this medal and wore it more than occasionally. $50+?

*254 United States. National Conference of Charities and Correction. 1898 by Victor D. Brenner for the ANS. Winged angel of mercy descending with hands extended in protection over two seated figures, a female representing poverty and a male criminal. In exergue, ·ISSUED· BY·THE·AMERICAN·NUMISMATIC· / ·AND· ARCHAEOLOGICAL·SOCIETY· / · NEW · YORK·/To the right, an oak tree, its branches and foliage extended across the field; superimposed on the foliage is a nineteen-line inscription. V. D. Brenner at about 4 o'clock on both sides of medal, '98 added on the obverse. Only 253 pieces were struck. Miller-12, ANS-1910,9, Smedley-27, Grolier-7. A few very tiny and insignificant nicks. This is a magnificent work of art by this famed Lithuanian-American medallic sculptor. I don't believe we have ever offered this medal before. With a case (which is probably not original). $225+

*255 United States, California. Gold Nugget (6.65g) c. 20 x 15mm. From the Feather River in the Sacramento Valley. Irregularly shaped some porosity on the surface but not especially rough. A neat piece of Western Americana. $500+

*256 United States, after 1901. Silver 58mm. THE BENJAMIN F. BARGE PRIZE FOR ORATORY FOUNDED 1901 around a wreath and the seal of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. The seal is in Latin with El Shaddai in Hebrew in a triangle. The reverse has DARTMOUTH COLLEGE above and a half wreath below with a blank space for a name. As struck with a light stain on reverse possibly from adhesive being removed. One medal per year has been awarded since 1901 except for a six-year period in the early part of this century. $50+?

*257 United States, St. Louis World's Fair. 1904 Æ 51 mm by Depaulis. Allegorical figures symbolizing the Old and New Worlds around an altar, artist's signature at left/ST. LOUIS 1904 WELCOMES THE WORLD in 6 lines. Bronze and a cornucopia at about 7 o'clock in reverse field. In October 2012 iNumis sold a similar medal for around $200. Fittingly struck at the French mint in Paris as St. Louis was the easternmost large city that became part of the US as part of the Louisiana Purchase. $100+?

*258 United States. 2 "Magic" tokens. 1) 1905? Æ 37mm irregular shaped. Seated "Hindu", "Mascot" above, "AEF" below/Egyptian (?) legend within and around wreath. TC-284466, Kuethe MT-129. Nice VF+. Anna Eva Fay was among America's most famous mediums and magicians of the late 19th and early 20th century. 2) ND c. 1925 German silver? 31mm. A. R. Maja Goddess of Magic Maja around a dancing "goddess of magic" with a similar but not exactly the same reverse. Produced for August Roterberg of Chicago. TC-284568; Kuethe MT283. EF but somewhat toned and spotted. Roterberg, born in Hamburg, Germany, was both a well-known magician and a publisher of magic books for the trade. He died a few years after this token was minted. $40+

*259 United States. Louis D. Brandeis 1916 10 3/4" bronzed plaster cast plaque by Alexander Portnoff of Philadelphia. High Relief bust of the Supreme Court Justice left JUSTICE LOUIS D BRANDEIS MDMXVI. The 1916 date denotes the year Brandeis was appointed a Supreme Court justice. At about 8 o'clock in the field is an AP monogram. On the edge is 1916 A. PORTNOFF PHILA and preceded by ©. There is a hook for hanging this on the back. A very large and impressive work from a Russian-American artist who did medallic sculptures as well as paintings. $250+

*260 United States. Sabato Morais. 1923 AE 64m by J. Otto Schweizer. His facing bust in high relief with legend around/13 line legend. Struck in commemoration of his 100th birthday. Morais (1823-1897) was an Italian-American rabbi, leader of Mikveh Israel Synagogue in Philadelphia, pioneer of Italian Jewish Studies in America, and founder of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. Coins Reveal #165. Also see The Shekel XXXI, #5, page 40.. Rare. The last we offered, in our sale 39E (Fall 2009), brought $275 in active bidding. I can't recall when we had one before but it has been more than 20 years. This medal comes with 1/2 of it's original holder from Joseph K. Davison's Sons Philadelphia. $200+

*261 United States. Collier Service 40th Anniversary Medal. 1929 Æ 52mm by Gaston Lachaise. Seated Victory one hand on shoulder of nude male with artist's palette and brush, the other holding a small statue; NYC skyline and trolly car behind/10-line inscription about Collier Service which was the kingpin of US trolley & subway advertising. Barron Collier was at this time the largest landowner in Florida and a real estate mogul and developer. Collier County, Florida is named for him. MACO 29-45. Almost as struck, a few marks. $40+?

*262 United States. George Washington Bridge Medal, Dedication Medal, 1931. Bronze, 76mm. By Julio Kilenyi. Perspective of Hudson River suspension bridge/Muses clasp hands over relief map of river and harbor. Struck by Whitehead & Hoag. The medal comes in an old box which contains the signature of Othmar Ammann who was the chief engineer for the project. This is the first time I can recall offering this medal. $125+?

*263 United States. University of Missouri School of Journalism Award. ND. Æ 64mm. View of building, SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM, Jay H Neff Hall/UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, Awarded to (blank) above scroll, For Distinguished Service in Journalism. By T.H. Jones. Not named but with small hole at 12 o'clock in edge. The Journalism school at Missouri is considered one of the top journalism schools (if not the top) in the United States and is the oldest journalism school in the US if not the world. Ex Johnson & Jensen, Sale 25 #1353 (July 1983). A similar piece sold on Ebay for $150 in June of 2011. $40+?

*264 United States. Federation of Jewish Philanthropies Award of Honor Medal. ND. Gilt Bronze 75mm. Federation of Jewish Philanthropies around legend and logos in center/Legend around space for name to be engraved. EF, a few nicks. For a related medal please see Lot 274. $30+?

*265 United States, Prudential Insurance Houston Commemorative Medal 1952. 76mm Bronze by Wheeler Williams. THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA - SOUTH WESTERN HOME OFFICE - building in front of Rock of Gibraltar/ ARKANSAS KANSAS LOUISIANA MISSISSIPPI MISSOURI TEXAS 1952 - male, female and child figures. (The Wave of Life). ANS 1959.79.1. As struck. This building, taken over by the University of Texas in 1975, was demolished in 2012. $40+?

*266 United States, Albert Einstein Commemorative Award. 1956. Bronze 76mm by Gilroy Roberts. Bust of Einstein 3/4 to right/Legend in wreath, space for awarded name. Awarded by Yeshiva University (New York City) on behalf of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, this was discontinued after 1975. Struck by Medallic Art Co. Flower-11.Very rare, only the 2nd I can recall offering. In our Spring 2001 sale the Harry Flower specimen sold for $425! For other Einstein items, see Lots 220, 221, 324, 411 & 445. $200+

*267 United States, American Numismatic Association (ANA) Exhibit Award medal. 1957. Bronze 71 x 61mm. l. Bust of Venus de Milo right by L. C. & Co. below bust/Inscribed in 6 lines 1957 PHILADELPHIA CONVENTION PRESENTED FOR EXCELLENCE OF EXHIBIT THIRD AWARD AARON R. FELDMAN. By the Medallic Art Company. Aaron Feldman was a renowned numismatic bookseller who is famous throughout the numismatic world for saying, Buy the Book before the Coin. He won 3rd place in the category Foreign Coins after 1500 at the 1957 ANA convention in Philadelphia. $50+?

*268 United States. American Numismatic Society Centennial Medal, 1958. Bronze, 88.6mm by Laura Gardin Fraser. Man kneeling down with split fossil, Nature made the first dies/Winged Pegasus flies over workers with industrial hammer, casting dies and blacksmith's anvil. Struck by Medallic Art Co., tan-gold patina. In box of issue with brochure. Miller-48. 620 minted. I have no record of ever offering this medal. Two auction records from 2007 had winning bids of around $200! $150+?

*269 United States. New York Public Library 50th Annivesary. 1961. Bronze 63mm by Leonard Baskin. Double faced (Janus) head of an elderly sage looking back and a hopeful youth looking forward/Two classical columns and rays of light symbolizing the Library as a gateway to light and learning THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY 1961 in 4 lines below. MACO 61-25. Basically as struck. $40+

*270 United States. 25th Anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge. 1962 Bronze 64mm by Spero Anargyros. 25TH ANNIVERSARY / WORLD'S GREATEST SUSPENSION BRIDGE around a scene of the Golden Gate/GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE around a stylized and dramatically forshortened view of the bridge, 1937 at left and 1962 at right, signed SA in the field to the right. Large and heavy medal. $40+

*271 United States. Statue of Liberty Centennial Medal. 1965. Bronze 64mm. Complete set of 4 medals. All with common obverse of the Statue of Liberty, with NY skyline behind, and legend around by Frank Gasparro. The reverse of each medal is 1) Federal Hall National Memorial; 2) American Museum of Immigration; 3) Castle Clinton and 4) Ellis Island. Richard Fowler contributed to the Castle Clinton medal and Edgar Zell Steever is also named on the Ellis Island Medal. MACO-65 24, 1-4, Turner 12-15 and Babriel G7 13-16. All nice, a few with spots. Included with the lot is a brochure describing the first 3 medals in the series and offering for sale #2 and #3. The Statue of Liberty wasn't completed until 1886 but was first brought up in 1865 in a conversation between Edourd Laboulaye and Auguste Bartholdi thus the date of 1965 was used as the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty. $100+

*272 United States. Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons 200th Anniversary. 1967. Æ 70mm by Abram Belski (Medallic Art Co.). This college was the first Medical School in the Colonies to award the Degree of Doctor of Medicine. Hydra, the Goddess of Health, holding the torch of Knowledge/Facade of the Medical School. Belskie was a London born, Glasgow educated sculptor who moved to the US in 1929 at the age of 22. He is (or was) as well-known for his medical illustrations as he is for his medallic work. MACO 66-42, ANS-1989 59.2. This medal is seldom offered for sale. In original box with brochure. $50+?

273 United States. Group of sets. 1 & 2 ) 1973-D 6 Piece unc. set in cellophane; 3) 1973 7 piece unc. set in cellophane, this set contains an extra one cent coin minted in San Francisco; 4 & 5) 1979 2 official mint sets of 6 coins each 1979-D and Philadelphia mint strikes; 6) 1981 sets which contain a 6 piece 1981-P set and a 7 piece 1981-D set which also contains a 1981-S SBA dollar; 7) 1968-S 5 Piece Proof sets; 8) 1977-S 6 piece Proof set and 9) 1979-S 6 piece proof set. Sold as is, no returns. $75+?

*274 United States. Felix M. Warburg Memorial Award. Bronze 80mm. Presented to Mrs. Frederic Bierhoff for 50 Years of Devoted Service to Federation, Community and Humanity. With loop and long blue ribbon attached. Presented by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York. Name of the Award around a center image of the logo of the organization that features a Menorah/Long legend. This medal, when awarded to someone for fifty years of service, is scarce. $45+?

*275 United States. Sigmund Freud. ND (1971?) by John Terken for the Heritage mint. Bronze 76mm. A very high relief bust of Freud 1/2 left, his name to left and right 1856-1939 below/The low relief reverse symbolizes Freud's life. A harmonious arrangement depicts an owl, a nocturnal symbol representing the interpretation of dreams; the owl rests on an architectural column. Also shown are the caduceus, signifying stature in medicine; the mythological symbols of a male and a female and a scroll. Issued by the Heritage Mint, NYC and struck by MACO, NY. In Medallic Art Co. box along with leaflet describing the medal, the artist and the mint with handwritten ball point pen inscription To Morris Bram from Jon Terken, Sc. I don't believe we've ever offered this medal before. $75+?

