Auction 43A - February 14, 2013

Ancient and World Coins

Auction Sale #43A


This auction is now closed. Please see our list of Prices Realized.


Closing Date and Time:

Thursday, February 14, 2013
9:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time

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TERMS OF SALE   (back to top)

  1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.
  2. Payments are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft, bank wire or approved credit card) in US dollars. See Term #9 for credit card terms. All checks must be written in US dollars on a US bank. We do not accept payment via PayPal. Bidders are responsible for any and all bank charges for bank wires etc.
  3. Auction sales are not approval sales. The bidders assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. Lots may be returned for reasons of improper description only within 3 days of receipt. Lots examined prior to the sale may not be returned for any reasons except authenticity. Late payers forfeit any return privileges.
  4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise.
  5. Bid sheets must be signed.
  6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.
  7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.
  8. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged.
  9. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. However an additional 3% is charged, to help cover our costs, for use of card in auctions and mailbid sales. Please note if you use a credit card and are a new customer, we must be able to confirm your billing address.
  10. Digital photos or scans are available for most individual lots in this sale without charge. We prefer that you ask for this service well before the end of the sale.
  11. All lots with six (6) or more items are sold as is, and are not returnable.
  12. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt unless arrangements are made prior to the close of the sale. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 ½% per month.
  13. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.
  14. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.
  15. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted. Phone bids should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email. We will also try via email to confirm receipt of bids received by any other method.
  16. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots, may and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid whenever possible.
  17. Bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, so please check your bid sheet carefully.
  18. There are no buyer's fees in our sales. The only additional fee charged is for shipping or for use of a credit card or a bank wire.
  19. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk. Shipments of books will be very expensive to overseas addresses.
  20. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a (refundable of course) 25% deposit.
  21. Prices realized will be published shortly after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5 or check our website.
  22. Slabbed (encapsulated) coins, notes, medals or tokens certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned.
  23. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases it may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than estimate. We have made every effort to make our estimates conservative and realistic. In the case of lots with precious metals, bids must be in the neighborhood of the "melt" value of the item at the very least. As we write this, gold is about $1675 per ounce and silver around $31 per ounce. Both markets have been very volatile lately. If in doubt, please ask us.


We will stop taking bids after 9:00 PM Mountain standard time on February 14th, 2013 or as soon as our phone and/or fax stops ringing for 10 minutes. Please do not wait until the last minute and get shut out. No matter when you call, you cannot be guaranteed to be the last bidder because the sale will extend for at least 10 minutes after each call. Once the 10 minutes is over we will turn off the ringers. If time is running late and the phone is busy, I strongly suggest sending us an email or a fax with your bid or bids.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item, as high bids will be reduced to one bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that your really want. If you are unsure of your bidding strategy, please give us a call or contact us by email and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

There is a minimum bid of at least 60% of the estimate on each lot. However in some cases the reserve may be higher than 60% of the estimate although it will never be higher than the estimate. We will always try to make reserves and estimates reasonable and in line with todays market. Of course in many cases lots may be offered so infrequently that our estimates are just educated guesses.

We take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid on any lot, however we will tell you if you are the high bidder at the time of your request. Usually close to ½ of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute. We believe the best bidding strategy is to bid early knowing winning bids will be reduced to the next bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. It's a successful auction when everybody is satisfied with the results: the consignors, the bidders and the auctioneer. Many of our consignors have been consigning material for 20 or more years, others have been buying material from us for as long or longer and are just now disposing of their collection or of parts of their collection. And more than a handful of the successful bidders in our sales of 2012 have been bidding (and buying) in our sales since the 1970's. We must be doing something right.

There are no buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid plus a postage and shipping charge. If you want the convenience of using your credit card or sending us a bank wire, we do charge a small fee to help cover our costs. There are only a few coin dealers who still do not charge a buyer's fee. Some companies charge a 15 to 20% buyer's fee, plus a consignor fee as well.

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

We will have most single lots available for viewing at our bourse tables during the following shows as well as smaller group lots. We will not be bringing bulky, heavy or cumbersome lots unless specifically asked to do so. If there is something you would like us to bring please contact us about a day or so before the show to ensure that we bring the material with us.

January 19, 2013. Jeffco Show. Jefferson County Fairgrounds. 15200 West 6th Avenue, Golden, Colorado. 9 AM to 4 PM. (Off the frontage road north of the 6th Ave. Freeway).

January 26, 2013. Aurora Show. Red Lion Hotel. 3200 So. Parker Road, Aurora, CO. At the corner of I-225 & Parker Road. (Take the Vaughn Way exit off of Parker Rd.). 9 AM to 4 PM.

From January 21st though the close of the sale either Rita or I (usually both of us) will be available in our office for questions about the sale or particular lots. Our usual office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 6 PM Mountain time. As the closing date draws near we will expand our hours. If you call and we are not in, please leave a message with the best time to return your call and we will try to get back to you at your preferred time.

We will confirm all email bids within 24 hours of receiving your bid. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us. We do not confirm bids via mail or fax unless specifically asked to do so. However if we have your email on file we will try to do so. When sending us a bid sheet via regular mail, fax or as an attachment, please write carefully on your bid sheet. And a short description is always helpful to avoid mistakes.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until bids have been checked and invoices have been written. This usually takes 3 to 4 days. We will not be answering the phones until that information is ready. We hope to have the phones open by Tuesday February 19th or if we don't hit any snags perhaps the day before.

As many of you are aware we no longer issue printed Fixed Price Lists via mail (with the possible exception of an Israel/Palestine list later this year). However we plan to have weekly offerings of coins, medals, tokens, paper money, numismatic books, odd & curious money and more. These lists will be available either via an email and/or on our website. If we have your email address we will send you an email reminder when a new list is up or the list will be included with the email. Of course if you don't want to receive these reminders, just let us know and we will remove your email address from our notification list. If you don't have an email account or access to the internet at home I suggest you jog yourself down to your nearest public library and use their computer.

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2013 WINTER AUCTION 43A   (back to top)

Auction 43A has been a long time in the making, but we believe that after these many months it will be well worth the wait. New computers and new software were supposed to make the job easier and faster. Perhaps down the road it will. Of course by that time this software will be out of date and we'll be tempted to upgrade. And to think that in the fall of 1994 when we bought a new state of the art computer system, software, printer, scanner and camera with all the bells and whistles we were mistakenly thinking that would be the last computer system we would need. Now 18 plus years later I can't even count how many times we've "upgraded".

Our ancient Jewish section is highlighted by a coin of Herod Antipas, two of Herod Philip, a very rare large bronze of Agrippa I, two Jewish War (1st Revolt) shekels, 3 Bar Kochba zuzim and some scarce local issue Judaea Capta coins plus a neat Legion XII countermarked coin with 5 countermarks. And the city-coin section is among the finest we've offered in many years.

The ancient Greek section is not large but has a number of significant coins including a silver Hemi-obol from Aigai in Macedonia that is extremely rare and in high grade to boot. Also being offered are two very high grade Alexander the Great drachms as well as a Phoenician "Shekel of Tyre" as well as it's half-shekel counterpart which was the coin used to pay the temple tax in Jerusalem. Both of these coins are of the "late" type often attributed to Jerusalem.

The small Roman coin section is impressive despite the fact that there are relatively few offerings. Of the 8 republican denarii, all are nice and a few are exceptionally attractive and important. The Scarus and Hypsaeus Jewish related denarius (Lot 115) is choice toned EF and perhaps the nicest we've handled. And the next coin is an equally important and high-grade denarius that was struck to help pay Pompey's fleet in the east. There are also a number of high-grade imperial denarii being offered including coins of Vespasian, Titus, Antoninus Pius, Septimius Severus and Julia Domna. Some of these are from a collection formed by a collector with an eye for perfection. We are also offering a number of scarce silver Antoninianii minted in Antioch.

The world coin section is among our finest in a number of years. Among the highlights are various world tokens especially from the Caribbean and Australia. Most of these are being offered in groups and many are still in the original envelopes of the collector who was a meticulous researcher and numismatist. Also in this sale are offerings from two large collections of Latin American coins. One collector specialized in Brazilian coins and numerous silver crowns and smaller size coins from the late 17th century to the late 19th century are available for bidding. There is an especially nice group of early 19th century 960 Reis coins overstruck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reales of the period. On many of these, large portions of the host coin are visible and readable. This collection also has a number of desirable and popular crowns from other Latin American countries. The 2nd collection consists of a large number of 19th and early 20th century 8 Reales and Pesos from various Mexican mints. Many are in high grade, some have chops and in many cases we can trace, and have noted, previous owners.

In addition our Israeli section is unusually large this sale and is highlighted by a 1962 Weizmann gold set of two Proof coins issued without the "Mem". In our last sale we had offered for the first time a similar set and it brought $11,500 in spirited bidding. Now we have an opportunity to offer a 2nd set and we expect similar results. I would doubt very much if another set will appear in the near future. In addition other Israeli offering include numerous large lots of silver commemoratives, seldom offered modern issues as well as some privately issued sets that rarely come up for sale.

The world paper money section is among our finest we've ever offered, highlighted by part II of the New York collection of World War II concentration camp money including issues from Auschwitz, Dachau (3 different notes), Mittelbau (7 notes), Ravensbrück and Mauthausen. In addition we have a huge offering of Lodz Ghetto notes (and coins) consigned to us from the family of a survivor who not only was lucky enough to get out but to be able to bring with him large quantities of notes many with consecutive serial numbers. We are also offering numerous Israeli and Palestine notes including one of the nicest 10 Pound 1929 PCB notes we have ever seen. And two Ching Dynasty Chinese notes, a couple of South Carolina Colonial notes and a large lot of western US Jewish-owned bank checks will be for sale as well.

As usual our Judaic section is chocked full of desirable items. Among the highlights are a number of Biblical jetons, 3 different Johann Reich items including a Gilt Edict of Toleration medal, a desirable Wiener Cologne synagogue medal, a copper Conversion medal given to Jews who converted to Christianity, a highly unusual Yod or Tallit clip made with an ancient Persian Siglos, numerous medals related to the Holocaust and the exceedingly rare gold Exchange National Bank medal.

As usual the sale ends with Judaic and Holocaust related paper. There is a nice lot of checks from Jewish-owned banks from around the world, anti-Semitic notgeld and an Nazi overprinted German Weimar Republic note as well as other paper ephemera from the period. No doubt one of the highlights of the sale is a 50-year collection of documents of two Jewish brothers who survived the war. One immigrated to Argentina and returned to Germany in the 1950s!



*1 PHILISTO-ARABIAN. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.43g). Head of Athena right/Owl standing right, AΘE to right, something to left. SNG ANS-19. VG/VF. Nice reverse. $75+?

*2 SAMARIA. 4th Century BC. Silver Half-Obol (.27g). Kneeling male figure right holding Egyptian crown/Grotesque head facing. SC-46, CS-27. Toned aEF. Rare & choice. $900+

*3 SAMARIA. 4th Century BC. AR Hemi-Obol (.27g). Male head right with long hair/Lion's head facing with open jaws and protruding tongue. SC-163. Toned F+, a bit grainy, minor flan chips. This coin sold for $100 in auction 42A but the winning bidder failed to pay. $100

*4 YEHUD, Persian Period. 4th Century BC. Silver ½ Gerah or ½ Obol (.38g). Lily/Falcon. H-1060, TJC-15. The lily has long been a symbol of Jerusalem, this being one of the earliest examples. Nicely toned VF+, a bit off-center and a tad porous, but certainly as nice or nicer than the Shoshana specimen which sold for over $5000. $1000+

*5 YEHUD, Hellenistic Period. Ptolemy I. 305-282 BC. Silver 1/4 Obol (.15 g). Diademed head of Ptolemy I right/Eagle with wings spread, half turned left, standing on thunderbolt, YHDH in Paleo-Hebrew. H-1087 (438), TJC-438. VG/Nice VF. Toned. The reverse is as nice as one can expect, the obverse not great, but better than usual. Struck from worn dies. $350+

*6 JOHN HYRCANUS I. Æ 1/2 Pruta or Lepton (.89g). Palm branch flanked by four lines of Hebrew/Lily, small "A" monogram to left. H-1134 (458), TJC-C. VF, well centered, green patina. A very nice coin but may be difficult to photograph. $200+

*7 JUDAH ARISTOBULUS I. 104 BC. Æ Prutah (2.25g). Hebrew legend in block letters Yehudah the High Priest & Council of the Jews/Double cornucopia with ribbons, pomegranate between horns. H-1143, AJC-JA3. VF+/VF. Complete legend! One of the nicest of these we've ever had! $250+

*8 ALEXANDER JANNAEUS. Error. 103-76 BC. Æ Lepton (.93g). Star with 8 rays, within a diadem/Upside down anchor within legend and circle of dots. The star side has been double struck! Hen-1150, TJC-K16v. Nice VF. $125+

9 HASMONEAN GROUP. Alexander Jannaeus Lead Prutah (3.83g). Aramaic legend/ Anchor H-1155; Mattathias Antigonus Æ 8 Prutah (16.29g). Double Cornucopia/Legend around wreath. H-1162; Æ 4 Prutah (7.27g). Single cornucopia/Legend in 3 lines and Æ Prutah (1.85g). Legend in wreath/Double cornucopia. 4 coins, the first and last Fine, the other two VG, the large 8 Prutah is one of the heaviest we've encountered. The lead piece is considered by some as the first Jewish-issued token as it was not a regular issue coin. $100

*10 HEROD I, THE GREAT. 40-4 BC. Æ 8 Prutot (6.23g, 22mm). Military helmet, flanked by palm branches, two straps hanging down/Tripod holding ceremonial bowl, date (year 3) to left and monogram to right, Of King Herod around. H-1169, TJC-44. VG/F+, but on rough planchet. $150

*11 HEROD THE GREAT. Æ 8 Prutot (5.53g). Military helmet with cheek pieces & straps, flanked by palm branches/Tripod supporting ceremonial bowl, dated year 3 to left and monogram to right. H-1169, TJC-44. VF, obv a bit o.c. Ex Patrick Tan collection. $450+?

*12 HEROD THE GREAT. Æ Prutah (15mm, 2.61g). Palm branch with objects on either side/Legend around aphlaston (a stern ornament), flanked by date (Year 3). Hen-1172 (489), AJC-5. Fine. $125+

*13 HEROD THE GREAT. Æ Prutah (1.15g). Legend in wreath/Anchor in laurel wreath. Scarce type. H-1173, TJC-60, AJC-18. Fine. $200+

*14 HEROD ANTIPAS. AE 1/8 Unit (10.5mm, 1.13g). TC within wreath/Palm branch, dated year 33 (29/30 AD). H-1206 (515), AJC-8, TJC-82. VG & very rare. $325

*15 HEROD PHILIP. 4 BC - 34 AD. Æ18.5 (4.68g). Head of Augustus right/Temple of Augusteum of Paneas, countermark at neck. H-1223a. The significance of the Φ most likely refers to Herod Philip since neither his portrait nor his name appears on the coin. Fair but c/m F. Also in this lot are Herod the Great. 4 Prutot (4.52g). Shield with decorated rim/ Crested helmet. H-1170 (487). F, but rough field; Herod the Great Æ 2 Prutot (2.38g) Cross in closed diadem/Tripod table H-1178 G-VG and Herod Archelaus Æ Prutah (2.12g). Crested helmet/Bunch of grapes. H-1196. 4 coins, all lower grade but the 1st is rare. $125+

*16 HEROD PHILIP. 4 BC - 34 AD. Æ15 (2.91g). Draped bust of Livia right, legend around/ Hand holds 3 ears of grain, legend around. Struck year 34. Hen-1231, AJC-1, TJC-107. VG/F. Very rare. 1st we can recall offering in 5 years or so. With old collector tag. $650

*17 AGRIPPA I. 37-44 AD. Æ Prutah (2.84g). Of King Agrippa around umbrella-like canopy/ Wheat ears, LS = Year 6 (41-42 AD). Hen-1244, TJC-120, AJC-11. VF with distinct flan handle which clearly shows how most Jewish Prutah were produced. $225

*18 AGRIPPA I. Æ 24 (15.18g). Laureate Head of Claudius right, legend around/Temple containing Agrippa & Claudius standing & facing each other and holding circular objects, another figure kneels below, while a torso in center holds another object, LZ (year 7) in pediment. Commemorates treaty between Rome & Judaea. H-1245, AJC-8, TJC-121. F/VG, with some pitting. Extremely rare, even more so without a countermark. We have sold this coin, or a similar one with a different date, 4 times in the past 20 years. All have sold for at least $2250! Two collector tags included. $1250+

*19 COPONIUS, Procurator under Augustus, 27 BC-14 AD. Æ Prutah (2.07g, 15mm). Ear of grain/palm tree, dated year 36 (5/6 AD). H-1328, TJC-311. The first procurator who issued coins and the most difficult procurator to find. Choice VF. $350

*20 VALERIUS GRATUS, Procurator under Tiberius. 16-26 AD. Æ Prutah (1.55g). Julia in two lines in wreath/3 Lilies flanked by date, year 3 (16-17 AD). Hen-1335, AJC-12, TJC-321. Choice VF. $100+

*21 ANTONIUS FELIX, Procurator under Claudius. 52-60 AD. Æ Prutah (2.66g). Crossed spears and shields/6-branched palm tree, year 14 (54 AD) and BPIT above for Britannicus, the younger son of Claudius. Hen-1348, AJC-29, TJC-340. Nice VF. Almost all coins naming Britannicus, who was probably poisoned by Nero, are very pricey, especially in nice grades. This is one of the few "affordable" types. $100+

*22 PAIR OF PROCURATOR COINS. Pontius Pilate. 26-36 AD Æ Lepton? (.85g). Lituus/ LIZ (?) in wreath. H-1342v and Antonius Felix 52-60 Prutah (1.76g) Two spears & shields crossed/Palm tree, date. H-1348. 2 coins, F-VF. The Pontius Pilate coin is very light weight and only one letter of the date is on the flan giving us the very real impression that this is a Barbaric striking of this coin. $100+?

*23 JEWISH WAR (FIRST REVOLT). 66-70 AD. (Year 2). Silver Shekel (13.86g). Shekel of Israel around chalice with pearled rim, Year 2/Jerusalem the Holy around sprig of 3 pomegranates. Top of pomegranate points to Mem. H-1358, AJC-8. Gd VF, a touch of porosity. $4500+

*24 JEWISH WAR (FIRST REVOLT). 66-70 AD. (Year 3). Silver Shekel (14.19g). Shekel of Israel around chalice with pearled rim, Year 3/Jerusalem the Holy around sprig of 3 pomegranates. Top of pomegranate points to Yod. H-1361, AJC-18v. Toned EF/Ch. EF, obverse a bit off-center. $5750+

*25 JEWISH WAR. Æ 1/8 Shekel (19mm, 5.45g). Lulav branch, flanked by etrogs on each side, Year Four/Chalice with pearled rim, to the redemption of Zion. H-1369 (670). Nice VF, well centered, with only 2 letters at upper right (Lamed, Aleph) being very weak. $250

26 JEWISH WAR. Trio of Coins. Year 2 Æ Prutah (2.52g). Amphora without lid/Vine Leaf; Year 3 Æ Prutah (2.33g) Amphora with lid/Vine leaf and Year 4 1/8 Shekel (4.94g) Lulav flanked by etrog/Chalice. 3 coins, Fine or better, the 3rd off-center on lulav side. H-1360, 1363 & 1369. The year 3 Prutah is significantly scarcer than year 2. $125+?

*27 BAR KOCHBA REVOLT. 132-135, Undated attributed to year 3. Silver Denarius (3.00g). Shimon in 5 letters & 2 lines within wreath of 8 almonds/3-stringed lyre, with "Yod" at very top of lyre, for the freedom of Jerusalem. Hen-1419, Mild-70. Toned Gd VF. $900+

*28 BAR KOCHBA REVOLT. Undated, attributed to year 3. Silver Zuz or Denarius (3.35g). Shimon (or Simna according to the arrangement of the letters) in five letters & dot in center/ fluted jug with willow branch at right. Hen-1427, Mild-135. VF, with parts of host coin visible. Nice coin! We can see a partial bust and some legend on the jug side and what looks to be the forepart of a horse on the other side. $750+

*29 BAR KOCHBA REVOLT. Silver Zuz or Denarius (2.79g). Bunch of grapes/Elongated lyre with 3 strings. H-1435, Mild-172. Overstruck on a Trajan Drachm of Bostra. Nice VF. Considerable portions of the legend from the host coin are visible on both sides of this coin, most especially the obverse that can be seen on the lyre side and even the outline of the emperor's head. On the other side we see a partial Greek legend as well. $600+?

*30 BAR KOCHBA REVOLT. Æ Small bronze (19mm, 5.90g). Shimon across field, palm tree/Bunch of grapes, for the freedom of Jerusalem. H-1440 (739), Mild-160. VF. This is the scarcest of the 3 Mildenberg types of year 3 small bronzes. $175+?

31 BAR KOCHBA REVOLT. Pair of Middle bronze coins. Year 1 (7.42g) Palm branch in wreath/Lyre. H-1377 and undated (year 3) (8.99g). Palm tree/Vine Leaf. H-1437. Both VG to Fine or so with corrosion but enough detail to identify the general types. The first coin is scarce. $150+

*32 JUDAEA CAPTA, Domitian. 81-96 Æ12 (1.47g) of Caesarea. Laureate head of Domitian right/Rudder. Hen-1453, AJC-4, TJC-389. VF, a touch off-center. A rare coin which is seldom seen so nice. We sold the late George Fisher a similar one for $650 in 2001. $400

*33 JUDAEA CAPTA, Domitian. Æ25 (13.88g). Laureate head right/Nike in flowing gown advances left holding wreath and small trophy. H-1459, TJC-395, AJC-10. Nice VF, attractive dark brown patina. Collector tags included. One of the scarcer of the local Judaea Capta issues and the nicest we can recall seeing. $500+

*34 LEGION 12 COUNTERMARK. 1st Century AD. Æ23 (11.91g). Struck on Antioch coin of Augustus with 5 countermarks on coin, two of 12th Roman legion, one of an ear of grain, one of an anchor and an uncertain one. Rare. Hen-1616. Coin Gd/poor, C/m F-VF. Ex Steve Gerson collection. Sold in Gemini sale of January 2010 for $1035. $900

35 PAIR OF JUDAEA CAPTA coins of Domitian. 1). Æ29 (15.67g) Laureate head r/ Minerva stg. r. on galley, with shield in l. hand, spear in right, on left is a trophy, palm branch to r. 2) Æ22 (9.19g) Head of Domitian l/Minerva advancing l, holding trophy, shield and spear. H-1454 & 1455. 2 coins, the first VG/GF but porous, the F/VG. $100+

36 GROUP OF 3 COINS. Bar Kochba Middle Bronze Palm Tree/Vine Leaf; Judaea Capta Titus/Trophy, a bronze struck at Caesarea H-1449; and bronze Judaea Capta of Domitian with palm tree on reverse and a countermark on neck, the last similar to H-1458 (746), TJC-394a. 3 coins, Good to VG, all a bit rough, the last rare. $150+


*37 ABILA, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. Æ28 (16.65g). Laureate bust of Aurelius right/ Tyche standing right within arch supported by two columns being crowned by Nike, two small figures (Victories?) below. Ros-1, Spike-1. Fine/aF a bit porous. Extremely rare. I cannot recall ever offering this coin. $375+?

*38 ABILA, Commodus. 177-192. Æ24 (8.34g). Bust of Commodus right/Hercules stg. right, leaning on club, resting on rock, cover with lion's skin. Ros-15, Sp-13. VF. $275

*39 AELIA CAPITOLINA, Antoninus Pius. Æ22. Laureate head of emperor right/Draped bust of Sarapis right. Kad-19, Mesh-29 but unlisted in Rosenberger. F-VF. Scarce type. $225+

40 AELIA CAPITOLINA, Severus Alexander. 222-235. Æ23 (8.55g). Laureate bust right/ Tyche seated left holding cornucopia. Ros-83, Mesh-148. aF/VG. $225+

*41 AKKO-PTOEMAIS, Hadrian. 117-138. Æ19 (7.08g). Laureate bust right/Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia. Ros-49, Kad-107. VF. $200+

*42 AKKO-PTOLEMAIS, Time of Claudius. 41-54. Æ16 (3.30g). Bust of Zeus right/ Upright club, COL PTO L around. R-45, Kad-91. VF, green-brown patina. $100+

For a related Akko-Ptolemais coin, see Lot #99.

*43 BOSTRA, Commodus. 177-192. Æ13 (1.28g). His bust right/Bust of turreted Tyche right. Ros-24, Sp-29. Gd Fine. $225+

*44 BOSTRA, Septimius Severus. 193-211. Æ27 (12.51g). Laureate bust of Severus right/ Tyche standing right within Tetra-style temple with central arch. Year 104 or 209/210 AD. Ros-28, Sp-33, Kindler-26. VF, flan a bit irregular. Rare. I have no record of offering any Septimius Severus coin from Bostra! $400+

*45 BOSTRA, Philip I. 244-249. Æ29 (17.40g). Laur. bust of Philip right/Draped bust of Zeus-Ammon right wearing Kalathos. Ros-50, Sp-56. VF. $250+

*46 CAESAREA, Trajan. 98-117. Æ24 (14.74g). Laureate head right/Emperor standing left holding cornucopia in left hand and pouring libation over tripod-altar. Ros-20, Kad-23. Nice VF. $150+

*47 CAESAREA, Trajan. Æ13 (2.42g). Laureate head right/Lion walking right. Ros-22, Kad-24. F-F+. Scarce little coin. $125+

*48 CAESAREA, Diadumenian. 217-218. Æ24.5 (6.30g). Bare head right/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-67, Kad-78. Very attractive, nice VF. Exceptional condition. $325+

*49 CAESAREA, Herennia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius. Died 253? Æ21 (7.18g). Draped bust of Herennia Etruscilla right/Turreted bust of Tyche right. Ros-134, Kad-163. VF, green-brown patina. Scarce coin, I can recall only offering this once before. $175+

*50 CAESAREA, Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253. Æ23 (13.52g). Laureate bust right/Two eagles standing to either side of standard, AI in ex. Ros-178. Fine, green-brownish patina. Scarce. $125+?

*51 CAESAREA, Commodus. 177-192. Æ24 (11.51g). Laureate bust of Commodus right/ Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-45v, Kad-59v. Gd Fine/VF, seldom seen this nice. Ex Superior Moreira Collection #1, Lot 1605 @$350+. $150+

*52 CAPITOLIAS, Commodus. 177-192. Æ18 (3.54g). Bare head right/Dionysus standing left, pouring wine from oenochoe (jug). Year 93 = 190/191 AD. Ros-12, Spike-12. Choice VF. A rare coin in high grade. We haven't offered this coin in almost 18 years! $300+

*53 DIOSPOLIS (LOD). Julia Domna, wife of Septemius Severus. Æ25 (10.54g). Draped bust of Julia Domna right/Veiled bust of Demeter wearing kalathos (basket-like tall head-dress) left, holding torch to light the underworld. Ros-3, Mesh-156. F+. Extremely rare. $500

*54 DIUM, Caracalla. 198-217. Æ26.5 (14.30g). His bust right/6-columned temple with eagle and flame-altar. Yr 268 = 204/205 AD. Ros-1, Sp-1 VF. $450+

*55 DORA, Trajan. 98-117. Æ15 (3.30g). Bust right/War Galley. Year 175 = 111/112 AD. Ros-28, Mesh-20. VF, a bit off-center. $125+?

*56 DORA, Hadrian. 117-138. Æ24.5 (11.72g). Laureate bust of Hadrian right/Laureate bust of Doras right. Dated year 180 = 116/117 AD. Ros-31, BMC-37. aVF/VF. Ex Superior May 30, 1990 Auction Lot #6986 where it sold for almost $300. $175+

*57 GABA, Trajan. 98-117. Æ21 (8.76g). Laureate head of Trajan right/Tyche standing left holding staff and cornucopia, year 171 = 110-111. Ros-unlisted (he lists no Gaba coins of Trajan), this is supposedly in the (as of this writing) yet to be published, but long promised, Sofaer collection, plate 41, #16. Fine, very rare. $250+

*58 GABA, Diadumenian. 217/218 as Caesar. Bare-headed and draped bust right/Warrior standing left. Ros-20. Fine and extremely rare. I cannot ever recall seeing this coin before! $250+?

*59 GADARA, Claudius. 41-54. Æ16 (4.68g). Bare-headed bust right/Turreted bust of Tyche right, LHP = 108 = 44/45 AD. Ros-21, Sp-16. Choice VF. Much nicer than usually seen. $300+?

*60 GADARA, Nero. 54-68. Æ23 (11.93g). Head of Nero right/Tyche standing left, holding wreath and cornucopia. Ros-28, Sp-122, RPC-4822. VF. $200+

*61 GADARA, Crispina, wife of Commodus. Æ19.5 (6.44g). Draped bust of Crispina right/ Bust of Zeus right. Year 243 = 179/180 AD. Ros-68, Spike-67. Choice VF+. Rosenberger tentatively identified the figure on the reverse as Hercules, but his example was in poor condition. Higher grades specimens such as this, clearly show that it is Zeus who is represented on the reverse. $250+

*62 GADARA, Julia Domna, wife of Septemius Severus. Died 217. Æ21 (6.87g). Her draped bust right/Tyche standing right, between two columns, holding scepter and cornucopia, small figure of Nike on short column before and small figure on pedestal behind. Year 278 = 214/215 AD. Ros-72, Spik-71. aVF. Ex Superior May 1990, #6988 @$350+. Very scarce. $175+

*63 GAZA, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. Æ21 (6.91g). Laureate bust right/Tyche standing left with scepter and cornucopia, dated 224 = 163/164 AD, Mem at around 5 PM on the reverse. Ros-95ff. VF. $325+

*64 GAZA, Lucius Verus. 161-169. Æ17 (3.84g). Bare head of Lucius Verus right/Bare head of Hercules right, club below, dated 224 = 163/164 AD with Gaza mintmark Mem to right. Ros-Supplement-9v, SNG ANS-934. Choice VF, nice green-brown patina, just a tad off-center. Ex Superior May 1990 #6991 @ $220. $125+?

*65 GERASA, Lucius Verus. 161-169. Æ11 (3.97g). Bust left/Bust of Artemis-Tyche right, quiver at shoulder. Sp-18, Ros-22. VF, desert patina. $250

*66 HIPPOS-SUSSITA, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. Æ24 (9.26g). Laureate bust right/Tyche standing left holding horse by bridle and cornucopia. Ros-9, Spike-8. VF. $250+

*67 NEAPOLIS, Domitian. 81-96. Æ14.5 (2.64g). Laureate bust right/Two corn ears on one stalk, legend, date LA1 = 11 = 82/83 AD. BMC-17, SNG ANS-964. GVF. $150

*68 NEAPOLIS, Faustina Jr. Died 175. Æ28 (13.42g). Draped bust right/Tyche, standing to front, wearing turreted crown, resting on rudder and holding cornucopia. Ros-21. Fine, minor pitting. $100+

*69 NEAPOLIS, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ21.5 (4.70g). Laureate bust of Elagabalus right/ Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-47, BMC-106. VF. Scarce coin. $150+

*70 NEAPOLIS, Julia Soaemias, mother of Elagabalus. Æ17 (4.30g). Draped bust right/ Tyche standing, resting on rudder and holding cornucopia. Ros-67. Nice VF, ex Superior Fred Casterline Sale, Lot 6153. May 1989. $150+?

*71 NEAPOLIS, Philip I. 244-249. Æ16.5 (3.06g). Draped bust right/Sarapis standing l., holding scepter & raising arm. Ros-86. F-VF, some porosity. $225+

*72 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS (BEIT SHEAN), Pseudo-Autonomous coinage. Æ18.5, (6.31g). Head of Dionysus right, with countermark of male head right at neck and L to left (EIP to right missing)/4-line legend. Struck year 115 or 51/52 AD. Spijk-3, Barkay-10, Ros-5. Both coin and countermark are choice VF, thus an extremely high grade for this coin which is usually found poorly preserved. $1000+

*73 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS. Time of Claudius 41-54 AD. Æ13 (2.90g). 3 ears of barley with 5 seeds each/City-goddess standing, dated year 110 = 46/47 AD. Spijk-3a, Barkay-11, Ros-unl. Fine & rare. $175?

*74 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS. Julia Domna, wife of Septmius Severus. Died 217 AD. Æ26 (9.13g). Her draped bust right/Kore-Persephone (or Athena) and Demeter standing, date in exergue. OC = 270 = 206/207 AD. Spike-27, Barkay-43, Ros-unlisted. Fine, albeit a bit rough, but nicer than the two published examples cited. Rare! We have no record of having this coin before. $250+

*75 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS, Gordian III. 238-244. Æ24 (12.80g). Bust right/Tyche, as Nysa, seated in high back chair, nursing infant Dionysus, in exergue partially off-flan, ΔT = 304 = 240/241. Barkay 79b, Sp-58. F-VF, a bit o.c. $150+

*76 PANIAS, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Æ19, (5.97g). Bust of Tyche right/4-line inscription including date (172 = 169 AD) in wreath. Ros-15, INJ-8,1. VF/aEF, a bit porous on obverse. Rare. I can only recall selling one other similar coin in recent years. In early 2010, we sold one in comparable condition via a fixed price list for $465. $350+

*77 PANIAS, Plautilla, wife of Caracalla. Died 211. Æ24.5 (13.87g). Draped bust right/Tyche seated right, holding ear of barley. ΔC to either side = year 204 = 201 AD. Ros-30, INS-8, #26. Gd Fine and rare. I don't think I've ever had this coin before. $400+

*78 PELLA, Commodus. 177-192. Æ23.5 (11.48g). Laureate bust right/ Tyche seated right on rock, holding reed of corn, river-god swimming below, SMC = 246 = 182/3. Ros.-8, Spjk-7. Gd. Fine, green-brown patina. $600

*79 PETRA, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ19.5 (5.95g). Laureate bust of emperor right/Emperor, as founder, plowing with two oxen right. Ros-35, Sp-56. Attractive VF, flaw on cheek, bit rough. $100+?

*80 PHILADELPHIA, (Ammon) Hadrian. 117-138. Æ23 (9.43g). Laureate bust right/Bust of Tyche wearing turreted crown right. Sp-16, Ros-14. VF, desert patina. $250+

*81 PHILADELPHIA, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Æ16 (2.74g). His bare-headed youthful bust right/Draped and helmeted bust of Athena right. Struck with Aurelius as Caesar. Ros-21, Spike-34 (Commodus). Nice VF with green patina. A wonderful little coin. Ex Superior May 1990 #7003 @$253. $175?

*82 PHILADELPHIA, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ15 (4.38g). Laureate bust of Elagabalus right/Bust of Asteria right. Ros-49, Spijk-47. VF. Rare and seldom offered coin. I have not offered this coin for sale in almost 18 years when I had an inferior example from the Sugar collection. $150

*83 SEBASTE, Julia Domna, wife of Septemius Severus. Died 217 AD. Æ25 (10.05g). Her bust right/Kore standing facing, holding torch and ears of grains, cista mystica to l. SNG ANS-1079v, M-119v. VF. Nice portrait. $150+

*84 GROUP OF CITY COINS. 1) Caesarea, Hadrian Æ24 (10.77g) Bust of Hadrian r/Bust of Sarapis r.; 2) Neapolis, Elagabalus Æ23 (13.43g). Bust right/Mt. Gerizim; 3) Sepphoris, Trajan Æ26 (15.48g). Bust right/2-line legend in wreath. 3 coins, VG-F, the 3rd the nicest. $100+

Please keep in mind that there are no buyer's fee in our sales. Your final price is what you bid, or usually less as we reduce high bids to one increment over the 2nd high bid.


