Since 1971 we have specialized in all aspects of Israel, Palestine and Jewish numismatic material (ancient to modern), and ancient, medieval and modern coins, paper money, tokens and medals of the world. This web site contains the full descriptions and listings, along with hundreds of high-quality digital images, from our most recent price lists and auction sales.

Minilist 2015-03 (March 2015)

This is our 3rd "Mini-List" of 2015. It's a little smaller than our last list but we wanted to get something out quickly before we begin working on our spring auction catalog which will highlight part 2 of The Philadelphia collection. As usual, all items are photographed. Almost all of the coins and tokens have been listed before but we have reduced the price of most!

Please keep in mind that when we are writing auction catalogs, and price lists for that matter, we tend to ignore the phones for hours at a time. We suggest leaving a message or sending us an email.

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Minilist 2015-02 (February 2015)

List #2015-02

Welcome to our 2nd web price list of 2015. This list consists of ancient, medieval and modern coins along with a few tokens and medals. Many new purchases are listed along with old stock at reduced prices. Every coin is pictured!

We hope to have one more web list out before we begin to write our spring auction catalog which will feature part 2 of the Philadelphia Collection.

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Minilist - February 2015

(List #2015-01)

Our plan for a weekly mini-list died a slow death in 2014. Just too many things to do and not enough time to get them all done. We now hope to have monthly lists. Some months perhaps two lists, other months no lists but hopefully 10 to 15 lists a year.

This list has our best selection of Judaean and city coins in many years along with a nice group of modern coins and tokens including some neat African pieces. All coins are one of a kind

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Auction 44B now online - CLOSED December 4

Auction 44B is now online! 

Update: This auction is now closed. Please see our prices realized.

This may be the smallest auction we've held in more than 20 years but it is probably the best auction in terms of rarities offered that we've ever had. As usual our consignors come from around the world but two collections form the backbone of this sale. 

One collection contains numerous high grade and/or rare coins from such countries as Angola, British West Africa, East Africa and other African counties. The other collection consists of many very rare coins, banknotes, medals and tokens of Israel, Palestine and the various civilian internment camps of World War II. It also includes Ottoman Empire material that circulated in the Holy Land in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ironically some of the Egyptian coins from this collection belonged to the collector of the African coins who sold them in the 1990s. 

See the auction highlights for more details....