*276 United States. Genesis. ND (1972) Silver and Bronze 57mm by Brian Watkins. In stylized form, the shaping of the land masses floating in the ocean, below in a concave portion, in Hebrew Genesis/Very stylized symbolizing the formation of the waters. JTM-BM-1a & b. One of only two medals issued by the Maccabee Mint and struck by the Medallic Art Co. Both with serial number 3 on the edge. Only 50 pieces of the silver medal were struck and I believe this is the first matched set we've offered in more than 20 years. See the lot below for an offering of the 2nd Maccabee mint issue. $200+

*277 United States. Exodus (And they Wandered). 1973. Silver and Bronze 57mm by Brian Watkins for the Macabee Mint. JTM-BM-2A & B. Stylized view of 10 commandments/ Stylized parting of the Red Sea. The 2nd and final issue of the Macabee Mint. Only 100 silver pieces were struck. The silver is numbered 097, the bronze is un-numbered. The last silver we offered was in the fall of 2013 when one sold for $225 $200+

*278 United States. Salute to Israel. A Dream Fulfilled. ND (1973) Silver and Bronze 63mm by Elizabeth Jones. Busts of Herzl, Weizmann, Meir and Ben-Gurion, Wanderers no more/2 hands cupping 3 Pomegranates, Israel, a Dream Fulfilled in English and Israel in Hebrew. A very impressive set of two. Issued in honor of the 25th anniversary of the State of Israel. The silver medal contains over 5 ounces of .999 silver! Both medals numbered 209 on edge. The last cased set we offered was in 2008 when a set brought $120+. Issued by the International Numismatic Agency, New York City. With original case. Jones was appointed by Ronald Reagan to be Chief Engraver of the US mint in 1981. $125+?

*279 United States. Coloniel I. Robert Kriendler. 1974. Æ 64mm by Mico K. Facing bust of Kriendler name and dates 1914-1974 below/American eagle on globe national marine corps scholarship foundation around 13th leatherneck ball engraved in 3 lines on bottom. Struck by the Medallic Art Co. in NY. The artist is probably Mico (sometimes Miko) Kaufman. Can't recall seeing this before. $50+?

*280 United States. National Council of Christians and Jews. 1976 Æ 76mm Mass Media Award. National Council of Christians and Jews around globe, BROTHERHOOD in banner across globe. This medal was awarded to BILL MOYERS "JOURNAL". ROSENDALE: THE WAY IT IS. MAY 20, 1976. As struclk. $50+

*281 United States. American Numismatic Society Membership Medal, ND. (1977). Bronze, 63.5mm. By Frank Eliscu. Richly feathered owl on branch with three oak leaves and acorns, PARVA NE/ PEREANT,( Let Not the Small Things Perish)/Oak sapling splitting rock, Society name as legend. #130 on edge. Struck by Medallic Art Co. As struck, in box. Miller-53. The only previous time in the past 20+ years we have offered this medal was in 2009 when one sold for $50. ANS members can purchase this from the ANS for $50. $50+?

*282 United States. Touro Synagogue. (1977) Silver Trapezoid Medal by Victor Reis. The 9th in the Magnus Museum's Jewish American Hall of Fame Series. View of the outside of the synagogue in Newport RI/Torahs and George Washington's famous quote, The United States gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance. Rare, #120 of only 180 pieces minted. This is America's oldest synagogue. $100+

*283 United States, New York. Temple (Congregation) Emanuel. (1995). New York City. Æ 76mm. Struck for the 150th anniversary of the largest and perhaps the most important Reform synagogue in the US this medal was given only to members of the Heritage Society (people who have bequeathed substantial monetary legacies to the congregation in their wills). Magen David in center, 12 (signifying 12 tribes of Israel) rays emanating from the center, Congregation Emanuel of the city of New York, The Heritage Society: around the outside/Legend giving thanks for the gift and space for donor's name. This is an unawarded medal. With plush case as issued. 1st that we have seen. $150?

*284 United States, 350th Anniversary of Jewish Life in America. 2004. Gold-plated Silver (.999) 76 mm by Dana Krinsky. NY skyline like a Menorah and George Washingtons's quote "gives to bigotry no sanction...."/A group of men, women & children on a journey to liberation, "Proclaim Liberty....". This is #53 of only 100 gold-plated silver examples and is only the 2nd example I can recall offering. In our sale 39E in the Fall of 2009 a similar example sold for $300. $250+

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)

*285 Australia, Camp Hay Internment Camp. Feller AU-910b, Campbell-1212b, S&B-551b. 6 Pence 1 March 1941. Blue, Series C. Signed by Stahl and Epstein. The great majority of the Camp Hay Internees were German Jews who were transported from Internment Camps on the Isle of Man to Camp Hay, also known as Camp Seven. The notes were designed by one of the inmates, George Teltscher, who was an experienced artist and designer and made these perhaps the most attractive and interesting of all World War II prisoner money. Humor, "secret" messages and the names of the internees are all part of the notes. Barbed wire around the border of the note reads, We are here because we are because we are here... which was the camp theme song. The ram in the center of the note has the name Eppenstein (the camp leader's name) hidden in it's wool. Hidden in the 25 sheep on the back of the note are names of 25 of the internees. Please see Feller pages 106-111 for more information on these most interesting notes. Extremely rare, only the 2nd Camp Hay note that we have offered in at least 25 years! Fine, minor tears and lightly stained. The last we offered was an uncirculated note that sold for $8,500. This is from a March 2006 Lyn Knight auction $1750+

*286 Austria, D. P. Camp 701 in Ried im Innkreis which is a town in Upper Austria west of Linz and north of Salzburg. Ration Card for Textiles. 16, April, 1948. The holder's name is written in pencil and is impossible for me to decipher. VF, small tear at right. I don't believe we've ever offered an item from here before. The camp operated for about 10 years. $25+?

*287 Bermuda. P-34b 2 Dollars 1 August 1989. Replacement note! Serial number is preceeded by Z/2. Watermark Tuna Fish. PMG-65 (Gem Uncirculated) EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality ). $125+?

*288 Withdrawn

*289 Withdrawn

*290 Croatia. Stara Gradiska Concentration Camp. February 1944 Meal Card. c 3 1/2 x 2 1/2" yellow cardboard. The Stara Gradiska camp, located about 80 Kilometers east of Zagreb, was a sub-camp of the infamous death camp of Jasenovac where the Croat Nazis, the Ustasas, murdered approximately 150,000 Jews, Serbs, Gypsies and others. Uncirculated and unused. Unlisted in Feller. Ex WMR 39E #833 @$600. $400+?

*291 Czechoslovakia, Theresienstadt Ghetto. 1- 100 Kronen. Complete set of 7 notes. C 4111-4117, Feller CZ 650-656, SB 701-707. Moses holding the 10 Commandments. 7 notes all graded by PMG at least 64 (Choice Uncirculated). The 5 Kronen note is the only one without the designation EPQ for Exceptional Paper Quality but to make up for that the 10 Kronen is graded 65 Gem Uncirculated EPQ. While we've offered this set before, never have we offered a graded set this nice. The last set we had sold for $180 and was no where as nice as this set. $175+

*292 East Africa Command. Italian Somaliland POW camp under British rule. ND WWII. C-5395, SB-1272 (p. 209). 10 Cents, Token Money. aVF. A seldom seen note that little is known about, most likely a British army issue. As "token money" is a British military term. The serial number is a full house (84488) and adds a little extra intrigue to the note. $200+?

*293 France, Salins-Les-Bains (Jura). 10 Francs Emergency note of 1 July, 1940. There was a serious lack of cash after the fall of France in June of 1940 and many communities issued their own emergency paper money. PS-115, SB-571. Black 10 on Red seal of city, with swastika below. Unc. Rare. $50+

*294 France, Ministry of War General Issue. ND. WWII issue. 50 Francs, Series A green on white. C-2013a, F/F Fr-423. This very rare note was used in Vichy run camps in France for French anti-Nazis and German and Austrians who were against the Nazis as well as those who fought for France before the Nazis controlled France. Nice AU and very rare. Unlike notes we offered a few years ago there are no hinge marks on this note. $200+

*295 Germany, Konversionkasse. P-209, Kroll-213, Schwan-Boling 208 (p. 484). 30 Reichsmark, 1934/1933. Series A. Choice EF-AU, with usual pinholes. A very rare denomination that is seldom offered this nice. $250+

*296 Germany, Konversionkasse. 3 consecutively numbered notes. P-211 50 Mark 1934 overprinted on 1933. Series A, #0709046 - 0709048. 3 nice EF+ or better notes without any pinholes. Not circulated but slight evidence of handling, the last note has a corner fold at lower left. $150+?

*297 Germany, Asperg. C-3903, SB-303b, Feller GE-1706c. 1 Mark. This holding camp for suspected Nazis at the end of WWII was also known as Hohenasperg and Interniertenlager 76. 10 March 1947 overstamped over 10.2.1947. Crudely printed.. They were typewritten,then overstamped. VF. Ex Lot 991 from our Sale 33e. $50+

298 Germany, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. .50 Reichsmark. Type without Aussenkommando and M of RM with slanted legs. C-3951b, F/F GE-140b. EF, a few very light stains. $150

*299 Germany, Buchenwald. C-3952a2, F/F GE-141c, PS-70, SB-1012b. 1 Reichsmark, Rounded 1 and M with slanted legs. Fine, split at right horizontal fold and slightly soiled. Still a decent note and a somewhat scarcer variety. 4 digit serial number. $100+

*300 Germany, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. 2 Reichsmark. Straight legged M. C-3953a, Feller GE-142a. Gd VF, with graffiti. What makes this note somewhat different is that a previous owner of the note left some manuscript notations on the banknote. On the face we see -The SS Mark- with an arrow pointing down to the SS and - Canteen- with an arrow pointing down to Kantine. On the back is Visited here June 9, 1945 (?), It's difficult to make out the last digit. so it could also be a 6 or an 8. The camp was liberated by American troops on Arpril 11, 1945 so it was after the liberation, thus 1945 is logical. $125+?

*301 Germany, Buchenwald, Concentration Camp. C-3954b, P/S-72, Feller GE-143b. 3 Reichsmark, Type 2, variety with slanted M. The 3 RM is by far the scarcest denomination of Buchenwald notes. EF, one vertical center fold and a smaller crease at bottom which possibly is a expertly done repair. $150+

*302 Germany, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. 2 Marks, type with Aussenkommando across face and SS Ko. Rottleberode across face in purple. C-3949d, F/F GE-147a. aVF with small hole at very center where horizontal and vertical folds meet and some browning along edges. Very low serial number (718). A similar note with a serial number of 942 sold for about $140 on Ebay in September of 2013. This is a much nicer note. $175+?

*303 Germany, Langenwerke A. G or Langensalza. A subcamp of Buchenwald which was in operation from September of 1944 until the camp was liberated by American troops in April of 1945. Camp-3959, Feller GE-175. 1 Reichsmark in blue. This factory was associated with Junkers Flugzeug-und Motorenwerke. G-VG, with tape repairs. Extremely rare. This note and the plated examples in Campbell and Feller have been cut in half, presumably to cancel them. Campbell does not list a color but believed that only 4 to 6 pieces were extant. Feller pictures and describes the color as tan. Haney/Grabowski pictures 4 different denominations, all in different colors and all with a rarity scale of RRRR. Of extreme rarity. This is ex lot 345 from our Sale 42F where it brought $1750 on a $1000+ estimate. $1200+?

*304 Germany, Mittelbau (Nordhausen). Also known as Dora. ND. .05 Reichsmark, brown. Series I. Feller GE-251, Camp-4022, Haney Collection Mi-2. Fine. Very rare. This is only the 3rd example of this denomination we have handled in at least the last 21 years. In our sale 37A we sold a Series M in VF for $2300 and in our sale 42F we sold a Series I in Choice VF, with stain, for $1850. In both of those cases we called the note black but the pictures on our website look brown to me and this note is brown as well. All 3 references as well as Pick-Siemsen list the color as brown as well. I am slightly color blind and that may be the reason for the mistake in the two previous cases or more likely I just wrote the word black down the first time and copied my mistake the 2nd time. It should be noted that the extensive research in the past 20+ years on this subject has enhanced our knowledge of the field. When Pick-Siemsen wrote their first book in the mid-1970s only Series L was noted which was continued into their 2nd edition published in 1992. In 1993 Lance Campbell mentioned 2 letters, I & L. By the time Steve and Ray Feller published their book in 2007 Series M was known. Our auction 37A closed on March 1st of 2007 and we had noted that Series M was unknown until that time! $500+?