*85 MACEDONIA, Aigai (Aegae) Alexander I. 500-480 BC. Silver Hemiobol (.30g). Goat's head right, with dotted truncation/4-part incuse square. Extremely rare, perhaps unpublished. Weber-1841 (sim). Choice VF+. See Gemini, IX, #14 where a similar piece sold for $1100 plus buyer's fee. Our example looks nicer. $750+

*86 MACEDON, Tragilos. 450-400 BC. Silver Hemiobol (.37g). Ear of corn/T-R-I-A in four quarters of incuse square. Weber-1983, BMC-1. Choice VF+. Much nicer than most seen. There is a similar hemiobol from Tragilos with a bunch of grapes instead of the ear of corn that is more common than this type. $375

*87 MACEDON KINGDOM, Alexander III, the Great. 336-323 BC (c. 175-125). Silver Tetradrachm (16.43g). Head of Hercules right, wearing lion's skin head-dress/Zeus seated left holding eagle and scepter, Corinthian helmet above MA, monogram below. Mesembria mint, broad struck Price-1082. VF, obv. double struck. Somewhat crimped at top. $250

*88 MACEDONIAN KINGS, Alexander III, the Great. 336-323 BC. (c. 310-301). Silver Drachm (4.20g). Head of Hercules (as Alexander) right, clad in lion's skin/Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle & scepter, crescent at left, Π below. Colophon mint. Price-1813, Cop-919. Ch. toned VF+. A really nice coin that would almost certainly come back at a higher grade if sent for slabbing. Ex Tom McKenna. $425+

*89 MACEDONIAN KINGS, Alexander III, the Great. 336-323 BC (c.310-301). Silver Drachm (4.06g). Head of Hercules (as Alexander) right, clad in lion's skin/Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle & scepter, monogram at left, crescent below. Colophon mint. Price-1825, Müller-275. Toned EF. Another choice Colophon drachm even nicer than above. $425+

*90 SARMATIA, Olbia. 400-350 BC. Æ (1.54g) Dolphin coin. Eye, Fin and Spine. SG-1084, Opitz-p.227. VF. $50

*91 THRACE, Lysimachos. 323-281 BC (288-281). Silver Tetradrachm (16.32g) of Amphipolis. Head of Alexander the Great right/Athena seated left, holding Nike and resting arm on shield, caduceus in front, monogram behind. SG-6815. VF, tooled, metal peeling, but decent portrait. $250

*92 THRACE, Thasos. 411-350 BC. Silver Trihemiobol (.72g). Satyr kneeling right carrying Kantharos/Legend on either side of Amphora with handles. SNG Cop-1031. aVF, some porosity. While this general type cannot be considered rare, those specimens with the Satyr kneeling right instead of left are seldom encountered. $200+

*93 PHOKAIA, Phokis. 48-421 BC. Silver Hemidrachm (2.85g). Facing head of bull/Head of Artemis in shallow incuse square right. BMC-31, SG-2348. Toned VF/F, light porosity. $150

*94 BOETIA, Thebes. 387-374 BC. Silver Hemidrachm (2.41). Boetian shield/Amphora in incuse square. SNG Cop-262. aVF. $150

*95 CORINTHIA, Corinth. 345-307 BC. Silver Stater (8.59g). Pegasus flying left, symbol below/Laureate and helmeted head of Athena left, astragalos (knuckle bone) behind. Ravel-1039d, SNG Cop-58v. Nice toned VF. Ex Hesperia Art inventory. $750

*96 IONIA, Miletos. 6th-5th Century BC. Silver Obol (1.11g). Lion's head left/Floral pattern. As SG-3532. VF. $75

*97 CARIA, Rhodos. 394-304 BC. Silver Didrachm (6.71g). Head of Helios facing slightly to right/Rose with bud on stem to right, bunch of grapes and E to left, ΟΔΙΟΝ above, all in incuse square. SNG Cop-728, SG-5037. aF. $175+

*98 CILICIA, Tarsos, Datames. 384-362 BC (378-372). Silver Stater (10.09g). Baaltars, seated right, head facing BLTRZ in Aramaic left/Sky-God ANA on left pointing right, Datames on right standing left, thymiaterion (incense burner) between them. SNG Cop-301, SG-5646. EF, minor metal problems. $450+

*99 SELEUKID KINGS, Antiochus IV. 175-164 BC. Æ12 Serrated edge (1.94g). Struck at Akko-Ptolemais. His radiate head right, monogram behind/Veiled female figure standing facing, holding long scepter. SNG Israel-1136, Houghton-792. Nice VF. Ex Superior, Moreira Collection #1, Lot #1596 @$154. $100?

*100 SELEUKID KINGS, Antiochus VII. 132-129 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (16.63g), Antioch mint. Head of Antiochus right/Athena standing left, holding Nike in right hand, monograms to left and right. SNG Israel-1862, Hoover-1067d. Gd VF+ $400

*101 PHOENICIA, Tyre. After 126 BC (after 19 BC). Silver 1/2 Shekel (6.21g). Laureate head of Melkarth right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, club to left, date blundered, but KP monogram clear. "Inexpensive" Jerusalem type temple tax coin. H-1621. aF. $400+

*102 PHOENICIA. Tyre. After 126 BC (Year 173 = 47/48 AD). Silver Shekel (13.06g). Head of Melkarth right/Eagle standing left, right foot on prow, palm branch over shoulder, club to left, date POΓ above, KP & Monogram to right. H-1620, RPC-4672A (supp), Prieur-, BMC-. F/VF, obv bit o.c. Rare date, 1st published in 1998 and only 2nd we are aware of. The 30 Pieces of silver, Shekel of Tyre. This is the late Jerusalem type Shekel. $500+

*103 MOESIA INFERIOR, Tomis. Philip II. 247-249. AE 27 (14.53g). Bare head of Philip on left & Sarapis on right, facing each other/Nemesis-Aquitas standing holding scales and cornucopia. aVF, some flat spots. $70+?

*104 THRACE, Anchialus. Septemius Severus. 193-211 AD. AE26 (11.63g). Laureate bust right/Homonoia standing left holding cornucopia and patara. SNG Cop-433. VF, hard green patina. $100+

*105 IONIA, Smyrna. Gordian to Valerian. Mid 3rd Cent AD. AE26 (8.83g). Head of Senate right/Homonoia standing left holding patera and cornucopia in border of dots. BMC-14, 247. Cop-1326. Fine. Old collector tag included. $50+

*106 SYRIA, Seleucis & Pierea, Antioch ad Orontem, Under the Romans. 56-57 AD. Æ19 (5.49g). Bust of Tyche right/Ram leaping looking back at star and crescent. It is the theory of Dr. Michael Molner (and others) that the star depicted is the "Star of Bethlehem". BMC-75, SNG Cop-101. VG/F, bit rough. $70+

*107 SYRIA, Seleucis & Pierea, Antioch ad Orontem, Trajan Decius. 249-251. AE Tetradrachm (9.72g). Laureate bust right, 3 pellets under bust/Eagle standing left on club. Prieur-572a. F-VF. $50+

*108 ROMAN EGYPT, Alexandria. Agrippina, Jr., wife of Claudius (and his niece!), mother of Nero. Died 59 AD. AE Diobol (25mm, 12.85g). Bust of Agrippina Jr. right/Bust of Euthenia right. Date is unclear, but presumably year 13. Emm-103, Milne-124. G/VG and rare. Ex Christian Blom. This coin sold for $110 in our Sale 42A but the successful bidder, despite repeated promises, has yet to pay. $100+

*109 ROMAN EGYPT, Alexandria, Vespasian. 69-79. Bi Tetradrachm (12.85g). Laureate bust right, LB = Year 2/Alexandria standing left, wearing elephant cap, holding wreath and scepter. E-202, M-397, C-247ff (but unlisted date). Fine. Rare. $125+


*110 M. CIPIUS M.F. 115-114 BC. Silver Denarius (3.85g). Helmeted head of Roma right, X behind/Victory in Biga right, holding palm-branch, rudder below. This type is almost always seen on a small flan such as this. Cipia-1, SR-166. Ch. toned VF. $200+

*111 MN. AEMILIUS LEPIDUS. 114-113 BC. Silver Denarius (3.84g.) Laureate and diademed head of Roma right, star behind, ROMA before/Equestrian statue right, horseman holding spear, on base formed by triple arch L-E-P. SR-168, Aemilia-7. Choice VF+. $450+

*112 L. THORIUS BALBUS. 105 BC. Silver Denarius (4.19g). Head of Juno Sospita right, clad in goat's skin, ISMR behind/Bull charging right, control letter O above, L. THORIVS below, BALBVS in ex. SR-192, Thoria-1. Ch. toned VF+. The moneyer was a native of Laniuvium where Juno was viewed as the protector of woman, especially those who were pregnant. $200+

*113 C. SULPICIUS C.F. GALBA. 106 BC. Silver Denarius (3.68g) Serrate. Conjoined head of the Dei Penates left/The 2 Dei Penates standing, facing each other, sow between them. Unusual type. SR-189, Sulpicia-1. VF, bit grainy. The Dei Penates were the "protectors of the household", perhaps more specifically protectors of the pantry. $200

*114 L. CASSIUS LONGINUS. 63 BC. Silver Denarius (3.90g). Veiled head of Vesta left, 2-handed cup behind, control letter A in front/Togate citizen standing left, depositing ballet in voting box, LONGIN III V behind. Cassia-10, SR-364. Toned GVF/VF, rev. bit o.c. A popular, but unusual type, with the citizen doing something that Americans take for granted. $325

*115 M. AEMILIUS SCARUS & P. PLATIUS HYPSAEUS. 58 BC. Silver Denarius (3.93g). King Aretas kneeling right beside camel, presenting olive-branch/Jupiter in quadriga left, brandishing thunderbolt, scorpion below. Having to do with the battles between brothers Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II in Judaea. SR-378, Aemilia-9, Hen-1441. Ch. Toned EF. This is one of the nicest of these we can recall seeing. An important addition to any collection of Republic and/or Jewish reference coins. $450+

*116 Q. SICINIUS & C. COPONIUS. c.49 BC. Silver Denarius (3.84g). Diademed head of Apollo right, star below/Club draped with lion's skin, between arrow & bow. Struck to help pay Pompey's fleet in the east. SR-413, Sicinia-1. Ch. toned EF. A scarce and important coin in high grade! $1050+

*117 C. VIBIUS C.F. C.N. PANSA. 48 BC. Silver Denarius (3.91g). Mask of bearded Pan right, PANSA below, pedum (staff of Apollo) behind/Jupiter Anxurus seated left holding patera and scepter. Vibia-19, SR-420. Ch. toned VF+, tad off-center. Very attractive. $450

*118 OCTAVIAN. c. 30-29 BC. Silver Denarius (3.38g). Bare head of Octavian right, no legend/IMP CAESAR on Actian arch, surmounted by large statue of Octavian in facing quadriga. SR-1558, RSC-123. Toned Fine, a bit rough with some scratches in obverse field and a flan flaw on reverse. $200+

*119 AUGUSTUS. 27 BC-14 AD. Silver Denarius (3.24g). Bare head of Augustus right/ Young heifer right. SR-1593, RIC-475. VG-F. Well centered and well struck, very decent for grade. An affordable example of a beautifully designed and popular coin. $300

*120 TIBERIUS. 14-37 AE As (10.55g). Laur. head of Tiberius left/S-C either side of winged caduceus. SR-1771, RIC-59. Choice VF. $350+

*121 VESPASIAN. 69-79 AD. Ephesus mint. Silver Denarius (3.30g). Laureate bust right/ Turreted and draped female bust right PACI ORB TERR AVG. A rare provincial series coin. SR-2274, RIC-334, RPC-821. EF, with excess metal from mis-strike. Two outstanding portraits. A slightly nicer piece sold at Goldberg's for $1050+ in 9/12. $750

*122 TITUS (as Augustus). 79-81. Silver Denarius (3.37g). Laureate bust right/Winged thunderbolt on draped seat or table, Pulvinar (throne) of Jupiter and Juno. SR-2513, RSC-316, RIC-23a. Ch. EF+, bit o.c. $550+

*123 NERVA. 96-98. Silver Denarius (3.62g). Laureate bust right/Salus enthroned left, holding corn-ears. SR-3035, RIC-20, C-134. VF/F, weakly struck on reverse. $175

*124 TRAJAN. 98-117 AD. Æ Sestertius (27.25g). Laureate and draped bust right/Trajan galloping right, brandishing spear at Dacian warrior who is being trampled by horse. SR-3204, RIC-434. F+/VG. $75

*125 HADRIAN. 117-138. Silver Denarius (3.16g). Laureate bust right/Victory alighting right, holding trophy with both hands. Scarce reverse. SR-3527, RIC-101, C-1131. Choice VF. Some coins of Hadrian which depict Victory (usually Victory-Nemesis) can be considered Bar Kochba Victory coins. This coin was struck c. 119-122, well before the Bar Kochba war began. $325

*126 ANTONINUS PIUS. 138-161. Silver Denarius (3.48g). Laureate bust right/Clasped hands holding caduceus between two grain stalks. SR-4078, RIC-136, C-344. Virtually as struck. $575

*127 DIVA FAUSTINA, deified wife of M. Aurelius. Died 175 AD. Æ Sestertius (26.08g). Veiled draped bust right/Diana standing right, holding torch, crescent behind neck, SIDERIBVS RECEPTA SC. RIC-1715, SR-5233v. VG, rough. Scarce. $100+

*128 LUCILLA, wife of Lucius Verus. Died 182 AD. AE Sestertius (22.66g). Draped bust of Lucilla right/Fecunditas seated right, holding child at breast; child before and behind her. SR-5499, RIC-1736. Gd Fine/Fine, nice green patina, reverse a bit rough. $75

*129 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS. 193-211. Silver Denarius (3.07g). Laureate bust right/Victory seated left on shield, resting another shield on knee and holding palm in left. SR-6385, RIC-335, C-731. Ch. EF+, lightly toned. Commemorates Roman success in northern Britain, although Severus died in York in 211. $450+

*130 JULIA DOMNA, wife of Septimius Severus. Died 217 AD. Silver Denarius (3.31g). Draped bust right/Pietas sacrificing left at altar. SR-6601, RIC-574, C-156. Choice AU. Super coin. $475

*131 SEVERUS ALEXANDER. 222-235 AD. AE Sestertius (17.41g). Laureate bust right/ Mars advancing right, holding spear and shield. SR-7979, RIC-635. Fine+, bit porous, some tooling. $60+

*132 PHILIP I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.55g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right/ Hexastyle temple containing seated statue of Roma. RIC-86b (R2), SR-8963v. EF. Sold in our sale 42A for $125 but bidder never paid. $140+

*133 PHILIP II. 247-249. Silver Antoninianus (4.30g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right/Roma seated left, holding Victory and spear, shield at side. SR-unl, RSC-70, RIC-251. EF, broad flan. $200+

*134 TRAJAN DECIUS. 249-251. Silver Antoninianus (4.62g) of Antioch? Radiate bust right/Trajan Decius on horseback pacing left, right hand raised, scepter in left. SR-9366, RIC-11bv, RSC-4v. EF, bit porous. $100+?

*135 HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA, wife of Trajan Decius. Silver Antoninianus (4.08g) of Antioch. Bust right on crescent/Aequitas standing left holding scales and cornucopia, legend ends AVGG. SR-9491, RIC-64 (R), RSC-3d. EF, weakly struck at 2:00 obv. $175

*136 HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS. 251 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.45g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right, 4 dots below bust/Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. SR-9517, RIC-157b (R), RSC-2b. Choice EF, tad porous but decent portrait. $200+

*137 HOSTILIAN, as Augustus. 251 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.12g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right, IV below bust/Uberitas standing left, holding cow's udder (or purse) and cornucopia. SR-9587, RIC-207b (R), RSC-64a. EF, tad rough. Rare. $400

*138 TREBONIANUS GALLUS. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (4.03g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right/Uberitas standing left, holding purse and cornucopia, IV in ex. SR-9652, RSC-125e, RIC-92. EF, some obv. porosity. $125+

*139 VOLUSIAN. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (4.00g) of Antioch. Radiate bust r., 2 dots below bust/Pax standing left, holding olive-branch and transverse scepter, *** in ex. PAX AVGVS (scarce legend). SR-9759, RIC-230aff (R), RSC-78ff. EF. $150

*140 MARINIANA, presumably wife of Valerian and mother of Gallienus. Æ Sestertius (12.29g). Draped bust right/Peacock standing, tail in splendor, head right. SR-10073v, C-7. VG, scratches in field. Very scarce. Sold in our sale 42A for $175 but bidder never paid. $150+

*141 DELMATIUS, as Caesar. 335-337 AD. AE 3/4 (17 mm, 1.63g) of Siscia. Laureate bust right/2 soldiers standing either side of standard, SIS in ex. RIC-7, p. 256, SR-16894. GVF, a tad rough. Scarce. $100+


*142 DELUXE ANA CENTENNIAL EDITION OF THE STANDARD CATALOG OF WORLD COINS. 1991. 2 hardcover volumes in one slip case. By Chester L. Krause and Clifford Mishler and edited by Colin Bruce. Carl Rosenblum bookplate in both volumes. Hardly used but a few pages were bent and cover shows some scuffs. By far the very best Standard Catalog ever issued with better photographs and better quality paper than now being used. $50+

*143 A GROUP FROM THE CARIBBEAN AND LATIN AMERICA. British Guiana 1838 1 Stuiver token, Prid-60, KM-Tn1 and 24.5 mm brass token of Middlemass Brothers & Co, Georgetown, Demerara Pridmore-63, Lyall-116; Buck Island 1/2 Buck & 1 Buck Bruce X-Tn1 & X-Tn4; French Guiana (Cayenne) 1782-A 2 Sous KM-1 and Stampee (Fr. Colonies in general) Large Crowned C counterstamp on blank planchet Cr-10, KM-2; Bolivia 1879 20¢ Daza Commemorative. KM-166. Ex Dan Sedwick Internet Auction #1, Lot 395; British Caribbean Terr. 1955 1/2¢ Proof KM-1; Colombia 1870-B 1/2 Decimo KM-150 ANACS slabbed & graded EF-40 with detached lamination and Danish West Indies 1868 1 Cent KM-68 ANACS slabbed & graded MS-60 Details, cleaned. 10 tokens and coins, VF to Unc, mostly EF or better. Nice lot with a number of scarce items. Sold as is, no returns . $150+

144 A GROUP OF CARIBBEAN AREA TOKENS. Antigua 1836 1 Farthing Stg. (Sterling). Cr-1, Byrne-1, Rulau-Ant-1. Issued by Hornel & Coltart merchants in St. John about 1850; Barbados ND Brass 1/4 Penny token of Thos. Lawlor & Co. Rulau Bbs-8, Prid-29, Byrne-61; Jamaica ND (1790's) 29mm token of M. Howard with coachman driving a two-horse cart and a groom holding a horse. Rulau Jam-14, Prid-131, Byrne-850; ND (1829) 1/2 Penny token of William Smith Rulau Jam-38, Prid-13, Byrne-852; 2 coaling tokens of St. Lucia. ND 25mm round token of Peter & Co. for "Night Work" Rulau SL-30, Prid-12, Byrne-1040 and 29.5mm token for James Burness & Sons. Rulau SL-10, Prid-6, Byrne-1025. A group of 6 desirable tokens VG to GVF, the Lawlor slightly corroded. Most with collector tags or envelopes. $100+

145 A GROUP OF 3. Central American Republic 1837 KM-1, Cr-91 (Guatemala). Toned Unc; El Salvador 1879 Brass 29mm token of Santiago de Maria. Rulau-Usu-40, Ulloa F8.7. Splotchy toned Unc., luster underneath; Uruguay 1869 1¢ of Heaton. Y-7, KM-11 Mostly red Unc. 3 high-grade Latin American items. $125+

*146 AFGHANISTAN. ND. Æ38.5 mm Military (?) medal. Toughra in center, surrounded by swords etc., with Afghani symbol at top/Wreath around central circle which is a space for a legend. VF, rim bumps. Scarce? $40+?

*147 ARGENTINA, Province del Rio De La Plata. 1828-RA P 8 Reales. KM-20, Cr-26, Eliz-15. Radiant sun with face/Arms. One of the most attractive and popular of all South American types. VF. $200+

*148 AUSTRALIA, Pair of 19th Century tokens. 1) Hanks & Lloyd, Australian Tea Company, Sydney. 1855 1/2 Penny, "to commemorate the opening of the Sydney Railway" KM-Tn82, Andrews-189, Skinner-180; and 2) Samuel Henry, Deloraine Emporium. Tasmania, 1857 Penny. KM-Tn-102, And-226, Skin-218. 2 tokens, the first VF with a few nicks, the 2nd VF+, with a couple of nicks (and scarce). $150+

149 AUSTRALIA, Group of Tokens. Crocker & Hamilton 1857 1/2 Penny, KM-TN39; E.F. Dease ND 1/2 Penny depicting a fleece, KM-Tn50; I. Friedman 1857 1/2 Penny KM-Tn72; Hanks and Lloyd 1855 1/2 Penny KM-Tn82; Hide & De Carle 1857 1/2 Penny KM-Tn103; Hogarth, Erichsen & Co. 1860 3 Pence silver KM-Tn118; R. Josephs 1855 1/2 Penny KM-Tn140; Peek & Campbell 1852 1/2 Penny KM-191; W. J. Taylor 1851 1/2 Penny KM-244; and Anderson & Hall 26mm bronze check. 10 tokens, the first 9 Halfpenny Penny issues. VG to EF, mostly Fine or so. Catalog value $1000+. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

*150 AUSTRALIA, Group of Tokens. J. W. Buxton ND. 1 Penny KM-Tn30; ND Penny of Annand Smith KM-Tn16.2; ND "F. CADE" countermarked on Penny Token of Annand Smith Andrews-1041. (KM-16.2 but c/m unlisted); ND Penny of Davies Alexander & Co. KM-Tn48; ND Penny of O.H. Hedberg KM-Tn91; 1858 Penny of Hide & De Carle KM-104 (the scarcer of two dates); ND Penny of Iredale & Co. KM-Tn134; ND Penny of R. Parker of Geelong, Victoria (scarce locale) KM-Tn188; 1865 1/2 Penny of John Pettigrew & Co., Ipswich KM-195 (scarce); 1856 Penny of Smith, Peate & Co. KM-211; ND Penny of Stewart & Hemmant KM-215; and 1858 Penny of Professor Holloway of London (but used in Australia), KM-278.1. 12 tokens, mostly pennies. VG to aEF, mostly F-VF. Over $1750 in catalog value. Sold, as is, no returns. $400+

*151 AUSTRIA, Salzburg, Johann Ernst. 1689. 3 Kreuzer = 1 Groschen. St. Rupert facing with salt-box and crozier/Date above, 2 shields, value below all in inner circle surrounded by legend. KM-249, Probszt-1858. Choice Proof-Like BU and slightly cupped as made. $140+

152 AUSTRIA. 1908. Bronze 69mm medal. Bust of Carl Neufeldt right/Legend. By Hans Schaefer. Struck for his 70th birthday. Neufeldt was an industrialist and historian. VF, cleaned. $50+?

*153 AXUMITE. Anonymous. Mid 5th Century AD. Æ Unit (14mm, .94g). Crowned and draped bust right, ribbon (looks like 6) behind, holding cross/Greek Cross in circle, legend around, May this please the country, gold inlay in center. MH-76. Nice VF, a little weak in portions of reverse legend. $125

*154 AXUMITE. Kaleb & Successors. c. 520 AD. Early Christian Period. Æ Unit (14mm, 1.02g). Crowned bust right/Cross, with central gold inlay, in circle and legend around. MH-111, MACW-406-11. G-VG/aVF. $125

*155 AXUMITE. Armah. c. 630-650 AD. Æ Unit (18.5mm, 1.32g). Crowned and draped full-length figure of Armah seated right holding long scepter/Cross connected to ring of wheat stalks by thin stem, a minute touch of gold inlay visible. MH-153, MACW-423-427. aF. $125

156 BAHAMAS. Group of Tokens. Bimini Islands, Cat Key (1946) Half key Bronze (8.86g) Rulau-11, Prid-5 in old Richard Margolis envelope; Grand Bahama Club 4 1/2 d., 9 d & 3 Shillings, 6 Pence Rulau-20, 22 & 23; Casino Tokens of Bahamas Playboy Casino (1960s, dollar size); 1968 & 1980 Freeport El Casino 1/2 Dollar Tokens; a Nassau Paradise Islands brass bridge token (see Byrne-26) plus a ND (1968) Souvenir of Lucaya which is a facsimile of a 4 Real Cob. Rulau-25. 9 tokens. VF to as struck. Sold as is, no returns. $50+?

*157 BARBADOS, copper halfpenny token of Moses Tolano (1830s). 9.18 grams, thus the first and scarcer variety. Rulau BBs-10, Byrne-57; Pridmore-27; KM-Tn3. MOSES TOLANTO BARBADOES around a bale marked MT on obverse and FREEDOM WITHOUT SLAVERY * around a cask also marked MT on reverse. With slash marks signifying token was cancelled. This token was issued by Moses Tolano, a Jewish merchant in Bridgetown, and is among the earliest Jewish merchant tokens of the New World. However, the die-sinker misspelled Tolano's name. $75?

*158 BELGIUM. Brussels. Intendant of Brussels Canal. 1696. Æ Jeton (29mm). Crowned shield of Brouckhoven with two lions supporting/A barge being driven by two horses on bank of canal, above is a badge depicting St. Michael trampling fallen devil. Dug-4612, Mit-2801. F-VF, a bit off-center, as usual. $75+

*159 BELGIUM, Leopold II. 1886-Fr. 50 Centimes. KM-26, Y-5. BU. Nice, attractive "white" coin. Catalogs over $200! $125+

*160 BELGIUM, Baudouin I. 1954-Fr. 20 Francs. Y-59.1, KM-140.1. Nice BU, a few bagmarks. $75+

161 BERMUDA. Group of 4. 1793 1 Penny Cr-1, KM-5; The Hog Penny Pub Copper 32mm token which is a modern copy of the famous Sommer Island Hog Token; "3" Zones brass 23mm token with cut out "3"; and 21mm CN 3 Penny telephone token. 4 tokens, the first VG with corrosion, the last as struck. $50+?

*162 BOLIVIA, Republic. 1827-JM 8 Soles of Potosi. Bust of Simon Bolivar right/Llamas to either side of tree under 7 stars. KM-97, El-73, Cr-55. Nicely toned EF/VF, with small natural flan flaw above the UB in Republica. Large animals variety. $75+

*163 BRAZIL OR PORTUGAL ND (c.1642-43). "120" Reis countermarked on Portugal (under Spain) 100 Reis or Tostao. KM-17. C/M VF, coin VG. Rare. $125+

*164 BRAZIL, Pedro II. 1697 640 Reis. Bahia mint. KM-84, Hamilton P2.9, Crown above arms/Globe above cross. Nicely toned VF. Very early date for a "New World" non-cob style coin. $100+

*165 BRAZIL. 1699 320 Reis. Rio mint. KM-89.1, H-P2.20. With slightly curved band. KM one year type. VF. $100+

*166 BRAZIL. 1699 640 Reis. Rio mint. KM-90.1, H-P2.21a. Straight bands. aVF/VF. $100+

167 BRAZIL. 1701-P 640 Reis. Pernambuco mint. KM-90.2, H-P2.15. The end of obverse legend reads "Rex E BD". F-VF, a few minor flan flaws. $50+

*168 BRAZIL, Jose I. 1756 320 Reis. KM-169.2, Cr-13a (?). A short subtype struck at Lisbon without a mintmark. Toned EF. Scarce. $75+?

*169 BRAZIL. 1757-B 640 Reis. KM-170.3, H-Jol.13. Nice VF. $100+

*170 BRAZIL. 1768 160 Reis. KM-191, H-Jol.19. (Lisbon mint) Choice toned EF+ . $50+

*171 BRAZIL, Maria I. 1799 XX (20) Reis. Large size. KM-216.1 (?), Cr-62. Scarce date. VF, some verdigris and a few dark areas. $75+

172 BRAZIL. 1800-B 640 Reis. KM-231.2, H-M1.9, Cr-73. Nice VF, lightly toned. $50+

173 BRAZIL. Group of silver coins 1697 to 1802. 160 Reis 1771 (2) KM-191.2, 320 Reis 1749-R KM-157.1, 1753-R (holed) KM-169.1, 1768 KM-192, 1802-R KM-221.3 and 1697 640 Reis KM-84 (holed). 7 silver coins, F to VF+, 2 holed. $75+

174 BRAZIL: Group of silver coins. 80 Reis 1768, 1786; 160 Reis 1752 (holed), 1758, 1790; 300 Reis 1754-R; 320 Reis 1701-P, 1748, 1751-R, 1773 and 1784. Eleven 18th century silver coins, all different types. KM-190.2, 204, 168.2, 191.1, 220, 186, 89.2, 157.1, 169.1, 192 and 206. VG to VF, most F-VF or better. $100+

175 BRAZIL: Group of coins. 1) 5 to 80 Reis 18th and 19th century copper coins, some countermarked around 1809 to double their value, 18 pieces VG to VF, mostly Fine or so. 2) 18 1871-1896 coins. 50 Reis 1886 & 1887; 100 Reis 1871, 1883, 1885, 1886 (2), 1888, 1889 (2), 1893 & 1894; 200 Reis 1871, 1877, 1889 (2), 1895 & 1896. Most of these VF to EF. Also in this lot is a 20 Reis of 1698 (or perhaps 1695 or 6 as date is partially off flan). VG. This coin is attributed to Angola but also probably circulated in Brazil. 37 coins. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

176 BRAZIL: Group of copper coins. 5 (V) Reis 1797 (scarce); 10 (X) Reis 1799, 1802 (3), 1806-R (2), 1816-B; 20 (XX) Reis 1802 (2), 1803, 1813-R, 1814-R (2), 1815-R (2), 1816-B and 1820-R. 18 coins. VG-EF, mostly VF. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

*177 BRAZIL, Minas Gerais. ND (1808-1810) counterstamped on both sides of Bolivia 1797 PP 8 Reales of Charles IIII (KM-73). KM-242. H-CS1.3, Cr-96. Counterstamp F-VF, coin VG-F. $150+

178 BRAZIL. Maria I. 1804-B 640 Reis. KM-231.2, H-M1.9, Cr-73. Nice lightly toned VF, tiny flan flaw to right of shield. $50+

*179 BRAZIL. Joao, as Prince Regent. 1808-B 640 Reis. KM-256.1, H-JP16, Cr-93. This is a short type with the legend ending in ET ALG P REGENS instead of the more common P REGENS ET BRAS D. Nicely toned VF+, strong strike, mintmark clear. $75

180 BRAZIL. 1810-B 640 Reis. KM-256.1, H-JP16, Cr-93. Another type as above, with the legend ending in ET ALG P REGENS instead of the more common P REGENS ET BRAS D. VF. $50

*181 BRAZIL. 1810-B 960 Reis. KM-307.1, JP-18, Cr-94. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, which is visible on both sides, especially on globe side. Large Crown (see lot below for a small crown). Nice toned VF+. $75+

*182 BRAZIL. 1810-B 960 Reis. KM-307.1, JP-18a (?), Cr-94. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, some of which is visible between crown and shield. Seems to us that this is the small crown variety. Nice VF. l. $125+

*183 BRAZIL. 1811-R 960 Reis. KM-307.3, H-JP-26, Cr-94. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, portions of which are visible on both sides including parts of the bust of the Spanish king. Toned aEF (better?). A very attractive coin! $100+

*184 BRAZIL. 1812-B 960 Reis. KM-307.1, H-JP18, Cr-94. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, traces of which are visible on both sides of the coins. Nicely toned EF, very strong strike and mint mark strong as well! $100+

*185 BRAZIL. 1813-R 960 Reis. KM-307.3, H-JP-26, Cr-94. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, portions of which are visible on both sides. Choice Toned EF. Another very attractive coin! $100+

*186 BRAZIL. 1813-R 960 Reis. KM-307.3, H-JP-26, Cr-94. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, portions of which are visible on both sides, a bit more so than above lot. Toned EF (or better). Another attractive coin, this struck a tad off-center on the globe side. $100+

*187 BRAZIL. 1814-B 960 Reis. KM-307.1, H-JP18, Cr-94. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, quite a bit of which is visible on both sides of the coins. Nicely toned EF, very strong strike and mint mark strong as well. $100+

*188 BRAZIL. 1815-R 960 Reis. KM-307.3, H-JP-26, Cr-94. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, portions of which are visible on both sides which makes the mintmark a bit difficult to read. Toned Au-Unc. $150

189 BRAZIL. Pair of silver coins. 1813-R 320 Reis, KM-255.1, Cr-92 and 1809-B 640 Reis, KM-256.1, Cr-93. 2 coins, F-VF. $50

*190 BRAZIL. Joao VI. 1818-R 160 Reis. KM-323.1 H-J6-22, Cr-114. Nicely toned aEF. Scarce type. $60+

*191 BRAZIL. 1818-R 960 Reis. KM-326.1, H-JP-26, Cr-117. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales with traces of original coin visible on both sides. Toned EF+. $100+

*192 BRAZIL. 1818-R 960 Reis. KM-326.1, H-JP-26, Cr-117. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales with traces of original coin visible on both sides, especially true on the date side where the head of Charles IIII is clearly visible. Toned VF, small flan flaw. $75+

*193 BRAZIL. 1819-R 960 Reis. KM-326.1, H-JP-26, Cr-117. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales but with only minute traces of the under-coin visible. Strongly struck choice EF+. $100+

*194 BRAZIL. 1820-R 320 Reis. KM-324.2, H-J6-23, Cr-115. Gorgeous lightly-toned EF-AU. Tiny star on top of crown. $100?

*195 BRAZIL. 1820-R 960 Reis. KM-326.1, H-JP-26, Cr-117. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, quite a bit which is visible but not enough to identify the date or mint. Nice toned EF. $100+

*196 BRAZIL. 1820-B 960 Reis. KM-326.2, Cr-117. Nicely toned VF struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, traces of which can be viewed on both sides of the coin. $75+

197 BRAZIL. Pair of 640 Reis, 1820-R and 1821-R. KM-325.2, Cr-116. VF-EF. $50

*198 BRAZIL. 1821-B 960 Reis. KM-326.2, H-J6.18, Cr-117. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales of 1808 with both the last digits of the original date and the denomination of the under-coin very clear. Toned, at least VF-EF. $100+

*199 BRAZIL. 1821-R 960 Reis. KM-326.1, H-JP-26, Cr-117. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, quite a bit which is visible leading us to believe that the under-coin is a Potosi mint coin of 1808, although that is not certain. Nicely toned EF+. $100+

200 BRAZIL. Group of 3 960 Reis silver crowns. 1819-R and 1820-R (2). KM-326.1, Cr-117. The first VF, the two 1820 pieces toned EF. All struck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reales and traces of the host coin visible on all 3 coins. $100+

201 BRAZIL. Pedro I. 1823-R 960 Reis of Rio de Janeiro. KM-368.1, Cr-138. Nicely toned VF. Struck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, traces of which can be seen on both sides. $50

*202 BRAZIL. 1824-R (?) 960 Reis of Rio de Janeiro. KM-368.1, Cr-138. Nicely toned VF. Struck over a Bolivian 8 Reales of Ferdinand VII issued between 1810 and 1819. A great deal of the host coin can be discerned including the Assayer, 3 digits of the date and the ruler. However, this makes the determination of the Brazilian mint difficult. $75+?

203 BRAZIL. 1824-R 960 Reis of Rio de Janeiro. KM-368.1, Cr-138. Nicely toned VF. Struck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reales of Ferdinand VII, traces of which can be seen on both sides of coin. $50

*204 BRAZIL. 1826-R 960 Reis of Rio de Janeiro. KM-368.1, Cr-138. Small "960", cross over crown. Struck over a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, traces of which can be seen on both sides of the coin. Nicely toned EF. $75+?

