Since 1971 we have specialized in all aspects of Israel, Palestine and Jewish numismatic material (ancient to modern), and ancient, medieval and modern coins, paper money, tokens and medals of the world. This web site contains the full descriptions and listings, along with hundreds of high-quality digital images, from our most recent price lists and auction sales.

Auction 44B now online - CLOSED December 4

Auction 44B is now online! 

Update: This auction is now closed. Please see our prices realized.

This may be the smallest auction we've held in more than 20 years but it is probably the best auction in terms of rarities offered that we've ever had. As usual our consignors come from around the world but two collections form the backbone of this sale. 

One collection contains numerous high grade and/or rare coins from such countries as Angola, British West Africa, East Africa and other African counties. The other collection consists of many very rare coins, banknotes, medals and tokens of Israel, Palestine and the various civilian internment camps of World War II. It also includes Ottoman Empire material that circulated in the Holy Land in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ironically some of the Egyptian coins from this collection belonged to the collector of the African coins who sold them in the 1990s. 

See the auction highlights for more details....

Minilist #33 - Ancient Coins (August 17, 2014)

Welcome to our first mini-list in quite some time. This list is devoted strictly to ancient coins and we list them in our typical order. Judaean and related city coins, followed by Greek, Greek Imperial and than Roman. Greek and Greek Imperial are listed basically by traditional geographic from west to east, while Roman coins are listed chronilogically. Almost every coin has been photographed.

We hope to have a list of more modern coins as well as paper money and medals and tokens within the next few weeks.

However most of our time for the next six week will be spent writing our Fall Auction catalog which is highlighted by the "Philadelphia Collections" which is the finest collection we have ever offered. If you call and we don't answering we are eating sleeping or writing our catalog. Please leave a message or email us.

Please click the ordering and shipping button for ordering, payment options and shipping charges.

Minilist #32 - Cyzicus in Mysia (June 17, 2014)

Welcome to our 32nd Mini-List issued since the beginning of 2013. This list consists mainly of ancient coins from the city of Cyzicus in Mysia, although there are a few other ancient coins included and even 3 modern pieces. We have many more coins from Cyzicus and others will be offered in future lists. A number of the coins listed were part of the famed Henry Lindgren collection and are pictures in his classic works on Greek bronze coins.

We hope to have more lists out this summer on a more or less regular schedule. We have thousands of coins to offer but not enough time to work them up. We will also be offering more coins in our Vcoin store as the summer progresses as well.

Modern and medieval coins and jetons (mini-list #31: March 1, 2014)

Welcome to our 31st Mini-List in the past 14 months. This lists consists of modern and medieval coins and jetons. All have been photographed some better than others. Please bear with us as I experiment with a new camara and a new technique.

There will be no mini-list during the week of March 10th as we will be away for a week to 10 days to recharge our batteries. We plan to put up a mini-list of inexpensive ancient coins when we return and then spend most of the next month working on our auction catalog.

We have a nice mix of consignments for our first auction of 2014 but we are still accepting interesting consignments. If you are thinking of disposing of part or all of your collection please contact us.