*305 Germany, Mittelbau (Nordhausen). Also known as Dora. ND. 0.10 Reichsmark, Green. Series H. Feller GE-252, Camp-4023, Haney Mi-3. aVF, but heavy (paper clip) stain to left and lighter soiling at right. Very scarce series whcih was unlisted by Pick-Siemsen. We've only offered one Series H in at least 20 years. $250+?

*306 Germany, Mittelbau (Nordhausen). Also known as Dora. C-4026b1. F/F GE-255c 1 Mark Green, Series P. Without printer's mark and with a six-pointed star * preceeding a serial number. VG, somewhat dirty. The 1 Mark notes from this camp typically are seen in low grade such as this. Series P seems to be the 2nd scarcest series. Series N and O are seen more often. I can't recall ever offering a Series Q note. $250+?

*307 Germany, Mittelbau (Nordhausen). Also known as Dora. ND. 2 Reichsmark red, Series J. Square period after denomination and a fancy No. before serial number on back. Camp-4027a, Feller GE-256a, Haney Mi-7b. VG-F, a few small tears, mostly at folds or margins and a bit soiled. Extremely rare, only the 2nd Series J note (which wasn't even known by Pick & Siemsen) we've offered since 1996 (and most likely well before that as well). A slightly nicer Series J sold in 2012 for $750. That was a different reverse variety than this. $400+?

*308 Germany, Mittelbau (Nordhausen). Also known as Dora. ND. 5 Reichsmark blue. Series G. Square (diamond) period after denomination and a 6 pointed star (or *) before serial number on back. Camp-4028a, Feller GE-257a, Haney Mi-8d. VF, some light stains in margins, with Frana Venhac - Hrnčířská 11 - 74801 Hlučín handstamped in purple in 3 lines on the back. (Hlučín is a town in Moravia, Czech Republic although during WWII it was part of Prussian Silesia, with the German name of Hultschin). Very low serial number on back 000024. Rare, seldom seen. $1750+?

*309 Germany, Neuengamme Concentration camp. GE-266b, C-4012a2, Haney Ng-2b. 1 Reichsmark with printers mark: E/0606. Type 1 with one round reddish SS handstamp on face. G-VG with a 20mm tear from bottom just to left of center and somewhat soiled. Extremely rare, I have no record of offering this note in either auction or privately in at least 20 years. $1000+

*310 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW Camp near Woldenberg, Germany (now Dobiegniew Poland). Issued near the end of the war in 1944 after the red triangle POW notes were discontinued. A group of (4) 50 Pfennig notes. Series AI, AII, AIII and AIV. As C-3766b (small size). Au-Unc. All 4 known series of the note are represented in this lot. $500+

*311 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW Camp C-3768a and 3768b. Two 2 Mark notes, Series A and Series B. A pair of AU or better notes. KS monogram on back. $250+

*312 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW Camp. C-3769b 5 Mark Series A1 in black. Nice VF. KS monogram on back. $200+

*313 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW Camp. C-3770 10 Mark Series A in brown. (Campbell lists in gray). VF+. Unpriced in Campbell, this is only the 2nd of these notes we have offered in at least 20 years! A different monogram than above on back. $500+

*314 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW Camp. C-3769a 5 Mark Series A in blue. Campbell did not list this blue color but it obviously exists and I have seen a few others over the years. Still very scarce. VF, with tiny tear at top and bottom of vertical fold. Monogram. $250+

*315 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW Camp A group of 4 notes. C-3765a1 10 Fenigow Series AI; C-3766a2 50 Fenigow Series A2 ; C-3768b 2 Mark Series B and C-3769a 5 Marks 4 scarce notes, the first 3 AU or better, the last aEF. Monograms on back of two. $250+?

*316 Great Britain, POW Camp #226 in France. C-5032 1 Franc. Nice VF. Green and white with purple handstamp of Camp #226. Very scarce. $250+?

*317 Israel. P-6, FC-1. SOI-B1. 50 Mils Orange Carpet Note. Color Trial, signed by designer Otto Wallish. The "note" is printed on c. 5 1/2 x 71/4" white to tan cardboard. We have had a similar Color Trial before, but that was overstamped sample and in a different color. This is without overprint and in the issued color! Unc and extremely rare. Ex WMR 35D, #835 @ $2250. $1500+?

*318 Israel, Color Trial. P-7, FC-2, As SOI B2p. 100 Mils Blue Carpet Note (1948), signed by designer Otto Wallish at bottom right of paper, not on the printed part of the note. The note is on white paper. The issued color of this note was green. This is ex lot #1035 from Sale 33E where it sold for $2600. $1750+?

*319 Israel. Color Trial. P-7, As FC-2, SOI B-2p variety. 100 Mils reddish-brown Carpet Note signed by designer Otto Wallish but not obliterating the note. The "note" is printed on oversized white paper with sample in Hebrew overprinted. Rare. This is not the issued color. Unc. Ex 35D, #834 at $2850 $1750+?

*320 Israel. Color Trial. P-7, FC-2, SOI-B2. 100 Mils Green Carpet Note signed by designer Otto Wallish. The "note" is printed on c. 5 1/2 x 7 1/4" white to tan cardboard. We have had a similar Color Trial before, but that was overstamped SAMPLE and in a different color. This is without overprint in issued color! Unc and extremely rare. A companion to the LOT 317. Ex WMR 35D #836 @ $2250. $1500+?

*321 Israel, Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-17a, BN-4, SOI-B9c. 10 Palestine Pounds. ND (1948). Without series letter. Fine. Very light scattered graffiti. $175+

*322 Israel, Bank Leumi. P-21a, BN-8, BLI B3a. 5 Israel Pounds ND (1952). Series T. Nice VF with some original crispness apparent. From our Israel Fixed Price List 36A in the spring of 2006. $100+?

*323 Israel. 1967 Six Day War. Prisoner of War notes for Syrian prisoners captured near the Golan Heights. Camp Canteen, Military Command for Prisoners of War. 2 complete sets of three notes. Yellow, bottle of lemonade, Green, Bottle of Juice and Blue, cracker or cookie. One each with and without overstamp.The overstamps have an Arabic seal of a Syrian Army unit plus another 3 line Arabic box. Most researchers believe the ones with overstamps are fantasies either applied after the war or during the war as a gag. All are scarce to rare, the ones without the overprint being very rare. In our sale 39D, Lot 642 (with one VF note) sold for $1500. This set contains six unc. chits which were purchased from Nielsen-Porter, Inc in the spring of 1975. Campbell 5565-5575. $750+

*324 Israel. Error Note. P-34b, BN-21a. 5 Lirot 1968 Albert Einstein red serial numbers, and misplaced digit in upper left serial number. The last digit before the series letter is lower than the other numbers. Unc. No doubt rare, it is the only one we've ever seen. $80+

*325 Israel, Error Note. P-45, BN-32, BOI B22. 10 Sheqalim, Herzl note of 1978. One of the numbers in the lower right serial number has shifted upwards. Unc. It is our belief that perhaps one sheet of these notes exist. Purchased from us via private treaty in July of 2005. We had purchased it at the Memphis show the month before. $150+?

326 Israel. Stamps and Covers. 1981 to 1986. A mostly philatelic lot containing 9 blocks or sheets, 125 First Day Covers and 78 singles mint stamps (most if not all with tabs). All counts are approximate. Also included are two Souvenir sheets of the 1958 Israel £5 note, one with a stamp and a cachet commemorating the 1985 Florida International Coin Show. In addition there is a 1982 Kolor - Or catalog of Israeli stamps. A neat lot for the specialist $25+?

*327 Italy, Cremona Concentration Camp. Campbell 6459-6465, F/F IT-760a-766a. 1/2 to 50 Lire. Complete set of 7 notes, Au-unc, some with minor faults, all overprinted with a Star of David and unsigned. The use of the Star of David on these notes, is the ultimate Catch 22. Jews were issued these notes in exchange for their belongings etc., however to be used in the camp canteens, they had to be signed and the notes that had the Star of David on them were never signed. It should be noted that some researchers believe that these are fantasies. It is the opinion of others, including us, that the reason that the notes were not remembered was because they did not circulate as we mentioned above. The last 3 sets we have sold have brought from $285 to $500. Sold, as is, no returns. $250+

*328 Italy, Partito D'Azione. Partisan issue. WWII. 10 Lire 5 October 1943. S & B-34691 (page 271) EF. Rare. This is the first of these notes that we can recall seeing. $125+

*329 Italy, United States. WWII Fascist Propaganda note. On a facsimile of a US One Dollar note, the back has a 3 line legend in Italian, The AmericanS have always made empty promises, breaking them like soap bubbles. SB-401 (P. 397). EF-AU. These notes were reportably produced in Verona, Italy. $75+

*330 Japan, United States produced propaganda note. Printed on the reverse of what was supposed to be a 10 Yen 1930 note. This is leaflet #2017 and reverse legend recommends that the Japanese people should not deposit money in banks or buy bonds but buy food instead. S&B-171 (p. 536). This use of psychological warfare was highly effective for all sides in the war. VF, a few small tears. $30+

*331 Kenya, Lionandi. C-5411. 50 Cents, Serial number is 1061. This camp twas about 125 miles northwest of Nairobi and was a temporary British holding camp for Italian prioners of war. The notes were issued in a booklet. All the notes in the booklet had the same serial number thus even though it is the same number as the Campbell plate note, it is not the same note. Unc., but for rust trace near top. Left edge is perforated where it was torn from booklet. Rare. I have never seen this note before. I would venture a guess that booklet #1061 is probably the only one that survived the war. $500+?

*332 Korea, Republic of Korea. (South Korea). Bank of Korea. P-10b 1000 Won 4286 (1953). Portrait of Syngman Rhee at left. The scarce date and seldom seen. EF-AU $40+

*333 Libya. P-37a 10 Dinars. ND (1971). PMG-58 EPQ. Choice AU Exceptional Paper Quality. This is the scarce type without inscription. $150+

*334 Lithuania, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (UNRRA) DP camp at Ludwig Dillingen. 1 Unit. White with green tint and red lettering and numerals. F/F GE-1745a, C-7397a, SB-131a (p. 387). White notes were printed for use in the Men's camp. On the back in two lines of Lithuanian is Those who falsify the camp marks or those who use falsified currency, will be punished. Basically Unc, but for two small tape (or stamp hinge) marks on top margin. Extremely rare, I can't recall ever having this note before. $500+?

*335 Lithuania, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (UNRRA) DP camp at Ludwig Dillingen 1 Unit. Lilac with green tint and red lettering and numerals F/F GE-1745b, C-7397b, SB-131a (p. 387). Lilac notes were printed for use in the Women's camp. On the back in two lines of Lithuanian is Those who falsify the camp marks or those who use falsified currency, will be punished. AU, no folds but some very minor evidence of handling. Extremely rare, I can't recall ever having this note before. $500+?

*336 Lithuania, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (UNRRA) DP camp at Ludwig Dillingen 10 Units. Lilac with green tint and red lettering and numerals F/F GE-1748b, C-7400b, SB-134 (p. 387). Lilac notes were printed for use in the Women's camp. On the back in two lines of Lithuanian is Those who falsify the camp marks or those who use falsified currency, will be punished. Basically EF-AU but somewhat mishandled leaving some tears near the upper portion of the right edge and light corner creases. Extremely rare, I can't recall ever having this note before. $500+?