*205 BRAZIL. 1834 100 Reis. KM-452, Cr-1853 Lightly toned Unc. 1st year of scarce type which is seldom seen. $100+

*206 BRAZIL. 1837 400 Reis. KM-453, Cr-185. Lightly toned Unc. Very scarce type which is seldom offered this nice. $250+

*207 BRAZIL. Pedro II. 1851 2000 Reis, KM-462, Cr-190, Elizondo-64. Very short two year type. Lightly-toned choice Au-Unc. $50+

*208 Brazil. 1861 200 Reis. KM-469, Cr-191. The key date! Nicely toned Unc, small spot under globe. $75

*209 BRAZIL, Republic. 1889 Pattern. 40 Reis, value in the center. KM Pn-171, Red and brown Unc. Scarce. $200+

210 BRAZIL. 1815-1817 Group of three 960 Reis. 1815, 1816 & 1817. The first and last Rio mint, the 1816 is difficult to determine. All overstruck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, portions of which can be seen. 3 silver crowns, F-VF. $75+

211 BRAZIL. 1815-1818 Group of three 960 Reis. 1815, 1816 & 1818. All overstruck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, portions of which can be seen especially on the 1825 crown. 3 silver crowns, F-VF. $75+

212 BRAZIL. 19th Century Silver coins. 200 Reis 1847, 1854, 1855 (2), 1856 (2), 1857, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866, 1867 (3) & 1868; 500 Reis 1851, 1852, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1863, 1864, 1866, 1867 (2) & 1868; 640 Reis 1825-R (2); 1000 Reis 1850, 1851, 1852, 1853, 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1866; and 2000 Reis 1855, 1856, 1857 and 1865. 53 silver coins, mostly VF to EF. Two are damaged, but at least 10 are nicer than EF. Sold as is, no returns. $450+

213 BRAZIL. Group of copper coins. 20 Reis M-XX countermarked on 1829-R 80 Reis; 40 (XL) Reis 1820-R, 1822-R; 40 Reis 1824-R, 1825-R, 1826-R, 1826-C, 1828-C; and "40" c/m on 1832-R 80 Reis; 80 (LXXX) Reis 1821-R; 80 Reis 1832-R (5); and 80 Reis of Pedro II, countermarked with large "M" (KM-406, struck about 1835). 16 coins, VG to aEF. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

214 BRAZIL. Group of bronze coins. 10 Reis 1868 and 1869 (2); 20 Reis 1868 (3), 1869 (2), 1870, 1889, 1893, 1895, 1901, 1904, 1908 (2) and 1910; 40 Reis 1873 (2), 1874, 1875, 1879 1889, 1893, 1900, 1901, 1908, 1909, 1910 and 1911. Plus the following aluminum-bronze coins: 500 Reis 1922, 1927, 1928, 1936 and 1939; 1000 Reis 1922, 1924, 1925, 1927, 1928, 1938 and 1939 and 2000 Reis 1938 and 1939. Also 10 Cents 1942, 1945 & 1946, 20 Cents 1942 & 1944, 50 Cents 1942, 1943, 1944, 1948 & 1956. Also 1 Cruzeiro 1942 & 1944 plus 1942 and 1943 2 Cruzeiros. 58 coins Fine to Unc., mostly VF or so. A couple high grade early coins as well as a few nice later ones. Sold as is, no returns. $100+

215 BRAZIL. Group of Copper countermarked coins. c. 1835: 10 Reis c/m on 1828 40 Reis; 10 Reis on 1816-B XX Reis; 20 Reis on 1825, 1827, 1832 (2) 40 Reis; 40 Reis on 1828 (3), 1829-B, 1829-R (2), 1830-R (2), 1831-R and 1832-R 80 Reis. 16 coins VG to VF+, mostly F-VF. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

216 BRAZIL. Group of Copper countermarked coins. Most countermarked with shield circa 1809. 20 R. over 1784, 1790 (2 different) X (10) R; 40 Reis over 1782, 1787 XX (20) Reis; 80 R. over 1784, 1787, 1790 XL (40) R.; Also countermarked about 1835: 10 Reis c/m on 20 Reis 1814, 1829, 1830-C; 20 Reis c/m on 1802, 1815, 1823-R (2), 1826 (3) and 1828 40 Reis. 19 coins VG to aEF, most VF. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

217 BRAZIL. Group of copper coins. "10" c/m on XX R. of 1819-R (Ico), 10 (X) Reis 1821-B, 1822-R; 37 1/2 Reis (scarce short-lived denomination) 1818-M (looks like M double punched), 1821-M; 40 (XL) Reis 1799, 1803, 1812-B, 1816-B, 1822-R; 75 Reis 1819-M, (another short type, this is VF, but with flan flaws); 80 (LXXX) Reis 1820-, 80 Reis 1826-R (2), 1827-R, 1828-R, 1829-R, 1830-R (2). 19 coins, VG to aEF, mostly F-VF, including some scarce types. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

218 BRAZIL. Group of copper coins. 10 (X) Reis 1818-R, 1819-R, 1820-R (2), 1821-R (2), 1822-R; 20 (XX) Reis 1819-R (4), 1820-R, 1821-R (3, all with cross on crown), 1822-R; 40 (XL) Reis 1821-R (2) and 1822-R. 19 coins F to aEF, mostly VF. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

219 BRAZIL. Group of copper coins. 20 Reis 1824-R (2), 1826-R, 1827-R (2), 1828-R, 1830-R; 40 (XL) Reis 1816-B (2), 1817-R; 40 Reis 1824-R, 1826-R (3), 1827-R (2), 1830-R (2), 1831-R. 19 coins VG to aEF, mostly VF. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

220 BRAZIL. Pedro II. Group of coins: 200 Reis 1869, 1000 Reis 1880 & 1888; 2000 Reis 1875, 1880 & 1889 and Republic 1889 500 Reis. 7 silver coins, F to EF, mostly VF, 3 of which are crowns. $100+

221 BRAZIL. Group of 20th century coins. 2000 Reis 1906, 1907, 1908, 1910, 1911, 1913 (both types); 1000 Reis 1906, 1907, 1909, 1910, 1912 (both types), 1913 (both types); 500 Reis 1906, 1907, 1908, 1913 (type 2). These 19 coins F to EF, mostly VF. Also in this lot are 13 2000 Reis mostly EF to unc. 1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1929, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1935 (2), 1936, 1937 and 1938. Also 400 Reis 1901, 1918, 1922 ,1932, 1936, 1937, 1938 (both types), & 1940; 300 Reis 1936, 1937 (2) & 1938 200 Reis 1901,1923, 1925, 1928, 1929, 1936, 1938 (both types) & 1940 plus 100 Reis 1923, 1925, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1935 (2) 1936, 1937, 1938 (2 types) & 1940 and 20 & 50 Reis 1919. These final 37 coins, mostly EF to Unc. A total of 69, mostly different, many silver. Sold as is, no returns. $350

*222 CANADA. Nova Scotia. 1813. One Penny Token. Pure Copper Preferable to Paper/ Trade and Navigation. Round knob, small letters type. NS-20A4, Br-962a. R&B Unc. A scarce token in high grade. $250+

*223 CENTRAL AMERICAN REPUBLIC, Guatemala. 1824 NG-M 8 Reales. KM-4, Cr-95, Elizondo-84. Sun and rays over mountains/Large Tree. One of the more popular Latin American Republic types. VF/F. $100+

*224 CHILE, Republic. 1817 FJ Peso. Volcano, Un Peso above and Santiago below/Tall, thin pillar Libertad in banner above. VF/F. Chile did not become independent from Spain until the revolution led by Bernardo O'Higgins was fully successful in 1818. However, that did not stop them for striking coins a year earlier. Another popular type. $100+

*225 CHINA, People's Republic. 1979 35 Yuan. Y-8, KM-8. Choice Proof. UNICEF and International Year of the Child depicting a boy and girl planting a flower. Very Scarce. $500+?

226 COLOMBIA, Group of 19th century minors. 1827-B-RR & 1836 B-RS 1 Reale KM-87.1, Cr-123; 1844 Ba RS 2 Reales KM-97.1, Cr-144; 1848 and 1848 2 Reales KM-105, Cr-156a; and 1862 2 Reales of Popayan KM-134, Cr-184. 6 uncommon coins, VG to EF-AU, the last with flan flaw but it is the plate coin of both KM and Craig. A nice lot for the serious collector. $150+

*227 COLOMBIA, Republic, Cundinamarca. 1821-BaJF 8 Reales. Indian head left/8-R to either side of pomegranate. KM-C6, Cr-108, El-19. Fine, weakly struck on face but decent for this typically poorly struck coin. $75?

*228 COLOMBIA, Republic, Cundinamarca. 1821-JF 8 Reales. Indian head left/8-R to either side of pomegranate. KM-C6, Cr-108, El-19. F-VF or perhaps better, as this coin is typically struck very weakly and our example is comparatively nice. $100+

*229 COSTA RICA. Nice group of 19th century silver coins. 1865 10¢ Y-10, KM-111; 1865 and 1875 50¢ Y-10, KM-112; 1887 25¢ Y-15, KM-127.2 and 1890 50¢ Y-16, KM-124. 5 nice coins, the first 3 Fine or so, the last two toned EF or perhaps better. All purchased from Freeman Craig in 1981-1982. $225+?

*230 CRUSADERS. Jerusalem, Baldwin III. 1143-1163. Bi Denier (.92g). REX BALdVINVS around cross pattee/dEhIERVASALEM around Tower of David. CCS-2, Met-147. Nice EF. $200+

*231 CRUSADERS. Jerusalem, Baldwin III. 1143-63. Silver Obol (.35g). Cross Pattee/ Tower of David. Obols are far scarcer than Deniers. CCS-21. Choice VF and exceptionally nice! $200+

*232 CUBA, Republic. Souvenir Peso of 1897. Designed by Philip Martiny and struck at Gorham, N.Y. for the revolutionary junta. Type 3, with star above "97" baseline. Bruce X-M3, Elizondo-3, Y-1. Nice lightly toned Unc., a few insignificant marks in field. $250+

*233 CURACAO. Group of coins and tokens. Jesurun & Co ND (c. 1880) 1 Stuiver token. KM-TN-1. Sch-1408, Rulau Cur-5; Lebya & Co. ND (c. 1880) 1 Stuiver Token Rulau Cur-11, Schol-1410 and J. J. Naar ND (1880) 1 Stuiver Token Rulau Cur-13, Schol-1409, KM-Tn2. Also included in this lot are 4 modern (post 1961) Casino tokens, 1993 25th Anniversary of Curacao Numismatic Association and 1/10 Gulden coins of 1901 (VG) and 1948 (BU). 10 piece lot VF, or better, the first three scarce. Sold as is, no returns. $250+?

234 DANISH WEST INDIES (Virgin Islands): Group of coins. 1878 10¢ Y-3, KM-70; 1905 ½¢-2 1/2 Bit Y-5, KM-74; 1¢-5 Bit Y-6, KM-75; 2¢-10 Bit Y-7, KM-76; 10¢-50 Bit Y-9, KM-78; and 1907 20¢- Franc Y-14, KM-81. Also included in this lot is a 1990 Brass 39mm medal commemorating the 250th anniversary of the first coins in the Islands. 7 items, coins mostly VF to EF, except for the first and last, the medal is AU or so. $50?

*235 DANISH WEST INDIES (Virgin Islands): Group of tokens. G. Beretta 10¢ Aluminum token 22mm Higgie-402, Byrne-397; Louis Delinois 5¢ Brass 26mm Higgie-410, Byrne-401, Rulau Vrg-200; G. Leviti 1¢ Bronze 23.5mm token Higgie-430, Byrne-407. Delavalle & Co. 1¢ 19mm C-N token Higgie-411; and Rdo. D. Senior 5¢ 19mm C-N token Higgie-453, Rulau Vrg-70. 5 better tokens, mostly VF, although some with discoloration. $100+

*236 DANISH WEST INDIES (Virgin Islands): Russell Brothers Tokens. 1890 3¢, 1888 5¢ and 1888 10¢. Higgie-447, 449 and 451, Rulau Vrg-61 & 62 (the 3¢ token is mentioned but not listed by Rulau). The Russell Brothers, from Liverpool, England, were innkeepers and grocers. Interestingly, the denominations are in Roman numerals as III, V and X. The V token is badly scratched, the other two are VF. 3 tokens in lot. $100+

*237 DANISH WEST INDIES (Virgin Islands): Group of tokens. c. 1888 5¢ token of G. Beretta 19mm CN token Higgie-401; c. 1890 1¢ 19.5 CN token of C.A. Daniel Higgie-407; c. 1889 1¢ bronze 24mm token of Fratelli Copello et. Cie Higgie-428, Before 1890 5¢ 19mm CN token of G. Leviti Higgie-431; and 1920 West Indian Company Brass 24mm Uniface Coal token. Rulau Vrg-90. 5 tokens, mostly VF. $100+

238 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Santo Domingo, Carlos & Johanna. 1506-1556. Æ 4 Maravdis. (2.67g). Assayer F. Crowned Columns, S-P/ Monogram. VG, crude and clipped and one time cleaned. However the S-P mark is very clear as is IOA of Johanna. Considered by some the first coin of the New World! $50+?

*239 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 1939 Peso. Y-20, KM-22. Toned EF, lightly brushed. $75+

*240 EGYPT. British Protectorate. 1916/AH 1335. Gold 100 Piastres. KM-324, Fr-24. Nice AU. $475+

*241 FRANCE. Arras, Philip of Alsace. 1168-91. AR Petit Denier (.37g). Crescents and annulets/Cross, crescent and annulet. Moneyer Simon. Boudeau-1957. VF. A seldom seen little coin. $100+

*242 FRANCE. 1773. Order of Mount Carmel and St. Lazarus of Jerusalem. Silver 35mm octagonal Medal. Crowned Shield of Louis XVIII/10-line legend. Feur-1600. VF, but marks in reverse field. Scarce, 1st I can recall offering via auction. $100+

*243 FRANCE, Louis XV. 1737 Æ 29mm Jeton. Bust of King right/Rabbi kneeling right sacrificing at altar. Meumann-29989. EF. $50+

*244 FRANCE. Salomon Gessner. 1818 Bronze 41mm by Vivier. His high relief bust left/ Latin legend. Issued as part of the Universal Enlightened Men Series by Durand. Gessner was an 18th century Swiss born writer and artist. A few minor nicks and rubs at the high points but basically EF, with plain edge thus presumably an original strike. $60

*245 FRANCE, Napoleon III. 1854-A Gold 5 Francs with plain edge, which is slightly scarcer than the reeded edge variety. Two year type. KM-783, Fr-578. BU. Ex Coin Galleries, May 1984 Sale, Lot 59. $200?

*246 FRANCE. Emile Zola Homage Medal. Bronze, 1898. 59 mm, by Alexandre Charpentier. Robed and bearded bust right of French writer and controversialist/Radiant sun over 6-line excerpt from Zola's Dreyfus Case exposé J'Accuse", "The Truth is running and will not be stopped". Zola's protests derailed the official cover-up of the wrong done to Captain Alfred Dreyfus, falsely accused of espionage for Germany amid great public hysteria and anti-Semitism. Struck by the Paris Mint, Bronze on edge. Reddish-brown, somewhat spotted. Scarce. See lot below and #607 for related medals. $125+

247 FRANCE. Victor Hugo, Centenary of his birth. 1902. Æ 34mm by J. C. Chaplain. His high relief bust right/Legend, lyre, landscape. Struck at Paris mint. A seldom offered medal of this most important and influential French writer. He is buried in the same crypt as Emile Zola. See the lot above as well as Lot 607. $25+

*248 GERMANY, Anhalt-Bernburg. Friedrich Albrecht. 1793 XX Eine Feine Marck (2/3 Thaler). Cr-44, KM-58.1. Nicely toned VF-EF. Crowned bear walking left on wall. The 1793 2/3 Thaler comes in two varieties with this being the scarcer variety with a flowery device between "Marck" and "1793". Ex Paul Bosco 12/83 . $150+

*249 GERMANY, Bavaria, Karl Theodore. 1784. Madonna Taler. Bust of Karl Theodore right, I. SCH on shoulder/Madonna and child. KM-260.3, Dav-1965. Lightly toned EF-AU, some light adjustment marks on reverse. This is a common coin in VF or less, usually seen with many adjustment marks. It's far scarcer in this grade with only a few light adjustment marks. Ex Paul Bosco inventory. $325+

*250 GERMANY, Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenburg-Hanover, Ernst August. 1690 H-B. 1/3 Taler. From 1662 he was also Bishop of Osnabruck. Arms/St. Andreas. standing with cross. Welter-2000, KM-646. Short two-year type. Ch. Toned EF, underlying luster. Ex Bowers & Merena, Sept 1990 Robert W. Rusbar collection, Lot #5133. $300+?

*251 GERMANY, Isenburg. ND. Snipe Heller. WFzY monogram/Snipe standing right in grass. Bruce X6. Proof. $100?

*252 GERMANY, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Karl August. 1790-ILST. AR Sechser (6 Pfennig). Arms/Large VI divides engraver's initials IL-ST, SWUE above, date below. KM-138, Mers-4008. Nice VF. $125+

*253 GERMANY. Schweinfurt. 1622. 1 Kipper (Altar) Pfennig. Eagle on shield, S-M, 16-22 to either side, monogram. Uniface. Restrike and scarce so nice. KM-, Ek-, Kr-, Neu-. Ch. AU. $125+

*254 GERMANY, Weimar Republic. 1921 52mm red-brown porcelain. Made for the Reestablishment of the Diocese of Meissen. Facing bishop/ Legend, proclaiming the diocese which had been founded in 867 AD. Probably very scarce. $75+

*255 GERMANY. Weimar Republic? ND. 1920s? 46mm White Porcelain Award Medal. Awarded to a public servant who helped cities and communities. In blue case of issue. $50?

*256 GERMANY. 1923 Inflation Notgeld Lot. Westphalia Bronze 500 mark, 50 Million Mark (Bronze and large aluminum); Thale & Harz in Saxony, two different 6 Mark pieces both with "Bodetal" reverse, one gilt bronze, the other with "antique" finish; Ruhur and Rheine 100 Million Mark Silvered Bronze; Heilbronn 100 Milliarden Mark silvered bronze plus a set of 3 Æ 32mm medal depicting a mourning family on the obverse with a legend concerning the suffering of the German people, while the reverse lists the cost of food items on November 1, November 15 and December 1. 10 tokens and medals from this most memorable year in Germany's history. Most EF or better. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

*257 GERMANY. 1939 97mm silvered medal. German eagle with swastika above reclining semi-nude woman with child, "1939 Reichs parteitag"/N.S. Kampfspiele 1939 Dem Sieger" in 5 lines. A huge medal struck for the 1939 Nazi Empire Games. $50?

*258 GERMANY. Group of 5 tokens. Augsburg 1624 "Bushel" Token. Copper 20mm "16-24" to either side of wheat?/"Sch" above barrel. Neumann-6666; Bismarkhütte (Silesia, now in Poland) ND 22mm square zinc token, Menzel-1564; Brandenburg (15)85 Æ Jeton of Leonhard Stoer, Kammermeister and Jacob Pieterich, Renmeister, Neumann-31460, Mitch p. 611; Hildesheim 1658 25mm brass token for one bushel of wheat "1658" above arms/Bushel (?) above Anno "1658"; and Regensburg 1651 Court token. Crossed swords Stadt Gericht (Municipal Court)/Keys in elaborate circle. Neumann-6955. 5 tokens, most at least scarce, F - aEF, the first, the nicest and perhaps the rarest. With collector's envelopes and notations. $100+

*259 GERMANY. A potpourri of collectible tokens, medals and exonumia. Silver (1000 fine) 29.5mm medal dedicated to Duke Wilhelm IV who in 1516 set limits to brewing ingredients in yeast, hops etc.; Bremen Nickel-Plated Zinc 28mm "Gut für 1/2 Liter Bier" token Schimmel-66; Regensburg Æ22mm "Reichs-Bier-Marke der Hölle" with devil on reverse and ***** on edge. Purchased from Jerry Schimmel for $20 in 1986; Frieder Böhler 26mm Advertising token, very attractive with building; Lippe-Detmold 6 Pfennig, countermarked twice, once with a single rose, the other a double rose; Cologne 1730 21mm Copper center in silver-like token for the city Senate Mitch-2241; Essen POW camp Menzel-3909.8, 31mm bronze medalet with cross/arms; Boldixum (Schleswig-Holstein) 1 Mark porcelain notgeld token with man riding fish Upton 6-1 (scarce); S.S.-T.V K.L. 40 Pfg. Diamond shaped token; Durkhim, 1934 Fritz Keller Good For 30 Pfg. of Wine Schimmell-108; WM 35mm Buonaparte King of the Italian Army by Rich with copper plug; Large (40mm, silvered brass) 5 Mark token depicting Pres. von Hindenburg on obverse. For purchase of stove or range; 28mm square uniface Zinc token of "Stadt Neisse" in two lines. This seems to be unlisted and is ex "H. D. Gibbs collection" with his original envelope; a 31mm medal of King Wilhelm; and 1964 White Porcelain medal for the 950th Anniversary of the town of Oebisfeld. 37mm with original green and white suspension cord through hole as issued. 15 piece lot VG to Unc, most EF or better. Some scarce. Sold, as is, no returns. $200

*260 GREAT BRITAIN. Edward I, King of England. 1731. Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Bust of Edward I left/A decorated circular temple, flanked by History and two figures. Eimer-10. EF, a few minor marks. This and the following 8 lots are part of Dassier's Kings and Queens of England series. $75+

*261 GREAT BRITAIN. Henry VIII. 1731 Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Draped bust almost facing wearing a bonnet/Hercules in a temple destroying religious objects. Eimer-524. Choice EF, brown surfaces with 1 or 2 tiny reverse rim nicks. Somewhat discolored. One of the scarcer medals in this series. $100+

*262 GREAT BRITAIN. Edward VI. 1731 Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Bust 3/4 l. wearing feather cap/Decorated Memorial. Eimer-30. Nice EF, reddish-brown. $75+

*263 GREAT BRITAIN. Elizabeth. 1731 Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Bust 3/4 to left, wearing a coronet/Monument flanked by figures of Religion and Minerva. Eimer-79. Nice EF, brown surfaces, a few very tiny rim nicks. One of the more popular medals in the series. $100+

*264 GREAT BRITAIN Mary I. 1731 Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Bust 3/4 to right/Religion seated before a monument; to right a column decorated with a medallion of a pope. Eimer-38. Nice EF, reddish-brown, a few very tiny rim nicks. $75+

*265 GREAT BRITAIN. James II. 1731 Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Bust left/ Mourning Religion seated on tomb, various implements of Catholicism on tomb. Eimer-384. Nice EF, red surfaces, one significant rim bump at about 4 o'clock on reverse. Another of the more difficult medals in this series to acquire. $85+

*266 GREAT BRITAIN. Mary II. 1731 Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Draped bust right/Tomb beneath a canopy, Religion seated with an infant on each side. Eimer-364. Nice EF, brown surfaces, a couple of very tiny rim nicks. $75+

*267 GREAT BRITAIN. Anne. 1731 Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Draped bust left/Fame revealing a medallion of Prince George on an obelisk, decorated with military trophies. Eimer-462. Nice EF, reddish-brown surfaces. $75+

*268 GREAT BRITAIN. Caroline. 1731 Æ 41mm by J. Dassier. Draped bust right/Charity seated with 4 children. Eimer-524. Nice EF, brown surfaces with some small rim nicks. $75+

*269 GREAT BRITAIN. Contemporary Counterfeit. 1772 (the 1 is curved like a J) 1/2 Penny (8.84 grams). The dot after Georgivs "floating", somewhat doubled head of Britannia on reverse. F-VF. Comptemporary counterfeits circulated along with genuine examples in the 1770s in GB and Colonial America. $75+

*270 GREAT BRITAIN. George III Contemporary Counterfeit. 1773. 1/2 Penny (8.68 grams). Probably a Colonial American "Bungtown" copper rather than a British "Evasion" piece. Very distinctive reverse, Britannia seems to be leaning back and relaxing. Fine. $75+

*271 GREAT BRITAIN. George III. Comptemporary Counterfeit. 1775. Either a Colonial American "Bungtown Copper" or a British "Evasion" piece. Half Penny. Bust of George II right, "Georgivs III Rex"/ Britannia seated left. 6.81grams. KM-602, Cr-18. VG-F. $75+

*272 GREAT BRITAIN. ND. Wade & Butcher, Sheffield (UK). Masonic engraved straight razor, Various Masonic emblems including "G" in Star of David hand etched into this circa 1900 (?) razor with a 3" blade and 5" bone (?) handle with cardboard cover. Certainly unusual. $40+?

*273 GREECE. Republic. 1978. 100 Drachmai. 50th Anniversary Bank of Greece. Athena seated right. Y-82, KM-121. Proof, some marks in field. Very scarce, KM values this at $135. $100+?

*274 HAITI, Republic, President JP Boyer. AN27 (1830) 100¢. KM-A23, Cr-37. VF-EF. Uncommon, especially this nice. $50+

275 HONDURAS, Republic. Group of 19th Century 5 and 10 Centavo silver coins. 5¢ 1886 (re-cut 5 = 6) Y-19, KM-48; 1896 & 1896/86 Y-20, KM-54; 10¢ 1884, 1885, 1893 Large "9" and 1895 with "replblica" error. 7 coins, all low grade but a nice study lot for the specialist. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

276 INDIA, EIC AND BRITISH INDIA. 1840 to 1944. Collection of 63 Silver Rupees. Mostly earlier material. Victoria (47), Edward VII (14), George V (1) and George VI (1). VG to AU, mostly VF to EF, some cleaned. 31 different dates and many different varieties among the duplicate dates. A great lot for the specialist or the aspiring specialist. Sold as is, no returns. $1000+

*277 INDIA, Maratha Confederacy. AH 1212, year 39. Baji Rao, Peshwas. Silver Rupee (10.94g). Large Trident/"39", Choice toned VF. $50+

*278 IRELAND. James II. 1689 9r (November). Gun-money, Shilling. Bust left/Crown. Scarce issue with "9" indicating the month of November (the calendar started in March). S-6581-I. F+/F, rev scratches. This is scarcer than the variety that uses "Nov" to indicate the month. $150+

*279 IRELAND. Group of 7 pieces. Dublin, 1672 1/2 Penny token of Mic. Wilson. Withers-416. Butcher's Arms/St. George & Dragon; Limerick 1679 1/2 Penny Butchers Token. Williamson-565; James II July 1689 1/2 Penny Gun Money S-6579A; Dublin ND Brass 28mm "Merchants Hotel 2 1/2 D, EF"/"I.C. Parkes, Dublin" Token; M. Hennessy, Galway Farthing token. Bell-4 (Rare). Hennessy was a draper and hatter; Samuel Vickery of Skibbereen "Baker"/Scales and "Full Weight". Bell-31 (Scarce); and 1834 Todd, Burns & Co. Drapers Farthing Token, Bell-2. Good to VF, generally speaking the later pieces are nicer than the 17th century tokens. 6 tokens, 1 gun money coin, some scarce. Most in collector's envelopes with his notations. Sold as is, no returns. $100+

*280 IRELAND. Group of tokens. 1816 Penny token of Edw. Bewley. Bust left, "Wellington & Victory" around 1814 below/Brittania seated left (Irish arms on shield) "Edw. Bewley" above, "1816" in ex. by IPF Withers-1810, Eimer-230; 1818 "Non-Local" Penny Token, Bust of Wellington right, legend around/"Ireland" "1816" above and below Irish harp. Withers-1915 with engrailed edge; 1820 Half Penny "Hibernicus" Token Withers-1820, Davis-68; 1834 George Ord 1/2 Penny token Withers-1830; (1846) Farthing of E. Cleburne, a draper, from Cork. Bell-7 (scarce); (1849) Farthing of Talty, Murphy & Co. Haberdashers from Dublin. Bell-31 (scarce) and Ferrar & Compy. Brass Farthing token. Silk Mercers and Haberdashers in Belfast Bell-6 (Rare). 7 tokens mostly F to VF, some scarce or rare. Sold as is, no returns. $100+

*280a ISRAEL. 1962. "Mem-less" Gold Weizmann set. Exceedingly rare. 50 & 100 Lirot Proof Gold Coins struck by the Berne mint but without the Mem. KM-40 & 41, Fr-2 & 3, Haffner G2/G3. No more than 10 sets exist. 2 nice Proofs, a few minor marks in the field. An incredible opportunity to purchase one of the true rarities of all modern gold coins! See The Shekel Vol V, #2, p. 20 where Sylvia Haffner first makes mention of these. Interestingly, she was first made aware of their existence after someone saw the picture of the coins in the 2nd edition of her book and saw that they did NOT have Mems. She said that the pictures were obtained from the IGCMC. In the first edition of her book only one coin had a Mem. In our sale 42F we sold a similar set for $11,500. That was the only other set that we have ever offered. This set is at least as nice and perhaps slightly nicer! $10,000+

*281 ISRAEL. (1948) 5708 25 Mils, Y-1, P-1, KM-8. Nice AU. A few handling marks keep this from being called Unc. Still a high grade for a desirable and important coin. Israel's only coin dated to her first year! We sold this to the consignor many years ago. $300+

282 ISRAEL. 1949. Group of 250 and 500 Prutah coins. Six (6) 1949-H 250 Pruta Silver (P-26, KM-15a) and six (6) 1949 500 Prutah Silver (P-27, KM-16). Plus approximately 150 1949 250 Pruta copper-nickel coins containing both with pearl (P-24, KM-15) and without pearl (P-25, KM-15) coins. The silver coins are all uncirculated (purchased from us in 1974!), the others are mostly circulated and average VF or better. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

283 ISRAEL. 1987-1990. Group of Hanukkah coins. English, Tunisian, Persian and Cochin Lamp. Both BU & Proof for each year. Some of these are becoming difficult to find. 8 silver coins. $120+?

284 ISRAEL. 1991-1993. Complete set of Judaic Art coins 1 and 2 Nejw Sheqel coins. Kiddish Cup, Shabbat Candles, Havdalah Spicebox. BU & Proofs. 6 silver coins. $100+

*285 ISRAEL. 1994/5755. Binding of Isaac. Biblical Art Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-256/257, H-29/29a. Proof-like and Proof. For a Binding of Isaac Medallic sculpture, see Lot 651. $100?

*286 ISRAEL. 1995/5756. Solomon's Judgement. Biblical Art Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-281/ 282, H-30/30a. Proof-like and Proof. $100+

*287 ISRAEL. Pair of Biblical Arts coins. 1998/5758 Noah's Ark 1 New Sheqel. KM-316, H-32. Proof like and 2000/5760 Joseph & His Brothers 2 New Sheqalim. KM-340, H-34a. Proof. 2 choice coins. For related lots, see numbers 596 & 597. $125+

*288 ISRAEL. 1999/5759. Abraham and the Stars. Biblical Art Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-333/334, H-33/33a. Proof-like & Proof. $140+

*289 ISRAEL. 2002/5762. Tower of Babel. Biblical Art Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-359/360, H-35/35a. Proof-like and Proof. $125+

*290 ISRAEL. 2003/5763. Jacob and Rachel. Biblical Art Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-374/375, H-36/ 36a. Proof-like and Proof. $140+

*291 ISRAEL. 2004/5764. Burning Bush. Biblical Art Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-386/387, H-37/37a. Proof-like and Proof. $140+

*292 ISRAEL. 2005/5765. Moses & the 10 Commandments. Biblical Art Series. 2 New Sheqalim. KM-400, H-38a. Proof. $100?

*293 ISRAEL. 2006/5766. Abraham & the Three Angels. Biblical Art Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-409/410, H-39/39a. Proof-like and Proof. $125+

*294 ISRAEL. 2001/5761. Music and Drama. Art & Culture Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-351/352, AC-1/1A. Proof-like and Proof. $75+

*295 ISRAEL. 2004/5764. Architecture & Design. Art & Culture Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-377/378, AC-2/2a. Proof-like and Proof. $75+

*296 ISRAEL. 2005/5765. Naomi Shemer. Art & Culture Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-412/413, AC-3/3a. PL BU and Proof. $75+

*297 ISRAEL. Menorah. 1958. 5 Lirot. Anniversary Series. KM-21, Y-16. Proof. Choice, with light toning. Presumably from the Danny Kaye estate. $150+

298 ISRAEL. 1958-1967. Group of 5 Lirot silver Anniversary commemoratives. 1958 Menorah BU, 1961 Bar Mitzvah Proof, 1962 Negev Proof (2), 1964 Museum BU, 1966 Life BU and 1967 Port of Eilat BU. 7 as issued silver crowns. $225+

*299 ISRAEL. 1963. 5 Lirot. Seafaring Anniversary Commemorative. KM-39, A-6. Choice BU. The key to the Israel Anniversary Series. Our consignor purchased this from a pilot for El Al Airlines in January of 1976. $140+

*300 ISRAEL. 1963. 5 Lirot. Seafaring. KM-39, Dav-263, Y-35. BU, but some light corrosion on modern ship side. $125+

*301 ISRAEL. 1963. 5 Lirot. Seafaring. KM-39, A-6a Choice Proof. Our consignor purchased this from us in the summer of 1976. $140+

*302 ISRAEL. 1963. 5 Lirot. Seafaring. KM-39, Dav-263, Y-35. Ancient Galley/Modern Steamship. Nice Proof, dark toned. $150+

303 ISRAEL. 1964 5 Lirot Israel Museum Anniversary Commemorative. KM-43, A-7 & 7a. Choice BU & Proof. 2 silver crowns, the Proof purchased from us in August of 1976. $50+

304 ISRAEL. 1959-1973. Group of silver Anniversary coins. 1959 Exiles Unc., 1960 Herzl Unc., 1968 Jerusalem BU (4) and Proof (2), 1969 Shalom BU (3) and Koph, 1970 Mikvah Israel BU, 1971 Science BU (2) and Star BU (2), 1972 Aviation BU (7) and Proof (2), and 1973 Scroll BU (19). 45 choice silver crowns. Over $1300 in retail value. Sold as is, no returns. $900+

305 ISRAEL. 1968-1974. Complete set of 10 Lirot silver Anniversary Coins. Includes BU and Proof issues of Jerusalem, Shalom, Mikva Israel, Science, Aviation, Scroll and Language plus the Shalom Kof (SF mint) and Science star (Jerusalem mint). 16 choice crown size silver coins. $400+?