*337 Lithuania, Scheinfeld Displaced Persons camp. 10¢ (2) and 50 Cents 1946. C-7430-7431, Feller GE-1810-1811. This camp was under the direction of the UNRRA Team 569. The two10¢ nots are AU with some very minor signs of aging, the 50¢ note is EF. Each note has a round handstamp on the English side. This camp was mostly for Lithuanian Displaced Persons from Regensburg Concentration Camp. A trio of uncommon notes. $150+

Need more information on a lot or lots? Please ask us the week before the auction ends.

*338 Netherlands, Herzogenbusch (Vught) Concentration Camp. Feller NE-461, Camp-4163. 1 Gulden, Black on red. VF, with small perforations (all the notes that I can recall seeing have these perforations). Extremely rare. I have offered notes from this camp on only a few occasions. Back in the late 1970s or early 1980s I had one that I either bought from or sold to the late Jack Veffer. And I may have bought and sold one note at a Memphis paper money show some years back. In our sale 42F from the summer of 2012 we sold a similar note for $4500 on a $2000 estimate. Herzogenbusch was the only concentration camp in occupied Western Europe. The camp was located in the Vught section of the Netherlands. The camp was opened in late 1942 and liberated on October 26, 1944. The camp was an especially brutal slave labor camp with labor used by the Phillips Corporation. The notes are extremely rare probably amongst the most difficult to find. $2500+?

*339 Netherlands, Occupation of Germany. ND (1945-1959). 25 Gulden. Ministerie van Oorlog (Ministry of War). SB-133 (p.339), P-M3. Violet. PMG-55 EPQ. AU, exceptional paper quality. Scarce, 1st we've ever had. $500+?

*340 New Caledonia, Tresorerie de Noumea. P-54 50 Centimes, P-55b 1 Franc and P-56b 2 Francs. 3 high grade "slabbed" notes all dated 29 March, 1943. The 50¢ and 1 Franc notes are graded PMG-64 Choice Unc. EPQ while the 2 Franc note is PMG-66 Gem Unc EPQ. A group of 3 very high grade WWII local emergency notes. Schwan & Boling (page 152) give more information on this fascinating issue. $200+

*341 Palestine. Palestine Currency Board. P-7c, Dabbah page 165, 1 Pound 20 April 1939, Series U. VG-F, a few signs of aging reflective of it's condition. Scarce series which we seldom see. $500+?

*342 Philippines, Culion Leper Colony. 1942, 1st and 2nd issue. Set of 8 emergency notes printed on mimeographed thin paper. The centavos notes are on pink or peach paper, the peso denominated notes are on blue or light green paper. All the notes have The Government of the Philippines Islands, Department of Public Instructions Bureau of Health stamped on the back. P-S251 1¢ with additional clause citing presidential authority type on back Au-unc; P-S252 5¢ EF with additional clause on back; P-S253 20¢ AU (upper left corner torn) with additional clause added; P-S244a 50¢ AU; P-S244x. Error note "Fifty Centavos" typed over "Twenty Centavos" unc; P-S245 1 Peso AU some small holes; P-S246 5 Pesos AU, light stain and P-S247 20 Pesos Fine, some light stains. 8 seldom offered notes. Seldom offered set of all denominations. We have seen a similar set offered for close to $1000. $400+?

*343 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Group of Four "slabbed" notes. 50 Pfennig, red serial numbers. C-4201a, F/F PO-560a PMG-64 Ch. Unc EPQ; 1 Mark C-4202b, F/F PO-561b with prefix PMG-66 Gem Unc. EPQ; 5 Mark C-4204-2, F/F PO-563b PMG-64 Choice Unc and 20 Mark C-4206-1, F/F PO-565a PMG-64 Choice Unc. 4 high grade slabbed notes. $300+?

*344 Poland, Warsaw Ghetto. ND. 5 Groszy. Campbell 4246, Feller PO-680, Haney WS 1-6, PS page 25 note. RZwW to left, Magen David above 5 in center and SPDZ at right. Crudely printed from a hand engraved wood or linoleum plate. The legend on the left refers to the Jewish Postal Authorities and on the right to the Jewish Council in Warsaw $100+

*345 Portugal, Banco de Portugal. 10,000 Escudos 2 May, 1996. PMG-64 Choice Unciruclated EPQ. A really attractive scarce modern note in very high grade! $150+?

*346 South Africa, Green Point POW Camp. c. 1900 Boer War issue. C-4853b 5 Shillings red-brown on white. Unc. Scarce $100+?

*347 Switzerland, National Bank. P-11p 5 Franken 28 March, 1952. Signature 33. Monument of William Tell at left. PMG-66 EPQ. Gem Uncirculated. $60+?

*348 United States, Mexican Related. Riggs National Bank, Washington DC. 17 April 1911. Check signed by Francisco Leon De La Barra when he was Foreign Affairs Minister under Porfirio Diaz and just before he become provisional President (in May of that year). For 22.50 to Lutz and hole punched PAID. EF $50+?

*349 United States, Military Payment Certificate. P-M46. 50 Cents, Series 591. (1961). Statue of Liberty head at right. VF, a few tiny holes at left. $50?


*350 Gumowski, M. Hebräische Münzen Im Mittelaerlichen Polen. 1975. Scarce. In German. The best guide, with numerous plates, about early Polish coins with Hebrew. Nice, with slightly fraying dustjacket. In a 2003 we sold a similar book for $100 and we sold a copy in a FPL in 2002 for $90 which was much used with torn dust jacket. $75+?

*351 Notae Numismaticae/Zapiskie Numismatyczne. Numismatic Notes, Krakow 1996. Published in honor and memory of Emeryk Hutton-Czapski. 140+ pages cardcover in English and Polish by the Coin Cabinet of Krakow and Polkowski, Ignace. Decoverte A Glebokie des Monnaies Poloniases Du Moyen-Age. 1876, Gnensen. In French with violet (?) hard cover added later. Many of the medieval coins pictured are the Hebrew Bracteates. 2 uncommon books. $75+?

*352 Haffner, Sylvia. Judaic Tokens and Medals. 1978, New York. HC, 402 pages. Published by the American Israel Numismatic Association. Out of print, rare and very useful. #362 of 1000 numbered copies that were printed. Basically new, with handwritten dedication Shalom Sylvia Haffner in two lines. As nice as any we have ever offered. Also included is a 1986 Valuation supplement. $125+

*353 Group of Books on Jewish related numismatics. 1) Geschichte der Jüdischen Münzen. 1862. (History of Jewish Money) by Dr. M. A. Levy. 163 pages, published in Leipzig. Card cover torn, contents Fine or better. Entirely in German and scarce. 2) Deutsche spott-Medaillen auf Juden by Bruno Kirschner. 1968, HC with dust jacket a bit torn).Text in German, on anti-semitic medals. By far the most informative work on the subject. 3) Jewish Medals from the Renaissance to the Fall of Napoleon (1503-1815). 1970 by Daniel Friedenberg (and signed by the author) with somewhat scuffed dust jacket. 4) Jewish Minters and Medalists. 1976, by Daniel Friedenberg with slightly scuffed dust jacket and 5) Great Jewish Portraits in Metal. 1963, edited by Daniel Friedenberg with an introduction by Cecil Roth.Dust jacket slightly torn and scuffed. 5 important books on the subject, the last 4 with pencil graffiti (prices asked for by a dealer) while the 1st is a rarely offered book on ancient coinage. The only other time we have offered the Levy book was in 2007 when a repaired copy sold for $75. The other 4 books usually sell for $25 to $50 each and I refer to them all when writing my auction catalogs. They are indispensable to me. $150+

354 Group of Books. 1) The Works of Victor David Brenner by Glenn Smedley from the 1983 July and August editions of the Numismatist. 40 pages, self-stapled. A short biography of Brenner as well as a catalog list and photographs of Brenner's work; 2) Great Jewish Portraits in Metal. 1963, edited by Daniel Friedenberg with an introduction by Cecil Roth. Dust jacket with a few minor tears, otherwise the book is in excellent condition; 3) Ben-Elie, Arie (ed). Ships and Parts of Ships on Ancient Coins. The National Maritime Museum, Haifa. HC, In English and Hebrew. 1975. Scuffed Cover, as are all we have seen. The coins were catalogued and the introduction was written by the late Ya'akov Meshorer. With museum brochure inside; and 4) Meshorer, Ya'akov City-Coins of Eretz-Israel and the Decapolis in the Roman Period, 1985. As new with dust-jacket, a most important introduction to the subject with outstanding coins illustrated and ably explained and described by Meshorer. 4 important works. $50+

355 Group of Journals. Israel Numismatic Journal, #3 1963, #4 1963, 1-2 1964, 3-4 1964. These 4 journals which were published by the Israel Numismatic Society contain articles by many of the leading numismatists of mid 1960s from Israel, Europe and North America; Israel Numismatic Bulletin #3-4, August-December 1962 and #5 July 1963. These two journals were published by the Israel Coins and Medals Co. Ltd. but many of the articles are on ancient and medieval coins; and Community Tokens of Jewish Settlements in Palestine by Arie Kindler a 10 plus page booklet, without cover. It originally appeared in English in Bulletin No. 7 of the Museum Haaretz, Tel Aviv (June 1965) pages 66-78 + Plates X-XV. A trove of information is in these journals and bulletins. $40+?

356 Group of Books. 1) Madden, Frederick C. History of Jewish Coinage. 1967 hardcover reprint of Madden's mid-19th century work on Jewish Coinage. Madden's work was the 1st modern book on the subject in English. 350 pages; 2) Reifenberg, A., Ancient Jewish Coinage. 1965 4th edition by Rubin Mass of Jerusalem of Reifenberg's essential work on the subject; 3) Richter, John Henry Judaica on Postage Stamps. By Judaica Historical Philatelic Society Ann Arbor 1974. 180 pages. Hardcover listing with many plates. Laid in are two First Day Covers and other brochures; 4) Amulets and Talismans by E.A. Wallis Budge. 1970 card cover edition of 1930 work on these sometimes numismatic like objects. With illustrations. Spine has broken, the book is in 2 parts and 5) Cinema Judaical The War Years, 1939-1949 vy Ken Sutak. A colorful 2012 card cover book with 100 plus pages of information and mostly colorful images of scenes and posters from movies of the period. 5 interesting items, some with pencil graffiti with price and/or owner's name. $35+?

357 Group of Auction Catalogs. 1) Munzen and Medaillen aller Lander. Dr. Eugen Merzbacher Nachf 4 March, 1913; 2) The Promised Lands Coin Auction Sale, Pine Tree Rare Coin Auctions Sales, April 30, May 1 1974; 3) The Abraham Cohen Collection, Pine Tree Auction Company, March 7, 1976; 4) The Raphael Ellenbogen Collection, Pine Tree Auction Galleries Inc, May 5, 1976; 5) The Alexander Goldstein Collection, NASCA December 9, 1976; 6) The Marjorie Rapoport Collection, NASCA, April 27, 1977; 7) The A.I.N.A. '81 Sale, NASCA, April 30, 1981; 8) The Abraham Bromberg Collection of Jewish Coins, Part I. Superior Galleries, December 5, 1991 and 9) World Wide Judaic Medals and Medals by Jewish Artists, The Daniel Friedenberg Collection Part I. Ingrid O'Neil, September 24, 1995. Apart from the 1913 catalog, which is falling apart, the others are in excellent condition and most contain extensive listing of Israel and Jewish-related coins. The Bromberg collection is one of the most important collection of ancient Jewish coins ever offered, while the first two Pine Tree Sales offered rare ancient Jewish coins, The Promised Lands Sale also had a very important offering of US Colonial coins and paper money. Abraham Cohen perhaps chose Pine Tree as his venue because his nickname was "Pine Cohen" and (I believe) his bar in Denver was named the "Pine Cone". No prices realized included but most are widely available. It's interesting to note that the 3 Pine Tree Sales used a slightly different name for the auction company. $35+

358 Krause, Chet and Cliff Mishler, edited by Colin Bruce. Standard Catalog World Coins Deluxe ANA Centennial Edition. 1991, 19th edition. Two Hardcover green volumes with gilt lettering. Slightly used but not heavily so, the slip cover shows some bumping and a tear at upper left and Volume one is bumped at the bottom. One of the last issues to not break down coins by century so this is probably the best one stop listing of 18, 19th and most of the 20th century world coins. The quality of the paper and the photographs is far superior to the card cover editions. We still use our copy quite often and because these were well made they do stand the test of time. $50+

359 No Lot

Please ensure that your bids are received before the end ot the auction. If you have questions about lots or bidding strategy please contact us the week before the sale ends. Thank you.


MEDALLIC JUDAICA   (back to top)

In addition to the medals and tokens listed below there are many lots in Part One of this catalog that could have been listed here. They are: 27, 34, 36, 38, 49-54, 58, 62-63, 65-70, 81, 83-86, 88-89, 91-92, 97-114, 176, 177, 180-206, 215-218, 220-221, 233, 248-249, 252, 254, 256, 259, 260, 264, 266-267, 269, 271, 272, 274-280, 282-286, 290-331, 334-340, 342-346 and 351-358 plus probably others.

*360 David and Goliath. 1578 Dutch Æ Jeton. (30mm, 7.68g). David with sling, attacking the armed figure of Goliath. A rose in the Latin legend indicates this was struck at Dodrecht/The Dutch lion attacking a boar (Spain). 1578 in exergue. The Jeton was struck during the 3rd Dutch revolt against Spain. The lion and David refer to the Dutch, the Boar and Goliath refer to Spain. Mitch-2419, Dug-2743. Nice VF and scarce. The last we had, 5 years ago, brought $175 in spirited bidding. $100+

*361 David and Goliath. 1580 Dutch Æ Jeton. (28mm, 4.79g). David, raising his right hand in triumph, standing upon the armor and weapons of Goliath/Galley, with Orange standing at the helm, sailing away with the statue of the Inquisition. Dug-2811, Mitch-2426. F/VF. An issue rallying the Dutch to join the Orange as their liberator from Spanish tyranny. I don't believe we offered this Biblical jeton before. $75+

*362 Netherlands, Middelburg. 1595 Jeton (29mm, 5.79g). Spanish Victories in France ET ILLE ROBORABIT CORTVVM Rampant lion left on waves/EXPECTA DOMINVM VIRILITER AGE Henry VI defender against a bear, a wolf, a fox and a snake, JEHOVAH in Hebrew within clouds above. Dugn-3372, van Loon I, 455, Newmann-34402. Nice VF, some flan weakness above the Hebrew. I cannot recall ever offering this jeton before. $100+?

*363 Korn Jude Medal. 1694 Silver 35mm, 13.04g grams by Christian Wermuth. Jewish grain peddler walking right with grain sack in which a devil is opening the mouth/Horizontal Grain sifter, Biblical quote, He that with holdeth corn, the people shall curse him. But blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth it. Among the most infamous anti-Semitic medals every made. In 1694 heavy rains and a grasshopper plague swept through Germany. As food prices increased, speculation rose and the starving people blamed the Jews. Kirschner-18, Friedenberg page 3 & 109. F-VF and unlike most this does not appear to have been mounted. I believe it has been 8 years since we last offered this medal in auction. $400+

*364 Cohen Ivory or Mother of Pearl Gaming token. ND. Early 19th century. A group of 3 tokens, (42 mm round, 48 x 33 mm rectangle and 69 x 27 mm). All with the Cohen Coat of Arms on one side and a Asian (Hong Kong?) scene on the other. Not sure how these will photograph due to the lack of contrast. This coat of arms is from Joseph a merchant in London and the eldest son and heir to Levy-Barent Cohen and was granted to Cohen on 22nd of July 1819. Rare. $100+?

*365 Juden Pfennig. Frankfurt. 1819 1 Pfennig. KM-TN-13. Jew Pfenning or Juden Pfennig were issued in the early part of the 19th century because of severe shortages of small change. They derive their name from the fact that most, if not all, of the issuing merchants were Jews. Brown EF, thus scarce, as most we encounter are Fine to Very Fine. This is ex Lot 602 from our sale 39E where it sold in very spirited bidding for $65 on a $50 estimate. $50+

*366 Birmingham Hebrew Social Club. 19th Century. Brass 26mm, 1 Penny token. Birmingham Hebrew Social Club. Scarce to rare. Toned VF. This is ex Lot #597 from our sale 41E and previously was part of the late Bob Schoenwalter's collection. $100+

367 Giacomo Meyerbeer. 1847 Bronze 47mm by. C. Radnitzky of Vienna. His high relief bust left/5-line German legend in wreath. Meyerbeer was a famed 19th century composer, this medal was dedicated to him by members of the Concordia Society. Great Jewish Portraits p. 130, Niggl-1332. A beautiful choice specimen and very rare. He was born Jakob Meyer Beer. A similar medal sold in a Spanish auction for close to $400 in 2014. $200

*368 Rare Holy Shekel of Jerusalem. WM 24 mm (9.63g). In Hebrew Holy Shekel with Star of David in center/Jerusalem. The origin and exact meaning of these unusual pieces is in question. Meshorer speculated that it could be similar to False Shekels although Kisch does not picture one similar to this, while Kindler thought that even though it was bronze it may have been used in Pidyon Haben ceremonies. This is an extremely rare piece that we have offered perhaps 3 times in 35+ years, the last more than 9 years ago. That piece sold for $125 (with three bidders of more than $100!) See The Shekel Vol XII, #4, pp. 3-5 for a wonderful article by Bernie Hoenig on his grandfather's Shekel. While smaller and lighter in weight than the previous one we sold, the lettering in this (and below) example is very sharp. It is in white metal rather than brass or bronze. GVF. $75+?

*369 Rare Holy Shekel of Jerusalem. WM 24 mm (10.99g). As above but. a bit heavier than the above example although not quite as sharp. VF. $75+?

*370 False Shekel. ND. Silver 30mm. (12.45g). Smoking chalice with conical leg and Shekel of Israel around/Jerusalem the Holy around KING SOLOMON in two lines in Hebrew. Obverse is like Kisch B3 type but we have never seen a reverse such as this. A cast crudely engraved piece although the obverse design is virtually an exact match to B3. VF. My precious metals maven said just short of 90% pure silver made with period elements *i.e pre 1870 although the silver could have been further refined after that. My guess is prior to 1850. $50?

*371 Dr. Henri Loeb. 1859 AE 59mm by Leopold Wiener. His bust left/Hebrew legend within wreath, all within French legend. Struck to commemorate his 25th anniversary as Grand Rabbi of Belgium and done by one of the 19th Century's most important medallic sculptors (who also happened to be Jewish). JMM-52, BJM-12, PEM-3, Belgium Jewish Museum page 33. One of the rarest and most important of 19th century Jewish medals. The last bronze medal we offered was a VF+, with nicks and scratches which brought $440 in 2008. This is a nice EF, with just a few small rim nicks and a few spots. Much nicer than the previous one offered. $600+

*372 Pribram Synagogue Medal. 1875. 32mm WM or Zinc. View of the building, German legend around/Magen David with Hebrew legend in and around. VF, but with rim bumps and some scratches on the reverse. Pribram is a small town in central Bohemia (now Czech Republic). This was purchased from us prior to 1995 (before we were computerized) and I believe it was the only one I've ever had. Listed in the early 20th Jewish Encyclopedia under Jewish medals. A nicer one, but looped with a ribbon, sold in a European auction in 2013 for more than $800! $200+?

*373 Shaddai Personal Amulet. ND. Silver 22mm. Shaddai in Hebrew with Chai in Magen David above and below we see a Menorah and a harp flanking a flaming altar. Uniface. Perhaps a loop has been removed at top. Probably an English Judaic item as this came to us from the UK. VF-EF. My precious metals maven said it's just short of 90% pure silver and made with period elements i.e pre 1870 although the silver could have been further refined after that. My guess is was from the last quarter of the 19th century. $50?

*374 Wedding Medal. 1882. Brass 30mm. Lina Jaffe and Jacob Alexander. Coats of arms from the couples hometowns of Posen and Hamburg with the names of the cities to either side Mazel Tav in Hebrew in wreath/11 line legend commemorating the wedding. EF and scarce. $200+?

*375 Rishon Le-Zion Colony. 1882. Æ 28. Magen David & below that a Torah scroll, the left frame showing people at prayer at the Western Wall, while the right frame shows a farmer sowing seeds, if i forget thee o jerusalem let my right hand forget its cunning/A panoramic view of the colony. JTM-EP-53, See the Shekel Vol. V, #4, p. 18. EF/VF with a few nicks, bumps & scratches (more so on reverse) and original loop attached. Still much nicer than usually seen. $375?

*376 chai Engraved Amulet or Love token on British 6 Pence Gothic type. A very well executed hand designed He. With hole for wearing. Engraved side is a nice VF or better, the head of Victoria is VG. $50?

*377 Aleppo, Syria Jewish Community Charity Token. ND (c. 1900) Large group. Æ c. 18mm (c .30g) Brass Bracteate token. 101 flanked by a Bet & a Kaf, and in righteousness shall though be established' above, all in Hebrew. Crudely made but most are decent. About 115± pieces. G-VF, mostly Fine. Sold as is, no returns. See The Shekel Vol VIII, #4 for an article by Yakov Meshorer on these. $1000+?

*378 Wedding Medal. 1905 Silvered 35mm by Lauer. A foundry worker forging two hearts together on anvil/ 8 line legend commemorating the wedding Dr. Eugen Szkolny and Julie Selz on March 26, 1905 in Munich. Choice toned EF, a few minor nicks. Szkolny was related on his mother's side to the family of Samson Oberndoeffer, a Jewish coin dealer who is the subject of a well known medal. One source said they fled the Nazis and emigrated to the US in the 1930s and (he) died in San Francisco in 1961, while another source states that they arrived in the US in 1946 making it likely that they survived the war in a concentration camp. Rare, only the 2nd we can recall offering. Far superior than the one that brought $75 in our spring 2009 auction. $160+

*379 Miscellaneous Group of 4. 1) Fred Karno Advertising token. 1905-06. Brass 16mm. Bust partially to the right, Fred Karno's Comedians around/Crowned Shield Moses & Son 1906-6 in shield/Fred Karno's Grand New Production around. VF, holed at top; 2) Chaim Weizmann 1974 Silver 37mm medal issued to commemorate the centenary of his birth. Official Israel State Medal SM-50a; 3) Uniface 15 peseta token of Juan Serra Borne - 1772 with Magen David in center. We presume this is a Spanish token but it's possible that the Magen David is not Jewish related and 4) Palestine Exhibition 32mm celluloid pin back badge. Black on white. C. M. J. STEWARD PALESTINE EXHIBITION. A group of 4. The first two items are known to us and usually retail in the $20 to $30 range. The last two are unknown to us and came to us from the UK priced (by someone) at £20 and £25 respectively. $50+

*380 Chaim Bialik. School Prize or Reward of Merit. Large (2+ inches) Celluloid mirror. Greenish-Gray on white with an image of the famed Zionist poet and writer at center and his name at right and "very good in studies and behavior" at left. The mirror on the back in very nice condition. $150+

*381 Charity Token. ND. Brass 68mm. Let All who are Hungry Come and Eat in English around a Star of David/Similar legend in two lines of Hebrew. VF. I can't recall seeing this token before. Fittingly I am writing the description of this token on the day before Passover begins. And many Passover Seders begin with the words - Let All who are Hungry Come and Eat. $40+?