306 ISRAEL. 1974 Language Commemoratives, BU (29) and Proof (12). 41 choice silver crowns. Over $1200 retail value. Sold as is, no returns. $800+

307 ISRAEL. 1975-1988. 19 silver Anniversary Commemoratives. Contains 1975 Bonds BU & Proof, 1976 Strength BU & Proof, 1977 Brotherhood BU & Proof, 1978 Loyality BU & Proof, 1980 Peace BU, 1983 Valour & 1984 Kinsman Proofs, 1985 Science BU & Proof, 1986 Arts BU & Proof, 1987 United Jerusalem BU & Proof, and 1988 40th Anniversary BU & Proof. All choice as struck. Sold as is, no returns. $350+

308 ISRAEL. 1993/5753 Tourism Commemoratives. PL BU & Proof. KM-240/241, A-36/36A. $40+

309 ISRAEL. 1994/5754. Environment Commemoratives. BU & Proof. KM-252/253, A-37/37A. $40+

310 ISRAEL. 1995/5755. Medicine Commemoratives. BU & Proof. KM-263/264, A-38/38A. $50+

*311 ISRAEL. 1996. Anniversary Coin. 30 New Sheqalim. Three Millennium, the City of David: Jerusalem. KM-286. Choice Proof. Israel's largest coin containing almost 5 ounces of silver. $200

312 ISRAEL. 1997/5757. 100th Anniversary of the First Zionist Congress Commemoratives. BU & Proof. KM-300/301, A-40/40a. $50+

313 ISRAEL. 1998/5758. 50th Anniversary (Israeli Flag) Commemoratives. BU & Proof. KM-310/311, A-41/41A. $55+

314 ISRAEL. 1999/5759. High-Tech in Israel. BU & Proof. KM-325/326, A-42/42A. $55+

315 ISRAEL. 2000/5760. Love thy Neighbor. BU & Proof. KM-336/337, A-43/43A. $55+

316 ISRAEL. 2001/5761. Education in Israel. BU & Proof. KM-344/345, A-44/44A. $55+

317 ISRAEL. 2002/5762. Volunteering in Israel. BU & Proof. KM-356/ 357, A-45/45A. $55+

318 ISRAEL. 2003/5763. Space in Israel. BU & Proof. KM-371/372, A-46/46A. $60+

*319 ISRAEL. 2004/5764. Children of Israel. 1 New Sheqel and 2 New Sheqalim. KM-380/ 381, A-47/47a. 2 coins, the first PL BU, the 2nd Proof. $60+

320 ISRAEL. 2004/5764. Children of Israel Commemoratives. Another set as above. $60+

*321 ISRAEL. 1984/5744. 10 Sheqalim Gold. Kinsman. KM-138, Fr-22. Proof. Only 3,798 minted. 1/2 ounce of gold. $1050+

*322 ISRAEL. 2000. 1 & 5 New Sheqalim Gold Coins. Wild Goat and Acacia Tree. KM-348 & KM-350, Fr-80/81. 2 Proof coins, both with very low mintages. KM lists the mintage as 700, but our information suggests that the mintage is really only 600 of each! In case of issue. $750+

*323 ISRAEL. 2000/5761. Wild Goat and Acacia Tree. Holy Land Wildlife Series. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-347/349, HLW-9/9a. PL BU and Proof. $75+

*324 ISRAEL. 2004/5764. World Cup Soccer Germany 2006. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-406/407, SI-26/26a. PL BU and Proof. $100+

*325 ISRAEL. 2005/5765. Golden Years Anniversary Commemoratives. 1 and 2 New Sheqalim. BU & Proof. KM-402/403, A-48/48A. $60+

*326 ISRAEL. 2006/5766. Higher Education in Israel. Anniversary Commemoratives. 1 New Sheqel and 2 New Sheqalim. KM-416/417, A-49/ 49a. 2 coins, the first PL BU, the 2nd Proof. $100+

*327 ISRAEL. 2007/5767. Performing Arts in Israel. 1 New Sheqel and 2 New Sheqalim. KM-416/417, A-49/49a. 2 coins, PL BU & Proof. $100+

*328 ISRAEL. 2009/5769. Birds of Israel. 1 New Sheqel and 2 New Sheqalim. KM-456/ 457, A-52/52a. 2 coins, the first PL BU, the 2nd Proof. $100+

*329 ISRAEL. 2005/5765. Albert Einstein. Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Theory of Relativity. 1 New Sheqel Proof-like and 2 New Sheqalim Proof. KM-396/397, SI-25/25a. In case of issue with official brochure. Einstein's portrait in concentric circles/Elliptic orbits of the planets around the sun. While relatively (excuse the pun) modern, this set has become increasingly difficult to locate. $125+

*330 ISRAEL. 2006/5766. White City of Tel Aviv. World Heritage Sites. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-419/420, WHS-1/1a. PL BU and Proof. $100+

*331 ISRAEL. 2009/5769. Masada. World Heritage Sites. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-453/454, WHS-2/2a. PL BU and Proof. $125+

332 ISRAEL. Group of (mostly) Hanukkah commemorative coins. 1961 Purim Half Shekel Toned Unc, 1958 Law is Light BU (2) and Proof, 1960 Deganya BU (2, 1 of which is mishandled) and Proof, 1960 H. Szold BU and Proof, 1961 Heroism BU & Proof, 1962 Italian Lamp BU (spots) & Proof, 1963 No. African Lamp BU & Proof, 1972 Russian Lamp BU (6) & Proof, 1973 Babylonian Lamp BU (11) & Proof, 1974 Damascus Lamp BU & Proof, 1975 Dutch Lamp BU & Proof and 1976 American Lamp BU & Proof. 40 coins, all but the 1st Hanukkah coins, the final 25 silver. Contains the key 1960 Szold Proof. A few may have some easily removable PVC residue. Over $500 of retail value. Sold as is, no returns. $200

333 ISRAEL. 1982-1990. Complete set of 18 silver Holy Land Sites Commemorative Coins. 1982 Qumran Caves, 1983 Herodian Ruins, 1984 Kidron Valley, 1985 Capernaum, 1986 Akko, 1987 Jericho, 1988 Caesarea, 1989 Jaffa Lighthouse and 1990 Sea of Galilee. Nine 1/2 Sheqel (or 1/2 New Sheqel) and nine 1 Sheqel (or 1 New Sheqel) coins. Each coin has 12 sides signifying the 12 signs of the Zodiac. $250+

334 ISRAEL. 1983-1996. Group of silver Anniversary commemorative coins. 1983 Valour Proof, 1989 Promised Land BU & Proof, 1990 Archeology BU & Proof, 1991 Immigration Proof, 1992 Law in Israel BU & Proof, 1993 Tourism PL BU and 1996 3000th Anniversary of Jerusalem PL BU. 10 choice silver coin, 5 crown size. Sold as is, no returns. $235

335 ISRAEL. Group of commemoratives. 1962 Purim 1/2 Shekel Unc and Proof, 1958 5£ Menorah Unc (lightly cleaned), 1959 5£ Exiles Unc, (but mishandled) and Proof, 1960 Herzl 5 £ Unc (cleaned) and Proof, 1962 5£ Negev BU & Proof, 1965 5£ Knesset BU & Proof, 1966 Life 5£ Proof, 1967 5£ Eilat BU & Proof, 1969 10£ Shalom BU & Proof (2), 1970 10£ Mikva Israel Proof, 1971 10£ Science Proof, 1972 10£ Aviation BU (3) and Proof, 1973 10£ Scroll BU (2), 1977 25£ Brotherhood Proof, 1978 50£ Mother and Child BU, 1980 Jabotinksy 25 Sheqalim Unc and 1984 1 Sheqel Kinsman BU. Also included in this lot are two (2) 1984 silver 27mm Purim "Half-Shekel" medals (SM-80). 31 pieces in lot, all but two silver. A few cleaned (as described), some in original cases, some with removable PVC residue. Well over $650 of retail value. Sold as is, no returns. $350+

336 ISRAEL. 1967-1995. Special Issue Commemoratives. 1967 Victory BU & Proof, 1971 Freedom (Let My People Go) BU & Proof, 1974 Ben-Gurion BU & Proof, 1980 Jabotinsky BU & Proof, 1985 Oniyahu Proof-like, 1992 Paralympic Proof, 1993 B'nai B'rith BU & Proof, 1993 Revolt & Heroism BU & Proof, 1995 FAO BU & Proof and 1995 Peace with Jordan BU & Proof. 18 choice silver commemorative coins, 13 of which are crown size. Sold as is, no returns. $475?

337 ISRAEL. Group of Hanukkah coins. 1963, 1972, 1973 Proofs, 1974 BU & Proof, 1975 Proof, 1976 Proof, 1977 BU & Proof (both open & closed Mems), 1978 Proof, 1979 Proof, 1980 BU, 1981 BU, 1982 BU (2) & Proof, 1983 BU & Proof, 1984 BU & Proof, 1985 BU & Proof, 1986 BU & Proof. 25 Hanukkah commemorative coins, all but 5 are silver. 1962, 1977 and 1978 are copper-nickel. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

338 ISRAEL. 1984-2005. Group of silver special issue coins. 1984 Kidron Valley BU & Proof, 1995 Victory over the Nazis BU & Proof, 1995 Port of Caesarea Proof, 1996 Yitzhak Rabin BU & Proof, 1999 Millennium 2000 BU & Proof, 2004 Windsurfing BU & Proof and 2005 Albert Einstein. 13 choice silver coins, 6 of which are crown size and a number difficult to find. Sold as is, no returns. $375?

339 ISRAEL. Group of silver commemoratives. 1971 10 Lirot Let My People Go/Freedom BU (1) and Proof (6) plus 1974 25 Lirot David Ben-Gurion BU (19) and Proof (8). A total of 34 silver crowns. Some may have easily removable PVC residue. Over $1000 retail value. Sold as is, no returns. $750+

340 ISRAEL. Large group of miscellaneous items. Includes 13 (empty) olive-wood cases for coins, (some have spaces for single coins, others for 3 coins and a few for four mini-medals); 4 tubes of small Israeli telephone tokens (approximately 120, including 1 Jefferson nickel); 8 bronze (45 & 59mm) medals; 6 1974 sets of Israeli trade coins as packaged by Nielsen-Porter, Inc. Each set has 6 individual BU coins and a flag-like identification card; 20 IGCMC 1965 6-piece mint sets in cards; 9 1966 IGCMC mint sets in cards; 1968 6-Piece coins of Israel set by the Shekel Co.; 20+ key-chains with 5 Israeli plastic banknotes; Jewish History in Medals, slide show and cassette tape. Probably $200-$300 of retail value in this lot but we're selling it without an estimate or without a reserve. Sold as is, no returns. $?

*341 ISRAEL. 1957 Private Issue Set. 11-coin set in blue box, lid decorated with palm tree and images of 250 Pruta coins. Contains 1949 1, 5, 10, 50 (2), 100, 250 Pruta as well as 10 Pruta 1952, 1957 and 1954 25 & 100 Pruta. "Matebon" in English & Hebrew on lid. Listed as UP-MAT-3 in the online catalog with a value of $80. Most coins, except the 1 Pruta, Unc. $35+

*342 ISRAEL. 1958. 11-coin private issue set in a blue presentation folder with medal clasp. Contains 1949 1, 5, 10, 50 and 250 Pruta. Also 10 Pruta 1952, 1957, 1954 25, 50, 100 Pruta plus 100 Pruta 1955. All Unc., except 1949 10 & 50 Pruta. This is a special variety of UP-MAT-5 ($80 value) with a golden imprint to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Israel "a gift from the United Aged Home" in Jerusalem in English & Hebrew. Issued by Matebon and sold by Hefetz of Jerusalem. (This set no doubt specially manufactured for the United Home.) $35+

*343 ISRAEL. 1958. 11-coin private issue set in a brown presentation folder and metal clasp. Contains 1949 1, 5, 10, 50 and 250 Pruta. Also 10 Pruta 1952, 1957, 1954 25, 50, 100 Pruta plus 100 Pruta 1955. All Unc., except 1949 10 & 50 Pruta. Inside cover decorated with date palm tree, image of 250 Pruta coin, "Israel Coins", and "1948-1958". UP-MAT-7 ($100). $35+

344 ISRAEL. 1963. Group of 1963 blue and white mint sets. 14 regular sets, plus one with inverted 1 Agora, thus a total of 15 sets. On one of the regular sets the cellophane has torn and one of the coins has come loose; on several other sets the cellophane is wrinkled and or weak. Haffner-7 and 7a, KM MS16 & MS17. Our retail value on this is close to $200. Sold as is, no returns. $50+

345 ISRAEL. Group of Sets. 1968 Mint Set (2), 1990 Piefort Set, 1992 Piefort Set, 1992 Hanukkah Set, 1993 Piefort Set, 1994 Historical Coin Set, 1994 Coin & Moon Set, 1995 Coins of the Holy Land Set, 1996 Piefort Set (2). 1998-1999 5 Piece Unc Set (CD case) plus a 1995 Y. Rabin PL 1 New Sheqel coin in folder with a First Day Cover and a 1970s (?) 15-Piece private set (all circulated) with a facsimile of a 1968 50 £ Weizman note. $100+

*346 ITALY. Camerino, Popular Government. 1434-1444. Æ Picciolo (.50g). Civic coat of arms/Cross Fleuree. Biaggi-531. Gd VF (thus scarce). Coins from Camerino are rarely encountered, especially in this state of preservation. Ex Triton 13, 1840, Ex Leonard Greenfield collection. $350

347 ITALY, Vatican City. 1950-1982 Group of Mint Sets. All but the first & last are 8-piece sets. 1950 (4-piece) KM MS-45, 1966 KM MS-70, 1975 MS-80, 1975 MS-79, 1976 MS-81, 1977 KM MS-82, 1978 MS-83 and 1982 MS-86 (7-piece). 8 sets, the first two with cellophane missing in spots, but coins choice. Plus 1958 KM-57 500£ Sede Vacante in case of issue. 2013 KM value of more than $370. $225+?

*348 JAPAN, Meiji. Year 34 (1901) 1 Yen. Y-A25.3. Au-Unc. Reverse is hairlined and a few spots near 12 o'clock on obverse. Still a decent and desirable crown. $75+

*349 JORDAN, King Hussien. 1969/AH 1389 1 Dinar. KM-23, Y-C13. Bust of King Hussein right/View of Old City of Jerusalem. Gem lightly toned Proof. A spectacular coin! $100?

*350 LIBERIA, American Colonization Society. 1833 1 Cent Token. KM-Tn1, CH-2. Obverse: 1 in date under tree trunk, large ship, 14 rays, 12 palm tree leaves, bush top above water. Reverse: narrow-spaced AD, double periods between. EF. It's been more than a decade since we've offered one of these scarce early tokens of Liberia, founded by freed American slaves. $75+?

*357 MEXICO, Carlos and Johanna. Late Series 1536-1572. Silver 4 Reales. Crowned arms of Castile & Leon/Pillars. ND M-L. Vogt-Bruce-12. Toned VF and well struck. Flan crack from about 2 o"clock on both sides to the very center of the coin. Almost fully round with the great majority of the legend readable and missing only a few letters of Carlos and a few in Hispania as they correspond to the flan crack. It's been 5 years since we've offered a decent piece of this early "New World" coinage. $150+

*358 MEXICO, Philip V. 1740 Mo MF 8 Reales (26.46g). KM-103. Crowned Arms/Pillars flanking crowned globes signifying western and eastern hemispheres. Sea-salvaged, with light corrosion on obverse and heavier on reverse. Technically not much "circulation" wear on this decent example of a "Pillar Dollar". $175+

*359 MEXICO. Philip V. 1745 MoMF. 8 Reales. Crowned globes between crowned pillars/ Crowned Shield. KM-103, El-23. Toned VF/EF, bit cloudy. A very nice example of a Pillar Dollar. $450+

360 MEXICO, Charles III. 1780 Mo FF 8 Reales. KM-106.2, El-90. Bust of Charles right/ Pillars flank crowned arms. VG-F. $75

*361 MEXICO, Ferdinand VII. 1816/5 Mo JJ 8 Reales. Bust right/Pillars flank crowned arms. KM-111, Cr-121. aVF. $75

*362 MEXICO. Empire of Iturbide. 1822-JM. 8 Reales. Short type. Bust right with long neck/Eagle. KM-309 (type 4), EL-166. VF. Typically weakly struck in parts. Very attractive. $150+

*363 MEXICO. Empire of Iturbide. 1823-JM. 8 Reales. Short type. Bust right/Eagle. KM-310, EL-168. VF. Typically weakly struck in parts. Short neck variety. $125

*364 MEXICO, Republic. 1824-Mo JM 8 Reales. Hook-necked eagle left with snake in beak/Radiant Sun. KM-A376.2, EL-180. Nicely toned VF, very attractive. A very elusive type. $250+

*365 MEXICO, Republic. Potosi. 1834 Pi JS 8 Reales. KM-377.12. Lustrous AU+, but eagles breast flat as usual. Very attractive coin. WMR Sale 35D #521, ex Ponterio & Associates inventory. $100+

*366 MEXICO. 1839-Go PJ. 8 Reales of Guanajuato. K-377.8. Choice toned EF-AU. $100+

*367 MEXICO. 1840 Ga MC 8 Reales of Guadalajara. KM-377.6, El-474. VF, cleaned many years ago. Ex WMR Sale 29F, #599 and Ponterio and Associates inventory. $65+

*368 MEXICO. 1841/31 Do RM/L 8 Reales of Durango. KM-377.4, EL-381 variety. Toned VF. Elizondo doesn't list this overdate! $75+

*369 MEXICO. 1841 Ga MC 8 Reales of Guadalajara. KM-377.6, El-475. EF, lightly cleaned, weakly struck in center. Ex WMR Sale 29F, #600 and Ponterio and Associates inventory. $85+

*370 MEXICO. 1842 Ca RG 8 Reales of Chihuahua. KM-377.2, El-231. Toned EF with clashed die on eagle side with a "sun-burst" appearance. Ex Baja Numismatics inventory. $75+?

*371 MEXICO. 1845 Pi AM 8 Reales of San Luis Potosi. KM-372.12, Eliz-821. EF-AU, eagle's breast much more detailed than usual. Ex WMR Sale 35D, #522 and ex Ponterio inventory. $100+

*372 MEXICO. Guanajuarto. 1847 Go PM 8 Reales. KM-377.8. Lustrous AU, but eagles breast flat as usual. Very nice coin. $75?

*373 MEXICO. 1849 Cn CE 8 Reales of Culiacan. KM-377.3, El-303. Lustrous toned EF-AU with underlying luster. Centers a bit weak as typical for most coins from this mint. $150?

*374 MEXICO. 1850 Gc MP 8 Reales of Guadeloupe y Calvo. KM-377.7, El-631. VF. All 8 reales from this mint that struck coins for only 9 years are scarce to rare. This is the first I can recall offering in almost 30 years! $250+

*375 MEXICO. 1854 Ga JG 8 Reales of Guadalajara. KM-377.6, El-492. Toned EF. Ex WMR Sale 35D, #517 and Ponterio and Associates inventory. $125

*376 MEXICO. 1856/5 Ga JG 8 Reales of Guadalajara. KM-377.6, El-494v. VF, overdate with one small chop mark. Ex WMR sale 35D, #518 and Ponterio and Associates inventory. $125+

*377 MEXICO. 1857 C CE/e 8 Reales of Culiacan. KM-377.3, El-311v. Lustrous toned EF-AU with underlying lustre. Centers a bit weak as typical for most coins from this mint. The date is slightly doubled, mostly evident on the 7, and the E of the assayer is struck over a smaller E. Toned EF-AU. Ex Baja Numismatics inventory. $150?

*378 MEXICO. 1858 Mo FH 8 Reales of Mexico City. KM-377.10, El-720. AU. Uncommon. $50+

*379 MEXICO. 1863 Ca JC 8 Reales of Chihuahua. KM-377.2, El-254. Choice toned EF with nice chopmark on cap. Ex Baja Numismatics inventory. Very attractive. $100+

*380 MEXICO. 1863/53 Do CP 8 Reales of Durango. KM-377.4, EL-407v. VF, a few of small chop marks. Ex WMR 29C #703 and Ponterio and Associates inventory. $75

*381 MEXICO. 1863 O AE 8 Reales of Oaxaca. KM-377.11, Eliz-771. AU, lightly cleaned. Ex WMR Sale 30F, #706. Ex Ponterio inventory. $100

*382 MEXICO. 1863 O FR 8 Reales of Oaxaca. KM-377.11, Eliz-771. Toned EF. Usual adjustment marks on eagle's breast, fields somewhat grainy. Ex WMR 35D, #520. Ex Ponterio inventory. $100

*383 MEXICO. 1864 O FR 8 Reales of Oaxaca. KM-377.11, Eliz-774. Lustrous AU, weakly struck at centers. Struck slightly off-center. Ex WMR Sale 30F, #707. Ex Ponterio inventory. $75+

*384 MEXICO. 1867 C CE 8 Reales of Culiacan. KM-377.3, El-323. Gd Fine, with two clear chops on eagle side and a few minor marks in field. Ex Baja Numismatics inventory. $125+

*385 MEXICO. 1867 Pi PS 8 Reales of San Luis Potosi. KM-372.12, Eliz-855. EF. Die clash or struck over another coin as two rays can be clearly seen between the eagle's wing and tail on the right side of the coin. Ex WMR Sale 35D, #523. $90+

*386 MEXICO. Guanajuarto. 1868 Go YF 8 Reales. KM-377.8. Choice P-L BU, light golden toning, a few very minor marks in the field. $125+

*387 MEXICO. 1868 O AE 8 Reales of Oaxaca. KM-377.11, Eliz-778. Choice AU, lightly toned and fully lustrous. A few very light hairlines. Nice looking coin. Ex WMR Sale 30F, #709. Ex Ponterio inventory. $125+

*388 MEXICO. 1868/7 Pi PS 8 Reales of San Luis Potosi. KM-377.12, Eliz-856v. Toned VF. Rather scarce. $50+

*389 MEXICO. 1869 A DL 8 Reales of Alamos. KM-377, EL-188. Toned VF, a few tiny chopmarks. Ex WMR and Ponterio inventory. $75?

*390 MEXICO. 1869 Ca MM 8 Reales of Chihuahua. KM-377.2, El-254. Toned EF, small flan crack, 10 o'clock obverse. $75?

*391 MEXICO. 1870 Ho PR 8 Reales of Hermosillo. KM-377.9, El-648. VF. Scarce. Ex Baja Numismatics. $100?

*392 MEXICO. 1871 Ho PR 8 Reales of Hermosillo. KM-377.9, El-649. Toned VF+. Scarce. Ex Baja Numismatics. $75+

*393 MEXICO. 1875 Do JH 8 Reales of Durango. KM-377.4, Eliz-422. Toned VF. One of only two dates issued by this assayer. Ex WMR 30F #711 and Ponterio and Associates inventory. $125+

*394 MEXICO. 1875 Go FR 8 Reales of Guanajuarto. KM-377.8, El-596. Fully struck choice BU. An outstanding example! $150+

395 MEXICO. 1876 Ca MM 8 Reales of Chihuahua. KM-377.2, El-273. Toned AU. Very attractive. Ex WMR Sale 29F, #591. $60+

*396 MEXICO. 1876 Go FR 8 Reales of Guanajuarto. KM-377.8, El-597. Fully struck nice BU, small spot at bottom of reverse. Ex WMR Sale 30F, #712. Ex Ponterio inventory. $100+

*397 MEXICO. 1877 Ho GR 8 Reales of Hermosillo. KM-377.89 El-656. Rare. Guadalupe Rocha was the assayer for only part of one year. Light toned aEF. Ex Baja Numismatics inventory. $150+

*398 MEXICO. 1882 Ga FS 8 Reales of Guadalajara. KM-377.6, El-523. Fully lustrous BU, a few bag marks. Ex WMR Sale 35B #436. $100+

*399 MEXICO. 1885 Gn AM 8 Reales of Culiacan. KM-377.3, El-349. The scarce GN rather than CN mintmark. VF. Ex WMR sale 35D #516 and prior to that Ponterio & Associates inventory. $100+

*400 MEXICO. 1885/75 Go RR 8 Reales of Guanajuarto. KM-377.8, El-611v. EF/AU, lightly toned, a few small chop marks. $60+

*401 MEXICO. 1891 Cn AM 8 Reales of Culiacan. KM-377.3, El-356. Nice lightly toned Unc. Attractive, semi proof-like field under toning. $75+

402 MEXICO. 1891 Ho FG 8 Reales of Hermosillo. KM-377.9, El-674. Nice AU. Ex Baja Numismatics inventory. $50+

*403 MEXICO. 1894 Mo AM 8 Reales of Mexico City. KM-377.10, El-757. Choice PL BU, a bit weakly struck on eagle's breast. Super coin. $75+

*404 MEXICO. 1897 Cn AM. 8 Reales of Culiacan. KM-377.3, Eliz-362. Choice Unc. Nicely toned, underlying luster. $75+

*405 MEXICO. 1870 Oa E Balance Scale Peso of Oaxaca. KM-408.6, Eliz-99, EF. $75+

*406 MEXICO. 1871 MoM. Balance Scale Peso of Mexico City. KMK-408.5, El-995. BU, very small rim bruise on eagle side. Ex WMR Sale 35B #441 @$225. $250+

*407 MEXICO. 1902 Cn JQ Cap & Ray Peso of Culiacan. KM-409, Eliz-1024. Toned Unc. Ex WMR Sale 34E #531. $75+

*408 MEXICO. 1902 Zs FZ Cap & Ray Peso Zacatacas mint. KM-409.2, Eliz-1049. Nice Unc, a few minor bagmarks. $75

*409 MEXICO. 1904 Cn RP Cap & Ray Peso of Culiacan. KM-409, Eliz-1028. Key date of type. AU, some scratches. A very attractive coin. Ex WMR Sale 34E #532. $100+

*410 MEXICO. 1905 Cn RP Cap & Ray Peso of Culiacan. KM-409, Eliz-1029. Semi-key date (last year of issue). EF, lightly wiped. $100+

411 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Ferdinand VII 1818 Mo JJ, Republic Alamos Mint 1870 A DL, 1877 AS DL & 1891 AS ML. 4 silver crowns VG to VF. Sold as is, no returns. $100

412 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. All with chop marks. 1884 As ML, 1892 As ML, 1889 Ca MM, 1892 Ho FG, 1879 Mo MH, 1885 Mo MH and 1886 Zs JS. 7 silver crowns, VG-VF, most with 3 to 5 small chops, the 1889 piece with the most interesting chop, which we have photographed. $200?

413 MEXICO, Pair of silver 8 Reales. Hermosillo mint. 1877 Ho JA and 1894 Ho FG. VF and EF, the first scarce. $60+

414 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Chihuahua mint - 1845 Ca RG, 1854 Ca RG, 1875 Ca MM and 1886 Ca MM. 4 silver crowns, VG to EF, mostly VF or better. Sold as is, no returns. $100

415 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Chihuahua mint 1887 Ca MM, 1892 Ca MM, 1894 Ca MM and Culiacan 1894 Cn AM. 4 silver crowns, the first Au-Unc, the last VG-F, the other two VF-EF. Sold as is, no returns. $100

416 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Culiacan 1848 C Ce (scarce, but G-VG), Durango 1825 Do RL, 1842/31 Do RM/L and Guadalajara 1881 Ga FS. 4 silver crown, G-VG to VF+. Sold as is, no returns. $100

417 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Guanajuato mint. 1831 Go MJ, 1835 G PJ, 1870 Go FR, 1888 Go RR, 1893 Go RS and 1894 Go RS. 6 silver crowns Gd to EF, mostly F-VF. Sold as is, no returns. $150?

418 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Mexico City mint. 1831 Mo JM, 1846 MoMF, 1854 Mo GC and 1890 Mo AM. 4 crowns, the first three VF or so, the last nice toned EF. Sold as is, no returns. $100

419 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Mexico City Mint. 1891 Mo AM, 1893 Mo AM, 1896 Mo AB and Mo AM. 4 silver coins EF or better. Nice high grade lot. Sold as is, no returns. $120

420 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. San Luis Potosi Mint. 1845 Pi AM, 1861 Pi RO, 1869 Pi PS and 1878 Pi MH. 4 silver crowns, VG-F. 1st two coins are better dates. Sold as is, no returns. $100

421 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Zacatacas Mint. 1825 Zs AZ, 1839 Zs OM, 1851 Zs OM, 1863 Zs VI, 1877 Zs JS and 1897 Zs FZ. 6 silver crowns VG-VF, mostly VG-F. Sold as is, no returns. $125+

422 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Reales. Zacatacas Mint. 1890 Zs FZ, 1891 Zs FZ, 1895 Zs FZ, 1896 Zs FZ and 1897 Zs FZ. 5 silver crowns VF to Au-Unc., mostly higher grade. Sold as is, no returns. $125+

423 MEXICO, Group of silver 8 Balance scale pesos. 1872/1 MoM, 1873 MoM (2) and 1872 Pi O. 4 silver crowns. VG-VF. Sold as is, no returns. $100

424 MEXICO, Group of silver Cap and Rays Pesos. Culiacan mint. 1898 Cn AM, 1899 Cn AM (scarce), 1899 Cn JQ, 1901 Cn JQ, 1904 Cn MH (2). 6 silver crowns VF to EF+, mostly higher grade. Sold as is, no returns. $125+

425 MEXICO, Group of silver Cap and Rays Pesos. Guanajuarto Mint 1899 Go RS, Mexico City Mint 1898 Mo AM, 1900 Mo AM, 1901 Mo AM, 1903 Mo AM and 1908 Mo AM. 6 silver crowns, the first VF, the others AU to Unc. High grade lot. Sold as is, no returns. $200+?

426 MEXICO, Group of silver Cap and Rays Pesos. Mexico City Mint. 1902 Mo AM, 1903 MoAM, 1904 Mo AM, 1908 Mo AM, 1908 Mo GV and 1909 Mo GV. 6 silver crowns. The 1903 is F-VF, others EF to Unc. Sold as is, no returns . $200+?

427 MEXICO, Group of silver Cap and Rays Pesos. Zacatacas mint. 1898 Zs FZ, 1899 Zs FZ, 1900 Zs FZ, 1901 Zs FZ,1903 Zs FZ and 1904 Zs FZ. Also in this lot is a 4 Reales of Bolivia 1801 PP KM-72, in VG with initial scratched on obverse. 6 silver crowns, F to EF, mostly VF or better, plus one silver 4 Spanish Colonial coin. Sold as is, no returns . $150+

*428 NETHERLANDS. Deventer. 1471. AR Gros. 1/4 arms on long cross, cccc lxxi/Eagle over shield of Deventer. Frey-141a, vdC-17-18, Lev-III, 54. aF/F. Slightly double struck. Nice example of an early dated coin. $300+

*429 NEW ZEALAND. ND, 19th Century token. Milner & Thompson Penny. Maori warrior, "Advance New Zealand"/Legend. KM-Tn53 (unlisted vareity). Andrews 382. Nice EF-AU, with hints of red. The warrior on this token has short spiked hair which is not the variety pictured in KM. $50+

*430 PALESTINE. Templar Token. ND c. 1880. 20 Para Brass. Type 1 without "consummark". CC-13a. EF, but spotted. The Templars were a German Protestant sect that broke away from their church and moved to the Holy Land in order to live a more "Biblical" way of life. We presume these are also "Paras" rather than Piastres, although later tokens issued by Briesch & Co, which was a Templar trading House in Jaffa, specifically said "Piaster". $125+?

*431 PALESTINE. British Mandate. 1944. 20 Mils. Key date of 2 year World War II type. Y-5a, KM-5a. EF+. $275+

*432 PALESTINE. 1927 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. Toned AU. 1st year of issue. $100+

*433 PALESTINE. 1931. 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. F+. The single hardest Palestine coin to find and getting more difficult to locate in any grade as time goes by. $300

*434 PALESTINE. 100 Mil 1933. Y-7, KM-7. Choice EF-AU. A very nice example of this scarce coin. Ex Collector's Den (Bill Randel) inventory. $300

435 PALESTINE. Partial set in blue Nielsen-Porter, Dansco album. 1 Mil (8) all but 1935 & 1940, 2 Mils (4) all but 1946, 5 Mils (6) all but 1934 and 1944, 10 Mils (3) 1935, 1940 & 1943, 50 Mils (2) 1936 & 1942 and 1942 100 Mils. 24 coins, mostly VF or better, in hard to find album. Some coins are slipping between pages. Sold as is, no returns. $35+

*436 PALESTINE. ND (1932?). The National (Masonic) Grand Lodge of Palestine, gilt with green enamel. c. 50 x 42mm, trilingual (English, Hebrew, Arabic) with symbols of 3 major religions at top. Haffner MA-38. Ex NASCA's Wayte Raymond Sale, Part I (Dec. 1977) Lot #2178. We've handled numerous Masonic badges of Palestine and Israel but can't recall offering this one in many years. EF. $65+

*437 PALESTINE. British Armed Forces Campaign Medal with purple and green ribbon attached. 1939? 38mm awarded to "Private C. Mc Donald" with bar above, "Palestine". I believe these undated badges were awarded for service from 1936 to 1939 before World War II. Toned EF. Ex Lot-815 from NASCA's Robert Weiss sale of May 1978. $50

*438 PALESTINE. British Armed Forces Campaign Medal with purple and green ribbon attached. 38mm awarded to "Private B. Motekase" with bar above, "Palestine 1945-1948". Choice almost P-L fields, with light toning and a few minute hairlines. This Ex Lot-4025 from NASCA's Stanley Yulish Sale of May 1979. They described it "as "pristine BU". Stan Yulish was always looking for the highest quality items. $75?

*439 PALESTINE. British Armed Forces Campaign Medal with purple and green ribbon. Similar to above but this is in a large glass frame. The frame is intact, however when this item was shipped to us the ribbon and the medal became separated. The buyer of this would need to do some repair. $50?

*440 PERU, Provisional (Republic) Type. 1823-JM 8 Reales of Lima. Palm tree above coat of arms draped with flag/Virtue and Justice standing to either side of column. KM-136, Eliz-99, Cr-125. Two year type. F-VF, light porosity on column side. This scarce type is almost always found in lower grade and typicaly with some flan problems. We can recall having this type only one other time in the past 20 years (or more) & that was a "holed" example. $100+

441 PERU, Republic. 1832-MM 8 Reales of Lima, KM-142.3, Cr-132 and 1894 TF Un Sol KM-196.26, Y-18. 2 silver crowns, the first F-VF, the 2nd VF-EF, couple of rim nicks. Both toned. $40+

*442 POLAND, People's Republic. 1978. 2 different 100 Zlotych silver Proof coins commemorating the 100th birthday of Janusz Korczak, who was the educator who accompanied his students to the Nazi Death camps even though he had the option of escaping by himself. Y-94 facing head of Korczak and KM-PN335 Proba (pattern) with his head right. SZ-3, p. 199. The Proba is in a red plastic case of issue. $135

*443 POLAND, Republic. 2008, 65th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. 2 Zlotych Brass and 20 Zlotych Silver. Szperling-17, p.22 & p.23, KM-633 and KM-636. 2 coins, the first BU, the 2nd Proof, both choice. $95

*444 POLAND, Republic. 2009. 2 coins commemorating Poles saving Jews. 2 Zlote Y-703, Brass BU and 20 Zlotych Y-704, silver Proof. The 2 Zlote coin honors "Zegota", the code name for the Polish Council to Aid Jews, an underground organization founded in 1942 by Wanda Krahelska Filipowicz and Zofia Kossak, which operated under the auspices of the Polish Government in Exile. The silver crown depicts Irena Sendlerowa, Zofia Kossak and Sister Matylda Getter, 3 women who risked their lives and the lives of their families to help save Jews. A similar set sold for $85 in our sale 42A. $95

*445 POLAND, Republic. 2010. 65th Anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz. 2 Zlote Brass depicting 3 prisoners and the infamous slogan Arbeit Macht Frei KM-712 and Silver 10 Zlotych depicting barbed wire fence and the slogan. KM-713. 2 choice BU coins. $95

*446 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 5 Mark. Aluminum. (1.49g). KM-Tn2, Camp-4752b, Feller PO-573b. Thin flan variety. Choice EF-AU. This is among the nicest of these that we call recall seeing. $100+

*447 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 5 Mark. Aluminum. (1.64g). KM-Tn2, Camp-4752b, Feller PO-573b. Thick flan variety. Choice AU+, with just a few minor stains. This is one of the nicest we've seen. Our research over the past 12 to 15 years indicates that the thick flan variety is scarcer than the thin flan. $100+

*448 POLAND. Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943. 5 Mark Magnesium. (1.08g). KM-TN2a, C-4752a, Feller PO-573aVF. Magnesium pieces are much scarcer than aluminum examples. They are also more difficult to photograph. $100+

*449 POLAND. Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 10 Mark. Aluminum. (2.62g). KM-Tn3, Camp-4753b, F/F PO-574b. Thin flan variety. Choice EF-AU, a few minor flan flaws. $100+

*450 POLAND. Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto.) 1943 10 Mark. Aluminum. (2.68g). KM-Tn3, Camp-4753b, F/F PO-574b. Thin flan variety. EF, but light corrosion on both sides as well as a die break extending from 9:30 to 3:30 and another from about 7 o'clock on the Star-Getto side of coin. $50+

*451 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 10 Mark. Aluminum. (3.40g). KM-Tn3, Camp-4753b, Feller PO-574b. Thick flan variety. Nice EF, but for some stains. $75+

*452 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 10 Mark Magnesium (1.71g). KM-TN3a, Camp-4753a, Feller PO-574a. EF (thus very nice), but a few minor rim nicks. Very light oxidation. $100+

*453 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 20 Mark Aluminum (6.81g). KM-TN4, Camp-4754, SB-1026, F/F PO-575. EF, but a few rim nicks. Scarce. $150+

*454 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942 10 Pfenning. KM-TN5v, Camp-4751bv. Type 2. Struck in nickel-silver (2.37g). We believe this is a pattern made under order of Nazi authorities. However this is a controversial issue and some think these are fantasies because there are different die characteristics on this than the issued coin. This reasoning makes no logical sense because patterns are by definition a pattern. It is not the final product. Toned Unc. Rare. In our sale 40J a similar piece sold for $250. Sold as is, no returns. $250+?

*455 PORTUGAL, Maria I. 1796 400 Reis. KM-288, Cr-40. Choice toned AU+. $150

*456 RUSSIA, Boris Pasternak. Bronze 59mm by W. Schiffer. 1960 High relief bust facing a tad left, B.L. Pasternak above, 1890-1960 below/ Large balalaika r. across field which is divided into 3 scenes; in depression in center of field is a key (Scene from Dr. Zhivago). Pasternak was the great Russian-Jewish writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1958 but was forced to decline it by the Soviet government. Our consignor bought this from us in January of 1984. It's the only one that I can recall owning. The medal in the ANS museum is ex Daniel Friedenberg. As struck. $50

*457 THAILAND. Rama V (Phra Mahah Chulaongkorn). RS 127 (1908). Salung = 1/4 Baht. Bust left/National arms, date at bottom. Y-33a. BU. Scarce type, better date, rare so nice. $300+

*458 TIBET, Srang System, 2nd Coinage. BE 15-50 (1916 AD). 5 Sho Y-18.1. VF. Uncommon. $100+?

459 UNITED STATES. Group of coins. Morgan Dollars 1899-O AU, 1921 (2 pieces, VF-EF and AU) and 1922-D Peace Dollar in VF. Also included in this lot are 20 JFK half dollars, 1964-D (1), 1965 (3), 1966 (4), 1967 (5), 1968-D (6) and 1976-D (1). The first is silver, the rest silver clad, mostly Unc. Also Ike Dollars 1971, 1974-D and 1976-D. 28 coins, mostly Unc. $125+

*460 UNITED STATES. 1857 "Love" Token. "MAMA" hand engraved on 1867 no arrows Liberty Seated Dime. Holed at top. Nicely done. $50+?

*461 UNITED STATES. T.L. Kingsley & Son. ND (1858-60). 24mm Brass Advertising Token. T.L. Kingsley & Son 112 Genesee St., Utica NY around Great Wardrobe Clothing/Branches at 109 Genesee St. Auburn, 63 Dominick St. Rome. Reeded edge. Miller-NY-1064. Ch. Unc. $75+?

*462 UNITED STATES. Henry Ward Beecher Memorial Medal, 1887. bronzed Copper, 76.2mm, 9mm thick. By H.A. Phillips. Head right of theologian, preacher, social activist and founder of Brooklyn's Plymouth Church/Henry Ward Beecher Born June 24, 1813, Died March 8, 1887 in five lines in wreath. Beecher, called "the most famous American" of his day," liberalized Calvinistic theology, and fought against slavery and for women's equality. Deep red mahogany patina. EF, with some light scratches and handling marks but still a very attractive medal. $125+?