*382 Canadian Synagogue Token. ND. Æ 26mm. Anshe Sholom Synagogue, Hamilton, Ontario. Anshe Sholom Synagogue Founded 1856 around Magen David/ Good Luck Coin -Hamilton - Ont. around A Token of Appreciation in 4 lines. aEF. Scarce. This is a bit nicer than the one that brought $125 in our sale 43B. That was the first we had since sometime in the 20th century. $85+

*383 Synagogue tokens and Medals. A group of 4 different pieces. 1) Heichal Shlomo. 31mm (18.4g) copper-nickel that depicts the building on one side and the emblem of the Chief Rabbinate surmounted by a quote from the Bible And They Judged the Nation with Fair Justice (Deuteronomy/Dvarim 9-7, 18) and Hebrew legend Heichal Shlomo Jerusalem on the reverse. (See The Shekel Vol. 34, #2, p. 44): 2) 1930 29mm Inauguration of the Grand Temple of Buenos Aires, with original loop attached; 3) Babov 33mm brass token. View of the Hasidic synagogue with legend on both sides; and 4) Touro Synagogue gilt (on silver?) 22mm cut-out pendant. View of the 1st synagogue in what is now the US in Newport RI. 4 scarce items. $100+

*384 UNUSUAL YOD, TIE (OR TALLIT) CLIP or Hamsa (amulet). ND (early to mid 20th century?). Sterling silver c. 53mm long in the shape of a hand. Contains a Persian silver siglos showing a bearded king kneeling with bow and arrow, below that is Daniel 5:25-30. The thumb and the index figure hold a pointer (perhaps a Yod), the three other fingers have the phrase (from this portion of the Bible) Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin which King Belshazzar asked Daniel to explain and which has been interpreted in various ways but can be read as "And this is the writing that was inscribed: mina, mina, shekel, half-mina. This is the interpretation of the matter: mina, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; shekel, you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; half-mina, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians". Most unusual and undoubtedly rare, more likely unique and presented to a coin collector as a gift or perhaps ordered (or made) by the collector himself. $600+

*385 1st Maccabiah Games. 1932. Silver 25mm. An ancient Hebrew man standing with lion at right looking left and modern immigrant standing at left looking right holding a Maccabi banner. Both flank a pedestal with Menorah at top and Maccabiah symbol, legend below. Uniface with original loop attached. In our sale 43b we sold a similar piece with a reverse of a replica of a Bar Kochba Sela and a loop removed for $450! $300+?

*386 A Nazi Travels to Palestine. 1933. Silvered bronze 34mm (16.04g) by Lauer. Magen David/Swastika. The legends read (in German) A Nazi Travels to Palestine/And tells about it in the Angriff. Kirschner-48. The Angriff was a Nazi newspaper founded and edited by Goebbels, the Nazi minister of Propaganda. This medal was used as an advertising item for the paper about their story of a Nazi traveling to Palestine during that time. This is a scarce medal which we haven't offered in auction in 10 years and this is only the 2nd silvered version that I can recall seeing. EF or better, some bumps and a few scratches. $300+?

*387 Beth Israel token. 1938. Brass 31mm. Beth Israel Congregation Mortgage in 3 lines, Donor above, Redemption Fund below in circle of dots/ Victory Dinner June 19, 1938 around Magen David in the center. VF-EF, with flan crack. Locale is unknown to me. $50+

*388 Revisionist's Etzel Medal. 1948. 28mm CN Medal with original loop. Hand holding rifle/Tower & Stockade with barbed wire. Struck to honor those members of the Irgun who survived British internment in Kenya during the War of Independence. Most of the interned were concentration camp survivors. Scarce. EF $75

*389 Group of plastic or Bakelite tokens or play money c. 1950. Denominated in Prutahs, 19 pieces in all. Green 5, 10, 25, 50 & 100; Light blue 5, 10 & 100; Dark Blue 5 & 100; Red 100, White 5 & 100 plus 6 duplicates of the 5. Presumably from a board game although possibly made for practice money as Israel was moving from the Mil-Pound system of British Palestine to it's own currency and many of the new citizens had spent years in concentration and/or DP camps. We've had similar pieces occasionally in the past. $50+?

*390 Dan Bus Company Group. 1950s. A group of 5 items used by a Dan Bus Company driver in the early 1950s. Our original consignor (in 2005) acquired them from the driver's family. 1) Driver's pin. A thick heavy pin with a large Dalat & Nun in center and Shin Alef Tzadi below which was the abbrevation for Sherut Autobusim Tziburi (Public Bus Service). Below that is Dan's 1st emblem; a pair of wings with a wheel in between. On the back the original pin had fallen off and a pin is soldered to replace it; 2) Similar to #1, but thinner and lighter. Original pin replaced as well; 3) 31mm pendent with loop as made. In a shield abbreviations for DAN and SAT as above, all in large wings of a wheel in the outer frame of the piece. The reverse shows an old bus with Merkavim Ltd. inscribed in English below and Hebrew above. Merkavim was Israel's first bus factory; 4) Controller's clasp. DAN at center, wings and wheel below, and presumably the controller's ID number (1) below. Above is Controller in Hebrew. The clasp on the back has partially broken off. Scarce?; and 5) Conductor's Pin. Similar to above but larger and slightly different shape and design, with number 208 below and Conductor in Hebrew. Pinback removed on back. Ex Lots 776 to 780 Sale 35B. $100+

391 Israel Medical Insignias, pins and Badges. A group of 32 mostly different. Most are undated but those that are dated seem to be from the late 1950s through the mid 1970s. We have seen very few of these. Sold as is, no returns. $50+?

392 ORT BADGES. Organization for Rehabilitation through Training. ORT is the largest and most important Jewish education and vocational training non-governmental organisation in the world. Originally founded in Czarist Russia in the 1890s as Obschestvo Remeslenovo i. Zemledelcheskovo Trouda, 2 different groups began in the US in the 1920s. This is a group of 27 badges. 25 are dated 1957 through 1987 while 2 are undated. At least 20 are different but some are duplicates, most are from the Women's ORT, but a few are from the USA ORT. Sold as is, no returns. $50+?

*393 Reestablishment of Roonstrasse Synagogue in Cologne. 1959 27.5 mm bronze. View of the original synagogue with dates 1899 (when it was built) and 1938 when it was destroyed during Kristallnacht, below the synagogue is 19-59 with Koln in center when synagogue was reestablished. The reverse is a stylized depiction of wandering Jews with dove and olive wreath above, and a Hebrew legend "5719 [1959] Koln". 1st I can recall seeing. $50+

*394 Yeshiva University Ambassador. ND. Bronze (?) 67mm, Shell-like Uniface. Yeshiva University Ambassador in outer circle, around symbols of Yeshiva U and Serving Higher Education. Taken from a plaque. Only the 2nd we can recall offering. In 2012 a similar piece sold for $60. $40+?

*395 Group of miscellaneous items. 1) Chicken Token? 1960 Brass 30mm, holed in center (as made). Chicken and chicken coop/Hebrew legend and date. EF. Ex 29C #1135; 2) Dan Bus Co.1950's. Driver's Pin, inscribed in Hebrew DAN and mta for Sherut Autobusim Tziburi (Public Bus Service). Company's 1st emblem below, a pair of wings with a wheel in between. Ex 35D #1085; 3) Levant Fair. 1934. Metallic pin for the 25th Anniversary of Tel-Avid with Hebrew and English inscription: "Tel-Aviv 1909-1934 Levant Fair" with the "Flying Camel" and Tel-Aviv logos. Ex 31E #1212; 4) Israel Independence Pins. 7 different. 21st through 27th years. Ex 28C #1153; 5) House of Aaron. CN 28mm. "Beth Aaron" in Hebrew below a farm scene/"Beth Oren" in English incuse. VF, with attached loop. Ex 35B #782; 6) Chevra Kadisha (Charity) Token. ND. Late 19th Century thin Brass token. "Sade-Dalet, Koph-Hey" bracteate type. JTM-CC-16. VF, a bit crude, but much nicer than most. Ex 37A #942 and 7) Olympiad Tragedy. 1972 Copper 31mm by Avram Lerner. Memorial Candle, Hebrew legend in memory of the 11 who were murdered/"The Shame of Munich" Dagger, thrusting thru the Olympic Rings. Rare, no more 450 pieces struck. Proof-like. 13 items in lot. $150+

*396 Louis D. Brandeis Award. (1961) Æ 76mm by Gilroy Roberts for the Medallic Art Co. The Brandeis Award is given annually to a prominent national or international figure by the American Zionist Council. An almost full facing high relief bust of Brandeis, Louis D. Brandeis Award above, American Zionist Council below. Uniface. I don't believe we have ever offered this medal portraying the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice by one of America's most well-known medallic sculptors of the 20th century. EF. See Lot 259 for a huge 1916 portrait of Brandeis. $200?

*397 Anti-Defamation League. Group of 3 medals. 1) 1963 Gilt Æ 63mm. ADL 50th Anniversary in 3 lines in center, Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith 1913-1963 around/Two panels, on the left in 9 lines, DEDICATED TO TRANSLATING DEMOCRATIC IDEALS INTO A WAY OF LIFE FOR ALL AMERICANS IN OUR TIME and a hand holding a torch of Liberty in the right. EF, some rim nicks; 2) 1961 ND Æ 61 mm. ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF B'nai B'rith around ADL/reverse as #1 and 3) High relief bust of Lyndon B. Johnson almost facing, Lyndon B. Johnson around/ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF B'nai B'rith FEBRUARY 3, 1965 around ADL DINNER WITH THE PRESIDENT in 4 lines. 3 medals, the first two scarce while the 3rd is signed by Ralph Menconi and was minted by the Medallic Art Co. Medal # 2 has hole at 6 o'clock on bottom edge indicating it was issued on a stand. $50+?

*398 Herzlia Gymnasium. ND. Æ 35 x 70 mm by Kretschmer. An impressive view of the front of the Herzlia Gymnasium (High School) in Tel-Aviv. Uniface. A similar piece sold in the 1979 NASCA sale of the Stanley Yulish collection for $75! $50+?

*399 Group of Lapel pins. 1960s (?). Group of 26 different. From various organizations. Most, if not all, are from the 1960s. $20+

*400 Bulgarian Circus. 1966. Bronze 59mm with white, green & red enameled Bulgarian flag on left and white and blue enameled Israel flag on right. Medal struck for the famous Bulgarian circus when it visited Israel in 1966. Haffner EP-10. Enameling has peeled off in a few small places. Rare, seldom offered for sale. $50+?

*401 Heichal Shlomo of Jerusalem. Pair of Medals. Seat of the Chief Rabbi of Israel and includes the offices of the Chief Rabbinate, the High Court of the religious Jewish judicial system, the chief Jewish library of Israel, and the Synagogue. One medal is 31mm (18.4g) copper-nickel that depicts the building on one side and the emblem of the Chief Rabbinate surmounted by a quote from the Bible And They Judged the Nation with Fair Justice (Deuteronomy/Dvarim 9-7, 18) and Hebrew legend Heichal Shlomo Jerusalem on the reverse. (See The Shekel Vol. 34, #2, p. 44). The 2nd medal is copper-nickel 30mm medal with original loop attached. It has a view of the building with Hechal Shlomo Jerusalem in Hebrew above and English below as the 1967 Six Day War medal does (Haffner EP-23) but with a different 4 line Hebrew legend on the reverse. Pair of synagogue medals, neither of which we can recall offering. $75+?

*402 The Frankenhuis Collection Medal. 1967. Bronze 76 mm by Elizabeth Weistrop. In extremely high relief, a mother hugging 2 children, both wearing "yellow star badges", before being herded into a cattle car/Legend. Szperling 8 (p.134), JTM HO-2, See The Shekel 2, #3, 16. A large and impressive medal. The last we offered in 2002 sold for $275. Commissioned by Maurice Frankenhuis, who built two huge collections of War memorabilia, one for WWI and the other for WWII, both of which he donated to museums in Israel. This is the original 1967 medal, not the 2nd issue of the early 1980s. The last we offered of this was in the Spring of 2010 where one sold for $275. Our example here is with it's original box, stand and brochure as issued by the Medallic Art Co. of NY. $200+

*403 Six Day War pair. 1967 1) So-called Victory Medal. Iraq or Syria?. 1967. Æ 40mm, enameled in blue, green, black, red and gold. Soldier with rifle, map of Israel/For victory over Israel, 6 day war. With black, green and red ribbon. I believe this was produced in Syria although the origin is a bit cloudy. This ex lot 832 from 34E and 2) A Key Chain. 1967. Dedicated to Israel's Air Force, with it's insignia of a raised sword surrounded by an olive branch, between 2 wings and a Magen-David in center, captioned Air Force in Hebrew. On the reverse, the official logo of the State of Israel. In blue and silver. Ex 32E #990. $50

*404 Israel's Defense Forces Medal. ND. Bronze 59mm Uniface. In the center, the emblem of the Zahal, the sword & olive-branch, & below that in Hebrew, Israel Defense Forces. Around the rim are the emblems of 14 divisions of the Armed Forces. Haffner MM-12 and seldom offered. Included with this medal is a wood-framed plaque, with a red background. Plaque is about 6 1/4 x 6 1/4". A few nicks on the wood. Sylvia Haffner mentions that these were made to be presented with a plaque but this is the only one we can recall seeing as such. $30+?

*405 American Jewish Committee Human Rights Award. (1970). Bronze 76mm. Human Rights Award American Jewish Committee around shield with 1906 below. By the Medallic Art Co. Uniface. As struck. 1st we've offered? $150+

*406 Israel Navy Presentation Medal. ND (c. 1970). Æ 59mm. Emblem of Israeli Navy with roped border/5 smaller emblems, presumably of various Naval divisions. All in blue and gilt box of issue with olivewood stand. The box has the same Navy emblem with "Israel Navy" in English above. I would think that this was presented to US Naval Forces by Israeli Navy Forces after a joint exercise of some sort. Very scarce. $40+?

*407 Memorial to the Six Million Martyers. 1971. Silver 51mm by Shirley H. Lichtman. Zochar in Hebrew and tears (?)/In their death they willed us life in Hebrew and English, plus 6 line English legend below memorial built in 1971 in San Diego. Rare, very low mintage. Szperling SZ-10 (p.136) states that there were 50 pieces struck in silver, 50 in antique silver as well as 50 pieces in bronze and 28 in 22 karat gold. Shirley Lichtman in The Shekel XXIX, Vol. I, p. 43 just mentions that the medal was made in gold, silver and bronze. The medal is based on a memorial that she made. Mrs. Lichtman created a 10-foot-tall bronze sculpture with six upturned branches that gently funneled water from an opening at the top, down the front, to a pool at its base. She died in 2008. We can recall having this medal only once before. In 2004 we sold a lot that contained both a bronze and silver medal for $150 in our sale 34E. $100+?

*408 Volleyball Spring Cup. 1976. Silvered bronze 59mm. Volleyball player blocking ball, Volleyball Spring Cup Israel 5-14.4.76 in English and Hebrew/Sports Federation of Israel in Hebrew and English around emblem of organization. A scarce medal, seldom offered. $30+?

*409 bergenfield dumont jewish center. 1977. 39mm brass medal with original loop attached. Issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this northern New Jersey synagogue. View of the synagogue Bergenfield-Dumont Jewish Center 1927-1977 around/50 years above and below tablets. 7 years after this cast medal was issued fire brought the synagogue down. They rebuilt it but eventually merged with at least one other congregation in the area. I can't recall ever seeing this before. EF $40+?

*410 Lőw Lipót. (Leopold Loew). Æ 43mm. His bust left on the obverses with his signature and dates of 1811-1878 behind his head/Great Synagogue of Szeged, Hungary and the punctuated Hebrew phrase, the world stands on three things, Lacquered Proof and scarce. The dates on this medal confuse me as Loew died in 1875 and the present Szeged synagogue was finished in 1907. $50+

*411 Silver Medals. A group of 20 USA made Jewish-related medals, all but the last silver. 1) Judaic Heritage Society honors Harry Truman; 2) 25th Annoiversary Community Synagogue Rye, NY; 3) Haym Solomon (?); 4-8) Tribes of Levi, Judah, Reuben, Joseph & Gad as part of the 12 tribes of Israel series; 9-10) 2 different Chanukkah medals, 11) Fiddler on the Roof; 12) Adolph Ochs; 13) Albert Einstein; 14) 25th Anniversary Discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls; 15-18) 1 ounces silver bars for Bar Mitzvah, 2 different 25th Anniversary of Israel and Yom Kippur War; 19) Lewis Rosenthal 25th Anniversary of the repeal of prohibition by Schenley Family of Wholesalers and 20) Lion of Israel/Judah. 20 different medals, #19 has 4 identical edge crimps at about 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock indicating that this may have been made as such and #20 is silvered bronze (marked on edge). Some of these are scarce and still others I have no recollection of ever seeing before. Sold as is, no returns. $300+?

*412 Synagogue of Curacao. 1982 Silver 31mm with loop as made. Synagogue of Curacao 1732 around high relief view of the synagogue/The oldest Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere 250 Years in 5 lines, S & F Sterling incuse in two lines below. I cannot recall seeing this medal before. $50+?

*413 Bonn Synagogue. 1988. Silver 30mm. View of the synagogue German legend around To commemorate the destroyed synagogue, with Bonn 10, November 1988 in exergue/Biblical verse from Psalms, 9, 21. Choice Proof, a few minor marks. 1st we can recall seeing. $50+

*414 Lubavitch World Headquartes. 1991. 40mm cn. View of the Lubavitch Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, date Iyar 2, 5771 (April 16, 1991) to left/Hebrew legend. It was the birthday of Rebbe Maharash or Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch the famed Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi. Ch. Unc. 1st we've seen. $50+

*415 A group of synagogue items. 1) Babov 33mm brass token. View of the Hasidic synagogue with legend on both sides; 2) Gibraltar 1997 C-N crown with Moses holding Ten Commandments in front of Temple of Solomon; 3 & 4) 2 different pins commemorating Moscow synagogue. 4 hard to find synagogue items. $100+

*416 Budapest Dohany Street Synagogue. 1996 Silver Plaque. 40 x 61mm (c. 61g). Corner view of the synagogue with tablets at upper left/Entrance door 18 BUDA to left. 59 PEST to right. edge marked STERLING .825. The Austrian architect Ludwig Förster designed the Great synagogue which was completed in 1859. This unsigned medal was issued in 1996. Beautifully toned and most likely very scarce. $200+?

*417 St. Petersburg Synagogue/300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg. 2003, Brass 34mm medal with loop and with blue and white ribbon attached. View of building (city hall?) St. Petersburg in Russian and English 1703-2003 300 years in Russian/View of the Grand Chorale Synagogue in St. Petersburg with Russian, English and Hebrew legend and 1893 2003 dates. The reverse is very similar to the medal issued in 1993 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the St. Petersburg synagogue which is the 2nd largest in Europe. (See The Shekel Vol. 28, 2, p. 14). However we can't recall ever seeing this one before. $50+?

418 GROUP OF MEDALS. Moses by Michelangelo (2 pieces, 18 & 32mm), white metal; 1973 private issue 59mm UJA; Yitzhak Rabin 39mm Judaic Heritage Society; Shalom Aleichem Æ 45mm by Kretchmer; 6 day War 23mm Wailing Wall/map of Israel, legend & Menorah (reverse sim. to AM-1 Levi Eshkol medal); NY World's Fair - American-Israel Pavilion 1964 Æ 29mm Haffner EP-2; 1955 Dr. Jonas Salk Æ 76mm Award of Congress Medal; Scroll of Fire B'nai B'rith Forest Silvered bronze 59mm; 29mm bronze 10 Commandment medalet with loop; 45mm Moses medal Medallic Art Co. and PM-2 Nahariya Local Council Brass 61mm medal. 12 medals, some difficult to locate. Most ex. WMR, NASCA, Johnson & Jensen or Matasa Auctions. Sold as is, no returns. $25+?


*419 SM-1. Judaea Capta-Israel Liberata. 1958 Gold 27mm. Design taken from ancient Judaea Capta coin on obverse and Israel Liberated on reverse. Choice BU. Ex Sol Riveles collection. One of the more popular of all Israel gold medals. This was the first official state medal. Struck by the Pinches mint in London, this is an original strike with ISRAEL GOVERNMENT APPROVED ISSUE 1948 - 1958 in small lettering on edge. See Lot #36 for the ancient coin issue that the obverse of this medal was based on. $525+

*420 SM-5a Hadassah without inscription. 1960. Rare sub-variety. Silver 35mm. Zechovoy mint without either silver or sterling on edge. According to Sedaka (IGCMC catalog #1) only 250 were stuck like this. Very rare. Ex WMR 40J #681. $150+

*421 SM-8. 1st Harp Competition. 1959. Silver 35mm. As struck. Rare variety without either silver or sterling on edge. Unmentioned by Haffner, Sedaka or Bar-Zeev as such. Unc., but a few marks and light fingering. The harp, one of the oldest known musical instruments, features prominently in the Bible. King David, the poet king, was an ardent harp player. He is shown doing so on the obverse of this medal. Ex 40J #683. $100+

*422 SM-35g. Masada Error. Silver 27mm. (1981). Edge says in error Silver .935 (It should say Sterling .925). Very few of these were struck. When we sold this in our auction 32C (#1193) we said that this is the first time we have seen this. I still can't recall another since. $75+?

*423 SM-141b. In Memory of the Concentration and Death Camps. 1992 Gold 30 mm (15 grams, 18 k.). Figure of 6 children (symbolizing the 6 million who were murdered)/Electrified barbed wire fence, names of 6 death camps. BU, but spotted. Rare and low mintage. Szperling SZ-49 (p. 85). Ex George Fisher collection. Ex 38C #830. $475+

*424 BAR MITZVAH. 2005. New State Medal. Bronze 50mm. Boy facing right over rolled out scrolls, Mazel Tav in Hebrew and Give us Peace and Joy above and below in Hebrew and English/Star and your Star will Shine in English and Hebrew. Proof in holder with FDC cover dated 1994! A group of 4. $40+?

*425 BAR MITZVAH. 2005. New State Medal. As above but in Silver 50mm. Proof in case of issue with FDC cover dated 1994! $30+

*426 CM-6. Pablo Casals. 1962 Tombac 59mm. Issued for the third International Violoncello Competition. This medal was presented to participants & guests and not offered for sale. This weighs 96 grams and thus is one of only 299 medals struck as such. Haffner did not distinguish between the bronze and tombac issues of this medal, but the IGCMC did. A few minor splotches. Ex Lot 806 from sale 39d. $50+

*427 CM-18b. Masada. 1965, Copper 35mm. Presented to IGCMC employees, very rare, only 200 struck. Virtually as struck. Edge has State of Israel in English and Hebrew with a menorah between the languages. Ex 29c #1219 $75+?

*428 PM-8. Paratroops Brigade. 1967, Bronze 59mm. An extremely rare medal that was presented by General Mordechai Ghur to the paratroopers who broke into the old city through the Lion's Gate in the 6 day War or to families of deceased paratroopers. We haven't offered one in more than 10 years! As struck. Was PM-29 in Haffner's 1970 book. $350+

*429 ANT-17? 1994 AINA Tour Medal. Silver-plated 30mm. ISRAEL-PALESTINE PEACE ACCORD 1994 around two embracing doves/AINA logo. I do not think we've ever offered this medal before. With original tour holder plus note to Paul: We struck 1500+ in bronze (goldine), 100 were silver plated, 50 issueD with Tour Holder Best: Moe Moe was Moe Weinschel AINA's president at the time. As struck. $50+?

*430 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. Dung Gate. 2nd in the series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. Dung Gate, the closest gate to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. In need of repair. Very attractive. $25+

*431 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. Herod's Gate. One in a series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. Herod's Gate was named for Herod the Great because it is thought he is buried near ,kthere. It is the entrance to the Muslim quarter. $25+

*432 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. New Gate. One in a series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. New Gate is so named because it is the newest Gate to the city. $25+

433 Group of 59mm State Medals, 40th Anniversary, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Ingathering of the Exiles, For Meritorious Service, Retirees, Martin Buber, Temple Mount, The People of Israel Lives, Priestly Blessing, Tower of David, Bat Yam, Temple Tunnel and May You Go Safe. Also in this lot is a Private Issue 21st Independence Day Brass 59mm, a 1974 Hanukkah Lamp 10£ coin, 3 IGCMC subscriber medals, 2 AINA tokens and 2 IGCMC tokens. 22 piece lot. Sold as is, no returns. $50+?