*463 UNITED STATES. Henry Hudson. 1909 Bronze, 63.5 mm. By Emil Fuchs. Henry Hudson on the Halve Maene's deck drawing water in New York harbor/History holds North River Steamboat, flanked by Navigation and Commerce. Struck by Whitehead & Hoag for the American Numismatic Society to commemorate the Hudson-Fulton Celebration. Close to EF, but some toning. $75+

*464 UNITED STATES. Bi-Metallic Jewish Merchant Token. West Virginia. F.K. Lowe's Meat Market. Monongah, West Virginia. 28mm Bi-Metallic (Aluminum, inside brass). Good for 25¢. Edkins WV1943C25. Choice EF. We've had a similar 10¢ token from this merchant at least twice before (both in VF) but can't recall ever seeing this denomination. The last sold for $35 in Sale 40E. $45+?

*465 UNITED STATES, Chicago IL. 1932? Æ 27mm Advertising token. Around a camel, a good luck horseshoe and a hairpin (bobby pin) The Hump Hairpin Mfg. Co. Prosperity, Health Happiness/75 Million Advertising Messages. The Hump Hair Pin Co. was owned and operated by Sol H. Goldberg from about 1906 through the mid-1930s. EF. I don't believe I've ever seen this token from this Jewish merchant. $40+?

*466 UNITED STATES, 1974. Inspiration Æ56 mm Two part medal by Frank Eliscu. Featuring Pegasus. Pegasus is shown on the obverse being released from the hand of God; the two inside surfaces show Man capturing Inspiration; and the reverse shows Man and Inspiration in harmony. The unusual medal breaks apart (but can be put back together) to reveal the two inner surfaces, convex and concave images of the same design. Cased as issued. Accompanying the medal and the case is the original brochure from the Medallic Art Co.We have found two recent Ebay auction results of $150+ for the pair. $100+


*467 AUSTRIA, Mauthausen Concentration Camp. 1 Mark blue. Type 2 1944 design with denomination in top line, Feller-AS-236, Camp-unlisted, Grab. Ma-6 (as pictured, he describes a .50 RM). The numbers "1-10.44" are lightly hand stamped in purple about 1/3 of the way from the right edge. Nice VF and exceedingly rare. We've only offered this note once before. In our sale 39D we sold a similar one, albeit with stamps and signs of hinging, via auction for $3000. That note, the one pictured in Grabowski and this are the only 3 that I know of. $2500+

*468 AUSTRIA, United Nations, International Refugee Organization (IRO) Austrian Operations. 1, 5 & 10 Units, green, red and blue. Camp-7360-7362, SB-181-183, Feller AS-1680-1682. 3 VF to VF+ notes. $500+

*469 CHINA, Ching Dynasty. P-A4g, SM-T6-60. 2000 Cash, Year 9 (1859). The last dated issue for this denomination by the almost bankrupt imperial government. F+, with "spindle" hole at center (as all we have seen have) at top of printed area. In blue with red and black stamped seals. Endorsement in black on back. $300+?

*470 CHINA, Ching Dynasty. P-A5c, SM-T6-52. 5000 Cash, Year 8 (1858). Nice Fine, with usual "spindle" hole at top of printed area and another hole to the lower left of the note. In blue with red and black stamped seals. Endorsements in black and red on back. $300

*471 CZECHOSLOVAKIA Holysov (Holleischen), a subcamp of Flossenburg Concentration Camp. Camp-4096, Feller CZ-19 6 Pfennig. Block of 4. Unc. Scarce as such. $50+

*472 CZECHOSLOVAKIA Holysov (Holleischen), a subcamp of Flossenburg Concentration Camp. Group of chits: 4 Pfennig block of 4 with tab and block # to right, 5 Pfennig block of 4 with tab at top and at left with block number at left and a single 7 Pfg chit. Camp-4094, 4095, 4097, Feller CZ-193, 194 & 196. Holleischen was located near Prague, thus we have it listed under Czechoslovakia (as did Feller) even though the main camp of Flossenburg was in Germany. An uncommon group. $125+

473 EGYPT. P-32 10 Pounds, 1960. A pair of notes with consecutive serial numbers 072171 & 072172. Au-Unc. (Unc but some slight evidence of handling). $75

474 EGYPT. Group of notes with "fancy" serial numbers. P-45 5 Pounds 1978, #0056783, P-51 10 Pounds #0700070 and P-52 20 Pounds #9000009. 3 nice colorful uncirculated notes with neat serial numbers. $65+

475 EGYPT. 1920s. Pair of consecutive numbered unused checks issued by Lloyd's & National Provincial Foreign Bank. Ltd. for use by Prince Michel Loitfallah. Both with central crease but without counterfoil. VF-EF, one with tiny edge tear. $75?

*476 EGYPT. 1926 & 1929. The Arabian National Bank of Hedjaz. A pair of checks on the account of Prince George Loitfallah, Rue Soliman Pacha #14. VF. $150

*477 EGYPT. 1926 & 1929. The Arabian National Bank of Hedjaz. A pair of checks on the account of Prince Habib Pacha Loitfallah, Rue Soliman Pacha #14. VF. $150

*478 EGYPT. 1926. The Arabian National Bank of Hedjaz. A check redeemed on the account of Prince Michel Pacha Loitfallah, from Rue Soliman Pacha #14, Cairo and signed by him as well. For 1000 Egyptian Pounds. Punched cancelled. $100?

*479 EGYPT. 1929. The Arabian National Bank of Hedjaz. A pair of checks on the account of Prince George Loitfallah, Rue Soliman Pacha #14. VF. $150

480 EGYPT. 1929. The Arabian National Bank of Hedjaz. A pair of checks on the account of Prince George Loitfallah, Rue Soliman Pacha #14. VF. $50+

*481 EGYPT. 1936. Pair of checks redeemable on the Credit Lyonnais Agency of Cairo, drawn on the account of Emir Michel Loitfallah, for 7000 and 10,000 Pounds. VF, minor faults. $150

*482 EGYPT. Pair of Proof or Test notes. 1 Pound green, blue, red & brown uniface with pharaoh at right, and 20 Pounds with various symbols and serial number double printed at upper left. Very colorful. Both Unc. $100+

*483 FRANCE. French Resistance "Anti-Hitler" Propaganda. Added to a French 20 Franc of 1943 (P-100) is the head of Hitler, taken from a German stamp, cleverly inside of a noose held by the French fisherman. This was done by cutting a small slit in the back of the note so that the neck of Hitler could fit into the noose of the fisherman. See World War II Remembered page 739. Note is VG-F. First I can recall offering. $50+?

*484 FRANCE. French Resistance Propaganda note. On a facsimile of a 50 Francs. The note complains about the "Boches" and what they were doing to the French economy. Boches was pejorative slang term for a German. Usually aimed at German soldiers in both world wars, this note was no doubt also aimed at those Vichy collaborators who helped the Nazis. The note has a caricature of both Pierre Laval, the Vichy premier of France, and a small one of Hitler at the upper left. The back makes mention of the Gestapo. I don't think we've ever offered this note before. $100?

*485 GERMANY, Konversionkasse. P-208, Kroll-212. 10 Reichsmarks 1934 overprinted on 1933. Series D. AU, usual pinholes. Konversionkasse were the notes given to German Jews, in exchange for all their property and German marks, who were lucky enough to escape Germany in the early Hitler years. The notes often exhibit pinholes because refugees typically pinned them to the inside of their cloths during their journey. In almost all cases, when they arrived at their destination and tried to exchange the notes at banks, they found them to be worthless. Basically they were promissory notes, with the promise being broken. $50+

*486 GERMANY, Konversionkasse. P-209, Kroll-213. 30 Reichsmark, 1934 overprinted on 1933. Series A. Choice AU, with usual pinholes. Very rare denomination that is seldom offered for sale, especially this nice. $250+

*487 GERMANY, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. .50 Reichsmark. Type with "Aussenkommando" printed across the face and "Waffen SS K.L. Buchenwald Arbeitslager Sonneburg-West Verwaltung" overstamped in red in four lines with an overstamped signature in purple across that. In the upper right corner "Entwurf" is handstamped in black. Feller GE-145gv, Camp-3947fv. Neither of those books, nor Grabowski, mentions "Entwurf" which translates as design and possibly can connote a specimen or a trial or perhaps it was meant to cancel the note. VF-F, with rough ruffled left edge. This Waffen-SS overstamp is extremely rare and is only the 2nd I can recall handling, and with the added "Entwurf" is one of only two that I know of. We sold a similar 1 Reichsmark note in our Sale 42F for $600. $500+

*488 GERMANY, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. 2 Reichsmark with slanted legs in "M" (Feller Type 1, Campbell Type 2) without an Aussenkommando, but with "K.L. Buchenwald Arbslg. Altenburg" in 3 lines on face and "Altenburg" on the back. Feller mentions a similar overprint (page 31, j.) but only on the face and proceeded by "Waffen S". Similar to Feller GE-142b, Camp-3953b, Grab. Bu-15. Almost all overprints on Buchenwald notes are found on the "Aussenkommando" type notes, but overprints on this type are rarely encountered. VF and of extreme rarity, perhaps unique. $500+

*489 GERMANY, Buchenwald. C-3949g, Feller GE-147d. 2 Reichsmark. Aussenkommando type with "Schwerte (Ruhr)" overprinted in purple. EF-AU but slight browning along the top and bottom margins which is almost always seen on this overprint. The last 5 or 6 of these we have had all sold for between $225 and $275. $200+

*490 GERMANY, Buchenwald. 3 Reichsmark with slanted M. C-3954b, Feller GE-143b. The scarcest of all Buchenwald denominations, EF, with slightly ruffled right edge and large top margin. $150+

*491 GERMANY, Dachau Concentration Camp. .50 Reichsmark in orange with printer's mark III/100 V.44 1285. Feller GE-180 (similar but this color and printer's number unlisted), Camp-3961 (but unlisted color and printer's number), Grab. Da-3c. Hole punched (cancelled) and issued to prisoner # 43143 Johann Szura or Schura who was from Jaslo (Poland). He was interned in Dachau on 30 Jan. 1943 (probably transferred from another KKL). EF, but tear at bottom which can easily be repaired. Very rare. In our sale 27F (Fall of 1997) we sold a similar note from the same prisoner with the serial number preceding this. $1000?

*492 GERMANY, Dachau Concentration Camp. 0.50 Reichsmark in pink with printer's mark N 1285/V. 100/X. 44. No Prisoner number. Au-Unc. Unissued with date "9. April 1945" handstamped over serial number. Camp-3961, Grabowski Da-3f, Feller GE-180. It's not surprising that the note shows little evidence of handling as Dachau was liberated by US Army troops on April 28, 1945. Extremely rare in this grade. $1250+

*493 GERMANY, Dachau Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark in green with hole punched at left and printer's mark II/100-XL.43-1285. Feller GE-181a, Camp-3962 similar, but unlisted printer's mark with this denomination, Grab. Da 4b. Issued to Prisoner #42044 F. Wouvermans. He was interned in Dachau on 9 Jan. 1943. This is Lot 1079 from our Sale 27F (Fall of 1997). EF. The Feller plate note which sold for $2300 in our Sale 40J has a prisoner # of 49036 and the plate note in Grabowski was for Prisoner # 49589. $1500+

*494 GERMANY, Flossenburg Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark tan. Type 1 with serial number at top. Feller GE-186, Camp-3972a, Grab. Fl-2. F-VF, but a few small tears. The tan Type 1 is scarcer than the blue Type 2 note. $400+

*495 GERMANY, Mittelbau (Nordhausen) .01 Reichs-mark, Series P. C-4021, F/F GE-250. Unc. Scarce. I believe Series P is scarcer than Series N, although we have only incidental evidence to confirm that. This is probably the nicest of these small denomination notes we have seen in many years. $60+

*496 GERMANY, Mittelbau (Nordhausen) Concentration Camp. .25 RM, Series C, orange. It looks red to me but all the major references describe the note as orange. Feller GE-253, Camp-4024, Grab-Mi4. F-VF, minor stains. A very rare note. We can recall having this note only twice since 1995. In 2007 we sold a Series B for $750 from a Fixed price list and in 2009 we sold a series C for $1100 in our auction 39D. And both in slightly lower grade. $700+

*497 GERMANY, Mittelbau (Nordhausen) Concentration Camp. .50 RM, black, Series R. No period before "5" and "Fälschungen" hyphenated between l & s. Feller GE-254a, Camp-4025a2, Grab. Mi-5c. F-VF, but a bit stained. Another extremely rare note. I have no record of offering this note in at least 18 years and perhaps much longer than that! $450+?

*498 GERMANY, Mittelbau (Nordhausen). C-4026b (1), Feller GE-255c.1. 1 Reichsmark, Green, Series N without printer's mark on back, with star preceding serial number. VG-Fine, with about 20% of the left edge of the note burnt off. Manuscript name on back. $100

*499 GERMANY, Mittelbau (Nordhausen) Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark, green, Series O on watermarked paper, without printer's mark but with star before serial number on back. Feller GE-255c (actually similar because that note does not have a visible serial number), Camp-4026b1, Grab-Mi6c. Nice VF, a few minor stains. I can only recall selling one other Series O note in the past 18 years. $450+?

*500 GERMANY, Mittelbau (Nordhausen) Concentration Camp. 5 Reichsmark, blue, Series G with square (actually diamond) period after denomination and 8-pointed star before serial number on back. Feller GE-257a, Camp-4028a2, Grab. Mi8. VF and of extreme rarity. We can recall having this note, and that was a different series, once since 1995. That note sold for $2000 in 2009. $1750+

*501 GERMANY, Mittelbau (Nordhusen). ND. 2 Reichsmark red, Series K. Camp-4027a, Feller GE-256a. Square period after denomination and star before serial number on back. Fine, but about 10-15% of the right edge is missing and/or burnt and the note is repaired. Manuscript name (?) on back. Only the 2nd Series K 2 RM we can recall offering in at least 18 years. $250?

*502 GERMANY, Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. .50 Reichsmark tan Type 1 note with Triangular Type 2 overprint. Feller unlisted, Campbell unlisted, Grabowski unlisted. All major references list this type of triangle overprint on the 1 Mark Type 2 note only. Very rare, only the 3rd that we know of. In our 2007 Special List we sold a poorer example for $1175. $1250+

*503 GERMANY, Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark. Type I with round handstamp and printer's mark E0101 (last digit poorly printed), Feller GE-271, Camp-4053a, Grab. Ra-4b. VG-F, a few light stains, tear at top, printed on thin paper. Ravensbrück was the only camp exclusively for women. This is an extremely rare note which we have no record of ever offering! $1000+

*504 GERMANY, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark Blue with Type 2 star. Printer's mark: K.L. Sh. 7.44. 500000. (no space in 500000). Feller GE-291c, Camp-4062 (2) (b), Grab. SA-2e. Nice EF. Very scarce, I don't believe we've had one this nice in almost 12 years. $400+

*505 GERMANY. Konversionkasse Bond. 1935 200 Reichsmark 3% 10 Year Bond. Blue. Series A. Kroll-221. Choice EF with hole punch near signature. Scarce. In Sale 38D we sold an EF for $200 . $150+?

*506 GERMANY. Konversionkasse Bond. Series 1. 100, 250 & 1000 Dutch Guldens. 1.11.1935. 4% interest. Light blue, green and brown. In German and Dutch. Kroll-262-264. Scarce. EF (the 100 has a paper clip impression) or better, all hole punched. A similar set sold for $300 in our sale 41E. $225+?

*507 GERMANY. Konversionkasse Bond. Series 1. 20, 50 & 100 Pounds Sterling. 1 June 1935. 4% interest. Light blue, green and pink. In German and English. Kroll-248-250. Scarce. EF (at least one with pinholes), all hole punched. A similar set sold for $275 in our sale 41E. $225+?

*508 GERMANY. Konversionkasse Bond. Series 1A. 200, 500 & 1000 Francs, Swiss Francs 1.7.1935. 4% interest. Light blue, green and brown. In German and French. Kroll-273-275. Scarce. EF or better, all hole punched. Similar set sold for $225 in our sale 41E. $225+?

*509 GERMANY. Konversionkasse Bond. Series 1B. 200, 500 & 1000 Francs, Swiss Francs 1.7.1935. 4% interest. Light blue, green and brown. In German and French. Kroll-281-283. Scarce. EF or better, all hole punched. Similar set sold for $225 in our sale 41E. $225+?

*510 LABORER AT GERMAN MUNITIONS COMPANY Fabrik Krümmel. The laborers working at this, the largest munitions factory for the 3rd Reich, were mainly made up of POWS and other inmates of concentration and forced labor camps. This unused booklet was good for the week of March 31 to April 6, 1941 and could be used for bread, butter, jam and foods that could sustain a worker. Ironically the company was an offshoot of Alfred Nobel & Co., who was the sponsor of the Nobel Peace Prize. $50+?

*511 GERMANY, Blechhammer. 1942. Two 1000 RM stock certificates, with consecutive numbers, for the Upper Silesia Hydrogenation Works, a chemical-products plant. Issued with 20 coupons, each certificate is accompanied with a sheet of 15 of the coupons. This plant used Jewish forced labor prisoners from the nearby Blechhammer Concentration Camp which was established in 1942. Two years later, Blechhammer was renamed Auschwitz when it became part of Auschwitz. These (and the lots below) are the first items from Blechhammer that I can recall ever seeing! $250+?

*512 GERMANY, Blechhammer. 1942. 500 Reichsmark certificate similar to above. With 15 of the original coupons on separate sheet as above. $100+

*513 GERMANY, Blechhammer. 1943. 500 and 1000 Reichsmark certificates similar to above but dated January to July 1943. Both with a complete 20 coupon sheet accompanying the lot. $150+?

*514 GREAT BRITAIN, Operation Bernhard. Forgery of English £5 note, 16 September 1938. Camp-4065, P-335a, Feller GE-310. London, Peppiatt signature. Virtually Unc., but a few pinholes. One of the nicest Operation Bernhard notes we've ever seen! I believe this is Lot 837 from our sale 25H. $150+

*515 GREAT BRITAIN, Operation Bernhard. Forgery of English £10 note, 10 June 1937. Camp-4066b, P-336v, Feller GE-311b. Bristol, Peppiatt signature. VF, bottom margin ragged, slightly browned, tear along left edge. Exceedingly rare. Bristol is one of the rarest of the branch-issued white notes and I can't recall offering another. This was offered in our sale 42F but the estimate was much too high. We've reduced the estimate to reflect the market. $750+

*516 HUNGARY, Jewish Community of Budapest 1944. Feller HG-521. 10 Pengo "Tax Receipt" issued by the Pesti Izraelita Hitkozeg. With 2 imprinted signatures of the community's directors and a handstamp of "Hiller" at bottom. VF+ and filled out. These were technically tax receipts but it is very likely that they were also used as currency. We sold a similar 5 Pengo in our Sale 42F for $120. $100+

*517 ISLE OF MAN CIVILIAN INTERNMENT CAMP, General issue, Home Office. 3 Pence, brown without overprint, with back code M.P.-23528. Feller IM-1400, Camp-5346, SB-478b. EF-AU. Extremely rare. This and the following lot are the only general issue notes that I can recall ever offering! $750+?

*518 ISLE OF MAN CIVILIAN INTERNMENT CAMP, General issue, Home Office. 1 Shilling, 0 Pence, blue without overprint, with back code M.9-27980/4 Feller IM-1402, Camp-5348, SB-480e. Unc. Extremely rare. This and the above lot are the only general issue notes that I can recall ever offering! WWII Remembered mistakenly lists the color as red. $750+?

*519 ISRAEL, P12b, FC-4b, SOI-B7b. 100 Pruta (1952). Zagaggi-Eshkol. Blue/ Green. Unc. $100+

520 ISRAEL. Pair of Fractional notes. 50 & 100 Pruta Zagaggi-Eshkol. P-10b, FC-3c SOI-B5b, P-12b, FC-4b, SOI-B7b. The first Fine, Series 0116, the 2nd VF, with large upper margin, Series 0110. $50+

521 ISRAEL. Group of 4 Fractional notes. (1953) 250 Pruta Aleph Series 01009 (3) and Bet Series 01010. None of the notes have been folded but a few show some signs of handling. EF to AU. $50?

522 ISRAEL. Group of Fractional Notes. P-10c, 12c, 13c, & 13e. FC-3d, 4c, 5c & 5e. 50 Pruta & 100 Pruta Neeman-Eshkol signatures, 250 Pruta Bet Series and 250 Pruta with Gimel right (visible under ultra-violet light). The first 3 Unc, the last Fine. $60+

*523 ISRAEL, Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-14, BN-1, APB-B6. 500 Mils, without series letter. Choice VF, with very light paper clip stain on back. Still retains much of its original crispness and color. Looks much nicer than its grade would indicate. $100+

*524 ISRAEL. Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-16a, BN-3, APB-B8. 5 Pounds. (1948). Series G. EF, small edge tear. Perhaps at one time washed. Looks nicer than the description. $75+

*525 ISRAEL. Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-17a, BN-3, APB-B8. 5 Palestine Pounds. No series letter. VF, minor stains along left margin. $60+

*526 ISRAEL. Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-17, BN-4, APB-B9. 10 Palestine Pounds. Series C. Nice VF, original color and retains much of its natural crispness. $200+

*527 ISRAEL. Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-17, BN-4, APB-B9. 10 Palestine Pounds. Series D Nice VF with original color. According to our records Series D is scarcer than Series C. $200+

*528 ISRAEL, Bank Leumi. P-19a, BN-6, BLI-B1. 500 Prutah. Series D. Nice EF with very faint discoloration in right margin. Still much nicer than usually found. It's been 4 or 5 years since we've offered a Bank Leume 500 Prutah this nice. $250+

*529 ISRAEL. Bank Leumi. P-21a, BN-8, BLI-B3. 5 Pounds. Series L. Nice AU. No folds but very slight evidence of handling and minor discoloration in center bottom margin on back. Series L is among the earliest notes and it's been almost 10 years since we can recall offering one. $150+

*530 ISRAEL. Bank Leumi. P-21a, BN-8, BLI-B3. 5 Pounds. Series L. Nice AU. No folds but very slight evidence of handling. See the above lot for a discussion about the scarcity of Series L. $150+

531 ISRAEL. Landscape Series. P24, BN-11, BOI-B1. 500 Prutah 1955, Ancient Synagogue. Group of 5 EF or better notes. Gimel series (3) & Lamed Series (2). Retail price about $200. $100+?

*532 ISRAEL. P-25, BN-12, BN-11, BOI-B2. 1 Lira 1955. Upper Galilee landscape. Series Pe. Au-Unc. No wear but faint evidence of handling. $50+

The 3rd catalog numbers used above are from The Banknote Book by Owen Linzmayer. See I think it's well worth it.

533 ISRAEL. P-25, BN-12, BN-11, BOI-B2 1 Lira 1955. Upper Galilee landscape. Group of 4. Series Yod. Au-Unc. No wear but faint evidence of handling. Retail value about $200. $100+?

*534 ISRAEL. 1955. P-26a, BN-13, BOI-B3. 5 Lirot Negev Landscape. Aleph Series. Nice EF. Tough note in EF or better. $50+

*535 ISRAEL. 1955. P-26a, BN-13, BOI-B3. 5 Lirot Negev Landscape. Vav. Nice EF. Tough note in EF or better. Also in this lot P-43, BN-30, BOI-B20 1 Sheqel (2), P-49a, BN-36, BOI-B26a 1000 Sheqalim "Rarav" EF and P-51a, BN-38, BOI-B28 10,000 Sheqalim (2). 6 notes, all Unc., except for the two EF notes. $75+?

*536 ISRAEL. P-27b, BN-14, BOI-B4b. 10 Lirot 1955 with black serial numbers, Series Bet/1. Jezre'el Landscape. Nice. Unc. $50+

537 ISRAEL. Group of notes. P-26, BN-13, BOI-B3 5£ 1955. Negev Landscape. (4) 2 VG-F, 2 VF; P-27a, BN-14a 10£ 1955 Red numbers (5) VF and P-27b, BN-14, BOI-B4b 10£ 1955 black numbers (9) VF-EF. 18 notes. Retail about $400. $200?

538 ISRAEL. Ideal Figure Series. P-33b, BN-20a, BOI-B10b 50 Lirot 1960, with Boy and Girl. Red Serial numbers. Series Shin. 7 notes with consecutive numbers. Choice AU. No wear or folds, but some have minor counting bends. Still not often seen. Retail value of 7 EF notes is almost $300. $150+?

539 ISRAEL. P-58, BN-43c, BOI-BNP3. 1998 50 New Sheqalim S. Y Agnon. Unc. Israel's 1st commemorative banknote, issued for the 50th anniversary, in special cover of issue. Scarce in presentation cover. A group of 3 notes each in special folder. $75+

High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid. Bid with confidence.

*540 ISRAEL. Error Note. P-38, BN-25, BOI-B15. 5 Lirot 1973 Szold, with misplaced digit in lower right serial number. The next to last digit is an 8 and it's much higher than the other numbers. VF. Very scarce, 1 of only 2 known to this cataloger. $200+

541 ISRAEL. Group of notes. Anglo-Palestine Bank (1948); 500 Mils w/o series letter F, Series B VG, 1 Pound Series A VG and 5 Pounds Series B F-VF graffiti; Bank Leumi (1952) 500 Prutah Series D VG-F, 1 Pound Series R F+, 5 Pounds Series M Nice VF and 10 Pounds Series M Fine; Bank of Israel 1955 Landscape Series 500 Pruta Series Zayin VG, 5 Lirot Series Koph Fine and 10 Lirot Black Series Bet/1 AU; Shekel Series 1 Shekel Montefiore, 5 Sheqalim Weizmann, 10 Sheqalim Herzl, 50 Sheqalim Ben-Gurion (florescent strip) and 100 Sheqalim Jabotinsky. 16 notes representing 4 issues over 30 years, various grades, the final 5 notes being uncirculated. Sold as is, no returns. $300

*542 ISRAEL. (1948) Shoham Sherutey Hayam Ltd. Consumption Voucher or large paper tokens. Foreign currency could not be used on this company's ships, only Israeli currency or these vouchers. Each "note" has a vignette and a "suggestion" on the back in both English & Hebrew. 1) HT-4a 50 Prutah in Blue/green, "Your favorite tune will be played by the Band"; 2) HT-4b 100 Prutah brown/ yellow "Remember your Family and Friends..."; 3) HT-4c 250 Prutah Pink, "Best Remedy against Sea-Sickenss --- Dramamin--obtainable at the Bar". The notes were likely printed on the face first and later printed randomly on the back as the back vignettes and messages are different than Haffner's listings. Unc. Catalog numbers are from Judaic Tokens and Medals (1978) by Sylvia Haffner. $50+

*543 ISRAEL. 1975. Booklet of Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Vouchers. Five orange vouchers for 5 Lirot each depicting a soldier drinking from a canteen, with a green outside cover listing rules and regulations. Stapled into a booklet as issued. $50+

*544 LUXEMBOURG. 1944 Ration Card. For "Seasoned" bread. For use in Nazi occupied Luxembourg identified by the seal of "the head of the Civil Administration" in Luxembourg. This unused and unissued (c. 6 1/2 x 5 7/8") peach paper card was for use between August 21 and September 17, 1944. The Allies liberated Luxembourg in September of 1944. I can't recall having a WWII ration card from Luxembourg before. $75?

*545 PALESTINE, Palestine Currency Board. P-6c, PCB-B1c. 500 Mils 20 April 1939. Series E. aG, edge tears, some stains. $75+

*546 PALESTINE, Palestine Currency Board. P-6c, PCB-B1c. 500 Mils 20.4.1939. Series F. VG, light stains. $100+

*547 PALESTINE, Palestine Currency Board. P-7b, PCB-B2b 1 Pound 30 Sept. 1929, Series D. Gd, with splits at fold, some stains, including an ink stain at center. Series D seems to be a bit scarcer series and 1929 is the 2nd toughest. $60+

*548 PALESTINE, Palestine Currency Board. P-7c, PCB-B2c 1 Pound 20 April 1939, Series T. F-VF, minor tears in left & right margins and "35" written in guilloche. Scarce series, only the 3rd we've offered in auction in more than 17 years! $400+

*549 PALESTINE, Palestine Currency Board. P-9b, PCB-B4b 10 Pounds 30 Sept. 1929 Series A. VF. Scarce and a very high grade for this note. It's probably been 20 years or more since we've offered one this nice. One of the highlights of this auction! $6000+

*550 PALESTINE, Palestine Currency Board. P-9b, PCB-B4b 10 Pounds 30 Sept. 1929 Series A. Fine, tape repair, bottom portion of border missing. In sale 40J we sold a similar note described as "VG, bottom right, corner missing, frayed edges." for $1500. $1500+?

*551 POLAND, Auschwitz Concentration Camp. .50 RM, yellow/tan. Feller PO-120d, Camp-4189b, Grab. Au-7. VF, a bit stained, mostly on back. Auschwitz notes are extremely rare. Since 1995 we've had less than 10 notes of any type or denomination. We've had this type 3 times previously but only once in a decent grade like this. In 1995 we sold a VF note for $675. We had two different Auschwitz notes in our last sale and they both brought $4000 each! $1500+

*552 POLAND, Lodz. 1917 Bilingual (Polish-German) WWI Ration card for Bread and Sugar. The figure at the center of the card is Adam Mickiewicz regarded by many as the greatest Polish poet ever. In blue, yellow and green. Lodz was occupied by the Germans from 1914 until the end of war in November 1918. Of course they also occupied Lodz in 1939 when they invaded Poland to start WWII. Then, they changed the name of the city to Litzmannstadt. $100+?

*553 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 50 Pfennig. 15 Mai 1940. C-4201a, Feller PO-560a. Group of 73 consecutive serial numbers, 851152 to 851225. with (original?) wrapper. Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging due to being stored for 65+ years. Sold as is, no returns. $1000+

*554 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 50 Pfennig. 15 Mai 1940. C-4201a, Feller PO-560a. Group of 108 notes. Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging or mishandling due to being stored for 65+ years. Many with consecutive serial numbers from as little as two consecutive numbers to as many as 30. Sold as is, no returns. $1250+

*555 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1 Mark. 15 Mai, 1940. Camp-4202b, Feller PO-561b. 36 notes with consecutive serial numbers A 365402 to 365437. All unused but most with slightly curled edges due to storage. Sold as is, no returns. $650+

*556 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1 Mark. 15 Mai, 1940. Camp-4202b, Feller PO-561b. 46 notes with consecutive serial numbers A 365439 to 365484. All unused but a few mishandled with slight bends. Nicer than the above lot. Sold as is, no returns. $850+

*557 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1 Mark .15 Mai, 1940. Camp-4202b, Feller PO-561b. 91 notes with consecutive serial numbers A 367902-367992. All unused but most some with slightly curled edges due to storage. With (original?) wrapper. Sold as is, no returns. $1250+

*558 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 5 Mark, 4 mm Orange serial number. Feller PO-563b, Campbell 4204a(2). Choice AU-Unc., no real wear but slight ruffle at top, a couple of very faint stains. $100+

*559 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 5 Mark, 4 mm Orange serial number. Feller PO-563b, Campbell 4204a(2). Uncirculated but hole punched at Rumkowski's signature. We've had a few specimens of Lodz Ghetto "hole cancelled" notes over the years but I can't recall another 5 mark note. $100+

*560 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 5 Mark, 4 mm Orange serial number. Feller PO-563b, Camp 4204a(2). A group of 15 notes with consecutive serial numbers 100022 to 100036. All unused, but some show minor evidence of aging due to storage. Sold as is, no returns. $1000+

*561 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 10 Mark, Red Serial number. Without watermark. C-4205a(1)a, Feller PO-564a. Nice Unc, but one corner slightly bumped. $125+

*562 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 10 Mark, Red Serial number. Without watermark. C-4205a(1)a, Feller PO-564a. A group of 5 with consecutive serial numbers 436029 to 426033. All Unc., but a few with some minor evidence of handling. $450+

*563 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). C-4206a (1), Feller-565a. 20 Mark, 15 May 1940. One line under "o" in No. A group of 35 notes with consecutive serial numbers in (original?) wrapper. Serial numbers 222666-222700. Notes are unused but a few some with signs of aging. $750+

*564 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). C-4206a (1), Feller-565a. 20 Mark, 15 May 1940. One line under "o" in No. A group of 37 notes with consecutive serial numbers. Serial numbers 222612 to 222648. Notes are unused but a some show minor signs of aging. Sold as is, no returns. $750+

*565 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). C-4206a (1), Feller-565a. 20 Mark, 15 May 1940. One line under "o" in No. A group of 80 notes with consecutive serial numbers in (original?) ripped wrapper. Serial numbers 222721 to 222800. Notes are unused but many shows signs of aging with minor folds, rough edges, etc., due to improper storage. Sold as is, no returns. $1250+

*566 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). PS-15, C-4207, SB-1007, Feller PO-566b. 50 Mark with red serial numbers. Nice F-VF, scarce denomination. As we've mentioned before, we have a difficult time differentiating between red & orange but we believe that the serial number on this note is more red than orange. In either case, this is the scarcest of all regular issue Lodz notes. $400+

567 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Group of 3 notes. 50 Pfenning, 1 Mark and 20 Mark. 3 Au-Unc notes. The 50 Pfennig and 20 Mark have slight evidence of handling. $75+

568 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Group of 5 notes. 50 Pfenning, 1, 5, 10 and 20 Mark. 5 choice Au-Unc notes. Just a touch of handling visible on a few of the notes. A very nice short type set. $200+

*569 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Group of 3: 1) Feller PO-600c 1 Suppe (soup) 15 Pfg., light green. 2) Feller PO-620a 1 Mittag (lunch), with circular overstamp on back of "Der Aelteste der Juden in Litzmannstadt", unused but with serial number. 3) Feller PO-607b similar, specimen "Muster" coupon for 10 Marks of Kohlrüben (turnips). This last item is for 10 Marks, not 10 Kilograms. Certainly unusual. $150+

*570 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). A group of miscellaneous chits. 1) Chit for salad (salat) issued by the Dairy Products Department; 2) a chit or receipt for the purchase of 1.40 Kilograms of flour for 1.25 Marks issued by the Grocery and bread department; 3) An unused but partially damaged and repaired chit for Kohl (cabbage) and perhaps other material; 4) A group of 4 different chits issued by the Coal Department, one which is a specimen, other is similar but not a specimen, one lists a variety of products to be used for heat (coal, briquets, etc) and still another to be used at a shop at Matrosengasse 4 during May 1942. A group of 7. All seem to be unlisted, most unused and in nice condition with the exception of #1 and #3. $100+

*571 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). An unused, specimen chit for 4 Kilograms of Waste Wood. Issued by the "Wood Department", this seemingly was also used as a gate pass "Wage tor passierschein". Seems to be unlisted in either Campbell or Feller and I cannot recall offering this either. $50+?

*572 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Lottery Ticket 1944. Issued by the Illness Emergency Committee for 2.50 marks. Has circular violet handstamp on the back for "Arbeits-Ressort" and gives the same address as on the front as well as serial number on the counterfoil, Betrieb 68-75, Sulzfelder-Tr.15. With the message, "If you help the lot of the sick, it will help you a thousand times over". Feller PO-622. aEF with the exception of the left edge of the counterfoil where the ticket was ripped from a booklet. In our sale 39D we sold a similar ticket for $175. The serial number of that ticket was 7963, the serial number of the Feller plate ticket is 7964, this ticket is #7957. If you look at the next 3 items, it seems likely that perhaps only one book survived. $150+?

*573 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto) Lottery Ticket. 1944. Issued by the Illness Emergency Committee for 2.50 marks. This ticket is #7958. See the lot above and the next two as well. $150+?

*574 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Lottery Ticket Stub. #7952 issued on May 26, 1944, well used with tears and difficult to read the name. VG. This, and the following lot, show that even in the bleakest time during the Holocaust this method of helping people even worse off than you actually was working. Feller does not list or picture a filled out stub. See the above 2 lots and the lot below. $50+?

*575 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Lottery Ticket Stub. #7953 issued on May 26, 1944. As above but a bit nicer. $60+?

*576 POLAND Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942 Bond for 1000 Reichsmark for Stephan & Werner Aktien-Gesellschaft. Printed by Giescke & Devrient of Berlin and Leipzig who also were printers of banknotes. EF and issued to Alfred Werner who was probably related to the Werner's who owned the company. Holed cancelled. $75+

*577 POLAND. Forced Labor Payment. The Nazis used the Poles as forced labor and the Jews as slave labor. The distinction was life, however miserable, and death. The reward for a Polish worker was these small ration stamps in green. Our group of 5 are for household goods, leather, cigarettes, textiles and brandy. Each stamp is in both German and Polish and is worth 5 Punkte (or points). See WWII Remembered page 780 for a picture of one of the stamps. However, they don't seem to be listed, described or discussed. We believe we sold a few similar stamps back in the 80s. The owner of the work book offered in Lot #510 or #780 most likely received similar chits as payment. $100+?