434 Group of Medals. SM-35f Masada CN 45mm (2), CM-105a Silver 37mm 1980 3rd Arthur Rubinstein Piano Competition by Pablo Picasso (3) and CM-107 Red Magen David Tombac 59mm (2). 7 medals. Sold as is, no returns. $45 ?

*435 Group of 12 Commissioned Medals. 59mm (c. 3 inches). Bronze or Tombac. B'nai B'rith, Hebrew University, Public Transportation, Ashdod Port, Hod Hasharon, 4th Bible, 4th Harp, WIZO, Tel-Aviv Museum, 5th Harp, Metal Working and Mateh Yehuda. CM-20, 21, 23, 27, 28, 38, 40, 43, 46, 56, 71 and 85. A few with minor imperfections, but basically as issued. Our retail price is $85+. The Tel-Aviv Museum piece is the scarcer variety without serial numbers and the 5th Harp is a low mintage piece with only 838 struck. Sold as is, no returns. $50+


In addition to the paper items listed below there are banknotes in Part One of this catalog that could have been listed here. They are: 285--286, 290-331, 334-340, 342-346 and 351-358 plus probably others.

*436 Eliyahu Honig Ashkenazim Kollel. 1902. A handwritten note signed by Eliyahu Honig, the Jewish Postmaster of the Ottoman Post Office of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem. It states that 5 gold Napoleons were received for Turkish postage stamps and purchased by the Committee. See The Shekel Vol XVIII, #1, pages 13-23 for a fine summary in English by Sidney Olson about Kollel notes and page 19 for a reference to Honig's signature as well as Meshorer-Olson #5. Scarce. VF, stain, torn and repaired. This is ex 31E #1340 @$100. $50+

*437 Alfred Dreyfus Letter. Dreyfus was the Jewish artillery officer in the French army, falsely accused and convicted of treason in 1894. The Dreyfus Affair became a cause célèbre when Dreyfus was championed by Emile Zola and other intellectuals. Dreyfus was exonerated in 1906 and restored to his rank of major in the French Army. Autograph Letter signed A Dreyfus one page, in French, 6 3/4 x 5 in. Thursday, (not dated) but in pencil (Oct. 1909). Written to the widow of Emile Zola (he died of carbon monoxide poisoning in 1902), congratulating her on the marriage of Denise Emile-Zola, Zola's daughter by his mistress, Jeanne Rozerot (they also had a son, Jacques), to Maurice Leblond, who was secretary to French Prime Minister Georges Clemençeau. Mme. Zola, who had no children, had adopted her husband's two illegitimate children and given them her husband's name. This is ex Goldberg, #61, #306 (11/10) at $1645 plus fees. $750+?

*438 Kollel Galizien. Austrian Kollel. 1913 for 109 Piastres (1 Gold Napoleon). Signed and sealed, Serial #493. The reverse has notations, handstamps plus a Turkish revenue adhesive stamp. aVF. This is ex-Lot #160 from NASCA's December 1976 Alexander Goldstein Collection Auction where it sold for $135. Scarce. $75+

*439 Rabbinical IOU from Tiberias. Written in Sephardic/Hebrew manuscript with 10 Para Ottoman fiscal stamp tied by oval Hebrew/Latin handstamp of Rabbi Haymin Issachar Abolafia, Rabbincal Court, Tiberias. Dated in old script "Tishrei (September) 1915". Also seen are the handstamps of Rabbi Jacob Waeknin of Tiberias as well as the Central Committee of the Sephardic Jewish Community of Tiberias, plus two more faint handstamps that we can not make out. Two numbers are present at top, 94 and 25. Fine. Scarce. Ex WMR 37a, #1171. $45+?

*440 Matzoh Money. Warsaw Poland. 1916. Good for 225 Gross or 17 1/2 Pounds of Matzoh. Used to raise funds for the Jewish Community, with vignette of school, synagogue or community building at center. Green on off-white paper. Unused and uncirculated with just minimal signs of aging. Ex Pine Tree's Walter Breen Sale, September 1985, Lot 590, Ex 37a Lot 1170 and ex Steven Marcus collection. See The Shekel Vol. XII, #6 p. 8-9 for an excellent article on this note by Dr. Paul Federbush $75+

*441 Matzoh Money of Dr. Moshe Wallach. Paper Token. (c. 3 1/2 x 2"). ND WWI. JTM-CC-3. Unc. During WWI this token was given to the poor as alms at Passover. Addressed to Schlomo Elba, Joseph Solomon, Siminowitz Bros and R. L.Kuperschmidt asking them to supply the bearer with 1/2 rotel (the weight) of clean matzoh for the price of 15.30 Grush. Dr. Wallach destroyed the tokens which were returned to him, thus all that survived were rare. Unc. This uncirculated token is #730 and does not have seal of Dr. Wallach and thus is either a trial note or one that Dr. Wallach forgot to handstamp. I believe that every other one we have seen, either in person or via photo, have had this handstamp. I also believe that all I have seen, have had serial numbers in the 700s. For other charity item related to Passover see above and Lot # 381. (See the Shekel Vol, 3, #3, pages 6 & 7 for even more information by the well known Dov Genachowski). $75+

*442 AUSTRIAN ANTI-SEMITIC NOTGELD. 1920. Loich 50 Heller. 14 notes. Depicts an Austrian householder dismissing a Jewish peddler (with long nose) from his house. At the left are thorns, at the right a snake with a caption, Out with loan sharks and illegal hawkers perhaps meaning thorn should be uprooted and snakes be killed. This lot contains 14 of the 16 different series issued, missing only Series 7 and 12. Au-Unc. Certainly a lot very difficult to duplicate. We've sold individual notes for $65 to $90 each! This is from our Sale 37A, Lot 1216 where it realized $360. $250+?

*443 Arnstadt Anti-Semitic Notgeld. 1921 10 Pfennig. A set of 6 different notes, all with anti-Semitic renditions on the back. Jewish peddler with sack, Jew taking coins out of rear of bird, 2 Jewish women arguing about money, Jewish businessman and his "victim", 2 Jewish businessmen celebrating after a deal and a Jew as a devil. Unc. We usually sell these individually at $20 each! $100+?

*444 Zionist Shekel. Zionist Shekel. 1928. Eretz-Israel. Dull blue on white, Hebrew text on both sides, Eretz-Israel at upper left, purchased in Tel-Aviv for 40 Mils on 27 March 1928. Both the amount and the date handstamped in purple. EF, a few minor stains. Ex 35B #978 $40+?

*445 Group. 1) Herzl Memorial Book. (Herzl Ein Gedenkbuch 25). Published in 1929 on the 25th anniversary of his death. In German and published by Jüdischen Verlags in Berlin for the World Zionist Organizaton and featuring articles by Max Nordau, Achad Haam and Martin Buber as well as Herzl and poems by Israel Zangwill. A 75+ page hardbound book with plates. Book is soiled and somewhat stained but intact; 2) A group of Einstein Memorabilia which includes a card-cover book The Universe of Dr. Einstein by Mark Littmann for the Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake City in 1949, 2 black and white real photo cards with a picture of Einstein facing, a First day Cover and stamp issued Mach 4, 1979 of Einstein stamp and image of him on cover, a postcard sent by Allen Sloane to a collector concerning Sloane's work on an Einstein medal. (Allen Sloane produced a huge, 93mm, medal on the occasion of Einstein's 100th birthday) and a copy of The Shekel (Vol. XIII, #6) of November-December 1980 with Einstein on the cover and numerous articles about Einstein inside. $20+

*446 Collection of cigar and cigarette related items as sold in Palestine & early Israel, mounted in an album. Mainly overseas brands as featured on carton covers, cutouts, including matchbox covers, Palestine mandate revenues etc. Approximately 450 pieces. Mostly obsolete brands. A really neat ephemera collection. Ex 27c #1298 where it sold for $150. $100+

*447 Receipt for a package to Vilma Kohn in Birkenau. A Registered package receipt sent by the American Jewish Distribution Committee via Lisbon to Kohn who resided at block 21/6560 in Birkenau Concentration Camp. The Nazis would only allow packages to be sent to death camps from so-called "neutral" countries. Thus these receipts are usually only found from countries such as Portugal or Switzerland. EF. Birkenau was a sub-camp of Auschwitz. $75

*448 War of Independence. 1948. Paper token for 1 Gallon of Petrol. Issued by the Emergency Committee of the Petrol Department, Tal, Aviv. To be used only at Socony Vacumn Gas Station on Dizengoff street in Tel-Aviv. On the back is a 3 line lined boxed hand-stamp, Token Valid only if date is handstamped 1 June 1948. This token was used just two weeks after David Ben Gurion's Declaration of Independence, while the very young state was under heavy Arab attack. Fine, with two holes punched. Scarce. Ex 32E #1199. $50+

*449 large Group of items: 1) Kupat-AM Bank Ltd. 1958 Share Certificate EF, some stains; 2) World Zionist Org. 1952. 2 different Shekels for Eretz-Israel, 5 Lirot in black & green, 10 Lirot in black & rose. VF, some faults; 3) New Zealand Insurance Co., Fire Policy dated 1949, with Israel 20 Mil revenue and a Jerusalem 10 Mil revenue: 4) Palestine Africa Binyan 1960 Insurance Co., Policy with various revenue and handstamps for a building in Ramat-Gan; 5) 1948 Insurance Document issued by the insurance office of M. S. Cohen, with 50 Mil KH stamp; 6 blank, "pictorial" telegraph greetings, 1948-1957 includes 1948 English PTTP with 14 May 1948 Jaffa handstamp, 3 Arabic telegrams, one with 2 Israeli stamps, another with 3 Israeli stamps (both postmarked 1957) and one blank, 2 different blank Hebrew telegrams; 6) 21 misc. receipts & other financial items, mostly 1930s to 1940s, but at least one each from the 50s and 60s; 7) M. Dizengoff & Co. (Shipping) Ltd., Haifa, Seafarer's Pay Book for Shabtai Toledano, 1950. In English and Hebrew; 8) Attractive donation receipt for the Central Universal Yeshiva of Rabbi Kook, dated 1934 with two small filing holes in center; 9) 7 miscellaneous items including a 1946 registered letter from Cairo to Palestine via MISR Air Line; 10) 9 miscellaneous late Mandate to Israel letters, all on city letterhead & signed by local government officials from Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Netanya, Petah Tikvah, Jerusalem and Ramat Gan, from 1945 to 1968, most from 1950s; 11) 2 Keren Kayemeth letters (1941, 1948) with hand stamps and signatures; 12) Regulations for Magen Organization, 8 page small booklet with olive-green covers, dated April 1930, all in Hebrew, some stains, and cuts. A nice lot of Historical and Financial documents. Sold as is, no returns $125+?

450 About 125 Israel First Day Covers. 1960s. All cacheted, many topics, many with multiple stamps or souvenir sheets. Neat Lot. This is ex 37A, #1135 where it sold for $125 on a $75 estimate $50+

*451 Dan Canteen Tokens. 1960s? A set of 4 paper tokens for coffee and tea. 1) Coffee c. 1 1/4 x 1 1/2" red print on green cardboard with serial number on reverse; 2) Coffee Triangular, same color as #1, w/o serial numbers; 3) Tea c 1 1/2 x 1 1/2" black print on gray cardboard with serial numbers on back along with "19" or "61" handwritten in ink and 4) Tea Triangular, black print on pink cardboard without serial numbers. 4 chits. EF to Unc. Seldom seen. Purchased by "Mr. Philadelphia" from Nielsen-Porter in the 1970s. $40+?

We'll be happy to try to provide more information on any lot or advice on bidding. We ask that you contact us the week before the sale ends. Thank you.

End of sale.