*578 RUSSIA, Nazi Anti-Semitic and Anti Communist propaganda printed on the back of a facsimile of a Russian 1 Chervonetz note of 1937. Air dropped by Nazis over Russian territory pleading for Russian soldiers to give up the fight. I presume possession of this by a Russian soldier would likely result in severe punishment if not outright death. VF, stained. Seldom offered. $75+

*579 TURKEY. P-178 500 Livres Law of 1930, issued 1962. Kemal Atatürk at right and on back Sultan Ahmet Mosque, the Obelisk and the Hippodrome in Istanbul. EF-AU and very scarce. $200

*580 UNITED STATES, South Carolina. Friedberg SC-135. 1 Spanish Milled Dollar (£1, 12s6d). Printed by Peter Timothy "Charles-Town", "Death to Counterfeit" with Hebrew letters (שהבד) on back as part of security printing. VF, with both the serial number & signatures very faded. $200+

*581 UNITED STATES, South Carolina. Friedberg SC-137. 3 Spanish Milled Dollars (£4 17s6d). Printed by Peter Timothy "Charles-Town", "Death to Counterfeit" with Hebrew letters (החאח) on back as part of security printing. aVF $200+?

*582 UNITED STATES, Group of Notes. Confederate States, $5, Richmond VA Sept. 2, 1861 VG-F, rough edge and $20 Sept. 2, 1861, Richmond Series 2 F-VF, but cut cancelled; Winchester Corporation, VA 50¢ 1861 VG; Monterey, Va., County of Highland, 25¢ September 15, 1862 VG; Mc Dowell, Virginia, George W. Hull January 1, 1862 25¢ VF, but part of left edge torn off this scarce note; Staunton, Virginia, William A. Burke 10¢, August 21, 1861 G-VG, tape repair and right edge missing (scarce note); US $1 August 1862, Fr-17a, Chittenden-Spinner, Series 81, serial # 4327, CGA (old slab) Good 06 (scarce); and 25¢ Fractional 1871 Fr-1308 G-VG. 8 notes, some scarce. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

*583 UNITED STATES, Group of notes. New Hampshire, Rollinsford, Salmon Falls Bank $1 (1850s-1860s) Remainder, Unc; Greensboro Mutual Life & Trust (No. Carolina) $2 18--, low grade; State of North Carolina, $1 1.1. 1866, Raleigh Fine; Northhampton Bank, Allentown, Penna, $5 1841 aVF; New England Commercial Bank, Newport Rhode Island $1 and $5 both uncirculated remainders; City of Charleston, SC $3 March 1862 only Fair but scarce; South Carolina Rail Road Company $1 July 1, 1873 VG with nice vignettes. 8 notes, Fair to Unc, mostly higher grades. Some better notes in this lot. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

*584 UNITED STATES: Group of 19th century notes from Maryland, Missouri and Nebraska. Valley Bank, Hagerstown, MD $5 1855; Hagerstown Bank $10 18-- (remainder); State of Missouri $10, 1.1. 1862 Jefferson City, Confederate State note; Omaha City $3 Nebraska Territory note, Aug, 20 1857 (scarce). 4 notes VG-VF, mostly VF. $150+

585 UNITED STATES: Group of Confederate State & Obsolete bank notes; Alabama $1, 1st series 1.1.1863; Union Bank, Augusta, GA 50¢ 1.1.1862; Phoenix Bank of Colombus GA $5 1842; Mechanics' Bank, Augusta $50 January 1853; State of Georgia, Milledgeville, GA $5 1.15.1862 and $10 2.1.1863; Canal Bank, New Orleans LA $50 1850s (unissued remainder); and Cook & Brother, New Orleans $1 1860's. 8 notes Gd to VF, mostly Fine or so. Most decent except for last note. Some interesting and unusual notes. Sold as is, no returns. $100+

*586 UNITED STATES. Hershfield Bank and Successors and other Jewish owned banks in the west. From 1866. Helena and Virginia City, Montana. Over 100 items in this neat collection of items. Mostly checks and mostly different. Other banks in the collection include Kountze Bros; Merchants National Bank; Second National Bank of Helena, Montana; Wells Fargo & Co's Bank, Nevada; Nevada National Bank of San Francisco; Nevada Bank of San Francisco; Nevada State warrant made out to M. Cohn; Montana Territorial Warrant; Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Los Angeles (L. Hellman, president); All Night and Day Bank; Hellman Commercial Trust and Savings Bank (successor to All Night & Day Bank); a letter on the stationery of the Merchants Bank (Hellman) concerning a Charleston SC $5 note (also included); London & San Francisco Bank; Anglo-Californian Bank Ltd; a Tombstone, Arizona (Territory) check of 1884, with a sailing ship and signature of D. Cohen; early 20th Century picture postcards depicting banks in Hollister, Lynwood and Redondo Beach, CA; and checks and a money order of the Bank of A. Levy. While there is some duplication, most of the items are somewhat different and show variations and progressions as the banks grew. Many of the Hershfield items (over 50) have neat western or mining scene vignettes. A great lot of Western Americana Judaica. Sold as is, no returns. $500+

*587 UNITED STATES, Opium Certificates. Series of 1915. Unused (2) 4th District of Michigan, purchased by Arthur I Fischer, both the original & duplicate copies EF. Also 2 used certificates from 1917 and 1921 with the same purchaser and both sold to Quincy (?) Mining Co. of Hancock, Michigan. The duplicate forms only are included as the originals no doubt were sent to the government. With original cover for 10 Opium forms. Interesting group of documents. $50+?

*588 UNITED STATES. WWII Propaganda note. On a facsimile of a US One Dollar note, the back has a 3-line legend in Italian, "The American have always made empty promises, breaking them like soap bubbles". The Nazis air-dropped this note in northern Italy. SB-401 (P. 397). VF+. A similar note, but not as nice, sold for $80 in our last auction. $75+


We usually reduce the winning bid to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid so we suggest you bid with confidence. We also highly recommend that if you have any questions about a particular lot or in your bidding strategy that you contact us well before the end of the sale. On the closing date of the auction we will be very busy and cannot guarantee that we will have enough time to answer all of your questions.

There will be two public showings of auction lots from this sale. The first on January 19th at the Jefferson County Coin Show in Golden, Colorado and the 2nd the following week on January 26th at the Red Lion Inn in Aurora, Colorado. We will be bringing most of the lots from the sale to these shows but we do not plan on bringing large, heavy or bulky items with us, unless specifically asked to do so. We suggest you contact us before the shows if there are certain lots you want to see so that we can make sure we will have them with us.



In addition to the lots in this section, there are many lots in part I that could have been listed below. Among them are: 1-84, 99-102, 115, 152, 157, 230-231, 233, 240-244, 246-247, 256, 280-345, 349, 430-438, 442-454, 456, 463-465, 467-468, 471-472, 483-578, 580-581 and 586-588.

*589 ADAM AND EVE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN. c. 1585. Anonymous Brass 28mm Jeton. Adam and Eve to either side of Apple tree with serpent around trunk/Crucifixion scene, Christ upon cross, Mary standing on left, St. John on right. Mitchner-1451. Fine. Scarce, 1st I can recall offering. $100+

*590 DANIEL IN THE LION'S DEN. ND. (1590s) A group of 3 Æ Jetons. (Brass 29mm, 4.01g; darker brass or bronze 28.5mm, 4.45g and copper 28mm 3.80g) by Hans Krauwinkel from his Biblical series. Daniel in the lion's den, being attacked, dead captive below, angel above, accosted by 2 faces of God/Daniel in the lion's den, lion's now fawning on him, flying angel above. Mitchner-1630, Neumann-32979. 1st two nice VF, the 3rd EF. A nice group for the specialist. $300+

*591 SAMUEL AND DAVID. 1601. Æ 28mm (5.47g). Hans Krauwinkel Biblical related Jeton. Samuel placing wreath on kneeling David, "Samvel et David" above, H.K. in exergue/ Romulus killing Remus, "Romulus et Remus", 1601 in ex. Mitch-1633 (note), Neuman-32304. F/VF. I cannot recall seeing this Jeton before which combines both the Old Testament and Roman history. $125+

*592 TEN PLAGUES. 1611 Brass Jeton (27.5mm, 5.14g). Jeton for the 10 plagues. Crown paired shields of France and Navarre, Latin legend around/Pestilence raining down on tents of the Israelites, the Red Sea between the tents and Pharaoh's palaces, Jehovah in Hebrew above. Feu-12044, Mitchner page 1042. Nice VF. Rare. Only the 2nd we can recall offering. A similar piece sold for $150 in our Winter 2012 auction. $100+

*593 DAVID AND JONATHAN. c. 1630. By Mathaus Laufer after a design by Hans Krauwinkel. Æ 28mm. King David standing on left with harp; facing towards Jonathan who has a bow, Latin legend between them and around/Amasa embracing Joab, who is about to stab him, legend in field and around, Mathaus Lauffer below. Mitch-1701, Neumann 32378. Choice VF. $100+

*594 RAM TO BE SACRIFICED BY PRIEST AT ALTAR. 1664. Æ 28.5mm French issue. Arms/Ram to be Sacrificed by Priest at Altar. Legend and scene refer to Leviticus 2:13 and bringing salt to any sacrifice. Neumann-29898. aF/F+. Scarce, 1st we can recall seeing. $100+

*595 PILGRIM'S TOKEN. ND. Probably 17-18th century. Silvered 39 mm (45.48g). Bust of Jesus left/5-line Hebrew legend. See Jewish Medals page 90, and G.F. Hill's The Medallic Portraits of Christ. Nice VF, with slight porosity and hairline scratches in front of his forehead and small rim bruise. This is among the nicest, as well as heaviest, of these we've seen. Ex NASCA's Wayte Raymond Auction, December 6-8, 1978. Part 4, lot 46. $60+

*596 NOAH'S ARK JETON. 1742. Silver 29mm, 6.38 grams. Head of Louis XV right/Noah's ark at sea, dove flying above. Feu-2056, Mitch-3507. Nice VF+. Very scarce. Only the 2nd we've offered in silver. A slightly nicer piece sold for $250 in our 42A sale a year ago. $150+

*597 JOSEPH AND HIS BROTHERS. 1772 Brass 29mm by Johann Christian Reich. Joseph addressing his kneeling brethren/List of grain prices in 11 lines topped by the date 1771. Kirschner-XII (exception), Neumann-32608. VF 29mm. Reich was the infamous maker of the Korn Jude medals and while this medal does not depict the Korn Jude, the reverse is very similar to some of his Korn Jude medals that listed prices of grain on one side and the Korn Jude on the other. This lists prices of grain on one side and a Jew on the other. This medal should not be considered anti-Semitic in nature, but certainly is Jewish related. Only the 2nd I can recall offering. In November of 2005 we sold a piece not as nice as this for $140. See the lot below for a Korn Jude Medal by Reich. $125

*598 KORN JUDE MEDAL. 1772 Brass 29mm by Reich. Jewish grain peddler walking toward open jaws of an alligator and facing left with staff and grain sack in which a devil is opening the mouth/A Listing of Food Prices. Friedenberg page 118, Kirschner-23. VG/F, somewhat porous. This is an extremely rare type of the infamous Korn Jude medals (see Friedenberg pages 3-8 for an extended discussion of these medals). We cannot recall offering this type since 2001 (EF sold for $500). See above and below for a related medal by the same medalist. $200+

*599 EDICT OF TOLERATION MEDAL. 1782. Gilt WM 45 mm) by Reich. Bust of Joseph II of the Holy Roman Empire right, "Imperial Tolerance" in banner under bust/Catholic, Protestant & Jewish Figures. This medal was struck to honor Joseph, an enlightened Catholic leader of his time, who granted religious liberties to Protestants and to a lesser extent to Jews. It was commissioned by Dutch Jews to commemorate the visit of the Emperor in 1782. (Polek-12). It is considered one of the earliest & most important Jewish Emancipation Medals. See Friedenberg-p. 36-37, Encyclopedia Judaica X1- 1171 and Coins Reveal #123 (similar). Ironically the medalist, Johann Christian Reich, was the medalist for the infamous anti-Semitic Korn Jude Medals of the 1790s. (See lot #598) Rare & important. EF, a few minor imperfections on edge. These are usually seen with Æ plugs but if there is a plug, it is almost unnoticeable. One of the nicest of these that we have seen and the first time that we can recall seeing it in gilt! Polek seems to mention a gilt medal but the English is unclear and while Friedenberg lists numerous examples in major collections world-wide, he does not mention a gilt specimen. $650?

*600 KING DAVID. 1827, Paris Brass 34 mm by Barre. Bust of King David wearing helmet/ Harp, and in Hebrew, A rod to rule, I will open my ears to the secret of my harp, (5)587. See The Shekel Vol 24, 4, 8-10. Very rare this nice. Edge reads, "Paris 1827 David". Nice EF. A similar medal sold for $150 in a tie bid in our sale 42A. $150

*601 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF ISRAELITE LOAN INSTITUTE HAMBURG. 1841. AE 45mm by Hans Friedrich Alsing. One of the two Jewish medals of Hamburg that Alsing did in 1841. Bee hive, legend/Legend. Coins Reveal-151. VF, a few scratches and many rim bumps. Ex Guido Kisch collection. Ex WMR auction 38c Lot #638. $75?

*602 GIACOMO MEYERBEER. 1847 Bronze 47mm by. C. Radnitzky of Vienna. His high relief bust left/5-line German legend in wreath. Meyerbeer was a famed 19th century composer; this medal was dedicated to him by members of the Concordia Society. Great Jewish Portraits page 130, Niggl-1332. A beautiful choice specimen and very rare. $140+

*603 COLOGNE SYNAGOGUE, GRAND OPENING. 1861 Æ59.5 mm by Jacques Wiener. Exterior view of synagogue/Interior view of synagogue. This magnificent synagogue was designed by the noted architect Ernst Zwirner and completed on the 29th of August 1861. The Nazis heavily damaged it during Kristallnacht. Jewish Minters and Medalists page 50, Coins Reveal-154, Great Jewish Portraits, p. 136. EF, some minor nicks and discoloration mainly on the obverse. One of the most important and famous Jewish medals of the 19th Century by one of the most important Jewish medalists. Extremely rare. The last we offered, in the fall of 2007, sold for $1350! $1000+

*604 SAMSON OBERNDOEFFER. 1861. White Metal 41mm by Drentwett. Bust left/ Legend. Struck to commemorate his 70th birthday. He was a Jewish coin dealer in Germany in the 19th century. See Adolph Cahn's 1931 sale of Judaica. Lot #1906. As struck, but a few abrasions and spots. Ex Richard Margolis inventory. $125+

*605 SALOMON HERMANN VON MOSENTHAL. 1877 AE 58mm by A. Scharff. His bust left/Muse of dramatic literature with mask and dagger. Mosenthal was a German-Austrian dramatist and poet born in Hesse-Cassel but received most of his acclaim in Vienna. Born in 1821, this was struck on his death in 1877. Rare, only the 2nd I can recall offering. A few very minor spots. $225+

*606 SOUTH AMERICAN JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. Colombia. ND. CN16mm. I. E. Rubinstein & Son. R.C. San Andres/Good for 5 Cents. Nice VF. Rulau-SAP-12, Bernal-222. Very scarce, Jewish-related numismatic items from Colombia are few and far between. Probably the nicest we've had. Previously two pieces, not quite as nice as this, sold for between $300 and $400, while a poorly preserved one did not sell a few years back. $250+?

*607 ALFRED DREYFUS. 1890s. Gilt bronze 28mm medal, looped as made. Bust of Dreyfus/Bust of Labori. Attorney Labori defended Alfred Dreyfus, a young Alsatian-French officer of Jewish heritage who was wrongly accused of espionage and sent to Devil's Island. Dreyfus was eventually exonerated thanks in good part to the brave intervention of Emile Zola who publicly and stridently accused the upper strata of the French military of anti-Semitism and obstruction of justice in the case. EF. Scarce. See lots 246 and 247 for related medals. $100+

*607a COPPER CONVERSION MEDAL. Æ 33 x 45mm. 1887, this extremely rare issue was struck to honor Jews who converted to Christianity. The obverse features a Star of David with "Jehovah" in Hebrew and legends "Christ in You - the Hope of Glory - Holy is His Name," while the reverse design depicts a cross with Hebrew legends within, and "Father Glorify Thy Name, HGI, Founded June 23, 1887." Semi-oval shape, XF, a few minor nicks, holed at the top as issued, 45 x 32 mm. We sold a similar medal in our December 1984 sale 14I for $700+ (?) which was resold by Heritage 20 years later. This is only the 2nd we can recall seeing. As the date reads "June 23", rather than 23 June this is probably from the US or Canada. $200+

*608 SIEGEL-COOPER CO. Commemorative Soap Dish. 1898. Aluminum c. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1" deep. "Second Anniversary Souvenir". Legend around 1896-1898" and statue. Scarce. $25

*609 TWO TURN OF THE LAST CENTURY CHARITY TOKENS. 1) Chevra Kadisha (Charity) Token. ND. Late 19th Century thin Brass token. "Sade-Dalet, Koph-Hey" (קחדצ) bracteate type. JTM-CC-16. VF. 2) Aleppo Syria Jewish Community Charity Token. ND (c. 1900) Brass Bracteate token. "101" flanked by a "ב & כ" and "in righteousness shall thou be established" above, all in Hebrew. $60+

*610 RECTANGLE CHARITY TOKEN. ND. Circa 1900. 3-line Hebrew inscription which translates "righeousness (or charity, the word is zedkah") saves (you) from death". Choice EF. See Alon, April 1974. Scarce. $60+

*611 JEWISH MANUFACTURER BADGE. Chicago Centennial Medal. City View through archway/"1803 Chicago Centennial September 26th to October 1st 1903" in 7 lines, Mandel Bros, stamped below. With hanger for the "Ways and Means Committee". EF. $20+

*612 SOLOMON MORITZ RUBENSON. 1904 AE 48mm by A(dolph) Lindberg. His bust right/9-line legend. An Award medal for his work on the Stockholm City Council. "For exemplary work and good fellowship". Given to him by his fellow workers. The Rubenson's were an important Jewish Family in Sweden and Rubenson was heavily involved in the administration of the city. Basically as struck. $75+

*613 THE GRANDMOTHER BY BORIS SCHATZ. 1904. Bronze 46.5 x 70.4mm. Uniface portrait of grandmother knitting, "Grandmother" in Hebrew below. Schatz was the founder of the Bezalel School. His "signature" is at upper right. Cast as made, a few handling marks. $140+

614 HELLMAN BANK AND ITS SUCCESSORS etc. Group of Jewish related California bank items. Includes 2 Hellman Bank 34mm Pageant of Progress 1922 medals; Farmers and Merchants Bank Encased 1907 Cent; 2 California Savings Bank Good for $2 tokens; 2 different Bank of California tokens; a Wells Fargo token; and a Security First National Bank of LA oval tag. 9 piece lot. For a related lot, (Jewish owned western American banks) see lot 586 above. $30

*615 ADVERTISING TOKEN FOR OPENING OF GRANDS MAGASINS. 1910. Leonhard Tietz in Brussels, Belgium. Aluminum 29mm. View of the building within legend/Large T and legend. Leonard Tietz was the nephew of Hermann Tietz, the founder of the first department store in Germany and a prominent German Jewish merchant. The Tietz family in Germany issued a number of different tokens and medals. However, I don't ever remember seeing this before. Tietz had his store confiscated by the Belgium government after WWI because of his German nationality. In 1933 all the Tietz firms were "Aryanized". This is a choice almost fully proof-like example with only a few minor scratches and is far superior to the only other example (a museum in Ghent) that I am familiar with. Also see Lot #620 for a related token. $100+?

*616 DR. ANTON BETTELHEIM. 1911 Æ52 x 69mm by Stephen Schwartz. His portrait right. A uniface plaque of the lawyer, writer and journalist struck on his 50th birthday. I believe he was the father of Bruno Bettelheim, the US psychologist and educator. Two of his children were murdered in Theresinstadt. EF and scarce. The last we had, in our sale 29F in the fall of 1999, sold for $120. $150+

*617 ALBERT MARION ELSBERG. 1912 Æ 38mm by J. Jehm. His bust partially left, In Memory of Albert Marion Elsberg Class of 1905/Columbia College for excellence in Modern History Elsberg Medal. His mother established the medal and the prize fund in 1912 in his memory. I believe that Albert was a brother of Charles Elsberg, the noted neurosurgeon who established his own prize fund, the Rebecca Elsberg Memorial prize, in his mother's name. Can't recall having this medal before. This Medallic Art Co. product has been lacquered which was a common practice in the first quarter of the 20th century. Also the die has sunk slightly on the reverse. $40+

*618 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. Wilkes Barre, Pa. Morris Greenstein, Pharmacist. Good for 5¢. Aluminum 21mm. In 1909 his business was located at 191 E. Market St. and 8 years late he had moved to 201 E. Market. Greenstein was an immigrant from Meiningen in Saxony but presumably prospered in Wilkes Barre and was president of Temple B'nai B'rith from 1932-1934. Lustrous EF, thus high grade. A similar one sold for $30 in our sale 41E. $30+

*619 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. Wilkes Barre, PA. Morris Greenstein, Pharmacist. Good for 10¢. Aluminum 21mm. EF, a few nicks. Seems to be a bit scarcer than the above 5¢ token. $30+

*620 GERMAN JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. c. 1915. Herman Tietz. 1 Wertmarke. Zinc 18mm, Octagonal. EF, but a bit oxidized on denomination side. The last we sold was for $40 in our sale 40E. See Lot # 615 for a related advertising token. $40+?

*621 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKENS. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Goldblatt Bros. 1/2¢ redeemable in cash. Brass 16mm. Vacketta chi-g23. EF. The Goldblatt Brothers (Nate & Maurice) started with a single grocery store/butcher shop on Chicago's west side in 1914. During the depression they purchased several small department stores and by 1946 were operating 15 upscale department stores. Their growth stalled in the 1950s and 60s due to competition from K-Mart and Sears among others. We've had larger denomination 25th Anniversary tokens before but presumably (small denomination) this is an early one from their days operating one small store. $30+?

*622 THE JEWS LOOK TO AMERICA FOR HELP. 1916. Celluloid pin back button, in red, white, blue & silver. Man at center, shield with stars and stripes. Made by Whitehead Hoag Co., Newark, NJ. WWI American Judaic items are much scarcer than WWII items. The only other one we sold was a similar piece that went for $55 in Auction 27C (Spring 1977). Consignor purchased this from Rex Stark, a Massachusetts dealer in Americana. $50+?

*623 LARGE (75 X 49MM) HEBREW AMULET. Most likely late 19th or early 20th century from Persia or northern Africa. 8-line hand etched Hebrew legend which begins with "In the name Almighty" and ends "G-d of Rabbi Myer answer us". Ex NASCA Robert Weiss sale (May, 1978) Lot 51F. Scarce and unusual. A fuller translation will accompany the lot. $100+

*624 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. Delmont, South Dakota. Gelfand Brothers. Good for 50¢ in Merchandise. Aluminum Octagonal 28mm. The Gelfand family, like the Silverberg family (see lots 637 & 638), had stores in a number of small towns within a few hundred miles of Sioux City, IA. Many of the Gelfands were buried in either Mt. Carmel or Mt. Sinai. I've had the Springfield token for S.B. Gelfand (see lot below) a few times. Don't think I've had this in many, many years. EF, but some dirt. $40+

*625 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. Springfield, South Dakota. S.B. Gelfand. Good for 10¢ in trade. Aluminum 23mm Octagonal. VF. $30+

*626 LARGE BRITISH JEWISH CHAPLAIN BREAST OR CAP BADGE. Lion of Judah within Star of David within wreath topped by crown. White Metal, c. 58 x 82mm and stamped "Firmin London" in two lines on the back. We're guessing this is from WWI but have no real evidence of that. Firmin has been making items such as this and more since the mid 1600s and their web site claims that their products were "present at Battles of The Nile, Trafalgar, Waterloo and Gettysburg." $35+?

*627 SAN FRANCISCO, CA. JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. David Roth's Sons Jewelers 1st & Market/Good for 10¢ in Trade, Kappen-2246. EF. ND, presumably 1915-1925. David Roth's Sons Jewelers operated in San Francisco from 1904 until 1929 when they moved their location across the bay to Berkeley. Scarce, I can't recall having this before. $50+

*628 GROUP OF YESHIVA AND CHARITY TOKENS. Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Eiger, Hebrew Kindergarten & Infants Home, Rabbi Jacob Joseph High School, National Association of Jewish Blind and Yeshiva Meah Shearim. 5 tokens, the first four from NYC, the last from Jerusalem. 1st and last are F-VF, the middle 3 EF or better. $50+?

*629 KORN JUDE MEDAL. 1923 Bronze or perhaps brass 38 mm (23.55g). The modern day Korn Jude piece by Fritz Hornlein. Kirschner-30. A "Fat" man sitting on bushel of corn/7-line legend. Choice, virtually as struck. Kirschner lists this medal in both bronze and aluminum. Our specimen weighs about a full gram higher than his listed weight for bronze so it is possible it is a brass alloy. One of the nicest we have handled. Also see Lot 598. $50?

*630 DR. CHAIM ARLOSOROFF. 1933. WM 120mm (Struck in Germany). His portrait in circle and superimposed on a Magen David. Arlosoroff was a Zionist leader & writer who was murdered in Palestine in 1933. His murder trial was among the most famous in the Jewish world during that time. It is still a matter of debate (and strong opinion) as to who murdered him, Arabs, Jewish revisionists or parties unknown. Very rare, we sold a broken piece in 1999 and remember one in a NASCA sale of the late 1970s or early 80s. Perhaps this is that piece. As made. $150+

*631 PAIR OF ADOLPH ZUKOR/PARAMOUNT PICTURES MEDALS. 1) 1926 Bronze 101 mm. Zukor's bust left, "Paramount Pictures" around edge, around 15 stars with his signature below/"Famous Players-Lasky Corporation 1911-1926 Fifteenth Anniversary" around emblems of Paramount & Publix Theatre and large building. VF, with small nicks in field, probably from light cleaning. By Lilenyi. 2) 1937. Facing bust of Zukor, awarded for his 25th year in Motion Pictures. 84mm, Uniface silvered nickel, with hollow back which resembles a film canister. VF, with light corrosion. This by P. Montana. This is ex-NASCA CICF March 1982 auction, Lot #2052. Before that they were in our September 1981, Los Angeles Sale as Lots 154 and 155. In 2004 we sold an example of the 1937 medal for $110 and in 1999 we sold an example of the 1926 medal for $40. $100+

*632 HANUKKAH MENORAH WITH LIONS. Brass c. 8" wide, 7 1/4" tall at shamos. Lions flank a smaller Menorah in center. 1920's? $25+

*633 JEWISH ORPHANAGE DEDICATION IN ARGENTINA. 1927. Silver-plated bronze c. 35 x 28.5mm by Gottuzzo and Piana, with loop as made. View of the building, 2-line Spanish legend below/4-line inscription commemorating the dedication by Argentine president Marcello de Alvear. An attractive and scarce little medal. Toned EF. Gottuzzo and Piana were Argentina's leading medalists during this time. $50+

*634 HENRI BERR. 1931 Silver 68mm (163 grams) by Raymond Sudre. His bust right/10-line legend listing some of his works. Berr was a French-Jewish Historian. One of his most famous works was The Prophets and the Rise of Judaism written in 1937 and thus not listed on this rare medal. Our consignor purchased this from a Joseph Lepczyk auction (1983?) that had a large selection of Judaic medals from the Paris mint. This is the first time I've offered this medal for sale in silver and I can find no record of this medal being sold this century. $150+

*635 UNUSUAL, YOD, TIE (OR TALLIT) CLIP and Hamsa (amulet). ND (early to mid 20th century?). Sterling silver c. 53mm long in the shape of a hand. Contains a Persian silver siglos showing a bearded king kneeling with bow and arrow, below that is Daniel 5:25-30. The thumb and the index figure hold a pointer (perhaps a Yod), the three other fingers have the phrase (from this portion of the Bible) "Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin" which King Belshazzar asked Daniel to explain and which has been interpreted in various ways but can be read as "And this is the writing that was inscribed: mina, mina, shekel, half-mina. This is the interpretation of the matter: mina, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; shekel, you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; half-mina, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians". Most unusual and undoubtedly rare, more likely unique and presented to a coin collector as a gift or perhaps ordered (or made) by the collector himself. $650+

*636 PALESTINE POLICE BUCKLE. Presumably for a belt. 49mm, central design "Palestine Police" with crown above. Ex Matsa Auction (Tel-Aviv) 10/80, Lot #1325. 1st I can recall seeing. $50?

*637 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN, MAPLETON, IA. 1931-1933. Silverberg Brothers/Good for 25¢ in Trade. Aluminum 26mm. Ferguson-610; Henderson-662. The Silverberg Bros (Marcus and Abe) had 15 department stores in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Or perhaps I should say that they had 15 department stores which issued tokens. The Mapleton store shut down in 1934 during the depression. Both brothers and other family members are buried in the Jewish Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Sioux City, IA. Choice EF+. See below for a companion piece as well as #624 and #625. $50?

*638 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN, MAPLETON, IA. Silverberg Brothers/Good for 50¢ in Trade. Aluminum 26mm. Ferguson-615; Henderson-663. EF, small rim bruise above "G". See above for a companion piece. $50?

*639 DR. KARL LANDSTEINER. 1931. Nobel Prize Winner for his work on blood groups. Group of 5 medals. Bronze 40 and 50mm (2) with his bust left and an eagle on the reverse. The 50mm medal was awarded to those who donated blood 5 or more times to the Dutch Red Cross. Polak-77a. 4th is 50mm has a similar obverse but the reverse has a legend around, a cross, "Blood Transfusion" in Dutch and a space for a name. The fifth medal is a 39mm silver medal from 1968 with Landsteiner's bust facing and a medical logo and legend "Ortho Diagnostics Raritan, New Jersey" and was struck by the Franklin Mint to commemorate his 100th birthday. 5 medals, last 2 scarce. $70

*640 WILHELM BENSOW. Bronze 56mm by Felix Hydaina (?). High-relief bust of Bensow left/Airplane above Shell oil refinery. Swedish legend. Bensow was the head of the Finnish Shell Co., although this medal was apparently made in Sweden by Sporrung & Co. $30+

*641 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. JACOBSON BROS. Saginaw, Michigan. Aluminum Octagonal 25mm, "Good for 5¢ in Trade/Court Recreation". Michigan 845J1A. EF. Jacobson's was a department store chain with stores in 6 states in the mid-west and south. The first store was established in Reed City, Michigan by Abram Jacobson a Jewish immigrant from Poland in 1868. Frankly I'm not exactly sure what is meant by "Court Recreation" at a department store. I believe that this is the only US trade token that uses those exact unusual words. $35+

*642 ALBERT BONNIERS PUBLISHER'S. 1937 Bronze 60mm by Costa Careli. Conjoined busts of Albert & Karl Otto Bonnier left/Incuse busts of Gerhard, Adolf and David Felix Bonnier. The Jewish-owned Bonniers Publishing house (Förlag) is the largest and one of the oldest publishing houses in Sweden and was founded by Albert in 1837 at the age of 17! The earliest known member of the family was Jacob Schye who was born in Bohemia in 1674. His grandson was Löbel Salomon Hirschel (born 1745) who was a jeweler and a coin dealer and it was his son who moved to Scandinavia and changed the family name to Bonniers. This is the only one I can recall seeing. $75

*643 GROUP OF MEDALS. 20th Anniversary Vita Chicken Market, rectangle holes as issued, 2 chickens/20; Ramat Gan Medal for Israel's 25th Anniversary; Worcester Salt Co. Good luck token with swastika; Haganah hexagonal medal; Queen Elizabeth II commemorative charm; and QEII commemorative CN crown, A group of 6 items, the first two we believe are scarce. $50+

*644 JEWISH HOME FOR THE AGED medal Paperweight. ND (1938) 61 mm bronze medal in large black base with a green felt back. Elderly woman lying in bed, Star of David behind, "JI" (Jewish Invalid) above and Vredige Levensavond (Peaceful evening of Life) below. In original case by Begeer. Konigliche Begeer: Peningen 1935-1960 #1219. Only 100 made. A similar medal in our Auction 39D brought $180. $150

645 GROUP OF 16 PINS AND CELLULOID BUTTONS includes 4 different Jewish War Veteran lapel pins, 2 early celluloid buttons (Save the Starving in Bible Lands and Jewish War Relief and Welfare Fund (WWI?)) and 10 other (mostly) pins. Neat lot. $40

*646 GROUP OF PINS AND BUTTONS. Meshiach in Hebrew under crown, multi-colored pin shaped as a flag; Star of David pin with Israel in center in blue, gold & white; Cap badge (maybe, pin broken off) for H. A. Kaplan (perhaps a group to honor the Warsaw Ghetto hero); Medieval Dutch Star of David which was purportedly found in a river bed in the Nieuwlande region; 1942 large button for the Jewish War Vets of US Kings County Council and another large button 30th Zionist Congress in English, Hebrew and Spanish. 6 items, some perhaps scarce. $50+

*647 THE GENERAL COMMISSION FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF GERMAN CRIMES During World War II in Poland. 1945? Cast Æ 86mm. Polish legend above. broken pieces of barbed wire shaped into the letter P below/Legend in Polish, No end to crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. SZ-61, p. 187. 1st time I can recall seeing this large unusual medal. $150?

*648 GROUP OF MEDALS: Abraham Raab Æ76 1945; A. Krinitzi Æ45 Paratroopers medals Judaic Tokens & Medals MM-17; 10th Anniversary Macabbiah WM 35mm; Yitzhak Rabin Æ35 (Judaic Heritage Society); Uniface Æ45mm for 75th Anniversary of Bank Leumi with Discus thrower (I can't recall seeing this before); Æ55 Uniface Dan Tel Aviv; Æ59 mm 70th Anniversary Herzalina Gymansium (High School); Æ76 3000th Anniversary of Jerusalem; Uniface Meggido Regional Council; General Federation of Labor and SM-2 Valour state medal 59mm. 11 medals, a few seldom seen or in 1 case never seen by this cataloger. $50+

*649 SILVER "AMULET" BUCKLE. ND. c. 80 x 67mm. 3 lines of Hebrew text around central flower (Jerusalem Lily?) design. 3 words that we can make out are the names Rivka, Yocheved and the word Kosher. 4 hooks on the back. Ex Matsa Auctions, #16, Lot 524 with a starting price of $70. $75+

*650 ISRAEL DISCOUNT BANK. New York. Paper Weight depicting the obverse and reverse of a year 3 Shekel from the Jewish War. c. 96 x 60mm. Silvered bronze. Perhaps 1950s? $40+?

*651 BINDING OF ISAAC. ND. Bronze Sculpture c. 5 1/2 x 10". #10 of 100 made. Very high relief image of Abraham holding Isaac, with "Do not lay your hand upon the boy" in Hebrew below from Genesis 22:12. Very impressive, a few nicks on top of Isaac's head. This is ex Lot #680 from our sale 41E where it sold for $100. $100

652 SILVER PIDYON HABEN "AMULET" SHEKELS. (1955) by DeVeer by London. 35mm. "Hands", legend around/Legend. 2 medals in Capital Plastics holder. Also in this lot are 10 pieces of P-43 1 Sheqel Montefiore 1978; 4 pieces of P-44 5 Sheqalim Weizmann 1978 notes; a false shekel; a Morris Cerullo Masada medal & a Palestine 1 Mil 1939 in VF. 4 medals, 1 coin and 14 uncirculated banknotes. $50+

*653 3 METAL, SMALL MACHZUR OR SIDDUR COVERS. 1) Machzur cover with Menorah on back; 2) Siddur cover with lions on top of front cover; 3) Siddur cover with crown at top. 3 covers, the first and third silver-like with blue stones (one has fallen out of each), the 2nd brass. This lot does not contain the Siddur or the Machzur contents, just the covers. We believe these were made in Israel 1950-1960. For a Siddur cover with contents see, Lot #743. $75+

*654 GROUP: 2 MEDAL RINGS. 1) "Shaddai" ידש cut out in 3 letters from solid ring; 2) "Chai" יה in two letters in lacy design. Neither marked, so call them silver-like ladies rings. Also in this lot are 8 different AINA or IGCMC tokens. $40+?

*655 HERZLIA GYMNASIUM. ND (1959). Medal and Plaque, both bronze by Kretschmer. A 45mm round medal and a 35 x 70 mm rectangle plaque. An impressive view of the front of the Herzlia Gymnasium (High School) in Tel-Aviv. Both Uniface. Struck to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this famous Tel-Aviv High School. The round medal is JTM EP-24 (See The Shekel VI, #4, page 31). $55

*656 IN MEMORY OF THE 6 MILLION VICTIMS MEDAL. 1952. Æ59mm by Monti. In high relief a male figure rising from a heap of corpses in a concentration camp, lifting the 10 Commandments/2 hands, clutching a Menorah, in the background a cemetery. Unc, scarce, only 500 pieces minted by Stefano Johnson of Milan, Italy. Haffner HO-6a, Szperling SZ-4, p. 130. The last we offered sold for $75. $75

*657 TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY. ND Æ 64 mm. "International Society of the Benefactors Tel Aviv University" around wreath around eternal flame/Map of Israel, "Heart of the Nation" above, "Tel Aviv University" below. Plain edge, with original loop and large red ribbon attached. We have no recollection of seeing this award medal before. $40+?

658 HERZL GROUP. 1) Small size 32 page children's book with yellow, green, red & black card cover. Entirely in Hebrew with photos and drawings; 2) Two Happy New Year cards from the IGCMC depicting Herzl leaning over Basel balcony for the "100th Anniversary of the Zionist Congress"; 3 & 4) 35mm silver and 59mm bronze Shekel Co. medals depicting bust of Herzl and a view of the Knesset; and 5) 37mm silver Proof Dutch medal for Herzl with symbol of the 12 tribes on reverse. 5 items, some scarce. $35+?

*659 THEODORE HERZL ND. Ashtray or plate. Bronze 85mm medal in larger c. 190mm plate. "Hand made in Israel" by "Afchaim" (?). Attractive. I don't recall handling this previously. $50+?

660 ISRAEL-EGYPT PEACE TALKS AND TREATY. Group of Medals 1977-1979. 1) Æ 59mm. Begin and Sadat face to face, with view of Knesset below and English, Hebrew and Arabic legends around/English, Hebrew Arabic legends, dove of peace, broken sword. 3 examples of this medal; 2) Camp David Meeting. 1978. Silvered bronze 59mm. Busts of Begin, Carter and Sadat left, incuse legend/Interlocking symbols, "No More War" in Arabic, English and Hebrew. Uncommon. (This is ex Lot 650 from our September 1981 Los Angeles Sale); 3) Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. 1978. Gilt Bronze 59mm. Busts of Begin, Carter and Sadat in circular picture "One Father for us all" in English, Hebrew and Arabic/An Egyptian and Israeli planting a tree, with pyramids behind. Issued by MIIM (Medal Museum International Institute); 4) Gilt bronze 38mm. Bust of Carter facing busts of Begin and Sadat/ Maps of Egypt and Israel showing cities of Cairo, Suez, Haifa, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. The legends on both sides are in Spanish. (Scarce only 2nd I can recall having in past 18 years); 5) Begin and Sadat. 1977 38mm. Busts of both with English, Hebrew and Arabic legends/ Flags of Israel & Egypt. Issued by Federation International Numismatique in Montreal. 3 pieces in bronze plus 1 in antique silver. One of the bronze pieces was from our Sept. '81 LA sale. 10 medals, a few scarce, some with certificates. $60+

*661 IRANIAN JEWISH COMMUNITY. 1966. Bronze 29.5 mm medal commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Shah's reign and issued by the Iranian Jewish Federation. Bust of Shah left/Menorah, Hebrew legend. Unc. $125+

*662 FIRST ZIONIST CONGRESS, 70TH ANNIVERSARY PIN. "Basel-Israel" in Hebrew and English at top and bottom, 1897-1967 to either side of Magen David, with lion in center, stars in each angle and a star at top (thus showing Herzl's 7 stars of Zion). 19mm. Made by Kretschmer for 70th anniversary of the Zionist Congress during the year of the Six-Day War. Scarce? $25+

*662a FEDERATION OF JEWISH PHILANTHROPIES AWARD OF HONOR MEDAL. ND. Gilt Bronze 75mm. Federation of Jewish Philanthropies around legend and logos in center/ Legend around space for name to be engraved. EF, a few nicks. Scarce $40+

*663 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF LIQUIDATION OF LIDICE. 1967. Æ 38mm. Woman with arms raised, ruins of city behind here, 1942-1967 in two lines to right/"LIDICE" in raised letters across the center, a rose within a central vertical space. Lidice is a village in the former protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia. In the spring of 1942, members of the Czechoslovak Exile Government assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, the acting governor appointed by Hitler. In retaliation, Hitler ordered the execution of 10,000 Czechs. Instead the Nazis entered the village of Lidice and executed all the men (192), along with 71 women. The rest of the women (198) were sent to Ravensbrück, while 98 children were sent to be "reeducated" by the Nazis. No more than 16 children survived the war. After the war Lidice was rebuilt, becoming both a symbol of Nazi terror and the heroism of the Czech resistance. Very scarce. $75+

664 GROUP OF MEDALS. Moses by Michelangelo (2 pieces, 18 & 32mm), white metal; 1973 private issue 59mm UJA; Yitzhak Rabin 39mm Judaic Heritage Society; Shalom Aleichem Æ 45mm by Kretchmer; 6 day War 23mm Wailing Wall/map of Israel, legend & Menorah (reverse sim. to AM-1 Levi Eshkol medal); NY World's Fair - American-Israel Pavilion 1964 Æ 29mm Haffner EP-2; 1955 Dr. Jonas Salk Æ76mm Award of Congress Medal; Scroll of Fire B'nai B'rith Forest Silvered bronze 59mm; 29mm bronze 10 Commandment medalet with loop; 45mm Moses medal Medallic Art Co. and PM-2 Nahariya Local Council Brass 61mm medal. 12 medals, some difficult to locate. Most ex. WMR, NASCA, Johnson & Jensen or Matasa Auctions. Sold as is, no returns. $35+

665 GROUP OF MEDALS: Moses by Michelangelo (2 pieces, 18 & 32mm), white metal; 1969 50th Anniv. Pin; Leonard Reisman medal; 4 Israeli copy machine tokens; Emil von Ottenthal Uniface medal; Scroll of Fire B'nai B'rith Forest Gilt bronze 59mm; PM-2 Nahariya Local Council Brass 61mm; Itzhak Rabin Bronze 37mm 6 Day War medal in proof; Nigeria 1959 1 Penny (Magen David motif); Dayan & Rabin/Western Wall 59mm bronze Shekel Co. medal; and Zweifach Award medal. 15 items, some difficult to locate. Most ex. WMR, NASCA, J & J or Matasa Auctions. Sold as is, no returns. $35+

*667 FELIX M. WARBURG MEMORIAL AWARD. Bronze 80mm. Presented to Mrs. Frederic Bierhoff for 50 Years of Devoted Service to Federation, Community and Humanity. With loop and blue ribbon attached. Presented by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York. Name of the Award around a center image of the logo of the organization that features a Menorah/Long legend. This medal, when awarded to someone for fifty years of service, is scarce. $60+

*668 THEODORE HERZL. 1968. Silver 36mm. His bust left inset surrounded by "Herzl It is no legend" in Hebrew and English with his 7 stars above/"Israel's 20th Anniversary, 1948-1968" in English and Hebrew. (The Hebrew reading 5708-5728), In the center, a Menorah, IDF symbol and a stylized Roman Numeral XX in the shape of a Magen David. Scarce, a seldom offered medal by Kretschmer. Beautifully toned as it has been stored in a presentation box for many years. Kretschmer used a similar obverse for a 25th anniversary medal. In our sale 34E we sold a similar one, without a box, for $65! $40+?

*669 MORPURGO MEDAL. 1969? Silver 66.5 mm medal by Pol Dom (Paul Ludovicus Carolus Dom 1885-1978). Facing bust of Joseph M Morpurgo, "Fa Joseph M. Morpurgo 1869-1969 Antiquaires te Amsterdam" around "Joseph M. Morpurgo 23-12-1849-29-4-1926"/Facing bust, "Die Hoedt Het Oude Goed, 21.12.1900 Lion Morpurgo 25-9-1957". The Morpurgo's were a well-known Jewish family in Western and Central Europe from the early 19th century though today. Apparently this medal was struck for the 100th anniversary of their antique store in Amsterdam. Zilver on edge. $75+

*670 ISRAELI STEAKHOUSE ADVERTISING STICKER. 1970. Red-print on white sticker pasted on the back of a 1970 Dutch 2 1/2 Guilden coin. "Apolonia Israelisch Grillroom-Steakhouse" with 5 Stars of David below the name, phone number above, "Spoorstraat 37 Hilversum" in two lines below. I presume that this may have been a kosher or kosher style restaurant at that time. Today a Apolonia Steakhouse with the same phone number is located at Spoorstraat 40 but is not a kosher or Israeli style restaurant. VF. An interesting post WWII European Judaic item. $40+?

*671 TOWER OF DAVID AWARD. ND. Large (c. 100 mm) with screw in back to be put into a wooden plaque? "Tower of David Award" in English above a view of the citadel and the Tower of David and "Jerusalem" in Hebrew below. $40+?

*672 PAIR OF SPORTS MEDALS. 1970 Silver 46mm 9th Soccer World Championship. Flags and names of various nations that participated in the World Championship held in Mexico, including the flag of Israel, around logo of the Games/legend proclaiming Brazil as World Champs and a Brass (or gilt) ND 45mm uniface medal depicting 2 divers (with air tanks on their backs), Israel, below and International Divers Meet Eilat Red Sea around. 2 medals, the silver medal toned EF, the other almost as struck $40+?

*673 GROUP OF TWO. 1) Metal Challah, "Lechovod Shabbos Kodesh" the blessing one says when preparing food for Shabbos, on a metal Challah looking object which may have come from a platter c. 7 1/2 x 1 3/4". 2) Metal Tefillin Box? Used as a Bar Mitzvah gift, depicting a Rabbi and a Bar Mitzvah boy (1 hinge broken). $30+?

*674 MEYER WEISGAL-KEREN HAYESOD "Presentation" Medal. The 1970 Keren Hayesod Bronze 59mm is common. What isn't common is the presentation box this medal came with. A well-worn battered box with a certificate entirely in Hebrew signed by Israel Goldstein as president of Keren Hayesod-United Jewish Appeal. $25?

*675 SAMUEL BRONFMAN. 1971. Bronze 50mm medal by "B". His bust left, name above/ Coat of Arms of Seagrams, Eightieth Birthday Commemoration, above around, March 4, 1971 below. Bronfman died barely 6 months after the family celebrated his 80th birthday. Struck by the Medallic Art Co. Bronfman, the son of a Russian immigrant to Canada, made a fortune in buying and running Seagram's Distillers Corp., especially taking advantage of prohibition in the United States. He and his family have been strong supporters of Israel and Jewish causes for many years. $40

676 ECLECTIC GROUP OF 3. 1) Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza Hotel, c 3 1/4 x 1 1/2" brass key fob. 2) Levi Strauss & Co. Copper Belt Buckle depicting a cowboy, c. 2 x 2 1/2" and 3) a Pewter, looped plaquette from an Israeli Philatelic Exhibition in Toronto in 1973. c. 42 x 60mm made by Jorgen Jensen of Denmark. 3 unusual items which we have never seen. $30

*677 THE DAVID BEN-GURION AWARD. (c. 111 x 98mm). Cast bronze Uniface plaque. His bust left. This award was a service recognition award from Israel Bonds. High relief stunning portrait on textured fields. I cannot recall seeing this before. Ex Johnson & Jensen Sale #17, Lot 191 (May 1982) where it sold for $75. $75+

678 GROUP. 12 Silver Medallic History of the Jewish People 38mm medals: Abraham, Moses, Deborah, Samson, Saul, Solomon, Jonah, Maimonides, Disraeili, the Rothschilds, the Holocaust and Golda Meir. Also in this lot is a 1963 IGCMC Season's Greetings token with an inverted 1 Agora; 1933 Jewish Day-Century of Progress brass token; a Palestine 1927 2 Mil and a 1989 2 New Sheqalim Promised Land Anniversary coins. 16 items, the first 12 and the last are silver proofs, the others as struck. $300+

*680 35TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATION OF THE DEATH CAMPS. ND (1980). Æ 68mm by Pierre-Fernand Provost. A prisoner watched over by a guard dog against a background of a concentration camp, a gas chamber, a crematorium and more surrounded by barbed wire, "Never Again (in French) 1939-1945" above and below initials of nationalities deported to camps/Unrolled parchment with blank space to engrave name of survivor, "French Republic" in French. SZ-25, p. 61. I cannot recall seeing this medal before. $150?

*681 35TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATON OF THE NATZWIEILER-STRUTHOF Concentration Camp. 1980. Æ 68mm. The Memorial to the Departed, with French legend on either side/Body of a dying prisoner, "1980" and French legend around. Natzwieiler-Struthof was the only German run concentration camp in what is now France. Most of its internees were members of the Resistance. I cannot recall ever offering this medal before. SZ-26, p. 62. $150+

682 GROUP OF MEDALS. Simon Wiesenthal. 1980 Æ76mm by Frank Gasparro and Sandra Walker. Facing bust/Torch of Liberty divides maps of the Amercas and Europe, Asia and Africa; Avital & Natan Shcharansky. 1986 Æ 76mm. Their busts/Wailing Wall," Let My People Go" in English, Hebrew and Russian. Official US Mint medal; Bar Mitzvah, 2005. New State Medal. Silver 50mm. Boy facing right over scrolls rolled out "Mazel Tav" in Hebrew and "Give us Peace and Joy" above and below in Hebrew and English/Star and "your Star will Shine" in English and Hebrew. Proof and Æ70 mm Israel State medal for Vilna Gaon. 4 medals. $40+?

*683 ISSAC BASHEVIS SINGER. 1984. Lead Trial stage strikes by Robert Russin. The 16th in the Magnus Museum's Jewish American Hall of Fame Series. High relief portrait (sculpted from a real life sitting)/Free Life's essence in English and Hebrew. Two pieces, one for obverse and one for reverse. According to conversations we've had with Mel Wacks (the director of the JAHF) in the past, very few of these lead trials exist. $100+

*684 LIBERATION OF AUSCHWITZ. 1985. Æ60mm. A view of the city of Auschwitz, Polish legend 40th Anniversary, Liberation of Auschwitz/A triangular prisoner's badge and a broken flower against a background of barbed wire. Struck in Poland for the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the town and camp. SZ-37, p. 73. Slightly porous looking as made. A similar piece in our sale 40J sold for $65 $50+

*685 LIBERATION OF AUSCHWITZ. 1985 Copper 60mm. Building with main entrance & railway to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp, above in Polish "Never Again"/"40th Anniversary of Liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp". SZ-39, P.75. The last we had, in our Spring 2009 sale, sold for $55. $65+

*686 LIBERATION OF THE STUTTHOF CONCENTRATION CAMP. 1985 Silver-plated steel 40mm by Anna Beata Watrobska-Wdowiarska. The monument commemorating the victims at Stutthof, Polish legend, "For the Memory, not for the Vengeance, our shadows do ask"/"Stutthof 9V 1945" in 3 lines in center and "The 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Concentration Camp". SZ-56, p. 92. 1st I can recall seeing. $50+

*687 ANNE FRANK BY ALEX SHAGIN. Bronze 30mm and Silver 27mm. Face of Anne Frank emerging from partially open door of her hiding place/hand extending from barbed wire fence. "Remember Holocaust". SZ-4, p. 242, SM-105 and SM-105a. Pair of popular medals. $100

*688 MONUMENTS OF BUCHENWALD, SACHSENHAUSEN AND RAVENSBRUCK in white glazed porcelain. Issued in what was then East Germany. Each 67mm, with blue image of monument at each former concentration camp. $150+

689 LARGE GROUP OF MISCELLANEOUS JUDAICA. 1820-1980s. We Are Here/LMPG AINA medal 1976 Æ 59mm (2); 3 Bronze Stamps Dedicated to the Six Day War Victory; Large bronze medals dedicated to Hans Hirsch; Henry Kissenger; Albert Eiselberg; Robert Ellenberg; Fred Kahan (2 pieces, one in silver-plate); Richard Mayr (rectangle by J. Tautenhayn); (1937) 1/2 Mil Hagana Defence token (6 pcs); smaller bronze medals for Dead Sea Scrolls; Itzhak Ben-Zvi; V. Manheimer of Berlin; Moshe Dayan; Free Masons; Albert Abraham Michelson; Masada by Morris Cerullo; Love Your Neighbor as Yourself; Ernst Hartmann; Pedanius Diosorides; Large brass belt buckle made in Israel depicting a 1 Lira coin; Jewish School Attendance medal with ribbon; IDF Tank Badge; Salamon Heine/Hamburg Jewish Hospital 23mm 1841; 1820 "Juden Pfennig" of Frankfurt; Abba Eban/UN medals silver and bronze 38mm; 1974 Egyptian Silver 1 Pound "Victory over Israel"; 1977 Egypt/Israel bronze Peace medal; PM-3 T'sva Hagana 1961 Silver 38mm (2) and a SM-49 Volunteers Silver 37mm. 40 pieces, retail value well over $300. A few may have Jewish sounding names but might not be Jewish. Sold as is no returns. $75+

*690 PRAGUE SYNAGOGUE. 1990 700th Anniversary of Old-New Synagogue in Prague. Bronze 60mm. View of Synagogue/Magen David in front of cemetery. As struck, with case. $30+

691 PRAGUE SYNAGOGUE. 1990 700th Anniversary of Old-New Synagogue in Prague. Æ 60mm. As above but without the case. $25+

*692 JEWISH FIGHTERS AGAINST NAZIS BADGE. 1990. Bronze 35mm with ribbon and badge. The obverse of the medal is similar to Israel State Medal SM-121 with helmeted soldiers with their rifles and English and Hebrew legends. The reverse has English and Hebrew legends, "Disabled Veterans of Fight against Nazism" around an insignia. A badge with the dates 1945-1990 is attached to the medal by a ribbon in white, blue and red. SZ-41, p. 167. Only the 2nd we can recall offering. $60

*693 LIBERATION OF THE GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS. 1990 Æ 57mm by Denise Manquillet. The planet Earth surrounded by 5 doves, symbolizing peace. Around the rim, the initials of 3 French organizations, UNADIF - FNDIR - ANFROMF/Profile of prisoners in camp behind barbed wire, French legend indicating, "they deserve freedom". Unlisted by Szperling and first I can recall seeing. $125+?

*694 IN MEMORY OF THE JEWISH CHILDREN 50th Anniversary Theresienstadt by Lumir Sindelar. 1991. Æ 70mm. 50th Anniversary Medal. Facing bust of Child with 7 candles and Shalom and Pax below, TEREZINSKE to left, and barbed wire to right, 1941-1991/Mass of children, barbed wire and TEREZIN. SZ-47, p. 83. Minted at the Kremnitz Mint in the Czech Republic. Only 200 pieces struck. Rare, only the 2nd I can recall offering. $150+

*695 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEPORTATION OF JEWS FROM KOLIN. 1992 Silver double-plated bronze 40mm by Michal Vitanovsky. Kolin is a city about 35 miles east of Prague which had a large Jewish population prior to WWII. Group of Jews behind the stone wall of the Ghetto, "Yizkor" in Hebrew below/Synagogue in flames, a 7-branched menorah in front and the legend in Hebrew, "Peace, near and distant". Over 2000 Jews from Kolin, the 2nd most important "Jewish" city in Bohemia, and vicinity were deported from Kolin to Theresienstadt in 1942. SZ-43, p. 169. Only 300 struck. 1st I can recall seeing. Choice BU. $75

*696 DECORATION MEDAL FOR DISABLED SERVICEMEN OF WORLD WAR II. SZ-45, p. 171. Brass 40mm with loop and ribbon. Enameled flags of 4 Allies (USA, GB, France, USSR) with flag of Israel above & 1945-1995 below. "50 Years to Victory on Germany" in English and "World Organization of Jewish Fighters, Partisans and Camp Prisoners" in Hebrew, medal is looped and hangs from a red yellow, blue and white ribbon with brass tag above "1945-1995"/Map of Europe with flags of Allies, Israel and a swastika and Hebrew legend around. Struck at the Zechovoy Mint in Israel. 1st I can recall seeing. Not issued for public sale! $60+

697 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATION OF AUSCHWITZ. 1995 Æ 80mm by Josef Stasinski. A rose blooming on the railroad to the camp, broken barbed wire to either side, WYZWOLENIE (Liberation) above and 50 Lat (years) below/A group of prisoners, a guard tower and prisoner numbers and Polish legend around, "For your suffering" - Our Love". A large, irregularly shaped cast medal that we cannot recall ever seeing before. As Sz-55, p. 91. Holed just above the flower. $75

*698 PAIR OF PINS. 1) Auschwitz Museum, with red enameled triangle and blue & white prisoner stripes 20mm and 2) Majdanek 25mm brass with a view of the guard tower. Uncommon items. 1995? $50+

*699 LIBERATION OF FLOSSENBURG CONCENTRATION CAMP. 40th Anniversary 1995 Æ 67mm, struck at the Paris Mint. Statue of Christ, surrounded by a legend, and dates 23 April 1945 to left and 23 April 1995 to right/Monument to the victims against a background of barbed wire and a guard tower. French legend to the deportees and commandos of Flossenburg. SZ-52, p.88. This is the first I can recall seeing and I can't recall ever offering any medal honoring the victims at Flossenburg. $125+

*700 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATION OF THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS. 1995. Bronze 68mm. Behind barbed wire are five symbols of deportation: the stripes of prisoners' garments, the train to the camp, a single triangle for deportation and repression, Stars of David for the deportation and persecution of Jews and a rectangle for inserting the prisoner's registration number/Sun, with rays and list of 23 concentration camps, 3-line French legend and dates 1945-1995. SZ-53, page 89. Scarce. $125

*701 IN MEMORY OF THE AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU CONCENTRATION CAMPS. 2003 Aluminum 35mm. Building with main entrance and railway to the camp/Entrance to the camp depicting the iron gates and the motto of the camp, "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work sets you Free) and "Oswiecim" below. Only the 2nd time we can recall offering this medal. We sold one in our Sale 34c (Spring 2004) for $45. SZ-71, p. 107. $45

*702 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WARSAW GHETTO UPRISING. Silver (.925) and bronze 50mm. Two Armed ghetto fighters, a man and a boy, in the city sewage canal, hiding from a German soldier/Phoenix above ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto and around the rim "30th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 19 April 1973". SZ-14, p.19. By R.C. Augustinus. Originally struck by Van Kempen-Begeer, Ltd. in 1973, this is a reissue by the Koninklijke Begeer mint done in 2004. The mintage is unknown but we think this is a very scarce issue as we have no recollection of ever offering either the original or restrike! $325

*703 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATION OF KL AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU. 2005 64 x 48 mm Rectangle. View of the barbed wire fence 27.01-1945 - 27.01 - 2005/Man walking on train track towards camp building, legend below. Set of 3: bronze, silver-plated and gold-plated. SZ-77, p. 113. Scarce, only the 2nd set we've offered. In our Sale 38C a similar set sold for $450. $450

*704 AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU. ND (2005?). Symbol representing Auschwitz as the town of peace, legend above and below/High voltage camp fence, Pillars & barbed-wire, Polish inscription, "Museum of the KL Auschwitz-Birkenau". Set of five (5) 27mm "jetons". Bronze, silver-plated bronze, gilt bronze, silver and copper, SZ-78, p. 114. Szperling says that they were issued for the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of the camp although that is not indicated on the medals. $90?

*705 OSCAR SCHINDLER. ND Brass 32mm. Polish legend, Schindler's Factory above view of factory and Lipowa 4 in 2 lines below/Polish legend, noting this was made for the Krakow City Historial Museum for Oscar Schindler's enamel factory. BU. An example in our sale of last winter sold for $55 on a $30 estimate. $50?


*706 SM-3A. B'NAI B'RITH. 1961 Silver 35mm. Low mintage early medal. Zechovey mint (Sterling on edge). As struck with very light and appealing toning. Scarce. $70

*707 SM-7A. CONGRESS OF LOCAL AUTHORITES. 1961. Silver 35mm. "Sterling .935" in English and "Silver" in Hebrew. Scarce. Nicely toned. $125+

*708 SM-13B. PABLO CASALS. 1961 Silver 35mm. Nicely toned Unc. It's been almost 4 years since we've offered one of these. $125+

*709 SM-14B. 2ND BIBLE CONTEST. 1962. Silver 35mm. Scarce. Edge reads "Sterling .935". $125+

*710 SM-22A. UNITED JEWISH APPEAL (UJA). 1963. Silver 59mm. This is among Israel's rarest State medals, with a mintage of only 764 and depicts immigrants disembarking from a ship. The key to the early 59mm silver medal series. $150+

*711 SM-30B. S.S. SHALOM 1964. Silver 35mm. Modern Ship/Ancient Ship. One of Israel's most attractive, scarce and desirable silver medals. Toned Unc. $140+

*712 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. Lion's Gate. 1st in the series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. Lions Gate is the gate where the IDF Paratroopers entered the Old City during the Six Day War. Each medal is about 68mm, the entire work of art is about 5.9 x 5.9" and issued at $161 per work of art. Only 360 pieces of each were made. This was the first in the series. In need of slight repair. $40+

*713 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. Dung Gate. 2nd in the series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. Dung Gate, the closest gate to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. In need of slight repair. $40+

*714 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. Zion Gate. 3rd in the series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. Zion Gate is also known as David's Gate due to its proximity to David's Tomb. $40+

*715 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. Herod's Gate. One in a series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. Herod's Gate was named for Herod the Great because it is thought he is buried near there. It is the entrance to the Muslim quarter. $40+

*716 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. Jaffa Gate. One in a series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. Jaffa Gate is the main entrance to the old city and begins the road to Jaffa. $40+

*717 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. Damascus Gate. 6th in the series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. Damascus Gate is the largest of the gates to the city and is so named because it begins the road to Nablus and then to Damascus. $40+

*718 SPINNING GATES OF JERUSALEM. New Gate. One in a series, the creation of artist Miki Karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. New Gate is so named because it is the newest Gate to the city. $40+

*719 THE DAMASCUS GATE. Sculptured Table-Medal. Made from Kurkar (a type of sandstone) taken from the Carmel Mountains. The blue glass in the middle of the sculpture represents Jerusalem's blue skies. It is presented in a pine box. This is #097 of only 666 medals, issued by the IGCMC. $50+

720 GROUP OF 8 BRONZE AND TOMBAC MEDALS. Mazel Tav It's a Boy (2); Israel Philharmonic; Temple Tunnel; 500th Anniversary of Spanish Expulsion (2); The People of Israel Lives and Jerusalem-Knesset. 8 medals, the first 7 59mm, the last 70mm. $40+

721 GROUP OF CITY-COIN MEDALS. All 45mm. Ashkelon bronze, Acre bronze and silver, Tiberias bronze and silver, Beit She'an bronze and silver, Advat bronze and silver, Caesarea bronze and silver, Jaffa bronze and silver, Lod bronze and silver and Jerusalem bronze (3) and silver. 19 medals, 8 silver, an almost complete set of the silver and bronze that is missing only the Ashkelon silver medal. $300+

722 GROUP OF HOLY LAND MEDALS. Gates of Jerusalem Bronze 59mm (6), silver 37mm (5), Capernaum-Lake Kinneret silver 37mm (2), Nazareth Bronze 59mm and silver 37mm, 15 medals. $125+

723 GROUP OF MEDALS. SM-35f Masada CN 45mm (2); CM-105a Silver 37mm 1980 3rd Arthur Rubinstein Piano Competition by Pablo Picasso (3) and CM-107 Red Magen David Tombac 59mm (2). 7 medals. $60+

724 GROUP. 500th Anniversary of Discovery of the New World Silver 50mm; Yitzhak Rabin CN 37mm in official folder; 2 sets of 7 30mm Jerusalem - the City of King David medals in folder of issue; Menachem Begin and 1st Israel Railroad 70mm medals in PNC folders with First Day Covers; 2008 loyal subscriber medal in presentation case; a 33mm small Jerusalem 3000 medal from the Charleston mint and Presidents of Israel consisting of 4 23mm Bi-Metallic Proof medals of Chaim Weizmann, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Zalman Shazar and Chaim Herzog in CD style presentation case with a stamp honoring each president. A nice array of uncommon material. $50+

725 SMALL GROUP OF AINA MEDALS in original boxes of issues. AM-3 & AM-3b matched numbered set for the US Bicentennial and two AM-4 1976 AINA Luncheon Medals. One with notation inside cover that this was presented to the INS of South Jersey, the other with signatures of Morris Bram, Moe Weinschel and Nathan Sobel, 3 founders of AINA. $40

726 HUGE LOT OF SEASON'S GREETING'S TOKENS. 1966 (14), 1967 (5), 1968 (9), 1967 (66), 1970 (12), 1972 (13), 1973 (87), 1974 (32) SG-12 1975 (20), 1975 error (19), 1976 Smooth (34), 1976 Reeded (5), 1977 (10), 1978 (44), 1979 (2) and 1980 (4). Counts are approximate. About 375 tokens. Sold as is, no returns. $100+?

*727 PAIR OF PRESENTATION MEDALS: 1) PM-6. Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. 1966, Bronze 60mm. Features conjoined busts of Toscanini & Huberman and a French Horn on the reverse; 2) PM-7 Petroleum Institute. 1966. Bronze 59mm. Scarce, only 500 minted. View of the building, English legend on one side, identical Hebrew legend on the other. Ex Johnson & Jensen May 1983 sale, Lot 802. $70

728 PAIR OF SILVER MEDALS: SM-1a Israel Liberata 1958 Silver 38mm and SM-90a Searchers for the Messiah 1986 Silver 26mm with enamel silk-screen color reproduction by Moshe Caste. 2 popular silver medals. $50

729 PRIME MINISTERS OF ISRAEL. 37mm silver Proof Medals. David Ben-Gurion, Levi Eshkol, Moshe Sharett, Golda Meir and Menachem Begin. All in individual presentation folders with First Day Cover and Stamp. The first four also with banknote of that person, the Begin folder without a note but with a silver replica of a stamp. $75

*730 SG-1. ENCASED 1963 1 Agora. The first "Season's Greetings" token issued in 1964. This is a choice uncirculated example, both the coin and the encasing, and is among the nicest we have seen. $40+

*731 SHMUEL YOSEF AGNON SCULPTED BANKNOTE. Bronze c. 93 x 160mm by Misha Zaltsman. From the 50 New Israel Sheqalim note. The 5th in the series. Very high relief bust of Agnon at right, with wooden stand as issue. #4 of only 180 made. Issued at $158. $40+

*732 CM-47C. EXCHANGE NATIONAL GOLD MEDAL. 1972 45mm medal. U.S Flag and Menorah/Legend. Extremely rare, only 25 minted. This piece has a small bruise on the reverse at 6 PM. Ex Lot #901 from our Spring 2004 Auction 34C where it sold for $2225 in very heavy bidding. It is the only one we've ever had and only the 2nd that I know of. Contains 1 3/4 ounce of actual gold! $3500+?

733 BAR MITZVAH. 2005. New State Medal. Bronze 50mm. Boy facing right over rolled out scrolls, "Mazel Tav" in Hebrew and "Give us Peace and Joy" above and below in Hebrew and English/Star and "your Star will Shine" in English and Hebrew. Proof in case with FDC cover dated 1994! A group of 4. $50+

*734 BAR MITZVAH. 2005. New State Medal. As above but in Silver 50mm. Proof in case of issue with FDC cover dated 1994! $40+

*735 KEREN HAYESOD "PRESENTATION" MEDAL. The 1970 Keren Hayesod Bronze 59mm is common. What isn't common is the presentation box this medal came with. In 7 lines, imprinted on official IGCMC box "In Appreication for Your Dedicated Service to the People of Israel. Edward Ginsberg, General Chairman, June 1970, United Jewish Appeal." Only one I've seen. $30


In addition to the lots listed below. we suggest you also look at Lots 467-468, 471-472, 483-578, 580-581, 586-588, as well as 658.

*736 GROUP OF PAPER JUDAICA AND RELATED ITEMS. 1) Woodcut "Moses Smiting the Rock" c. 10 x 7 1/2" by Murillo & Rogers. Upper right corner missing which does not affect the picture. 2) 1969. Swiss stamps, most "Israelites drinking from the source of Moses". 2 sheets of 25, one on a cover for Bern National Day, one on a souvenir sheet with 3 other Christian religious stamps. 3) A group of 12 Jewish related bookplates some of which have been damaged by removing them from books. 4) A group of 12 "First Day Issue" Presentation Folders of Israeli stamped signed and numbered by the artist. The number issued of each "cover" is very low, 4 of them at 120, most of the rest at 50 to 65 but one with only 18 issued (Chai) were signed as such! 5) Song Sheet for "Chushi Achim Chushi", printed in Odessa. This was a Zionist song by Yehiel Michael Pines, the cover in Russian, the words in Hebrew. Taped repaired. Pines was an important "founder" of modern Hebrew. An eclectic lot. $50+

*737 JEWISH OWNED BANKS. 19th-20th Century. Collection of 50+ items from around the world plus some Jerusalem based branches of other banks. Mostly checks, drafts, bills of exchange. Among the banks represented are: Warburg & Co., Hamburg to Rothschild Bros, Paris document with adhesives, handstamps & wax seal; Banco Popular Israelita Buenos Aires; K.A. Zilkha of Beirut & Baghdad (and later Damascus); Bank Geula; Ottoman Bank various locations in Eretz Israel; Salomon Samuel & Fils; Banco di Roma Caiffa (Haifa) branch; a check of N. M. Rothschild & Sons "Not Payable on Saturday"; Lionello Perera & Co.; Advertising card of The Beglo Palestine Bank Ltd. in English & Hebrew; London & San Francisco Bank (Rothschilds); Commercial Bank of Siberia check of MH Schlesinger; 1914 S.W. Barasch check of Moses Lipschitz the Grand Rabbi of Jerusalem; Levitch & Samuel Bank of Milan; two checks of Josephthal & Co. from 1923 during the height of hyper inflation to Marie Aronsohn for 100 Million Reichsmarks and & to Theodore Aronsohn for Two Billion, one hundred million marks; M. Ginsburg & Son, Bankers of Chicago; Leon Weill Bros of Lutcher, LA; various different checks of J. Hart & Co Bankers in Doylestown, PA; various checks of Isaacs, Taylor & Williams Richmond, VA; Lazard Freres, Bankers of San Francisco; Jacob Valero & Co. Jerusalem; J. Pollock & Co Mobile AL; Freres Nicra, Bischoff's Banking House NYC; J. Goldman & Co & later N.J. Goldman & Co. Tulare CA,;and two 1898 checks on the account of District No. 1 Independent Order Benai Berith New York. An outstanding lot of 19th and early 20th financial Judaica. For a similar lot see Lot #586. $350+

*738 FLOWERS OF PALESTINE. 12 "Flowers and Views of the Holy Land" with olive-wood front and back cover, front has a view of David's Tower in addition to title, the back has the word "Jerusalem". The photo cards are captioned in both English and Polish. We've seen similar sets over the years in various languages including German and French. I cannot recall ever seeing one in Polish. $100+?

*739 GROUP OF ANGLO-PALESTINE CO. CHECKS. 1900-1920. 1) Unused check with Ottoman Revenue stamp and hand-stamped "Dr. Wallach" "Pay against this Cheque"; 2) Unused check with Ottoman Revenue and hand stamped, "Nathan Strauss Relief Fund"; 3) Unused check from 1920s; 4 & 5) Two 1920 used checks with different British revenues, entirely in Hebrew. The first two checks are similar to Meshorer-26, the third check is similar to Mesh-28, the last two are unlisted. VG-EF, a neat lot of early Eretz-Israel financial history. One with staple holes in counter-foil. $100+?

*740 EARLY 20TH CENTURY. Group of Holy Land Postcards by "American Colony Photo Cards" and printed by Vester & Company, Jerusalem. #3 Jaffa Gate; Jerusalem, #19 The Temple Area (2); #21 Jerusalem Wheat Market; #40 Mount of Olives; #91 Nablus, Ancient Shechem and #94 Spring of the Virgin, Nazareth. 7 cards, 6 different, all virtually as new. The first six cards have spaces on the back for the address, correspondence, a stamp and are titled "Post Card", The last card is blank on the back. $50+?

741 GROUP OF CHECKS. Jacob Japhet & Co.; Jerusalem, Rehavia Branch unused check in Israel Pounds; Banque Imperiale Ottomane, Cairo branch plus 2 Kupat Loan and Cooperative Savings of Workers In Jerusalem. $25+

*742 MEYER KAUFFMANN TEXTILE WORKS. 1920. 20 Pfennig paper script. Nice VF, with manuscript on front, perhaps Kauffmann's signature. This Jewish merchant also issued porcelain notgeld during the same period. He is the only Jewish merchant to issue both paper and porcelain as far as I know. Scarce. $50+?

*743 SIDDUR WITH OLIVEWOOD BEZALEL COVER and printed in Poland. 1920. Small, c. 4 1/2 x 3 1/4" with cloth binding which has split somewhat from contents but not horribly so, a few tattered pages. The colorful color sketch on cover is the Western Wall. See lot #653 for 3 metal Siddur covers. $75+

*744 JEWISH RESTAURANT AND HOTEL. Notgeld. Hansa Hotel in Gorlitz. 31 December, 1921. Set of 4 colorful pieces, each with a wine glass within a Magen David. 10, 25, 50 and 75 Pfennig. All Unc. I've offered singles of these notes but this is the first complete set I can recall offering in quite some time. $75+?

*745 GROUP OF 4 TOKENS. 2 paper tokens for schochet (ritual slaughter of chicken) in Meah Shearim, Jerusalem, 1 cardboard token for a rotel of Matzah and another cardboard token for prayer. The last probably for a service. 4 scarce tokens, average VF, somewhat discolored. The Matzoh token (lightly stained) is dated 1924 via a hand stamp on back, the others are probably from that period as well. $75+

*746 HERZL MEMORIAL BOOK. (Herzl Ein Gedenkbuch 25). Published in 1929 on the 25th anniversary of his death. In German and by Jüdischen Verlags in Berlin for the World Zionist Organizaton. The book features articles by Max Nordau, Achad Haam and Martin Buber. as well as Herzl and poems by Israel Zangwill. 75+ page hardbound books with plates. Book is soiled and stained but intact. $25+

*747 KEDEM CREDIT BANK. 1936-1939. Group of 10 checks (some using both Kedem Credit and Kredit) from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, each with embossed Palestine Mandate revenue stamp. Interesting banks and signatures, including those of Sephardic Community, Committee of Georgian Jews, Palestine Gov't Office and Dr. Moshe Wallach. $50?

748 A POTPOURRI OF PAPER JUDAICA. "1" Bon for One Palestine Pound to be used at OBG store during Feb. of 1939 to celebrate their 5th anniversary. Along with this "note" is a letter in Hebrew, German and English explaining the promotion; 1932 Unused voucher for 1£ issued by the General Israel Orphans' Home for Girls in Jerusalem; Two sheets of charity stamps and a cover from the same organization; 1925 Ticket of Admission to the Opening of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, two holes punched and upper left corner missing (was it taken by ticket taker?); 1949 Unused Lottery share for the Blind of Israel and Europe by the Palestine Lighthouse; $1 contribution receipt for the Louis Brandeis Memorial Colony, issued in NYC (somewhat stained); 1949 entry ticket for the first Knesset, entirely in Hebrew with bottom right corner missing (taken by ticket taker?). $1 contribution receipt for the JNF Land is Life Program for settlement in Israel (circa 1950?); Dan Bus. Co. 5 Prutot paper token, circa 1953 (2); 2 Flower Day receipts or labels from the JNF; another JNF Land for Jewish Settlement receipt for $1; another JNF receipt, this for 50¢ for reclamation and settlement in Israel; still another, this for $5, for the Golden Book of the Jewish State and dedicated to the UN decision to establish a Jewish state (1948); 3 Flower Day, JNF receipts for "Conquering the Wastes of Israel", one for 5¢, one for 25¢ and one without a denomination; 2 Keren Kayemeth receipts for a Synagogue Purim Gift, one for 25¢, the other for 50; A 1933 ticket for the opening of Haifa Harbour with the high commissioner for Palestine; A 10¢ small chit for the USS Pusam; And finally a blank 1947 Exodus cardboard certificate saying that "the holder was brought by force to Germany from Haifa and is in exile on his way back to Eretz-Israel". A neat group of historical, financial and charitable items. $200+?

*749 TRANSPORTATION EPHEMERA GROUP. Seven (7) 3 Mil Ihud-Regev Bus Co. (1942-1945) small change tokens, Haffner-12a, Pick-Siemsen p. 95-96, 5 red on white or beige & 2 black on beige but mostly all different reverse varieties. Also in this lot is a 1940 Egged Return ticket for 280 Mils Tel Aviv - Haifa, with Egged issued inspection stamp. $40+

*750 TEL AVIV MUNICIPAL ARP SERVICES BOOKLET. 1942. In English, Hebrew and Arabic. The holder had enlisted in the Corps of Air Raid Wardens and Fire Watchers. With his signature. Orange. Well used indicating that the holder had carried this with him for quite a long time. Dated 28 August 1942. Interesting. $20?

*751 FATHER LIGHTING A HANUKKAH MENORAH. ND. c. 17 x 13" Lithograph sketch in a glass frame c. 22 x 17 1/2 by B. Gerson? A mother and two children stand and watch. Can't tell you when this was done and am not sure of the artist. Our consignor bought it in the Catskill's sometime back for $75. $40+?

752 ATA TEXTILE CO., HAIFA. 1945/1946. 4 checks, each with Kofer Hayishuv and an embossed Palestine Mandate revenue stamp. $25+?

753 PAIR OF VERY EARLY ISRAELI CHECKS WITH JERUSALEM SIEGE TAX STAMPS of Otzar Ha-Am. 1) Check issued by the Jewish Agency for Palestine (The "Sochnut") for 500 Lirot on 11 June 1948. 2) Mizrahi Bank, Jerusalem, with Jerusalem Siege Stamp, dated 1 July 1948. $25

*754 GROUP OF ISRAELI BANK EPHEMERA. Israel Discount Bank 15 different 1 Lira savings stamps plus a block of 4 stamps for their 50th Anniversary; 2 Standard Bank of Palestine Deposit Certificates; Mortgage Bank; Bank Ha-Olim; Barclay's Bank (with coin on label); Ellern's Bank label; 2 different Workers' Bank labels (1 Palestine, 1 Israel) and a Kupat Am label. 25 items. A neat lot. $25+

*755 MID-20TH CENTURY ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING OF SCHOLARLY RABBI in Prayer Shawl and Tefillin. By J. Zlotnick. With 26 x 22 inch Gesso and gilt frame. This painting presents a white-haired, bearded Rabbi with gaze fixed on the viewer against a deep green-black background. Unfortunately the painting has slipped from the binding and is in need of repair. $75+?

756 KUPAT-AM BANK, HAIFA BRANCH. Group of 13 checks, 3 1957-1961 used each with imprinted "Defense Tax" and 10 unused with printed 2 agorot defense tax. $25+

*757 SHA'ARE ZEDAK HOSPITAL. Group of meal tickets, 5 small colored tokens, all different. For use by students, volunteers, managers and nurses. I don't believe we've offered any in more than 7 years. $30+

*758 FOOD FOR PEACE PAPER TOKENS. 1964. 10 different small tokens for various quantities of bread "donated by the People of the USA" under the Food for Peace program administered by the US Joint Distribution Committee (The Joint). 4 of the tokens are in English and Hebrew, the other six in Hebrew-only. VF to AU. Unusual lot, the Hebrew only pieces are seldom encountered. $50+


There are a number of lots in earlier sections of this catalog that certainly could be listed here. Please check out Lots 246, 247, 442-454, 467-468, 471-472, 483-518, 544, 561, 563-578, 588, 597-599, 607-607a, 629, 647, 656, 663, 678-681, 684-688 and 692-705.

I'm often asked, "why do people collect this stuff"? There is really no correct answer but most people seem to collect them to use as teaching tools in homes, schools, synagogues and churches. Many people donate them to local or national museums. (Although don't get me started on the fact that many museums never display donations). There are people who still deny the existence or the magnitude of the Holocaust and these are weapons to use against them.

*759 LEIBZOLL (BODY TAX). 1788. From Kur-Mainz 10 Kreuzer. The Leibzoll was a special tax levied on Jews in Europe for traveling. This is in blue (seemingly dated 15 June (or July) 1789) with hand written notations (probably in addition to the date, the name of the person who had to pay the toll as well as his destination and possibly the name of the person collecting the tax) in pen as well as an embossed seal or stamp. The tax, in addition to being humiliating and degrading, was a source of income for principalities and enabled them to control the comings and goings of "undesirables". F-VF and rare. In custom glass frame. This is ex lot #427 from NASCA's April 1977 Marjorie Rapoport Collection Auction. $100+

*760 A FAMILY ESCAPES THE NAZIS. This is one of the more remarkable lots we have ever offered. It's the story of Erwin and George Klein, 2 Jewish brothers from Berlin who escaped the Nazis. Erwin was a decorated World War I hero and George was a doctor at the Freidrich Wilhelm Institute. Many of the documents presented in this lot would usually be listed individually. Some of the items deal with their emigration from Nazi Germany, while others (dating back to 1898) have to do with their daily life as normal German citizens until the Nazis took power. We'll include a few photos and limited descriptions and try to supply additional information if asked.

Items in this lot include: Erwin Klein's birth certificate from April 1898, he was the son of Pinkus (later called Paul) and Cäcilie Moses Klein; George Klein's birth certificate from March 1902; 1925 Graduation card for Erwin from the Werner-Siemens School; Yahrzeit (Remembrance) book for Cäcilie who died in 1927. In the back of the book they entered the Yahrzeit dates from 1948-1967. Even while being hunted and persecuted and fleeing for their lives, they kept with the traditional way in which Jews honor their loved ones; Marriage License (?) 1932 of Erwin and Dorthea Jacoby dated 18 October 1932. For some reason this document was also used as they emigrated from Germany to Argentina and then back to West Germany in 1964. A very unusual item with a handstamp from Berlin in 1932 (before the Nazis took power), a Gestapo handstamp, others from Hamburg in 1964 and Argentina; WWI Zeppelin Service ID books, 3 books (2 are combined) for Erwin Klein showing he entered service at age 16 on January 4, 1915. He served 4 years in the Army; An official Austrian Notification that Erwin Klein had been awarded a WWI Crossed Swords Service Badge. This is dated 20 August 1935 before the Nazis took power. This signed and sealed document may have helped Erwin Klein in his quest to leave Nazi Germany; Police ID Document for Erwin dated 1932 listing him as a "Mos" (for Mosaic or Jewish) businessman. Two purple hand stamps from the Berlin Police in 1932 (before the Nazis took power) and there is an additional black Gestapo handstamp probably from 1936; 1935 document from Police in Berlin informing George that he no longer has the rights of ordinary German citizens; Medical License for Erwin and his father Paul to deal in medical supplies, brother George was a medical doctor. Numerous regulations on the bottom of this card as well as the back. The license was good for 2 years. On the back is large stamped Jewish star. This star probably limited their business to Jewish doctors and by 1934 they probably weren't issued a renewal.

Also a 1936 Financial Document certifying that George and his wife owed no tax money to the Nazis. Signed by three officials plus a hand stamp of the Gestapo; Driver's License issued to Dr. George Klein in 1932 and good through 1937. The front of the card has a large Star of David stamped over the cover; Dr. George Klein's ID Card from Friedrich Wilhelms University, one of Germany's most famous medical schools. The ID card, with his photo, was good from 1922 to 1926 and is handstamped in each of the 8 squares for the 8 semesters he was a student there. It's also handstamped "Invalid" and "Done" which was probably when he had graduated and had nothing to do with him being Jewish; International Driver's License issued to Dr. George Klein in 1936 on September 11, 1936 with his photo on the first page and a large Star of David on the inside cover. There is a long list of countries where this license was valid, ironically Argentina where he did emigrate to was not one of them; Erwin Klein's bankbook with identity card from the city of Berlin from 1929 until 1932. The last entry showed that he had 1.04 marks. Did he close out this account? It would still be a number of years before Erwin left Germany. This account closed just about the time he started his medical business; Disclosure of a Birth Certificate or perhaps an acknowledgment of birth. For Erwin Klein, handstamped 1921 stating that he was the son of Pinkus, a businessman and Cäcilie. There is an additional black handstamp from the SS Main Office. Perhaps this was an additional document that Klein needed to leave Germany.

The final two documents are Certificates of Naturalization from 1957 for Dorothea and Erwin Klein when they returned to (West) Germany and became part of a small Jewish population trying to reestablish themselves in Germany. The documents are hand signed by Dr. Strumm who was the Berlin Police Chief during the blockade of Berlin and had been on the police force in Berlin during both Weimar and 3rd Reich periods. About 19 items which are housed in high grade archival pages in a large album. (Ironically made in Germany). Probably impossible to duplicate. $1000+?

*761 AUSTRIAN ANTI-SEMITIC NOTES. 1920 Set of 3. 10, 20 & 50 Heller. Issued by the Anti-Semitic League of Austria. All with burning newspapers on the obverse and anti-Semitic quotes on reverse. 3 Unc notes. See The Shekel Vol. 18, #4, page 28. $60+

762 AUSTRIAN ANTI-SEMITIC NOTES. 1920 As above but only the two higher denominations. 10 & 50 Heller. $40

*763 AUSTRIAN ANTI-SEMITIC NOTES Schmolln. 1921. 5 notes issued by Otto Seidel. 25, 50 (2), 75 Pfennig and 1 Mark. The one mark shows a devil and the legend talks about the devil, the 75 pfennig has a Jewish type with a money bag. 5 Unc. notes, one or possibly two are anti-Semitic. In our sale 36c (Lot 1223) a similar lot (Au-Unc) sold for $105. $100+?

*764 GERMAN ANTI-SEMITIC "VOTE HITLER" overprint on 1922 1000 Mark P-76. The overprint depicts a Jewish businessman looking shocked "Surprise" as a new sun rises (Hitler and a swastika) and the message below, "God the Righteous! Once again a New Coming. Folks! Come to Hitler and National Socialism." Lindman-14b, See the Shekel Vol. 18, #4, page 16. VF. Very scarce. $150+

*765 JEWISH WAR VETERANS. An unused booklet containing 10 sheets of 10 stamps (100) all stating "For Humanity's sake Don't buy German Goods". We're unable to photograph the stamps without damaging the condition of the booklet. Probably mid-1930s and very rare, as the "official" boycott lasted only a few years. This is booklet #179. Unc. and is unused. In our sale in the Spring of 1997 (27C) a similar set, but not as nice, sold for $175. For a related lot see below. $150+

*766 JOINT BOYCOTT COUNCIL, "48 Stamps to Help you stamp out Naziism". Each small stamp says, "While Nazis rule don't buy German Goods". An unused booklet containing 6 sheets of 8 stamps. This movement was sponsored by the American Jewish Congress. I don't believe we've seen these before. For a related lot please see above. $150+

*767 POSTAL MONEY ORDER TO DACHAU PRISONER. 1938. From Lette Rosenthal in Heidelberg to her husband Arthur for 15 Marks which was never processed. Arthur Rosenthal was a well-known German Mathematics Professor teaching at both the University of Munich and the University of Heidelberg, where he was chairman of the Math department in the early 1930s until the Nazis took power in 1933. I believe he was still on the staff for a few more years but students "boycotted" his classes and it is believed that he was taken into "protective custody" after Kristallnacht (Nov. 1938) and put in Dachau. This money order was written on the 1st of December. We know he emigrated to Holland in 1939 and then to the US where he continued to work as a Math professor, starting as a lecturer at Michigan and moving up the professional ladder as an assistant professor, an associate and then a full professor. He left Michigan in 1946, spent a year at the University of New Mexico and then went to Purdue where he continued until his retirement in 1957. He was formally reinstated at Heidelberg in 1954. And it's because the Nazis needed to keep records that Lette Rosenthal had to provide Arthur's birth date on the money order, thus we know that this money order was for the mathematician Arthur Rosenthal. $50+

*768 JEW RELEASED FROM SACHSENHAUSEN. 1939. A release form for "Jude Leiser Lichter" who was released from Sachsenhausen after an almost two month stay in November of 1939. By the fall of 1939 the Nazis had overrun Poland, the 2nd World War had begun and Nazi death squads had begun the mass killing of Polish Jews. At this time German Jews were treated a little less harshly. We don't know the reason why Mr. Lichter was imprisoned nor why he was released. But released he was and he emigrated to the US where he lived until his death in 1998. c. 8 x 5 3/4", with handstamps (one of Nazi Commander) and signature. Folds and stains. And rare. I cannot remember the last time we offered something like this. Probably 20 to 25 years ago. $100+?

*769 PAIR OF MILK COUPONS FOR PASSOVER. ND. (1940). c. 1 7/8 x 1 7/8" one green, the other pinkish, both with purple handstamp. "Milk, Kosher for Passover". Interestingly the word milk is in Hungarian (TEJ), the remainder in Hebrew. Also in this lot is a 64 Filler chit or receipt for kosher slaughtering of a goose by the Miskolcizi Jewish Orthodox Community in 1942. Group of 3. $100+?

*770 REICH ASSOCIATION OF JEWS IN GERMANY. July 1940 letter on letterhead, signed and handstamped. This organization, whose name changed slightly over the years, came into existence after the Nazis came to power. It was dedicated to Jewish education and vocational training for those who lost their jobs because of Nazis laws and giving aid to the needy and emigration. This letter to Olga Eisler asks her to declare her income so that her membership dues could be assigned. If she had any income by this time most, if not all, would have simply been stolen by the Nazis. Signed and handstamped. $50+?

*771 ANTI-SEMITIC LEAFLET. 1940. "Out of Debt, 2161 A. D., 222 Years! Maybe! The price we pay for letting Jews try to run our Government". c. 3 1/2 x 8". With text and tables showing the rise of the National Debt under Roosevelt compared to Herbert Hoover. I can't recall seeing this before. $50?

*772 NAZI COVERS FROM POLAND. 1940-1941. Karl Hennig was a stamp dealer from Hamburg and he was well "connected" with many SS and Nazi Party Members. He had his friends in occupied Poland send him these souvenir covers using Polish stamps that had been overprinted "General Gouverment" (see Lot #577) to him or his company. All but two were sent to Hennig in Hamburg. Many dated 20 April, 1941 with a special cancellation mark for Hitler's birthday. One was sent from Krakow to an SS officer in Buchenwald dated 20 April 1941 with numerous stamps, another to an SS officer in Buchenwald from Radom with a handwritten address, various ones from Krakow, a handful from both Lublin and Radom sent on Hitler's birthday, one from Starachowice and two from Warsaw. A total of 19 covers, all but the first c. 6 1/4 x 4 1/2", the first c. 7 1/2 x 5". Hennig survived the war and continued his philatelic business and his son now operates a stamp dealership in the Dominican Republic. It should be noted that there is some question about the authenticity of his covers. Or more specifically the cancellations. Were they actually stamped and sent the day of the cancellation or are they a post-war product? The legitimate practice of having someone stand in a post office line and have numerous envelopes cancelled on the first day of issue or with a special one day only overprint is still done today. It's chilling to think that, while millions were imprisoned and being murdered or getting ready to be murdered, people were participating in a hobby or perhaps a scam. Sold as is, no returns. $150+?

*773 AMSTERDAM JEWISH WEEKLY. The first edition of the "Jewish Weekly" date 11 April, 1941 (14 Nisan 5701) was meant to fool and control the Jewish population. In the left column "By the way of an Introduction", 2 leading members of the Jewish community, Abraham Asscher and David Cohen, thank the Nazis for permission to publish and distribute the paper. They call on their fellow Jews to not believe rumors about deportation and camps and "to use the strength of our Judaism...and fulfill our duties". The Nazis had invaded the Netherlands in the spring of 1940 and at first were sensitive to Dutch resistance to anti-Semitism. Their first goal was theft of Jewish property, then consolidation of the population for later transit. Less than 5% of Dutch Jews survived the war. No doubt rare. In excellent condition. $100+?

*774 POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE. By 1941 well over a million Jews had been murdered by the Nazis. Most of those were from Poland, the Baltic States and the Ukraine. While things in Germany had gotten very, very bad, they had not yet been subject to immediate round-up, Ghettoization, and mass murder as their brethren in the east had. There was still a small population of Jews, leading very meager lives, in Berlin. This lot contains 3 postcards sent by Sara Weinstein (2) and Nathan (not using the name Israel!) to Moise Lowenstein who lived on Prospect Place in Brooklyn, NY. Nathan used the greeting "My dear child" while Sara starts with "My Dearest" and presumably Nathan and Sara were related (brother and sister? were married now divorced? father and daughter?) to each other and to Moise. The cards were sent in the spring and summer of 1941 and have Nazi censor stamps and were sent from Berlin. The extra stamp for overseas postage was removed. Moise received these three (and more?) and kept them. Were they the last messages he heard from his relatives? This was pre-Pearl Harbor and the US and Germany were not yet at war. While the cards show aging they have not been folded and, except for portions of one card, are not faded. All in manuscript German. $75+?

*775 WARSAW GHETTO CHARITY COUPONS. An attached pair of 20 Groszy chits with tab at top, 1941. Issued by CENTOS (or ZTOS) which was a social welfare organization for residents of the Ghetto and funded by the American Joint Distribution Committee. Inscribed in Polish & Yiddish (Hebrew letters) "Centos" Quittung Auf Choesh Fon Kind 20 Gr. 1941" (Literally the month of the Child). During this month a special exhibition of children's arts and crafts was held in the Ghetto and funds were raised from the sale of these coupons. In green on white paper and hand-stamped at right. Extremely rare. The serial numbers of these two chits are 67164 & 67165. We sold a similar chit in our sale 39E (Serial number 67176) for $300 and in the summer of last year we sold #67179 for $250. This is the first of these chits with an attached tab that we have seen. $350+?

*776 AMSTERDAM DEPORTATION ORDER. 1942. An extra edition of the Jewish Weekly published 14 July 1942 stating that if the 4000 Jews selected that week for Labor Camps in Germany failed to report, 700 Jews would be arrested in Amsterdam and sent to a concentration camp in Germany. On June 26th of the previous month the Nazis informed David Cohen that "the Jews of the Netherlands will be employed by the police in labor camps in Germany - - men, women and entire families". The removal of entire families left no doubt that the term "employed by the police" was no more than an effort to camouflage what was really the deportation (and the destruction) of Dutch Jewry. Another rare document in excellent condition. $100+?

*777 GHETTO KIELCE JUDENRAT PAYMENT VOUCHER. March 17, 1942. Voucher #115. In Polish and German and issued by the Jewish Altesenrat in Kielce for its workshops. The Kielce Ghetto was founded in April of 1941 and by the end of the year, due to an influx of Jews from Vienna, Poznan and Lodz, among others, had 27,000 people there. The Ghetto was brutally liquidated in August of 1942. Most were transported to Treblinka, where we know what was in store for most of them, while the tenants of the orphanages and hospitals were murdered on the spot. 2000 of the healthiest young men were transported to 3 labor camps. When the Red Army liberated the city in January of 1945, only 2 Jews had survived the war. After the war, Kielce was known for a cruel pogrom by the Polish citizens against Jewish survivors who had returned to the city, 42 additional Jews were murdered on 1 July 1946. This voucher promises 60 Zloty from Kesmelski (operator of the workshop) to be paid in 2 days in Ghetto cash to (Forced laborer) Pollak. Signed in hand by Pasternak. Very scarce. This is ex lot #1372 from our Sale 32C where it sold for $300. $200+

778 BOCHNIA GHETTO. 1943. Postcard. Bochnia, near Krakow in Poland, is one of the many "forgotten" places because of the immensity of the Holocaust. But in reality it was a typical Nazi Ghetto, a place of slaughter and murder. About 15,000 Jews were deported to death camps, a further 1800 were killed in town and only about 90 survived the war. This postcard from F. Bochner to Lola Bauminter in a "work" camp is addressed in German but the text on the back is in Polish. Presumably the sender bribed a Pole to mail it for her from the Aryan side. An article about Bochnia accompanies this lot. $25+?

*779 MECHELN DEPORTATION CAMP. 1943. Mecheln was a Nazi deportation camp in Belgium about half way between Brussels and Antwerp. Jews were gathered there before being sent to other camps, most were transported to Auschwitz and murdered. This is a letter on official paper of the Mecheln camp, dated May 24, 1943 from Elie Jackont to his wife (?) Rosalie in Brussels thanking her for a package received and asking for a suitcase. Rare. $50

*780 HASAG. 1943-1944. Work Booklet for Polish (Forced Laborer?) Jan Sikora. Sikora worked at two different locations in Czestochowa and then later worked at a Metal Works factory beginning in late August 1944. HASAG was one of the main armament factories for the Nazis and was run by Paul Budina, a Nazi official since the early 1930s who most likely committed suicide in April of 1945. Two types of "employees" worked there: Jewish concentration camp prisoners whose pay went directly to the SS and non-Jewish Polish citizens who were paid a pittance and from most sources were in reality forced laborers. The booklet is in remarkably good condition and represents the first item from this notorious factory that I can recall offering. $100+?

*781 THE WESTERBORKER NEWSLETTER. April 18, 1945. The Westerbork concentration camp was liberated by Allied Forces on April 12, 1945. At the time there were 876 survivors at the camp, mostly Dutch Jews. Within a week these inmates were producing their own newsletter, this is No. 2, which talks about the reorganization of the camp and various activities taking place. In Dutch and mimeographed on both sides of an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet, with some frayed edges and fading print. No doubt scarce. Westerbork was a transit camp mainly for Dutch Jews and others the Nazis felt were unworthy. More than 100 trains carrying more than 100,000 Jews left Westerbork for other more dangerous concentration camps. After the war Westerbork was used as a refugee camp. $50+

*782 MAUTHAUSEN SURVIVORS GUEST CARD. Former prisoners of Mauthausen Concentration camp were invited to a somber celebration to commemorate the first anniversary of the Liberation of the camp by the US Army. The event took place on May 4, 1946 in Linz and this card was for a woman but I can't make out her name. The back of the card has 4 Austrian stamps each with hand cancellation commemorating the first anniversary of liberation. I believe we may have had a similar card many years ago. $40+?

*783 DACHAU VISITORS PASS. When American troops liberated places like Buchenwald and Dachau they were shocked at the horror that they saw. Thousands of barely living survivors, among the remains of tens of thousands victims. US troops took control of these camps and were charged with turning them into livable displaced persons camps because the great majority of survivors had no place to return to. This unused, but well worn, visitors pass was one attempt to help control the comings and goings of perhaps well-meaning, but non-essential personnel. $35+

*784 "NOTARIZED" TESTIMONY OF A HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR. Given by Israel Smuelewitz to dismiss false rumors about him. It states that he was in Litzmannstadt from 1940 to 1944 and then transferred to Auschwitz for 6 months whereafter he was moved to Neiderloschel Camp and then to a work camp until it was liberated on 11 April 1945. After that he went to Kaunitz, Germany, which is where he wrote and signed this document. Signed and handstamped by both an official of the city and an official of the Jewish Community there. One can only speculate what the rumors were, but many survivors must have felt the need to prove they were imprisoned rather than surviving because they were Nazi collaborators. c. 5 1/2 x 8", folded with frayed edges and two hole punches. $100+?

End of sale.

This sale closed February 14, 2013. The following prices realized are provided as a courtesy to our bidders and customers. All prices are in US Dollars. We are not responsible for typing, layout or display errors. Please see the Auction #43A page for full item descriptions and images. * Denotes tie bid.

Lot# -- Price Realized
1 -- $50
3 -- $75
4 -- $700
7 -- $175
9 -- $60
13 -- $150
15 -- $120
21 -- $75
23 -- $3500
25 -- $350
26 -- $150
27 -- $700
28 -- $650
29 -- $500
30 -- $140
31 -- $90
32 -- $300
33 -- $400
34 -- $1000
35 -- $100
36 -- $165
37 -- $325
38 -- $225
39 -- $190
42 -- $60
44 -- $350
45 -- $165
46 -- $90
48 -- $275
51 -- $150
52 -- $360
53 -- $352
54 -- $350
60 -- $160
61 -- $240
63 -- $225
64 -- $160
65 -- $200
66 -- $240
68 -- $70
73 -- $160
76 -- $275
81 -- $140
84 -- $110
86 -- $250
87 -- $210
88 -- $375
89 -- $365
96 -- $65
98 -- $385
100 -- $250
103 -- $65
105 -- $90
106 -- $50
108 -- $70
110 -- $135
111 -- $300
112 -- $200
113 -- $210
116 -- $750
122 -- $550
124 -- $75
128 -- $55
131 -- $60
132 -- $165
133 -- $120
135 -- $200
136 -- $140
137 -- $450
138 -- $125
139 -- $140
142 -- $90
143 -- $225
144 -- $140
145 -- $150
146 -- $55
147 -- $290
148 -- $250
149 -- $275
150 -- $350
151 -- $130
153 -- $100
154 -- $75
155 -- $75
156 -- $60
157 -- $75
159 -- $110
160 -- $55
161 -- $35
162 -- $120
163 -- $220
164 -- $220
165 -- $150
166 -- $110
167 -- $140
168 -- $165
169 -- $375
170 -- $150
171 -- $300
172 -- $165
173 -- $175
174 -- $375
175 -- $325
176 -- $180
177 -- $400
178 -- $100
179 -- $135
180 -- $150
181 -- $165
182 -- $165
183 -- $175
184 -- $165
185 -- $220
186 -- $165
187 -- $220
188 -- $325
189 -- $165
190 -- $200
191 -- $220
192 -- $110
193 -- $175
194 -- $200
195 -- $165
196 -- $200
197 -- $220
198 -- $200
199 -- $200
200 -- $325
201 -- $100
202 -- $100
203 -- $90
204 -- $110
205 -- $300
206 -- $575

Lot# -- Price Realized
207 -- $145
208 -- $145
209 -- $350
210 -- $200
211 -- $225
212 -- $950
213 -- $120
214 -- $150
215 -- $120
216 -- $250
217 -- $420
218 -- $100
219 -- $100
220 -- $155
221 -- $400
222 -- $325
223 -- $250
224 -- $295
225 -- $450
226 -- $200
227 -- $80
228 -- $325
229 -- $220
230 -- $240
231 -- $250
232 -- $350
233 -- $200
234 -- $160
235 -- $265
236 -- $175
237 -- $275
238 -- $75
239 -- $85
240 -- $575
241 -- $150
242 -- $75
243 -- $35
245 -- $250
246 -- $125
248 -- $225
249 -- $310
250 -- $275
251 -- $100
256 -- $450
257 -- $150
258 -- $135
259 -- $150
267 -- $80
268 -- $80
270 -- $60
271 -- $60
274 -- $102
275 -- $100
276 -- $1300
277 -- $37
278 -- $100
279 -- $100
280 -- $100
280 -- $a9250
281 -- $285
282 -- $310
283 -- $130
284 -- $130
290 -- $96
291 -- $150
292 -- $82
293 -- $150
296 -- $55
297 -- $115
298 -- $210
299 -- $140
300 -- $80
301 -- $140
302 -- $140
303 -- $50
304 -- $925
305 -- $325
306 -- $825
307 -- $253
308 -- $33
309 -- $33
310 -- $33
311 -- $140
312 -- $33
313 -- $65
314 -- $38
315 -- $38
316 -- $38
317 -- $38
318 -- $38
319 -- $38
320 -- $38
321 -- $900
322 -- $725
323 -- $80
324 -- $120
325 -- $38
327 -- $120
329 -- $115
332 -- $275
333 -- $165
334 -- $160
335 -- $450
336 -- $310
337 -- $240
338 -- $250
339 -- $690
340 -- $65
341 -- $30
343 -- $40
346 -- $300
347 -- $220
348 -- $90
349 -- $200
350 -- $125
357 -- $240
358 -- $175
359 -- $350
360 -- $50
361 -- $53
362 -- $275
363 -- $175
364 -- $725
365 -- $100
366 -- $70
367 -- $68
368 -- $65
370 -- $60
371 -- $100
372 -- $110
374 -- $340
375 -- $85
377 -- $90
378 -- $35
380 -- $95

Lot# -- Price Realized
381 -- $150
382 -- $225
383 -- $155
384 -- $110
385 -- $100
386 -- $145
387 -- $200
388 -- $72
389 -- $75
390 -- $45
391 -- $100
392 -- $120
393 -- $150
394 -- $190
395 -- $60
396 -- $75
397 -- $175
398 -- $80
399 -- $60
400 -- $50
401 -- $60
402 -- $50
403 -- $100
404 -- $100
406 -- $250
407 -- $75
408 -- $65
409 -- $90
410 -- $80
411 -- $150
412 -- $260
413 -- $75
414 -- $150
415 -- $135
416 -- $180
417 -- $200
418 -- $175
419 -- $150
420 -- $155
421 -- $225
422 -- $200
423 -- $140
424 -- $200
425 -- $215
426 -- $210
427 -- $200
428 -- $225
429 -- $60
430 -- $160
431 -- $220
432 -- $75
433 -- $230
435 -- $80
436 -- $90
437 -- $150
438 -- $115
439 -- $75
440 -- $220
441 -- $60
445 -- $100
446 -- $76
447 -- $90
448 -- $160
449 -- $71
450 -- $50
451 -- $75
452 -- $85
453 -- $240
454 -- $180
455 -- $175
456 -- $75
458 -- $220
459 -- $190
461 -- $75
463 -- $60
467 -- $4500
469 -- $500
470 -- $750
471 -- $50
472 -- $120
473 -- $100
474 -- $100
480 -- $40
482 -- $120
483 -- $110
485 -- $35
486 -- $325
487 -- $750
488 -- $850
489 -- $200
491 -- $1250
492 -- $1000
493 -- $2200
495 -- $70
496 -- $1250
497 -- $450
498 -- $125
499 -- $1075
501 -- $220
503 -- $1000
504 -- $400
507 -- $200
510 -- $100
511 -- $200
512 -- $75
513 -- $125
514 -- $250
517 -- $1200
518 -- $1000
519 -- $110
520 -- $60
521 -- $72
522 -- $77
523 -- $150
524 -- $75
525 -- $110
526 -- $275
527 -- $260
528 -- $300
529 -- $200
530 -- $200
531 -- $150
532 -- $75
533 -- $140
534 -- $100
535 -- $70
536 -- $75
537 -- $225
538 -- $150
541 -- $250

Lot# -- Price Realized
542 -- $30
544 -- $55
545 -- $175
546 -- $240
547 -- $180
548 -- $500
549 -- $4050
551 -- $3750
552 -- $80
553 -- $1200
555 -- $800
557 -- $1250
558 -- $100
559 -- $100
560 -- $1000
561 -- $75
562 -- $500
563 -- $800
566 -- $525
567 -- $100
568 -- $200
569 -- $155
570 -- $260
571 -- $50
576 -- $70
578 -- $125
579 -- $160
580 -- $500
581 -- $500
582 -- $300
583 -- $240
584 -- $125
585 -- $150
586 -- $550
588 -- $75
589 -- $100
590 -- $250
591 -- $110
592 -- $130
593 -- $110
594 -- $80
595 -- $50
596 -- $285
597 -- $150
598 -- $120
599 -- $800
601 -- $70
604 -- $90
606 -- $250
607 -- $110
607 -- $a300
608 -- $20
609 -- $45
611 -- $20
615 -- $75
617 -- $60
618 -- $30
623 -- $100
624 -- $50
626 -- $175
627 -- $50
628 -- $50
629 -- $50
630 -- $150
631 -- $175
633 -- $70
634 -- $240
636 -- $110
639 -- $50
641 -- $25
647 -- $150
648 -- $31
649 -- $150
652 -- $55
655 -- $95
656 -- $75
657 -- $40
658 -- $21
659 -- $50
660 -- $75
661 -- $125
662 -- $50
663 -- $45
664 -- $23
668 -- $70
671 -- $30
677 -- $105
678 -- $200
681 -- $150
682 -- $35
683 -- $125
684 -- $30
685 -- $45
686 -- $35
687 -- $80
688 -- $150
689 -- $125
690 -- $18
692 -- $60
696 -- $75
698 -- $40
699 -- $120
700 -- $100
701 -- $80
702 -- $325
705 -- $45
706 -- $50
710 -- $100
712 -- $30
717 -- $30
720 -- $24
721 -- $280
722 -- $110
724 -- $55
727 -- $50
729 -- $56
730 -- $40
731 -- $35
732 -- $3500
736 -- $50
737 -- $350
739 -- $75
745 -- $50
747 -- $30
749 -- $50
759 -- $75
761 -- $50
762 -- $45
764 -- $180
765 -- $150
766 -- $150
767 -- $67
768 -- $300
772 -- $150
773 -- $300
775 -- $350
776 -- $450
777 -- $150
778 -- $40
779 -- $50
781 -- $75
782 -- $30
783 -- $35
784 -- $75